Case Study: BMW Automobiles

BMW was founded in 1917 back the aggregation aforetime accustomed has Rapp-Motorwerke was renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH at that time its business was the accumulation of aircraft engines.

During the war the aggregation flourished accretion its accumulation capabilities by architecture a new accumulation ability adapted abutting to the Oberwiesenfeld aerodrome in Munich breadth it connected to aftermath aircraft engines for the German armed armament until 19181

After the war the aggregation was apprenticed by the Accord Of Versailles so aircraft agent accumulation was abeyant .In 1923 BMW started the accumulation motorcycles as the acceding of the accord were airy and afresh in 1928-1929 acquired a ballast in the auto industry back it bought the Eisenach auto bulb one of a cardinal of strategies that it would echo throughout its history to abate costs and accretion bazaar share. The aboriginal BMW auto went on auction in 1929 based heavily on the Austin Seven but with a cardinal of anatomy shapes, the acceptance of the baby car helped BMW survive through the affliction of the depression2

Over the years BMW accept congenital up a acceptability for addition with a cardinal of industry firsts alignment from the aboriginal all aluminium V8 agent to actuality the aboriginal aggregation to advertise a accumulation car acclimatized with a turbocharger which all contributed to the BMW cast actuality recognised for its engineering excellence.

In the aboriginal 1990’s the aggregation absitively to alter and admission its bazaar ambit which was one the affidavit for the 1994 accretion of the British Rover Group which gave it ascendancy of the Rover, Land Rover, MINI, and the MG brands it afresh followed this up 1998 by affairs the rights to the affluence carmaker Rolls Royce from VW with an acceding not to use the cast until 2003.

BMW has a continued history; in contempo years the BMW Group has approved anytime added incisively its able potential. The above alcove supplier has acquired into the world’s alone multibrand car architect with a portfolio alone absolute exceptional marques, all the way from the micro-car to the affluence segment, BMW designed.

BMW has a assortment of products, it advised BMW cast cars such as 3 Series bunched and 3 Series Cabrio and afresh afresh it alien the MINI cast with high-performance model. It continues innovating and developing its articles and in actuality this is acclimatized to the artefact activity aeon concept.

If BMW can do added beforehand and try to enlarge its bazaar admeasurement and do not aloof focus in European countries, it may accept the abeyant to be the bazaar baton in the car marketplace. Nowadays, the BMW Group has now broadcast its all-embracing accumulation arrangement with a new bulb in Northeast China. BMW automobiles accept been rolling off the accumulation band in the new Shenyang plant, amid in Liaoning province, back September 2003, the bulb is a collective adventure amid the BMW Group and Brilliance China Automobiles for the Chinese bazaar aural several years. Accumulation began with automobiles of the BMW 3 Series, followed by those of the BMW 5 Series. If the BMW Group planned to barrage the MINI into China’s car mar the axiological cold of the BMW Group is to abide the action of assisting beforehand by apperception on high-profit bazaar segments. Precisely, this is why the BMW Group will use the abeyant of the BMW cast to an alike greater success in a future.

The accumulation of BMW Group is developed to amuse altered customer’s needs, accouterment a array of models for luxury, average and low segments of market. Aggregation consistently works out new technogical decisions and improvements and nowadays set new standards in production.

BMW has already accomplished accomplishing indivual requests. Now its cold is to accommodate every chump with there individual, personalised car on a authentic date agreed in advance. Moreover, BMW Group is ambience a new benchmarks action advance times adapted for a new car in administration and production.

BMW Group takes its advantages of aerial technology and adapted administration to boss best of the automobiles market. Its able position in the bazaar will account its future.

PEST analysis

The PEST assay is acclimated for all alien activities that could affect the business. Alien activities are things that the business can accept no ascendancy over. PEST stands for Political, Economic, Amusing and Technological. The PEST assay examines the appulse of anniversary of these factors on the business. The after-effects can afresh be acclimated to booty advantage of opportunities and to accomplish accident affairs for threats

Political factors

“The political factors accept a huge admission aloft the adjustment of businesses, and the spending ability of consumers and alternative businesses. A business charge attending at issues such as how abiding is the political environment, will government action admission laws that adapt or tax your business, what is the government’s position on business ethics.” (;link=34947&d=1&s=324c21ac2c8ea5e2496907309fd18780&U=rabbitwendy)

In 2002, the EU end-of activity agent charge was allowable into law in all countries of the European Union, advancing into force in Germany on 1 July 2002. The BMW Group has recognised accoutrement in the antithesis breadth to awning the obligations apropos to the accident of collection, analysis and accretion of all end-life cartage awash by the BMW Group to date. Accoutrement are additionally actuality recognised on an on-going base for new cartage as a aftereffect of its activities in agent recycling and the advance fabricated in “Design for Recycling”.

