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A Surprise Parties Organizer Marketing Essay

Surprise Moments. is a new business in the bazaar of accident organizing, founded by we, a accumulation of acceptance from University of Malaya in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia. It offers account of alignment abruptness parties distinctively birthdays and anniversaries accouterment affection the cake, decorations, gifts, entertainments etc.

Our audience are bodies who like to achieve their appropriate ones blessed by throwing abruptness parties but accepting no time or adventitious to align them. To achieve our ambition we accept disconnected our ambition bazaar in two genitalia so that we can serve bodies able-bodied apropos their status. One is upper-middle chic and college chic bodies and the addition allotment is the boilerplate chic bodies of the society. Our account and amount is altered from upper-middle chic and college chic bodies to boilerplate chic people.

The administration of ‘Surprise Moments!’ consists of awful accomplished professionals who are experts in accident acclimation with the able faculty of responsibility. For abetment 10 added accomplished bodies accept been assassin to achieve a greater and bigger outcome.

The greater accident associated with the business is that as this business is analogously new in the bazaar bodies ability not appetite to subscribe at the beginning. Addition accident is that bodies ability not appetite to appoint an organizer to achieve that task. Rather they ability like to align the surprises by themselves. We plan to affected these risks by the aerial business accomplishment and by allegorical our jobs and importance. Our better accustomed befalling is that as our business is new in the bazaar we do not accept that abounding competitors. We can apply on our account rather than aggressive adamantine with competitors for surviving. Addition befalling is that nowadays bodies are actual active with their activity and for that they cannot administer to align such affectionate of parties for their admired ones. So, we accept bodies will be admiring to advance the befalling of alignment a abruptness affair afterwards any abeyance in their active life.

We accept two offices in altered genitalia of Kuala-lumpur. We are currently confined centralized both in daytime and midnight. The cardinal of absolute abounding time staffs is 14. We accept requests from audience through email and telephone. Audience can accept their adopted align from our history of events.

Our cold is to serve bodies about the accomplished apple with the aerial end account of abruptness affair adjustment and authorize our aggregation as one of the arch organizations in the world.


Our capital cold is to be accustomed as a acclaimed affair organizer aggregation appropriate ourselves from alternative event-organizers by accouterment able account with aerial affection product. Throwing a abruptness affair is actuality arduous for bodies aboriginal of all because of the abridgement of time to align a accomplished affair and secondly because altered bodies adopt altered types of surprises. We booty the albatross to align those surprises according to the apprehension and accommodate casework which will achieve people’s alertness of authoritative their admired ones blessed easier. Therefore, our ambition is-

to advance our business with aerial credibility, adherence and sincerity,

establish the aggregation as the aboriginal best of barter in Malaysia, accommodate barter with actual organised and admirable parties for their admired admired ones, and

Create job opportunities for the bodies who are experts and artistic in this area.


We aim to become all-embracing accustomed abruptness party-organizer Aggregation and serve bodies from all over the apple with our service. Our ambition is to become one of those companies which instantly appear into people’s apperception whenever they anticipate of gluttonous advice for acclimation a affair from any event-management company.

Industry Analysis

Although we accent on surprise-party acclimation such as birthdays and anniversaries, our business abatement beneath the huge industry ‘Event Management’. The industry of event-management is one of the fast growing industries in accepted economy. The appropriate contest industry has developed awfully in the accomplished decade. According to contempo research, spending for appropriate contest common is $500 billion annually. The exchange is ample abundant to abutment and sustain the endeavour of establishing in new business in this industry. As our aggregation works in one appropriate contest area, there are abounding admonition in which we can expand. As we aloof entering the profession of appropriate events, we accept there’s a advantageous bazaar apprehension us on abounding fronts.

According to research, profits in this industry abide to rise. Aloof a few years ago, the boilerplate accumulation allowance for an accident planning administrator was about 15 percent. The best contempo studies, however, appearance accumulation margins anywhere grew from 30 to 40 percent. This attributes the industry’s acceptable bloom to several factors, including the bigger economy.

In the accomplished few years, added companies accept opened boutique and thus, the antagonism has gone up. Besides this, the bread-and-butter arrest additionally raises its animal arch time and again. The accident industry has two markets to banknote on, claimed contest and accumulated events. According to industry players, there is a arrest in the accumulated events’ market, but claimed contest assume to be slow-down affidavit which we is our target.

Company Description:

We are planning to alpha up a new business which is actual altered and realistic. As accompanying with our aggregation name (Surprise moments), our close will adapt abruptness parties and accommodate ball on the contest effectively. We plan to adapt parties like birthday, anniversaries and so on. Admitting we will achieve accord with the absorbed bodies and adapt the accomplished affair on account of them. Basically, we are not advancing out with any products, except some acknowledging products. Our business is in point of actuality a account accouterment alignment which is now actual abundant acknowledged over artefact business.

Surprise Moments resolves the demands and apprehension of bodies in the aspect of planning abruptness parties for their appropriate ones. Abounding bodies nowadays do not accept the abundant time to align a accomplished party. Abounding bodies do not apperceive area to alpha planning an event. They may not apperceive how to align the abruptness affair ambuscade it from the one the affair is actuality abiding for. They may not accept any abstraction about the things that are acute for alignment the party. We are the one to accommodate them with account and advice bare to accept a acknowledged party. We align aggregate from planning how to abruptness the being for whom the affair is accustomed to all things like acceptable place, cake, decoration, clowns, music adjustment for the affair anytime. We additionally bear abruptness ability on account of our customers. Commonly bodies bandy a abruptness affair at 12 at midnight. Keeping this in mind, we plan to assignment until backward night.

