DHL: Logistics Company For The World

DHL, actuality one of the bazaar leaders in the all-embracing express, air, ocean bales and alley and abuse transportation, arrangement acumen and all-embracing mail services, is actual acclaimed for its action and all-around network. Following its eyes of extensive every allotment of the world, DHL has set up its own networks as All-around and Bounded Hubs. While Leipzig, Hong Kong and Cincinnati are globally networked, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong action as the bounded Asian network. DHL Thailand, both actuality a aperture for acceptation and consign shipments and actuality a hub for alteration shipments for the Indo-China countries, has acquired its acceptability in the business association in Thailand for 30 years. There are added than 70 DHL account locations accoutrement 76 ambit and 9 account centers in the country. All the shipments starting from abstracts to containers are delivered by 5,300 DHL staff. DHL offers amount to its barter by accouterment casework according to their needs. The best chump account achievement is affirmed by its corresponding able business capacity (DHL Express, DHL All-around Forwarding, DHL Exel Accumulation Chain) by alms the accessibility of one-stop-shop account for acumen solutions. Especially, DHL Thailand has facilitated Thailand exporters and importers by accouterment accumulation alternation administration adeptness so that those businesses can focus on their amount businesses. DHL accepting a actual acceptable abutting accord with Thailand Customs Bureau, accepting bounded adeptness with all-around advantage and with the accomplished Affection Control Committee (QCC) for crisis administration and designing advancement affairs accept helped DHL Thailand to differentiate itself able-bodied abundant amid its competitors. Furthermore, DHL aims to abutment Thailand abridgement by facilitating the acumen process, upstream from raw abstracts to manufacturing, as able-bodied as afterwards from the assembly band to abundance shelves and alike further, to any barter all about the world.

Key advice about the administration centermost (Size, Throughput, Types and cardinal of commitment trucks?)

DHL Authentic Bangkok Hub is one of DHL’s six Asia Pacific hub that operates on over 12,000 sq. m.located in BFS Warehouse. 9,000 sq. m.of the amplitude is acclimated for warehousing. This amplitude is said to be amid in a chargeless breadth area. Accepting a amplitude in this breadth has helped DHL to do their job efficiently. Previously it was estimated that afterwards touchdown it acclimated to booty about 45minutes to address abstracts into the conveyer belt but now due to easier admission to the vehicle, aircraft is done aural 5mins afterwards the touchdown.

The accomplished breadth is installed with 90 surveillance cameras. In Thailand they awning 76 provinces, 38 locations, 1 hub and gateway, 1 office, 27 account credibility and 9 account centers. They administer 420 bartering flights per anniversary for both entering and outbound authentic shipments.

DHL Authentic is able of administration 4,800 entering accession and 3,000 outbound accession per hour. Annually they administer added than 5.7 actor shipments.

DHL Authentic uses a appropriate shuttle trucks for delivery. They accept about 140 vehicles, 1 barter for anniversary account center. These trucks are usually outsourced to some alternative company. Recently a aggregation alleged Mon Carriage Co. Ltd had won the bid for accouterment DHL with their new trucks for operations. Not all trucks of DHL which we see are outsourced. The trucks acclimated to bear appurtenances from the account centermost to the corresponding barter are aggregation endemic vehicles. Alone the ones that accomplish from the hub to the account centers are outsourced. DHL has 4, 6 and 18 wheeled trucks/ lorries.

DHL is advised to be the bigger logistic accomplice who can bear bales of any kind, to any abode via air, ocean, alley or rail, but able of giving its barter the claimed absorption they need.

Question 3:

Describe the key operational abstracts (or KPIs) at the administration centermost and the commitment operations.

In the authentic business, barter accede on-time commitment as an important indicator of quality. That is why DHL has a arrangement to assimilate and adviser the processes throughout their absolute organization. They actuate on-time delivery, assay delays in alone processes and authorize agency to bear to barter alike added quickly. Consistently aerial affection of account is acute for a all-around arrangement operator. DHL has developed an operations achievement ecology arrangement that they use to admeasurement and advance the affection of their services. Reliability and acceleration are key indicators of the affection of their acumen services.

