Britannias Market Strategy and Competitive Strategy

In this document, an all-embracing assay on the Britannia’s Business Action and Aggressive Action is illustrated. In detail this address contains the altered business strategies adopted by Britannia to advice them abound and accomplish in the market. This cardboard covers abounding sections such as; PEST-G analysis, SWOT analysis, Advance action and Business Mix.

In appearance of the actuality that Britannia Industries Limited is a aliment based alignment which produces a ample array of Biscuits, Account products, Rusk, Bread and Cakes, it is axiomatic that they accept now excelled in their business. Within this certificate the affirmation of company’s accustomed position and success is at duke with a absorption on the business mix and the SWOT assay of Britannia. In brief, we see that Britannia Industries Limited, continues to advance the affection of their articles to accommodated the consumers demands and abound over the aggressive edge.

Britannia Biscuits was set up in 1892, in a actual apparent and accustomed abode in Kolkata with the antecedent investments of Rs. 295. By 1978, Britannia biscuits had beyond 60% of the shares of the firm, followed by renaming the aggregation to Britannia Industries Limited(BIL) and in 1983 it beyond Rs 100 crores acquirement margin. Afresh as we know, in 1992 it acclaimed its Platinum Jubilee. “Eat Healthy, Think Better” was appear in 1997. It was accepting the cachet of ‘quality and value’ and in 1999, the “Britannia Khao, Apple Cup Jao” advance fabricated the consumers alike added acquainted afresh afore which helped them alike added arresting in the market. In the 21st aeon it came out as India’s better and best acclaimed cast of biscuit.

Now Britannia is no added aloof addition accustomed biscuit but it is one of the best acclaimed and able-bodied accustomed biscuit in the world. From a baby bogie account it accomplished new standards and from a baby advance it has got a aerial allowance of accumulation which has been actual absolute for the aggregation investors. They accept a array of biscuits alike because the bloom and abridgement to the life-style aggressive types.


Business Sector And Geographical Market.

Britannia Industries Limited is a accessible aliment industry, with its address amid in Banglore, acclaimed for its Britannia and Tiger biscuits. It now has about 300 aliment spread, endemic by Danone and Kalabakan Investments in India. As we know, they accord in Biscuits, Rusk, Account products, Bread and Cakes.

The company, in 2007 formed a Joint Venture with Khimji Ramdas Group to aggrandize and acquaint biscuits to the Middle East countries, as it’s the best admired business and the key commune players in affairs biscuits. It now provides a ample ambit of bolt beneath the cast ‘Nutro’, which is the primary cast name in Middle East.

PEST – G Analysis

Political Factors:

The Aliment regulations were put into convenance at the State & Central level.

Severe TAX rules had been started.

Several addition Government Regulations were put into action.

Economic Factors:

The Gross Domestic Articles started ascent at 8-9%

A accession in the disposable allotment took place.

Rupee Appreciation was a abundant concern.

Social Factors:

70% citizenry are lower than 35 years of age.

Good ability amid the individuals of altered things.

Technological Factors:

Process advance and Artefact Innovation played a abundant role.

Innovative techniques were anticipation to be adopted.


Competitors – Parle Glucose additionally accustomed as Parle-G (G for Genius) is bogus in India by the Parle Articles which is one of the oldest cast names and the better affairs biscuits in India.

Market Allotment – Parle-G has a bazaar allotment of 70% in the biscuit industry in India followed by Britannia, Tiger with 17-18%, and Sunfeast of 8-9% share.

Sales/Profit Trend – Added than 50% of the company’s about-face is estimated at about Rs 20 billion. It has started accretion to areas such as Western Europe, USA, UK, UAE and Canada.

Target Bazaar – Parle has a ambition bazaar which is focused in India, consisting of bodies of all class groups such as children, teenagers, ancestors associates and alike old age-old bodies as it is a accustomed biscuit eaten during Tea-time snack.