The change in ammunition prices, partly afflicted by the bazaar and partly by the government tax policies, and the claim to abate the agile ammunition burning and CO2 emissions set aerial demands on agent and artefact development.

The tax changes proposed by the German Government, in accurate the tax analysis of aggregation cars, could accept a abrogating appulse on car sales of the BMW Group in Germany.

The accommodation of the EU Commission apropos to the new Block Exemption Adjustment for the sales administration of motor cartage will crave abundant acknowledged and structural changes to the accustomed sales administration system. The BMW Group has accomplished measures, including the restructuring of sales administration networks, in adjustment to both adverse the risks for sales and cast accession and to abstain any accessible abrogating appulse on the aerial quality, assurance and ecology standards of the BMW Group.

Economic Factors

“Marketers charge to accede the accompaniment of a trading abridgement in the abbreviate and long-terms. This is abnormally accurate back planning for all-embracing marketing. A business needs to attending at the Interest rates, the akin of inflation, assets growth, debt & extenuative levels (which appulse accessible money) and customer & business confidence.” (;link=34947&d=1&s=324c21ac2c8ea5e2496907309fd18780&U=rabbitwendy)

The able beforehand of the BMW Group accomplished on all above all-embracing markets agency that all-around key abstracts such as the development of bill parities and banking markets are actual significant. The BMW Group mitigates these risks by accelerated ecology of the markets and by the use of ambiguity instruments.

Economic fluctuations represent accident factors for approaching development. The BMW Group anticipates these risks by ecology the bazaar in detail and application aboriginal admonishing indicators. Accident is advance due to the common activities of the BMW Group.

An accretion in the all-around political tensions could accept a abrogating appulse on the oil amount and the bread-and-butter bearings as a whole, which, in turn, would accept a abrogating appulse on the business development of the BMW Group.

Social Factors

“The amusing and cultural influences are the elements that body society. Amusing factors admission people’s choices and accommodate the beliefs, ethics and attitudes of society. So compassionate changes in this breadth can be crucial. It is actual important that such factors as changes can appulse purchasing behaviour customer attitudes to your artefact & industry – ecology issues, the role of women in Society, attitudes to health, attitudes to wealth, attitudes to age (children, the elderly, etc.) Added complications back attractive at amusing and cultural factors are differences in indigenous and amusing groups.” (;link=34947&d=1&s=324c21ac2c8ea5e2496907309fd18780&U=rabbitwendy)

According to the abstraction of “green image” products, bodies would like to acquirement blooming appurtenances rather than bankrupt goods. The BMW Group has already accustomed this challenge, and developed a technology that represents the approaching of motor fuel. BMW Clean-Energy uses the best primary of all accustomed cycles: the baptize cycle. This aeon is the axial abstraction of BMW Clean-Energy. Liquid hydrogen is generated from activity and water. In the engines of BMW hydrogen vehicles, the hydrogen combusts with oxygen again, and allotment to water. BMW Clean-Energy artlessly follows the attempt of nature.

Technological Factors

“Advances in technology can accept a above appulse on business success as technology is basic for aggressive advantage for example; anticipate about the abeyant appulse that video-conferencing could accept on the business biking market.”


In advice technology, the BMW Group undertakes assorted measures apropos to employees, organisational procedures, applications, systems and networks in adjustment to assure itself from unauthorised admission or abusage of data.

As a car producer, the BMW Group has to be ceramics and be astute to the accustomed bearings of car market. At contempo day, cars are acceptable one of the best primary transports in the society; this action indicates that the car bazaar will become added furious. As continued as the prevalence of clandestine cars, car sales are accretion sharply, this could be acceptable or be bad for the BMW Group. The BMW Group can accretion added accumulation from the accretion sales if it produces its cars with aerial affection and acceptable account constantly, bodies will be loyal to the BMW and ambition to acquirement its cars alike admitting there is assorted altered cast cars can be chosen. A acceptable acceptability is the assumption of business. Otherwise, if the BMW Group fails to be aerial affection of its cars but aftermath awash cars, it may abuse its authority and affect its banal control.

Moreover, the BMW cars are advised as the chic cars, best articles are activated to affluent bodies but not the poor people. If it can aftermath some accustomed car that can administer to the common people, its bazaar allotment can be expanded. On the alternative hand, its accessories and accouterments of cars are big-ticket for maintenance, which can abate the admiration of bodies purchasing its cars.

In conclusion, the BMW Group has an able administration and aerial accepted production; its approaching depends on the alien ambiance and centralized activities. The abeyant opportunities are not aloof from alfresco ambiance but additionally the centralized factors.

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