Aquinass Five Ways To Prove Existence Of God Philosophy Essay

Aquinas’s “five ways” sets out to prove or absolve the achievement of God by rational means. The arguments which Aquinas uses in his “five ways” are awful afflicted by what is accepted as the cosmological argument”. This altercation states that Gods achievement can be accepted based on the means in which we acquaintance the apple about us. The accepted aim of the cosmological altercation accordingly is to try to authorize how the cosmos came to be and about it additionally aims to ascertain the “uncaused account of aggregate else” .Influenced by this angle of the cosmological altercation and additionally awful afflicted by Aristotle, Aquinas aims to appearance that in adjustment for annihilation to exist, it aboriginal appropriate the “presence of article that existed afore annihilation abroad did”. This “first presence” Aquinas argues, is about affected to be God! Affiliated to this, Aquinas’s additionally captivated the appearance that God created the apple and all that was in it. Afterwards God accordingly the apple would not exist. To say that the accomplished apple is abased on a God whose achievement has never been absolute is a huge affirmation to accomplish and comes with acute difficulties. Aquinas’s “five ways” accordingly is an attack to avert this altercation and to prove that ability about God can be ashore in advice already attainable and attainable to everybody (Natural Theology). In abbreviate what I anticipate Aquinas is aggravating to portray achievement is the achievement that we do not charge to see God in adjustment to acquire that he exists. By analogue the “five ways” Aquinas wants to appearance that the way in which we acquaintance the apple about us can in achievement accommodate acceptable affirmation of God’s existence. Booty the afterward statements for example:

Nothing happens in the apple afterwards a reason.

Events in the apple action because of article else.

To accord with the affair of absolute regress, it is all-important to advance that both the apple and the things in the apple charge acquire had a aboriginal cause.

There is annihilation to advance that the aloft statements are in any way apocryphal but in absolute achievement they do not accommodate us with acceptable affidavit to acquire in God’s existence.

The aloft statements accordingly can be apparent as the base or foundations for Aquinas’s “five ways” which are categorical as follows:

Motion: Accepted in agreement of change, Motion becomes the aboriginal affidavit which Aquinas uses to authenticate Gods achievement .It is axiomatic to all of us that change occurs all about in the world. Things change aback abeyant changes become absolute changes. Alone absolute changes can catechumen abeyant changes into absolute changes accordingly achievement cancels out potentiality. As annihilation can be both achievement and adeptness in the aforementioned respect, it stands accordingly that things cannot change or move themselves. Any change or motion that occurs in the apple accordingly charge be afflicted or confused by article alternative than itself. This alternation of change cannot go on to beyond and it is all-important to authorize a starting point which is put in motion or afflicted by no other. This anybody understands as God. This is affiliated to Aristotle’s angle of God as the “unmoved mover”. God in this faculty causes alternative things to change but himself charcoal unchanged.

Efficient Causes: A alternation of able causes abide in the world. Aggregate which we apperceive in this apple has been acquired by article alternative than itself. A affair is not the account of itself. “If a antecedent able account does not exist, neither does the affair that results”. Accordingly aggregate that exists needs a alpha or aboriginal account of existence. Just as the alternation of motion/change cannot go on to infinity, neither can the alternation of able causes go on to infinity. If this occurred afresh the aftereffect would be that annihilation would abide at this present time. In an accomplishment to break this botheration accordingly it is all-important for us to try to authorize a aboriginal able cause. In adjustment for things to appear in the world, we charge article to alpha them and this anybody assumes to be God! This abstraction is affiliated to Aristotle’s angle of “efficient and final causes”.

Possibility and Necessity: All about us in attributes we acquisition things that are accessible to be and additionally things which are accessible not to be. There was a assertive point aback “things were not”. In this sense, the things that came into actuality and that are achievement now charge acquire had a beginning. If things were never in achievement afresh alike now annihilation would exist. There charge accordingly be article which necessarily exists afterwards any alternative and which causes others to exist. This we accredit to as God. This links in with Aquinas’s appearance that if God does not abide afresh the apple cannot exist. This affidavit is additionally affiliated to Aristotle’s angle on causation.

Perfection (Gradation of Being): In the world, we apprehension altered gradations in things. Some things are bigger or worse than alternative things. There charge be article accordingly which is an ultimate adorableness or perfection. This we alarm God. [1] 

Design: This angle of the architecture altercation can be affiliated to the cosmological altercation and additionally to Aristotle’s approach of account and approach of forms. There is affirmation of architecture or purpose in the way that the apple is created. This evokes the advancement that there is “room” for a designer. For archetype eyes and aerial were accurately advised for seeing and hearing, seasons are ordered so that plants will abound year afterwards year and the blast band is altogether positioned so as to assure us from any adverse u-v rays. Additionally Moons, stars, planets and the sun etc. cannot actuate their own abode in the universe. This afresh suggests affirmation that the apple did not architecture itself and accordingly article charge acquire advised the apple or acquired the apple to exist. This “designer” or “creator” is about accepted to be God. Genesis 1 supports this angle of the architecture altercation area it emphasises that God created the apple and all that was in it. Avant-garde cosmologists on the alternative duke would altercate about that the apple originated from the “big bang”. Achievement we can see a battle arising amid adoration and science and this battle can acquire huge furnishings for the way in which we aim to prove or “disprove” the achievement of God in the world.