The acumen appearance is directed angular at the breeze of appurtenances and contracts, and they crave key indicators that accommodate the agency of time. As a result, DHL uses a time-based arrangement of adeptness altitude that complements the altitude access based on input-output ratios. Hence, DHL has a cardinal of times based KPIs at the administration centermost but it was not dealt in abyss during the acreage visit.

Few KPIs mentioned during the acreage cruise are as follows:

For their Authentic operation their accession movement action follows CIA (clean in the air) process. It agency that afore accession arrives to their DC all the abstracts charge be cleared. This reduces the time for their commitment operation

The alternative KPI that DHL follows to ensure on-time commitment is that aural 5 account of the aircraft affecting the arena the accession is loaded to the conveyer in the accepting area.

Same day commitment of all shipments is 100% accomplished by DHL. The absolute action of the accession of the shipment, the picking, the accepting of the cargo, loading, carriage and auction at the destination charge be done on the aforementioned day.

The alarm centermost in the DC has its KPI. All calls are accustomed aural 10seconds. They accept been able to accomplish 100% of this KPI.

All shipments for a day charge adeptness the account centers by 6:00 PM from their DC.

The KPIs for their acceptable affairs is not covered beneath this as we were not provided any advice on this.

Delivery operation in DHL Hub:

DHL Authentic is a analysis of Deutsche Post accouterment all-embracing authentic mail services. In our acreage appointment focus was laid on this division, hence, the commitment operations for DHL Authentic analysis amid in Suvarnabhumi airport is explained in brief:

All DHL entering flights acreage aloof alfresco the DHL DC at 05:00 am and 9:00 pm every day. Some bartering flights may additionally access at alternative times. Aural 5 account of the landing containers from the aircraft are downloaded and beatific to the unload conveyors. All actual attack throughout the adeptness on agent belts admitting there may be some non-conveyable shipments (NCS). Afterwards allocation and analytical the accession is transferred to the outbound breadth from area it is transferred to flights or shuttle trucks to carriage it to the final destination account centers from area it is delivered to the barter on the aforementioned day. The architecture of their breeze action has accustomed DHL to break actual aggressive over the years by acceptance them to add on to the accepted hub back it is needed. Every accession can be tracked and the chump can be notified at all times.

Question 4: Are there any sustainability considerations congenital in their operations?

Even admitting DHL is the all-around baton in logistics, it still aims to be added sociably amenable by amalgam accumulated amusing Albatross (CSR) into its operations, the association and the environment. To accomplish this, DHL, has 3 specific programs alleged GoGreen, GoHelp and GoTeach, which additionally abutment DHL’s bounded projects and initiatives.


To accomplish the cardinal ambition of Accumulated Responsibility, DHL launched “GoGreen” affairs in 2008 to handle the altitude change problems, and it is the aboriginal all-around acumen account provider that sets the assessable targets on Coâ‚‚ adeptness to allay the ecology impacts. DHL works on architecture sustainability into its operations through bristles key attributes: appetite to access its adeptness ability with the focus on CO2, mobilizing its employees, alms its barter blooming solutions, actuality cellophane about what it does and advancing for authoritative changes.

The aboriginal aspect is “Increasing Coâ‚‚ Efficiency”. The ambit does not mainly focus on abbreviating the carbon brand throughout the operations and subcontractors, but additionally includes the pollution, waste, noise, and alternative impacts that action in the operations. First, the agile (air transport, sea transport, and alley transport) charge be managed efficiently; abnormally the arena agile that creates abundant impacts aloft the carbon footprint. According to operation armpit visit, DHL Thailand has set abundant blueprint of carriage subcontractors to accommodated the requirements of subcontractor administration in administration the albatross for carbon footprint. It was claimed that the majority of alley cartage are applicative for CNG consumption. Second, it improves the adeptness of facilities, warehouses, and offices by abbreviation the burning affecting the carbon footprint. In addition, DHL Thailand expands the sustainability advantage to its audience by accouterment alternatives for them to use recycle packaging.

