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An overview of project management

Project administration is an capital basal of the authoritative anatomy and its use is congenital into the organization’s assignment breeze process. An able activity administration will access the authoritative outcomes. The activity agency a acting accomplishment undertaken to aftermath a different artefact (PMI, 2004). On the project, it can be disconnected into several phases which accommodate activity apperception and initiation, activity analogue and planning, activity execution, activity accomplishment and control, and activity close. The activity usually has an cold to accommodated specific requirements of the alignment and has a specific time to accomplish it either continued time or a abbreviate time. A activity is acting which has a alpha and has the end in a specific time, and accordingly authentic ambit and resources. According to Gaddis (1959), a activity is an alignment assemblage committed to the accomplishment of a goal. It is about the acknowledged accomplishment of a adorning artefact at point in time, aural the amount estimate, and in acclimation with prearranged accomplishment specifications. A activity is fundamentally an access of working, an access of acclimation people, and an access to administer tasks. A activity starts at a authentic point of time, ends at specific in time and, is complete back the aftereffect is completed (Newton, 2005). Hurricanes (2002) declared that a activity is an brief in attributes that has specific alpha and finish. Alternative than that, activity is a unique, one time undertaking. It can be said like that because the activity cannot be done absolutely in the aforementioned access by the aforementioned activity administrator and aural the aforementioned environment

The appliance of knowledge, skills, accoutrement and techniques are important to activity management, which enables activity activities accommodated the activity requirements. It’s a cardinal adequacy for organizations, which accredit to adapt to get activity after-effects which to accomplish the business goals. The activity administration involves the activity of administering and authoritative a activity from alpha to finish. The purpose of activity administration is to adumbrate as abounding risks and problems as attainable besides planning, acclimation and authoritative the activities. So, the activity is completed as auspiciously as attainable in animosity of all the risks. Activity Administration is academic conduct that has been developed to administer projects (Newton, 2005). There are abounding activities that can account from activity administration like architecture a ship, assemble a house, ablution new products, advice technology systems activity and abounding more. Activity Administration is the activity of allegorical a activity from its alpha through its accomplishment to its end (Portny, 2006). There are includes three basal operations in activity management, which are planning, acclimation and authoritative the project.

Project administration adeptness draws on nine areas. Figure 1 beneath illustrates the activity administration adeptness area:


In activity management, there is a key aspect that is included in a activity administration framework like activity stakeholder. The stakeholders are the bodies who complex in the activity activities. The stakeholder in activity administration can accommodate the activity manager, activity sponsor, the activity team, abutment staff, suppliers, opponents, client, users and abounding more. In this paper, the activity administrator roles and abilities will be discussed in depth. The activity administrator cooperates carefully with the alternative stakeholders. So this cardboard will altercate in abyss the activity administrator roles and abilities in the activity administration process.

Project administrator (PM) is about taken to be the being answerable for carrying a activity which runs calmly on the appointed period, aural the amount plan and to the adopted accomplishment or affection standards bent by the applicant (Sommerville, Craig & Hendry, 2010). Activity Administrator is one of the stakeholders in any activity administration in the organization. Activity Administrator is amenable for carrying all the apparatus of the project. Activity Administrator can be abounding time or the role of activity administrator accustomed by the condition. Steyn (2008) declared that the activity administrator is the bonding average captivation the activity together. The activity manager’s access the accomplishment the project, either success or fail. Activity Administrator should abet carefully with the stakeholders, abnormally the sponsor and activity aggregation to accommodated the apprehension of the project. The Activity administrator is the being ultimately amenable for the success or abortion of the activity (Heerkens, 2002). The activity administrator can be alleged as aggregation baton in a group. Activity managers generally are advised the absolute administration basal capital to activity success. The activity administrator is the aspect of activity success in the aggregation or organization. The activity administrator is amenable for managing the project’s scope, activity schedule, and activity amount to abutment the applicant or chump expectations for the acknowledged accomplishment of the project.

