A Brief Summary Of Chinua Achebes Life English Literature Essay

Chinua Achebe – in abounding Albert Cinualumogu Achebe – was built-in at the 15. November 1930 in Ogidi in South-east Nigeria. His ancestor was a abecedary at an evangelical Christian missionary school. His parents christened him Albert from Prince Albert, bedmate of Queen Victoria. They installed in him abounding of the ethics of their acceptable Jgbo Culture.

1944-47 ƒ  He abounding the primary school, afore he went to the Government College in Umuahia.

1948-53 ƒ  He was accomplished at the University College of Ibadam, area he advised English, history and theology.

1953/54 ƒ  He formed as a teacher

1954-66 ƒ  He formed for the BBC and afterwards for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation in Lagos.

1967/70 ƒ  He was the appropriate adumbrative of Biafra. He became affianced in the Struggle for ability of the accompaniment of Biafra.

1970/71 ƒ  He began to advise African abstract at the University of Nigeria.

1972-75 ƒ  He accomplished at American Universities (e.g. Amherst / Massachusetts;

Storrs / Connecticut)

1976-90 ƒ  He went aback to Nigeria and accomplished at the University Nsukka.

1990-97 ƒ  He had a abhorrent alley blow and confiued to a wheelchair. He went aback to the USA and accomplished at the Bard College.

1998 ƒ  He was bedfellow academician at the Harvard University in Cambridge.

2002 ƒ  He got the Peace Prize from the German book trade.

Now ƒ  Chinua Achebe lives in the USA.

The adventure played in the era of Cross- Ability Experiences: Transition and Conflict. The white bodies acquire not abstruse to acquire the built-in people. The white bodies took no apprehension of their culture, so the citizenry got in agitation with the white people.

In the adventure the citizenry pulled a academy architecture bottomward and trampled all the flowers bottomward in affiliation with the acid wire about the bare path.

2. Summary of „Dead Men’s Path”

The abbreviate adventure “Dead Man’s Path” accounting by Chinua Achebe, 1953, of the book “One Accent abounding Voices” is about a man alleged Michael Obi and his wife Nancy who try to advance a Axial academy in Africa. But there (are) abounding problems with an old path, the “Dead Men’s path”, which cantankerous the academy premises. The accomplished adventure deals with the ambience and the ability of the natives, the bigger capacity in story.

Michael Obi is the administrator of the Ndume Axial School. He gets an adjustment to ameliorate the bourgeois academy in the neighbourhood bushes, Africa, into a avant-garde and admirable school. His wife Nancy in affect by his affection for avant-garde methods for a continued time. They stick calm and assignment adamantine to advance the school. So they are saw lots of flowers, tidy up the accomplished academy and body a acid wire about the path. This was a big mistake, because they booty no apprehension of the ability of the natives, who lived in a apple abreast the school.

This is a big aberration because they do not chase the ability of the natives, who alive in a apple abreast the school.

In this way the battle with addition important being is unavoidable. Canicule afterwards the apple priest, alarm Ani, appear to academy and accord Obi bulletin about the aisle and the ability of the citizenry from the village. He pleases him to booty the barbed-wire away, so that the bodies can booty the aisle of their ancestors, but Obi is not absorption in it. The village-priest go abroad and some canicule annihilation happen. One day Obi deathwatch up and the academy he acquire advance is alone a ruin. The flowers are trample, the acid wire about the aisle is destroyed and one school-building is pulled-down. This day a white man comes to audit the school. It is a bad address for Obi and Nancy, but what appear with them?

3. Identify accessories of reduction…

General advice about “Short Story’s”

Short belief abide for a continued time.

In the fifteens aeon the aboriginal abbreviate belief were accounting and generally the poor bodies like farmers apprehend it. The farmers had a bad time, because they had not abundant money and acquire to accord up lots of recourses to their masters. So they apprehend the belief to absorb themselves and to balloon bad situations.

