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Chapter Iv Shivaji The Great Guerrilla History Essay

32. Shivaji practised added than three hundred years ago the credo of guerrilla warfare which guerrilla leaders accept theorised today. It is adverse that no Indian columnist anytime developed the cold and analytic appearance of autograph history. If abandoned Shivaji had a Sun Tzu or a Kautilya in his cloister or a chronicler like Edgar Snow or Payne to leave abaft an annual of how he planned his approach and action in the hours of crisis and the words of acumen he accurate in his directives to his commanders, we would accept accumulated such a huge accumulation of abstract on guerrilla warfare.

Early Life

33. Shivaji belonged to the Bhosle association of Marathas which claimed bank from the Sisodia ranas of Udaipur [9] . His father, Shahji was the aboriginal Maratha arch to baffle the Mughal authorities, abstention and ambiguous their acclaimed generals. Shahji became a active archetype to his son, Shivaji, teaching him how the anemic could abrasion out the strong.

34. Shivaji was built-in in the acropolis of Shivneri abreast Pune in 1627 AD. [10] It was a agitated aeon of absinthian challenge amid the Mughals and Shahji, who was being


pursued by his own ancestor in law , Lukhoji Jadhav. During this aeon , Shahji was in account of the Adilshah. [11] Shivaji backward in Bijpur for a abbreviate aeon of time. He affronted the cloister by declining to beam the cloister amenities and fabricated a slight angle instead of accedence to the ground. [12] His ancestor and mother, Jijabai brash him on affairs of account to elders and virtues of accordance and cooperation.

Preparation to Accommodated his Destiny

35. Due to years of adversity aback her marriage, Jijabai had developed able appearance and a spirit of brave adventuresomeness and defiance, which she was bent to brainwash into her son. She had abundant moral and airy access on him. If his ancestor could baffle the ability of the mughals for years, why could not Shivaji abide and complete his work? While Jijabai moulded Shivaji to be a ascetic authoritarian and far sighted, administration of academic apprenticeship was entrusted to Dadoji Kondev. [13] 

36. Dadoji Kondev was the ambassador of Shahji’s Pune jagir. In 1642, he brought Jijabai and Shivaji from Karnataka to Pune and congenital Lal mahal for them to reside. He was a actuality of amazing candor and adherence to his masters. But the greatest access on Shivaji was of the direct attributes and adorableness of the mountains. He surveyed all aloof regions, belief routes of communication, bypaths and advance and valleys. He accustomed that this area was best to adios the foreigners. While seeing his own countryside, he came in acquaintance with his countrymen and developed connected abiding friendships. [14] 


37. The account of Shivaji’s basal for accomplishing swaraj accomplished the Bijapur court. All of abrupt , Shahji was declared as a insubordinate by the Bijapur sultan. In 1645, at the age of sixteen, Shivaji took an adjuration to chargeless his countrymen and establishing Hindavi Swaraj. By again he had calm a thousand mawlas beneath him. Outwardly he connected to acknowledge abounding adherence to the Bijapur absolutist and apprenticed that his own activities were advised to put bottomward anarchy and ataxia in the arresting regions.

Fort Based Tactics

38. Shivaji developed acropolis based and acropolis axial tactics. His aim was to abduction as abounding forts possible, that too afterwards a fight. Best of the hills and mountains were abandoned by the Muslim rulers and they bootless to accomplishment the area . Shivaji active Torna, twenty afar south west of Pune. Torna fell in Shivaji’s easily with alignment and guile and afterwards a bead of claret in 1646. Till 1648, Shivaji captured abundant forts of cardinal accent ie Kondana (later Sinhgarh), Raigad, Vishalgad, Purandar etc. By the end of 1648, Shivaji acquired ability over the parganas of Pune , Mawal and Supa. The numbers of his followers swelled in rank as canicule anesthetized by.

Clashes with Bijapur

39. Shivaji’s aboriginal accessible affray with the Bijapur absolutist was in 1648, aback he active Kondana fort. Till again he had abhorred accessible action with the sultan, alive absolutely able-bodied that he did not angle any adventitious in accessible combat. The absolutist despatched Fateh Khan, a able-bodied accustomed accepted to advise Shivaji a lesson. Shivaji’s


meagre force of 5000 absolutely baffled Fateh Khan’s armament by raiding parties organised by Shivaji and his mawalas. Fateh Khan alternate to Bijapur. Thus a ballyhoo draft was delivered on the sultan. [15] 

40. In 1648, Shahji was arrested on apocryphal accuse of conspiring with the Absolutist of Golkonda. He was paraded as a bald bent in the streets of Bijapur. He was afterwards reinstated in 1653, but was never accustomed to leave Karnataka. Shahji’s basal abode arrest in Karnataka put restrictions on Shivaji’s activities. Shahji’s letter to Shivaji advising him to accord up Kondana, put Shivaji in a bind . Shivaji now, best cautiously displayed abject attitude appear the Mughal Emperor, invoking his patronage.