The success or abortion of a activity is afflicted by the activity manager’s appointment. Petty (2009) indicates the project’s manager’s has the adequacy to affix amid the alignment which able to accomplish and serve the project. It is a analytical agency of activity success in the organization. The assignment of activity administrator does alter from activity to project. The Activity administrator is amenable for scoping out the work, planning it and free what assets are required, accepting the assets allocated, and again managing the accomplishment of the assignment appropriate and ensuring any problems that may account the accomplishment of the tasks to be delayed. A activity administrator works according to activity administration approach. A activity administrator is the being amenable for arch a activity from its admission to complete. This includes planning, beheading and managing the people, assets and goals of the project.

Project Management, it is important to accept activity administrator which is acting as manager. 97% of acknowledged projects was led by able activity managers which is who can generally advice to affect success factors (Schwalbe, 2006). As activity manager, they can accept abounding job description based on the alignment and additionally based on the project. Although it is based on the alignment and the project, there are agnate tasks that activity administrator perform. There are several job categories for activity administrator which includes:

  1. Project Administrator for a Consulting firm

Project Administrator should plans, schedule, and controls activities to accomplish the objectives of the activity by applying technical, abstract and authoritative skills. Those abilities are to accommodated the activity requirements. Apart from that, the activity administrator should alike and integrates aggregation and body a acceptable accord with the audience and assembly to accomplish abiding the activity is successful.

  1. Information Technology Activity Administrator for a banking casework firm

Project Administrator should manage, prioritizes, develops, and apparatus advice technology solutions to accommodated business needs. For example, activity administrator prepares and executes activity affairs appliance activity administration software in accordance with the standards. It is basic to accept affairs which are congenital a Gantt blueprint in adjustment to accomplish abiding the activity could accomplishment at the specific time.

  1. Information technology activity Administrator for a nonprofit consulting firm.

The activity administrator responsibilities accommodate business analysis, activity claim acquisition and activity planning, account estimating, activity development, activity testing, activity implementation, and abounding more. For nonprofit consulting firm, activity administrator should assignment with assorted adeptness providers to ensure the development or activity completed on specific times, aerial affection and amount able for the project.

Project Administrator Roles are actual important and added arduous alternative than the archetypal anatomic manager. Activity Manager. The activity administrator roles are a success agency for activity administration in organizing. Activity Administrator is an alone that in allegation of developing, in affiliation with the Activity Sponsor. The Activity Administrator again makes abiding that the activity is delivered on time, aural the account and to the specific affection standard. Activity Administrator additionally ensures that the activity is finer resourced and manages relationships with a advanced ambit of groups including all the activity stakeholders. The Activity Administrator is additionally amenable for managing the assignment of consultants, admeasure and advance all the activity assets in a able address and advancement a cooperative, motivated and acknowledged team. Activity managers are declared to be arch a assorted set of bodies with absolute ascendancy over the aggregation associates (Baker, Murphy & Fisher, 2008). A cardinal of roles are articular for the activity administrator such as planned all the activities, tasks, schedules and budgets. Alternative than that, he or she is organizing, selecting and agreement the activity team. The activity administrator is arch the activity aggregation and ascendancy all the activities and schedules. Besides that, the activity administrator additionally is able to baddest and advance a activity aggregation and accord a activity to the aggregation members. Apart from that, the activity administrator additionally should consistently acquaint with the activity aggregation and all stakeholders. The activity administrator additionally is the being who able to break the problem, accomplish a decision. A activity manager’s responsibilities accommodate all-embracing administration The activity administrator plays their role from the alpha of the activity until the end of the project. Beneath is the roles should be appropriate of a activity manager.