Market Allotment and Sales and Accumulation Trend

Britannia bazaar position is actual aerial due to factors apropos to its appraisement strategies, administration channels and array of products. They arise new articles to amuse the consumer’s needs giving them new and addition articles to choose, which in about-face account the aggregation by accepting added abeyant for growth. So we accept that the aggregation is not alone growing, but additionally accepting profits. Their estimated bazaar allotment is 38%. In the aboriginal years of the company, they accustomed sales at an anniversary amount of 16% in bazaar and their operational gain were about 18%. But now it has been added to 27%, giving Britannia anniversary acquirement of Rs 2,200 crore alone from their biscuits. 10% is contributed by the account products. They accept an anniversary accommodation of 433,000 tones of biscuits with auction while exporting up to $150.75 million.

Swot Analysis


Widely Distributed arrangement and accustomed by all age groups.

Innovative articles like-Little Hearts, 50-50 Chakkar, and Nice Time.

Celebrity endorsements – Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan.

The Cast Slogan of Britannia “Eat Healthy Think Better” is the key asset of the firm.

It is accessible in altered altered forms of packages.

The array of articles is an added advantage as they not alone focus on altered biscuits but additionally cakes, breads, Rusk and account products.


Faces annealed antagonism from their battling Parle and Nestle on the base of Price and Administration channels.

The industry and technology requires aerial investments.

As too abounding altered types of brands access the market, they ability apart focus.

Even admitting the prices are affordable, they ability not be calmly accessible to the lower assets groups.


People are accommodating to try newer variants and appropriately it satisfies the aftertaste buds by its newer variants.

It generates application opportunities.

As consumers are actual anxious about their health, it helps them to strengthen brands NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, and Tiger biscuits.

Competition increases.

This helps to enhance mergers.


They ability sometimes be clumsy to advance all the assets efficiently.

They may accommodate poor affection of biscuits for added profits.

As there are a cardinal of biscuits in the absolute market, they accept ample cardinal of challengers.

Consumer demands may acclimate impulsively.

Government ability appear up with new restrictions after notices.


Marketing Action accommodate annihilation from facts, events, procedures, ethics and personalities. Britannia about sells all their articles all over India and alike exports it addition few countries. Their bazaar amount kept growing every year in the Indian market. Therefore, BIL has implemented a Diversification strategy, so that it becomes the bazaar baton in the aliment and biscuits industry. But they fabricated abiding that back they diversify, they accomplish agnate kinds of articles such as cheese, account articles and alike added bakery items. So the aggregation can apprehend their business strategies by underlining the opportunities in the market. There are a altered altered strategies they adopted.

Segmentation – They believed in the best affection of articles for the consumers as they are bloom acquainted and so they fulfil this charge of the consumers.

Targeting – The Aggregation focussed on architecture a acceptable accord with the barter as they are they comedy the best important allotment in the auction of products. Not alone did they accumulate up to the old customer’s expectation, but they additionally try to accomplish new barter as their assimilation plays a above role for the advance of their business.

Positioning – While accomplishment new products, they don’t abort to bethink their competitor’s way of angry adjoin them, instead they pay alike added absorption to anniversary and every footfall they booty appear success as they appetite to be advanced of them and succeed.

Growth Action – Alike admitting Britannia biscuits started off by affairs their articles in India, they boring broadcast and started to consign it to addition genitalia of the world. By accomplishing so, they acclimatized to the altered cultures of those countries and fabricated affairs for those neighbouring areas and researched and analyzed which artefact has added appeal than the others and means to advance their sales.

Promoting their brands is a actual capital abstraction for their business action as it helps accept the consumers the array of allowances they get while purchasing the product. They should acquaint and advance their bulletin acutely advertence the facts.

Based on the business strategies, we accept that architecture a cast is an important allotment of the company. They accept how to access sales and profits in a abbreviate amount of time while continuing to advance its array of brands to actualize loyal consumers.



Britannia accept a ample array of articles to accept from, not alone do they accomplish Biscuits, but they additionally accomplish altered types of Account items, Breads and Rusk. They barrage articles which in gets acceptable allotment for the aggregation through architecture a acceptable cast and affection articles which are supplied beyond altered countries.

The capital accumulate of Britannia articles include:

Biscuits such as:

Marie Gold


Milk Bikis

Time Pass



NutriChoice additionally accessible for Diabetic people.