The aloft “five ways” acquire attempted to explain to us how we can be acquainted of Gods achievement through the assorted altered means that we alive in and acquaintance the apple about us. As our absolute ability of God still charcoal actual bound to date however, it is accordingly no abruptness that these “five ways”, and absolutely acceptance in God in accepted has faced abounding challenges over the years. Because we cannot apperceive God anon through the senses it becomes added difficult to authenticate or prove his existence. Aquinas’s “five ways” in my assessment however, offers a acceptable acceptance with which we can seek to verify the achievement of God in the world. However, I charge acquire that I authority a hardly biased appearance in the faculty that I appear from Christian accomplishments area acceptance in God is acutely important. In my own claimed opinion, I acquire that anyone who comes from a acceptance accomplishments will calmly acquire and acquire anniversary of Aquinas’s “five ways”. Coming from the alternative ancillary of the spectrum however, I am abiding that abounding bodies would acquisition it difficult in some means to be assertive by Aquinas’s arguments if they do not already acquire in God. For example, it may be perceived that Aquinas is too ambiguous and abstruse in some of his arguments, abnormally the aftermost two which accommodate accomplishment and design. Additionally it may appear beyond as if Aquinas is abbreviation proofs of God’s achievement to these “five” accepted principles. Aquinas additionally “speaks with ample abstemiousness and avoids across-the-board generalizations”. This can be apparent for archetype in altercation three area Aquinas does not accurately accompaniment that all bound things are accidental but rather he refers to how we are acquainted that ” some things appear into actuality and canyon away”. Additionally it could be appropriate that Aquinas’s “five ways” are a little out-dated now that we apperceive a little added about the universe. During the time aback Aquinas was autograph these arguments it can be accepted that he was abundantly afflicted by the ancients such as Plato and Aristotle. Back afresh the addition of avant-garde science has appear into comedy and as a aftereffect Aquinas’s “five ways” could be rendered as “irrelevant”. In ablaze of the appearance of avant-garde science, let us now booty a abrupt attending aback to anniversary of the bristles means and ascertain how they may be abandoned as accepting no absolute ascribe to accouterment proofs for the achievement of God.

In agreement of motion, avant-garde science would altercate that: motion is no best a acreage of one affair but in achievement is a acreage of at atomic two things which accommodate an “observer and an object”. In aftereffect accordingly “there can be no “unmoved mover” back all motion is now accepted to be about to the observer, and not to some anchored reference”.

In affiliation to able causes, the afterward altercation becomes sufficient:

“St Thomas’ apriorism achievement is artlessly extraneous based on our ability that bulk is contingently formed as particles and antiparticles, and always annihilated aback a atom meets an antiparticle”. As a result, there are no things which are acquired or created by alternative things. Things alone change “in anatomy and there is annihilation actuality “caused to exist””.

This altercation additionally leaves the catechism “if God acquired aggregate in the apple to abide afresh who or what acquired God to exist”?

Possibility and necessity: The angle that some being, i.e. God acquired the cosmos to exist, does not beggarly that that actuality is not a accidental being. The Gnostic Demiurge allegory backs up this claim. Aquinas argues that the cosmos was created and accordingly it is contingent. The Big blast approach on the alternative duke argues that the apple did in achievement acquire a bright alpha about 15 billion years ago. It additionally claims that the cosmos is not accidental due to the achievement that it undergoes cycles of “Bang, expansion, contraction, crunch>Bang”.


“The mysteries of attributes were cryptic in the time of St Thomas Aquinas. Alchemy was science and the aspect of advance could be antiseptic into gold. The laws of thermodynamics, blaze and radioactive adulteration were 550 years or added in the future…Thomas artlessly did not acquire the facts. There is no affidavit in the altercation from degrees and perfection”.

Design: The altercation adjoin architecture states that the cosmos came about as an aftereffect of “the big bang”. If this is the case afresh God did not architecture or actualize the cosmos and the altercation for architecture which Aquinas uses in his “five ways” is rendered as irrelevant.


It is axiomatic from researching this article that there is a ample bulk of astriction surrounding the proofs of God’s existence. On the one duke there are the theologians and those of acceptance backgrounds who would assuredly seek to prove that God exists. Thomas Aquinas “five ways” can be apparent achievement as an accomplishment to do amends to this argument. On the alternative duke about there are those who affirmation that based on accurate affirmation there is no acumen to advance that there is any God at all. All of the arguments which abutment the achievement of God in Aquinas’s “five ways” accordingly can be denied based on accurate grounds. Looking at both abandon of the arguments both from a theological/faith angle and additionally from a accurate perspective, we can see that both abandon acquire acceptable affirmation to advance that both are actual in their views. Thus charcoal the catechism “is canon actual in adage that the achievement of God can be accepted based on Aquinas’s “five ways” or is accurate affirmation actual in their acceptance that there is as of yet no affidavit of Gods achievement in the world”? The acknowledgment in my assessment goes as follows, those who appear from a acceptance accomplishments and those who acquire in God will tend to acquire Aquinas’s “five ways” as accouterment acceptable affidavit to acquire aplomb in the achievement of God. In achievement these “five ways” will serve to prove what they already had acceptance in. Those who do not acquire in God on the alternative duke will tend to accessory themselves with the accurate altercation which aims to prove that there is no affirmation for God s achievement in the world. Both arguments are actual in their angle and as a aftereffect it has become added difficult to prove or “disprove” the achievement of God in the world.

On a final agenda let me altercate that the achievement of God has neither been accepted nor disproved and whether one choses to acquire or not to acquire is up to their own claimed choice. For me alone about adoration and acceptance are acutely important factors. As a Christian, I acquire been brought to acquire in and acquire acceptance in God. This is apparently why I acquisition Aquinas’s “five ways” so absorbing in that they advice me to reinforce the behavior which I already hold. Although the accurate altercation does accommodate some accurate and absorbing credibility which may annul my acceptance in God, I still acquire that there is a God in this apple who created aggregate and who one day will accomplish himself accepted to all of altruism but until afresh I acquire that acceptance is the best important factor. If one believes afresh one can see that God exists.

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