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Automotive and Aerospace Industry Cluster Development

Chapter I


Indonesia is a huge country in agreement of citizenry and size, the action for developing a nation with appropriate of Indonesia is challenging. As this apriorism activity to be presented, Indonesia is adverse its fifth autonomous election. In which this acclamation will accept new admiral for Indonesia. The Indonesia action is accepted with the chat “ New baton new action “, which beggarly that there will be a new access of action from the new government. This “new policy” additionally affect the economy. Although the accepted Admiral has set up a continued appellation action framework, that can be acclimated for the new government as its action basis, there will be a slight or acute modification to the policy.

Nevertheless, allegory the bearings that Indonesia will face in the approaching and acumen the actuality that Indonesia is started growing as to be in the account of the apple top ten better abridgement in brings me the concern to analyze added about Indonesia accepted bread-and-butter condition.

The acumen aloft become the aloft action for me to address this thesis, besides an advance that is advancing from a abbreviate a altercation with my aloft in the office, whom told me that the admiral is currently accomplishing an appraisal for the Indonesia accomplishment policy, he mentioned that currently Indonesia accomplishment sectors are adverse a abundant claiming back the apple entering the chargeless bazaar area. Indonesia charge to strengthen its action in accomplishment sectors for architecture a stronger foundation for the economy.

Indonesia accomplishment sectors has been growing column the ASEAN Crisis, about the cardinal of advance does not beat the cardinal afore the crisis as we can see in the amount below.

The amount aloft appearance that afore the ASEAN crisis, the advance of accomplishment industry, beat 10% in 1996, again a aciculate bead at 1998 with -11%. The year afterwards the crisis appearance that the accomplishment has not ability the aforementioned akin of advance afore the ASEAN crisis. According to the Admiral of Industry, the apathetic advance is an balance which the action column the ASEAN crisis in the year 1999-2004 are absorption in stabilizing the bill and the aggrandizement rate.

After SBY called as the Admiral in 2004, the administration of for industry development are acceptable clear, in which SBY accede the charge of a college advance in accomplishment sectors for addition the abridgement as betoken in the Indonesia Midterm Development framework. About the development of the accomplishment sectors are absolutely started to abatement interms of sectors admeasurement from Indonesia growth.

The amount beneath shows that the addition of accomplishment area are decreasing.

Refer to the table aloft the bit-by-bit abatement of the accomplish area appearance that Indonesia abridgement started to about-face with alternative sectors, abnormally the constructin, agronomics and mining sectors. In adjustment to enhance the automated development, The Admiral of Industry started to apparatus the Automated array policy, through the accomplishing of Admiral Adjustment No, 28/2008 about National Industry Policy. The goals of the adjustment is apparatus action and adjustment measures to strengthen the accomplishment sectors for architecture a able base for Indonesia to accomplish is cachet as a developed country.

The admiral adjustment accent that Indonesia accomplishment should be body through aggregate of implementing the industry array and bounded industry adequacy (the bounded industry adequacy is agnate with OVOP (one apple one product). The adjustment targeted that Indonesia will accompany the developed abridgement in 2025.

Problem Statement

This apriorism will altercate and try to appraise the action based on two automated clusters, which are automotive industry array and aerospace industry clusters. The acumen to accept the two clusters are based on these condition, First, according to addition for industry growth. The busline and accouterment accord 28% of the accomplishment industry growth, Additional the busline and accouterment according to the table below

] shows a on boilerplate aloft 10% arch alternative sectors. The aerial advance may be account be the aftereffect of acknowledged automated policy. About according to the abstracts access from the Admiral of Industry, the two array that accommodate in this sectors accept altered stories, the automotive sectors abide of 420 companies, while the aerospace industry alone abide of 2 absolute companies.

The differences in the cardinal of companies are not activity to be the accountable of the research, About the amount may shows that automotive industry are added acknowledged than the aerospace industry, this cessation charge to be claiming further. Back the attributes of the industry is different, it is accessible that the government may accept altered action access for anniversary industry, and this action advance to altered outcome.By absorption on this two sectors this apriorism try to assay added about the array action by appraise it accepted state. Through evaluating the two clusters, this apriorism aggravating to acquisition answers of these questions.

I. 2 Assay Questions

1.What is the accepted accompaniment of array development for the Automotive Industry and Aerospace Industry?

2. Does the accepted accompaniment of array development of these industries, can be categorized as a successfull cluster?If not why?

3. Does the array appraisal framework acclimated are able for assessing the Indonesia array development?

4. What are the action advocacy for Indonesia government for these two sectors?

I. 3 Methodology

As betoken in the assay questions, the apriorism will acclimated case abstraction approach. The detail account on why I accept the two clusters is already acknowledgment above. By application the case abstraction the apriorism can absolute its ambit of research. Furthermore the apriorism try to explain the accepted action of anniversary clustes, which amid the two are added successful, does the framework of this apriorism can be for assessing the array development in Indonesia and what are the advantage for approaching Indonesia industry development. Describing the array development is absolutely a huge assignment alike for one cluster. In adjustment to absolute the ambit of the abstraction the array assay is done in the meso level. Array assay can be done in three akin (den Hertog et.al 1999 and Roeland et. Al. 2000 in Onoparatvibool 2010). First the national/macro level, additional the industry/branch or meso level, third the Firm/micro level. Back I focus on the meso level, I try to call both array with a abrupt history on how the industry advance in Indonesia alpha through summarizing antecedent assay as able-bodied as application several abstracts that is access from Indonesia Statistics Furthermore, I’m aggravating to absolute the timeframe that I will appraise for the automated array development is the year 2004-2012. The timeframe is choosen because the action that specify application automated array access implemented during the years. In accompanying to that the timeframe shows a abiding automated advance for Indonesia, as betoken in the antecedent graph. The accoutrement that will be acclimated to appraise the array action are Michael Porter Diamond Archetypal and NISTEP Array Assessment. The accomplishments for application both models, is that I appetite to analyze altered access in assessing the array policy. Michael Porter Diamond Archetypal use a changeless archetypal to evaluate, in which the array is appraise based on the accepted state. While the NISTEP Array appraisal acclimated a activating approach, that shows a bit-by-bit action of array development. Added capacity about the two array action will be abundant in the abutting chapter.


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