41. Shivaji was a pragmatist, belief of war had no abode in his philosophy; he was angry a war of liberation for his country and he was agog on accepting his ends afterwards aggravation about chastity of the means. But there were some basal precepts of animal behaviour which did not advertise alike while ambidextrous with the enemy. In his expansion, he anon captured Barmati, Indapur, Tikona, Lohgad, Rajmachi, Supa, Javli and Purandar. Javli was afterwards renamed, Raigad in 1674.

42. Slowly but absolutely , Shivaji was accretion his commonwealth appropriate beneath the alert eye of the Bijapur sultan. Advocacy of the mughal emperor paid acceptable dividends. Shivaji had to arrest his wife’s brother for not accommodating in the abandon attempt on his side. Following the credo of guerrilla warfare, Shivaji did not relax and busied


himself in connected activity. The application arena of his mawla troops added rapidly. Two afar west of Javli, he complete acropolis Pratapgad, which ascendancy eight passes bridge the ranges into Konkan from Mahabaleshwar and Wai. Shivaji now eyed the abundant fields of Konkan. Aback in 1656, Mohd Adilshah of Bijapur died, Shivaji’s activities added considerably.

Confrontation with the Mughals

43. In November 1656, Aurangzeb acquired permission from Shah Jahan to access Bijapur. Mir Jumla and Shahistakhan abutting him on this adventure. Shivaji adjourned that demography on the Mughals abandoned was impossible, accordingly he raided Dabhol in Bijapur area and captured it. He pleaded with Aurangzeb, that he be accustomed to absorb his boodle of the Bijapur territory. Aurngazeb , blessed that Shivaji was on his side, acceptable that. Aurangzeb was bloodthirsty Bijapur and was capturing area afterwards territory. Shivaji knew that with the Bijapur absolutist gone, Aurangzeb would about-face adjoin him. He accordingly launched several raids in the mughal absolute areas. Shivaji captured Junnar in Mughal area and marched adjoin Ahmednagar and acquired a lot in agreement of horses and money. The account of Shivaji’s raids affronted Aurangzeb and ordered revenge.

44. Shivaji’s backing in Pune and Chakan were absolutely ruined. Fortunately, Shah Jahan fell ill and Aurangzeb rushed aback to Delhi to participate in the war for succession. While he was away, he beatific a bulletin to Adil Shah to belch Shivaji. With astuteness, Shivaji too beatific ambassadors to Aurangzeb and accustomed his


overlordship and accepted that Kokan be accustomed to him as a jagir. Aurangzeb accepted the jagir of Konkan to Shivaji. He circumscribed his assets in Konkan by architecture sea forts and adopting a fleet beneath Kanhoji Angre. In the Konkan, he got into action with the Siddis, [16] English and the Portuguese over the ascendancy of the sea ports. He assuredly defeated the Siddis and artificial a accord with the English and the Portuguese.

Challenge to Bijapur

45. By the end of 1657, Shivaji’s baby Maratha commonwealth was organised on solid foundations. He had 10,000 mawal infantry and 10,000 horsed cavalry. He additionally had a abundant navy. In 1656 , Adilshah died and there was a nineteen year old boy on the throne. To abuse Shivaji, it was absitively to despatch Afzal Khan, a accustomed of aerial blemish who had valiantly fought the mughals recently. By Sep 1659, he marched adjoin Shivaji with 10,000 army and bottom detachments of abundance accoutrements and rockets agitated on biscuit backs. He approved to win over the Deshmukhs to his side, but to no avail. They remained loyal to Shivaji. He acquired boodle enroute to Wai and besmirched abounding temples. A affair was abiding amid Shivaji and Afzal Khan on 10 Nov 1659. As Shivaji angled to Afzal Khan, he accepted Shivaji in a afterlife grip. Shivaji accepting beat anatomy armour, was not affected. Shivaji tore accessible Khan’s belly as he advance his artful abysmal central him. [17] 


Battle of Pratapgarh

46. Shivaji hastened aback to Pratapgad and a cannon was accursed to arresting the infantry which was positioned at analytical passes to cut off the beat Khan army . In the battle, Khan’s army absent over 3,000 men. Immense anatomy fell in the easily of the Marathas – 4,000 horses,1,200 band , 65 elephants and lots of banknote and jewellery.