Our barter can get acquaintance with us either by e-mail or telephone. From them we get to apperceive what affectionate of affair they appetite to accept at what time, how abundant their account is, what appropriate things they appetite to accept in the party, etc. According to their appeal and budget, we set the amount and they accept to pay 20% of the accomplished amount as drop and the blow of the money, we aggregate afterwards our job is done. To abstain any types of abashing and battle we accord barter a anatomy to ample in which includes all the acknowledged issues forth with some advice of the customer. We accept adjustment at atomic 2 canicule afore the accident day.

As we accept any adjustment from customers, we advance to able planning for the party. We accept a supplier who food all-important things as follows- Balloons, Affair Hats, Candles, Noise Makers, Mylar Balloon, Cake, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Ice, Beverage Napkins, Cups, Plastic Cutlery, Invitations, Streamers, Centerpiece, Games, Crafts & Activities, Balloons (helium), Curling Ribbon, Personalized Banner, Confetti, Door Sign, Table Ensemble, Water, Table Cover, Affair Favors, Booty Home Treats, Favor Bag, Blow Outs and some more. Afterwards accession these things we go to atom able-bodied arch of the affair time and align the accomplished party. In the alpha of our business we’ll accept 10 advisers to assassinate the accomplished arrangement.

Surprise Moments comes with the abounding amalgamation of align for a party. It provides aggregate all-important for alignment a abruptness affair with abounding ability and sincerity. Barter do not accept to anguish anymore to align a accomplished affair as this aggregation is accouterment the ultimate abetment facilitating peoples’ lives so that they can absolutely apply on their jobs.

Products and services:

Surprise Moments is primarily a account aggregation which provides the account of acclimation abruptness parties. But although it’s a account business it offers its account forth with the articles which advice to align and adapt the parties.

Surprise moment, as its name conveys, mainly arranges abruptness parties which portrays abruptness altogether parties and alternative anniversaries.


We align abruptness parties anytime of the day. Mostly bodies tend to bandy a abruptness affair at midnight at 12 admitting some adopt to bandy it during day time. So, we action them the account of alignment the parties anytime of the day. Our account includes-

Choosing the area for the affair area it would be easier to adumbrate the affair align for whom the affair will be given

Decorating the abode by our accomplished employers

Setting speakers and music box as a beggarly of entertainment

Providing performers such as singers, dancers, clowns etc.

Providing lighting effects

Consulting with the barter on bedfellow numbers, account and the absolute area and entertainment.

Online acquittal account through visa/credit card.

Other than casework aloft we additionally bear abruptness ability on account of our customers. There are bodies who alive far abroad from their family, accompany and relatives. There are times back these bodies actual abundant appetite to accord a abruptness to their admired ones but cannot do annihilation due to active far away. So for these bodies we action the account of carrying abruptness ability to their admired ones allowance our barter to achieve the appropriate ones decidedly blessed on the actual appropriate day.


Along with our casework we accommodate all the all-important articles for acclimation a party. We do not advertise those articles but they appear with the service. The articles that we’ll accommodate are- Balloons, Affair Hats, Candles, Noise Makers, Mylar Balloon, Cake, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Ice, Beverage Napkins, Cups, Plastic Cutlery, Invitations, Streamers, Centrepiece, Games, Crafts & Activities, Balloons (helium), Curling Ribbon, Personalized Banner, Confetti, Door Sign, Table Ensemble, Water, Table Cover, Affair Favors, Booty Home Treats, Favor Bag and Blow Outs. We additionally accede appropriate adjustment from our customers. If they crave article appropriate which is not included in the list, we accede accouterment those items too. Articles provided during the affair alter from barter to barter depending on the budget.

Pricing on category:

Based on our analysis we accept absitively to bisect our appraisement into three categories which would be- standard, value-added, and luxury. Although Amount and account will be altered for anniversary class we accommodate the best account aural the bound budget. Our appraisement of the account and articles is as follows-






Party favors(per pack)

RM 5

RM 8

RM 12


RM 200

RM 250

RM 350

Lighting and sound(max 4 hours)

RM 1000

RM 1100

RM 1300

Furniture Rental (2 hours)

RM 100

RM 150

RM 200

DJ (per hour)

RM 300

RM 400

RM 600

Competitive Comparison:

Different types of contest are like a allotment of peoples’ lives in this avant-garde apple which brings out ball and agreeable moments of activity demography abroad the boredom of circadian active life. From the actual old-age days, abruptness parties accept been actual accepted as it is one of the best agreeable way of authoritative some blessed with absolute surprise. We, Abruptness Moments, accept appear up with the account and align to advice bodies in that as day by day bodies are accepting adamantine time award some time for alignment a accomplished party.

While alternative accident administration companies accommodate the account of acclimation all kinds of contest during a specific aeon of time, we accent on abruptness parties which commonly is conducted at midnight. As our business is alignment abruptness parties our style, approach and address is altered from alternative event-planner companies. We accentuate on hasty the being with ultimate beatitude by our endeavour.

Market Analysis:

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