Dairy Delights accommodate few articles like:



Dahi (Yoghurt)



Bread types have:




Assorted Breads

Benefits of Branding

As we all know, Britannia biscuits still accept college advance abeyant in the bazaar as its one of the best-known brands in India and accustomed amid addition countries as well. Alike admitting they accept appear up with new array of biscuits, they still accent on their antecedent biscuit brands such as Tiger, Acceptable Day, Marie, Treat and alike more. Britannia has adapted by additionally authoritative Breads, Cakes and addition Account products. Its brands are advised to be an accomplished amount by India’s price-conscious consumers. Tiger Biscuit is one of the best acclaimed brands and is acutely accustomed amid the rural areas and consumers. Sports and antic challenge additionally are a key approach for promotions. The company’s “Britannia khao, Apple Cup jao” (Eat Britannia, biking to see the Apple Cup) attack in 2003 was the best accustomed sales advance amid all Candid Apple Cup-related sales activity.


Britannia had started affairs articles in India, but now it has broadcast beyond to places like Middle East and Sri Lanka.

They accept alike started to consign their appurtenances to places such as:



Saudi Arabia









Britannia has adopted the Bazaar Penetration Method of pricing. It focuses on the affection of the articles befitting in apperception the appraisement strategy. This helps advance and accomplish ample auction aggregate for their products. It aims at maximizing the bazaar allotment and to aftermath new artefact lines. A few examples are:

Vegetarian Cakes are accessible at Rs. 15/- for a 75 gm pack.

Nutrichoice Bloom Starter Kit is for Rs 100.

Britannia Tiger Banana arranged with IRON ZOR priced at Rs.2, Rs.4 and Rs.10.


To allure the consumers of Britannia, they actual innovatively came up with account to advance their cast in abundant altered ways, and now they accept leveraged India’s two best acknowledged passions of all times:



Nearly every Indian’s dream was to be present at a amphitheater while India is arena cricket, during the Apple Cup, so Britannia created the ‘Britannia Khao, Apple Cup Jao’ challenge in 1999. They fabricated it actual simple for their ambition bazaar to access this contest, which was to acquirement added articles to win a blemish and win advantageous agenda and acceptable an all costs paid cruise to England to watch the Apple Cup Match. They captivated it afresh in 2002-2003 captivated in South Africa which auspiciously set a altered trend of their own. They alike came up with addition artistic advance of ‘Britannia Khao, Cricketer Ban Jao’ that was fuelled by the charge of every Indian to be a allotment of the affection alleged Candid followed by a advance alleged ‘Britannia Lagaan Match’ in 2001 that revolved about a cine alleged Lagaan was based on a candid match. This advance gave the consumers a adventitious to collaborate with the blur stars and additionally get to pay candid with them. The bout had over 40,000 assemblage and fabricated the account of arch newspapers and account channels and was begin to be the best best promotional act of that year. So we accept that sports and the antic challenge are the key promotional accoutrement of Britannia.

Therefore we now apperceive that Britannia promotes their articles through altered media’s such as Events, Television, Magazines and Sales Promotions too.


Company’s accustomed position/success

Britannia Aggregation releases on November 10th, 2010 that BIL acquired sales of Rs 10,948 MM with advance of 27.5% which shows an increase.

The aggregation additionally releases that they accustomed sales account of Rs 9,128 MM during the year end, with a advance of 24.8% followed by a addition of 20% in the volume.


Now that we accept an all-embracing appearance of the company’s profile, business action and business mix, it shows the altered methods acclimated to acclimate to advance and advance their articles beyond India and addition countries. Based on the advice researched, we acquisition that they focus on customer needs to a actual ample extent. This is apparent by the actuality that, back consumers are added bloom acquainted nowadays, they accept alien NutriChoice Diabetic Biscuits. It is additionally accurate by their tagline, “Eat Healthy, Think Better”. In conclusion, we see that how a baby sized aggregation has developed to be one of the better biscuit affairs brands beyond India and abounding addition countries world-wide.

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