The abbreviate adventure “Dead men’s path”

A abbreviate adventure is set at alone one place. In the abbreviate adventure “Dead men’s path” it is set up at the axial academy abreast the neighbourhood in Africa. No being has larboard the setting. There is for archetype the priest, who comes from a village, but his activity plays alone in the school. It is important, too, that a abbreviate adventure aloof contains one situation. You acquire no advice what happened afore the adventure has started and what happened afterwards the end. So you can not acquisition out what happened with Mr. Obi, Nancy and the academy afterwards the Supervisor has inspected the destroyed buildings. But in our way the adventure contains not alone one situation, because the ambience is change and so the situations of the people, too. Addition point is, that the in the capital characters and decidedly the ambience in this adventure declared exact. The alternative characters, like the wives in the story, are announced actual rare, you can see at folio 110 band 13 “The wives of the alternative agents would backbiting her position.” In the abbreviate adventure the ambience plays a accurate role and is so declared actual well, to accord the clairvoyant lots of advice about drifter ability and living-standards. The best important point of a abbreviate adventure is the bulletin of the author. So this adventure will acquaint us in our apriorism about the drifter ability and living-standards and those foreigners charge acquire it. They can not do all the agents they acquire in their head, afore they talked with the citizenry because it is in this way not their country.

4. Call the Setting…

In the adventure „Dead Men’s Path” the ambience change themself, from bourgeois to adorableness and than into ruins.

First there was an unprogressive, bedraggled academy in Africa, Nigeria with there beneath accomplished ones. Then a white man with a advance to a administrator and his wife came to academy in Africa. It was the Ndume Axial Academy and the characters alleged Obi and Nanny. They accustomed to about-face this bedraggled abode to a abode of beauty. So they congenital a fence around, tidied up the accomplished academy and bulb new flowers. The academy admixture was now a abode of adorableness and the garden from Nancy came with the rain to life. All the flowers blossomed. There were blossomed admirable hibiscus and allamanda hedges in lots of altered colours on the academy premises. That was amidst of the rank neighbourhood bushes. It was an about anachronistic aisle from the apple beyond the academy compound. Area the aisle entered and larboard the academy bounds was a fence with acid wire. Afterwards a time the priest of the apple came to academy and told them the history of the old path. Mr. Obi had congenital a fence with acid wire about the path, which cantankerous the academy compound. But Obi did not acquire antibacterial the fence about the old path. So the old priest went abroad and some canicule annihilation happened. Afterwards a time Obi woke up and the academy was alone a ruin. The hedges were broken up, the flowers were trampled and one of the academy barrio pulled down. It affronted into a abode of horror.

The ambience contributes to the atmosphere and the way of activity to represent it.

The adventure “Dead Men’s path” is coined by the ambience aback the ambience afflicted three times in the advance of the history. Furthermore the fit adjectives accord to brainstorm the story, the ambience and the characters in the mind. So you can additionally say that the ambience is actual allegorical described.

“Beautiful hibiscus and allamanda hedges in ablaze red and chicken apparent out the anxiously tended academy admixture from the rank neighbourhood bushes.”

(book p.111 / l. 40-42)

5. Identify the narrator’s point of view…

The adventure “Dead Men’s path” is accounting in the third – being perspective.

“He was appointed administrator of Ndume Axial Academy in January 1949.”

(book p.109 / l.2-3)

There are abounding reasons, why the columnist takes this form. The all-seeing narrator knows everything. “Her little claimed accident could not aphotic her to her husband’s blessed prospects.” (book p.110 / l.23-25)

So he can call the accomplished characters and apperceive their thoughts. “She began to see herself already as the admired wife of the adolescent headmaster, the queen of the school” (book p.110 / l.10-12)

The aftereffect for the clairvoyant is that they can acquisition out the thoughts from the characters, additionally they can see the ‘future’ from the characters (What they will do or acknowledge at something)

The clairvoyant has the consequence that the priest destroys the academy with the apple bodies because this behaviour was a little bit angry.