  • Manager
  • Project Administrator charge baby-sit and manages the assignment and the employees
  • Facilitator
  • Project Administrator charge ensure that all assets are attainable back it’s bare as able-bodied can break any problems.
  • Communicator
  • Project Administrator charge finer acquaint with top management, customer, activity team, and the alternative stakeholders. The activity administrator charge frequently acquaint with the stakeholders in adjustment to administer the works and all the assignment can be done by all the participants in the project.
  • Politician
  • Project Administrator charge act as a politician, which is able to access the bodies and able to accomplish a decision. Activity Administrator should apperceive how to get things done, how to accomplish with the system, how to get bodies to coact and how to access the people
  • Negotiator
  • Project Administrator charge act as adjudicator which able negotiates with the stakeholders. The Adjudicator is the accomplished at accepting what is bare for the activity to be successful. For example, a Activity Administrator negotiates with chief administration for added resources, accommodate with anatomic managers to get a accurate activity aggregation affiliate or to use a anatomic resource, accommodate with vendors for beneath advance time, accommodate with audience about activity ambition changes and others.

Project Administrator additionally has albatross in activity administration as follows:

  • Defining the scope
  • Planning the scope
  • Activity and adeptness planning
  • Developing schedules and timescales
  • Cost estimating
  • Budgeting
  • Completing documentation
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk management
  • Progress monitoring
  • Team Management
  • Business Partnering
  • Scalability and portability analysis
  • Quality control

To be a acceptable activity manager, it is important to acquire several abilities in adjustment to administer the activity in the organization. Activity managers charge to accept a advanced array of abilities which can advice them to do the best in activity management. All the abilities that acquire by the activity administrator is account of the success of the activity in activity management. It is to accomplish the responsibilities as the activity manager. There are several above adeptness and accomplishment categories for activity manager. Abilities claim of the activity administrator disconnected into four categories (Heerkens, 2002). Beneath are the four above adeptness and abilities categories of the activity manager.

  1. Project administration activity skills

Project Administration activity abilities are the adeptness and abilities accompanying to the apparatus of activity management. The activity administrator should be abreast about tools, techniques and activity technology in activity administration as able-bodied able to administer them in absolute situations. For instance, the activity administrator should apperceive how to advance a complete chump document, body a arrangement diagram, and body a assignment breakdown structure. With all these skills, the activity administrator will able to facilitate and adapt the activity plan. Activity Administrator additionally can appointment all the problems during the activity administration activities and will get account from all the aggregation associates and alternative stakeholder.

  1. Interpersonal and behavioral skills

Interpersonal abilities are the accoutrement of bodies acclimated to coact and acquaint with alternative bodies in the organization. Interpersonal advice abilities has seven capital areas that appropriate by the activity manager, including exact advice skills, nonverbal advice skills, alert skills, agreement skills, botheration analytic skills, accommodation authoritative abilities and assertiveness. Activity Manger abilities in ambidextrous with the bodies are immeasurable valued. Besides the interpersonal skills, activity administrator additionally needs to accept behavioral abilities like claimed conduct, appearance and approach.

  1. Technology administration skills

As we know, best of the activity is amidst with the technology. It is apropos to the activity areas at the amount of the activity that acclimated advice technology infrastructure. The technology abilities appropriate adeptness accommodate software and accouterments in adjustment to do the task. The adeptness of the activity administrator to alike the appliance of technology is the key success as activity manager. It is important to activity administrator to accept able adeptness and abilities that anchored with the technology. There are several technology administration appropriate by activity administrator such as accomplishment in activity amount technology, accomplishment in the acknowledging technology area, industry knowledge, apparent knowledge, architecture skills, and abounding more. The activity administrator should accustomed with the technology activated in the project. The activity administrator charge able able in the use of technology.

  1. Desired claimed traits

To be a acknowledged activity manager, a claimed affection is best important. Claimed ancestry agency is the action, attitudes and behavior should activity administrator have. Possessing claimed ancestry will become a acceptable activity administrator and be able to assuming the duties as a activity manager. The adorable ancestry should acquire by activity administrator such as bluntness and has integrity. Alternative than that, activity administrator should thinks like a generalist, has aerial altruism with alternative people, and process-oriented, self-aware, attainable and accessible, politically, and decisive.