47. The action of Pratapgad is an accomplished to authenticate how a guerrilla ambassador is initially accountable to action a arresting battle. The enemy’s ahead in accoutrements and numbers had to blunted afore converting the arresting approach into offensive. Shivaji doubtable betrayal and was accessible to accommodated the Khan. Shivaji absorbed Afzal Khan into the autogenous of the arresting arena and annihilated his forces. This able-bodied accomplished operation was the final attach in the Bijapur coffin. [18] 

Second Front by the Mughals

48. Shivaji challenged the mughal ascendancy by raiding Junnar and Ahmednagar and burdensome taxes from them. The mughal emperor beatific Shahitskhan to advise him a lesson. Shahistakhan was baffled aback with his fingers cut. [19] Then Aurangzeb beatific Mirza Raje Jaisingh adjoin Shivaji. [20] Jai Singh was a abundant soldier, he casting his net far and advanced and arrive the Siddis , Adilshah and the English to accompany him adjoin Shivaji. Due to the amateur alliance, Shivaji had to access into a accord with Jai Singh i.e. Accord of Purandar. According to the treaty, Shivaji was to abandonment 23 forts of the 35 captivated by him and his son Sambhaji was to advance to Delhi as a courtier in Aurangazeb’s court. [21] Shivaji agreed and himself proceeded to Agra to accommodated the


mughal emperor. He was kept beneath abode arrest, from area he escaped. This acquired a above embarrassment to Aurangzeb. Shivaji came aback to Deccan and reconquered all the absent forts.

Shivaji – a Top Guerrilla Leader

49. Shivaji believed in the credo of guerrilla warfare. He was a avid clairvoyant and an agog addict of Kautilya’s “Kut Niti”. He learnt the accent of area in guerrilla war in his aboriginal years and never confronted the adversary in accessible combat. Few of his Guerrilla approach can be summarised as below:-

(a) Use area to own advantage. Shivaji as a boy travelled all over the Mawal arena and begin the area was acceptable for afraid Adilshah and the Mughals. The western ghats from Junnar in the arctic to Mahabaleshwar in the south accept been cut by attributes into valleys and anniversary basin is fed by a abstracted river .These valleys are alleged mawals. Aerial hills belfry over these valleys area forts were constructed.

(b) Be affectionate to people. Shivaji knew that his greatest backbone was the bodies of his land. He won over the adherence of his bodies by actuality one of them. He additionally won over his opponents by his artlessness and acceptable conduct.

(c) Intelligence is the aspect of all operations. Shivaji actual aboriginal realised the accent of intelligence . He had a abounding fledged administration of


spies who provided basic advice of political, aggressive and amusing nature. He had a able-bodied bashed arrangement of army and runners to advertise advice at the earliest.

(d) Treat women folk with respect. Shivaji was abnormally acrid on his soldiers who didn’t account women. He advised the women folk of Surat [22] with account , aback he raided the city. He accepted the aforementioned from his men. Any apostrophe in this aspect was met with acrid punishment.

(e) Religious tolerance. Shivaji was a adherent Hindu, but was far from fanaticism. He was awful advanced and admiring of alternative religions. He was never actuated by a activity of abhorrence appear the Muslims as a bodies or the adoration itself. The bodies of his commonwealth had complete religious abandon His arch argosy commanders were Muslims.

(f) Acropolis based tactics. Shivaji developed and devised a techinique of defence and answerability through a hundreds of forts as a all-important accessory of guerrilla methods adopted by him. There are three curve of audible forts in Maharashtra which can be recognised alike in present day. The capital forts are on the top of the Sahayadri range; again there are two capital curve of them, one on the eastern and alternative on the western spurs of the abundance ranges. In addition, some sea forts were complete by Shivaji on aloof rocks abreast the sea bank as a adverse to adopted amphibian powers. Sindhudurg, Vijaydurg, Kolaba and Suvarnadurg are some of his above sea forts.


(g) Strict discipline. Shivaji maintined a aerial accepted of conduct in his army. Whatever anatomy was acquired by the army during the campaigns had to be deposited in the treasury. Khafi Khan, a analyzer of Shivaji writes,” He fabricated it a rule, that whenever his followers went plundering, they should do no abuse to mosques, Book of God or women of any one. Whenever a archetype of Quran fell into his hands, he advised it with account and gave it to some of his Muslim followers.” [23] 

(h) Guile. Shivaji was a adept apperception in backbiting his enemies. Afzal Khan fell into his allurement and paid with his life. At the annoy of Panhala, Siddi Jauhar was lulled into cessation by a affiance of surrendering the fort. [24] Bahadur Khan was befooled by him as he was assertive of a acquiescence of a address gluttonous negotiations and absolution by the emperor

(j) Speed, Abruptness and Audacity. Shivaji was a man of agitating acceleration and mobility, which helped him to accretion surprise. Nobody could apperceive area he would be the abutting day. He was consistently on the move, alienated assurance with the bigger able and numerically above enemy. He followed the assumption of abruptness to annoy the enemy, aback he was not able to accommodated him. Shivaji was adventurous and assured and led his men alone on abroad and perilous campaigns.



50. Shivaji was a benevolent ruler, a advanced and a effective administrator. If out of annihilation he could carve out an absolute commonwealth adjoin appalling enemies, it was because of his committed bluntness of purpose, brave courage, assiduous following of a aerial cold , aggressive anticipation and adroit address . It is adverse that, he was consistently at a accompaniment of war and died in the prime of his glory. Ramdas alleged him ‘Sarvadnya’ – aristocrat of all sciences.

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