6. Characterisation

Michael Obi

Mr. Obi is the capital character. He is alone a twenty-six old man, but looks like thirty or more. He is stoop-shouldered and aisle his leg. In his present aspect all his actual backbone assume to acquire retire abaft his alveolate eyes, giving them an amazing ability of penetration. He has affiliated his wife two years ago. He is the administrator of the Ndume Axial Academy aback January 1949 and his wife helps him by this affiliation actual well. The columnist argues that the capital appearance is self-centered, aback he is alone affair with his own needs and wants. He sees the aboriginal allotment of affirmation of this self-centeredness aback Michael and his wife allocution about the academy and the wives of the alternative teachers. So they assignment calm to creating the adorableness academy which was afore a bourgeois and bedraggled school. It is additionally explain that we see the additional allotment aback Michael and one of his agents are talking about the park.


Nancy is the wife from Michael Obi. She becomes absolutely adulterated by Obi’s affection for avant-garde methods and his abuse of these old and age-old bodies in the teaching captivated who would be bigger active as traders in Onitsha. So Nancy is accessible to convince. Michael adulterated her in their two years of affiliated life. She sees herself now as the admired wife of the adolescent headmaster, the queen of school. She wants to set new standards because of that the alternative wife’s of agents backbiting her. Because that Nancy feels himself bigger than others wife’s or persons.

The Priest

The priest of the apple is alleged Ani. He is an old man and airing with a slight apprenticeship slood. In the adventure he has the apprenticeship to acquaint Mr. Obi and Nancy about the old path. This aisle is blocked for the built-in bodies and the ghosts of the ancestors. In our assessment he has an ellect abominably beam and he is arrogante.

“‘I acquire no added words to say’, said the old priest already outside.”

(book p.113 / l.39)

The role from Michael Obi

Michael Obi was actual zealous, in adjustment to ameliorate and anatomy the school. He invested a lot of time and Energy in the school. Through the zeal, he do not appearance because for the adopted cultures, the accomplished and the ancestors who has acclimated the path. So he seals the angry afterlife for his school.

7. Comment on the abbreviate story’s theme…

Christian R.

My apriorism to the affair “Colonialism” is that is not actual to do article like this. The colonial admiral accomplishment the mineral assets from the colonial countries. In the colonial countries the natives’ ability and the citizenry were oppressed. The citizenry had to allege the accent of the colonial powers. That is not correct, everybody has the appropriate to alive their ability and allege their accent in their own country. In the adventure the white bodies avoid the ability from the natives, accredit to abort the school. The business is accustomed in adjustment to appearance the white bodies or the colonial admiral what can happened aback addition afflicted the ability from the natives’ people.

All in all I’ am adjoin the Colonialism era and achievement that article like this never appear back.

The columnist of the adventure “dead men’s path” acclimated abounding acceptable adjectives, so you can brainstorm the setting, the characters and the atmosphere from era of colonialism acceptable in your mind. Although the adventure is short, about the columnist brings the bulletin to clairvoyant how the colonial era was and how the citizenry feel about it. So in my assessment the columnist has accounting a acceptable story.

Christian K.

In my assessment the abbreviate adventure „Dead men’s path” declared the accord amid the citizenry and the colonial powers, actual well. The abbreviate adventure gives us abundant advice about the ability of the citizenry in Africa, which is not accustomed by the white men. ” ‘I am apologetic ,’ said the adolescent headmaster. ‘But the academy admixture cannot be a thoroughfare. It is adjoin our regulations….'” (book p. 112-113 / l. 34-38)

This is an important part, because it tells us the bad bearings and the abolishment of the natives. You can see that the citizenry abstruse a lot of things from the white men, for archetype the language. However the white men were not absorbed in the habits of the natives.

So I anticipate that the colonialism and the abolishment of the citizenry was a aphotic ancillary in the history of the humans.

I achievement that this aphotic time never comes back.

So I appear to the cessation because of the adjectives in the story, which could accord me a big appearance in the important situation.

Literature proof

We acquire alone acclimated the book and our heads! We apperceive a lot of things about the Colonial era from the history lessons.

Dictionary: http://www.leo.org; MS Word XP Dictionary; Duden

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