The manager’s administration role is of abundant accent in affective bodies and creating an able alive ambiance in adjustment for the activity aggregation to appointment greater challenges in today’s environment. The characteristics of a activity administrator to announce the blazon of baton and administration appearance that the activity administrator applies during the administration of projects. All activity managers charge to authenticate administration abilities and authoritative skills. Administration and administration are agreement generally acclimated in managing the alignment or company. The activity administrator charge be a baton and manager. A baton focuses on continued appellation objectives and accord afflatus to bodies to accomplish the activity administration the goals in the alignment (Schwalbe, 2011). Meanwhile, a administrator deals with circadian activity activities in adjustment to accomplish the goals. The administration abilities of activity administrator are actual important to advance the activity to success. Administration can be authentic as a appearance of behavior advised to accommodate both the authoritative requirements and claimed interests in the following of some objectives. Managers authority a administration responsibility. Activity managers are generally alleged or not alleged because of their administration styles (Kerzner, 2001). The administration role is acute to facilitating assorted activity success factors that accord to activity execution. According to Anantatmula (2010), the activity manager’s administration roles and responsibilities access the activity deliverables and the activity performance. Besides that Bodies abilities are capital back a activity administrator become. Bodies abilities are administration circles of leaders that are encouraged to allotment the eyes and aggregation associates are encouraged to be account oriented. The baton additionally has acceptable relationships with barter or vendors. Barnard (1938) appropriate the functions of a baton are bare to accept both authoritative and affecting functions. Authoritative and affecting functions are alleged as cerebral and cathectic. Cerebral functions are authoritative functions which absorb directing, allegorical the people, and acute choices and actions, meanwhile cathectic functions are affecting functions which accommodate motivational as able-bodied affecting aspects appear the objectives of the activity and accretion assurance and charge to a beyond moral purpose. Administration and Bodies abilities are actual important for a activity administrator to administer the activity in the alignment from the alpha until the end. All the abilities are acute in adjustment to facilitate the activity and accomplish abiding the activity run calmly aural the time, ambit and the cost.

The activity administrator that is trusted by the aggregation and gets the aggregation to assignment calm will acquaint successfully. Activity aggregation associates charge to collaborate, share, coact and accommodate advice and adeptness to accommodated activity objectives. A activity administrator does not acquaint with accent only, but additionally with character, which includes attitude, behavior and personality. Activity administrator with characteristics will acquiesce aggregation associates to booty albatross for their work, developing trust, accord and teamwork; and administration the eyes will administer during the beheading of a project. Besides acting as manager, activity administrator additionally act as a facilitator and additionally as a communicator. He or she charge ensure that all assets and assignment are attainable back bare and that any problems are resolved. The activity administrator additionally charge finer acquaint with top management, customer, activity team, and alternative participants in activity management. Alternative than that, the activity administrator should act as a baby-kisser and additionally negotiator. Back they act as a politician, the activity administrator able to access the others and accept a abundant access in accommodation making. It is important for a activity administrator to be a adjudicator because they charge to accommodate with all the stakeholders in managing all the activity in the activity administration activities.

The agency which may account the activity administration to abort is by allotment the amiss being as activity manager. Responsibilities of a Activity Administrator are to ensure acknowledged accomplishment of a activity aural a specific time and aural the account allocation. However, it involves abounding alternative stages in activity management. Activity administrator plays a key role in allowance projects and alignment success. The activity administrator charge accomplish a array of job duties and accept abounding skills. It is to advance abilities in activity management, accepted management, and additionally their appliance breadth such as in the advice technology area. To be a acknowledged activity manager, they charge affliction about aggregate and amenable in ample areas including for a project, company, activity aggregation associates and additionally the activity administrator itself. To be a acknowledged activity manager, it should be somebody who consistently completes the activity and accommodated the alignment goals and additionally activity administration goals. The activity charge accepting deliverables completed and handed over. Back the activity is completed, it can see the business accumulation accretion and leaves the chump with smiles on their faces. In the nutshell, it can be said that activity administrator gives big access to the activity administration which absorb in all the activities of the activity management.


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