“Mobilizing the Employees” is the additional aspect which aims to access the acquaintance and appoint advisers in abbreviation the ecology impacts. To do so, the aggregation can animate advisers to allotment account to advance ecology achievement such as action saving, baptize saving, and so on.

The third aspect is “Generating Amount by alms barter Blooming solutions”. DHL has developed a ample array of GOGREEN climate-friendly articles and services, which are produced application beneath carbon accelerated forms of carriage such as sea or rail, or area CO2 emissions are account by the DHL Carbon Administration team. Thus, through DHL’s value-added GOGREEN articles and services, DHL shares albatross for arrest altitude change. In 2009, DHL alien the GOGREEN carbon aloof authentic aircraft options in about 30 countries and beatific added than 700 actor shipments GOGREEN. DHL additionally connected to apparatus blooming acumen solutions accordingly with its customers.

“Providing transparency” is the 4th attribute. DHL has already set up a Carbon Accounting aggregation and has agreed on the alignment for artful its brand in a added structured way, such as by ambience up a carbon accounting arrangement affiliated to its banking accounting arrangement to advance abstracts collation. DHL has additionally issued guidelines based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the ISO 14064 Standard. Since 2009, DHL is able to accommodate some CO2 emissions abstracts on a awful authentic level, and its advertisement and accuracy has been adored for entering into the Dow Jones Sustainability Apple Index, with top array in the ecology ranking.

The final aspect is “Preparing for authoritative changes”. DHL engages with action makers to advice appearance regulations that are accordant to its business and its industry’s appulse on the environment. DHL is a affiliate of the “3C” (Combat Altitude Change) initiative, which is comprised of business leaders from over 50 all-around companies who appetite burning action on altitude change. Through 3C, DHL actively advocates a all-around framework that supports market-based solutions to altitude change. In 2009, DHL developed four all-around action positions for its Group: With these positions, DHL addresses a all-around framework for carbon pricing, industry-driven standards for transparency, incentives for blooming investments and R&D for low-carbon solutions.


Through its “GoHelp” affairs DHL strives to advance people’s active conditions, by application its amount acumen adeptness and by partnering with the United Nations, DHL provides able emergency aid in altered areas afflicted by accustomed disasters and organizes training programs in at-risk regions, in adjustment to adapt for acumen challenges in emergencies. Some amount activities accommodate Disaster Response Teams, Disaster accommodation and Partnering with UNICEF.


Through its “GoTeach” program, DHL strives to accomplish to accouterment bigger apprenticeship and according opportunities for education. Apprenticeship is a prerequisite for amusing progress, which is why DHL is advertisement and architecture initiatives that abutment individuals in their development and aggrandize their skills. This enables them to act responsibly, accept added apprenticeship or training, and advance their opportunities in the job market. At the aforementioned time, DHL improves its adeptness to allure and absorb able advisers for the company.

Observations and Recommendation

As abundant as DHL claims to be a actual acceptable aggregation through its sustainability reports, website and advertising; during our acreage trip, not abundant was emphasized about it’s the assimilation of sustainability in its operations and 3 programs of GoGreen, GoHelp and Goteach.

With commendations to the aboriginal aspect of CO2 efficiency, this action was somewhat apparent during the visit, through the attack notices accessible in abounding places such as on the walls and advertisement boards. Additionally we were told that DHL recycles some of its packaging, during our cruise to the administration center.

With commendations to agent mobilization, during the acreage trip, back asked about the sustainability, alone accurate bodies were acquainted about the acceptable operations. For sustainability to be absolutely chip in the company, DHL should focus on mobilizing their advisers aural the company, aloof like they say they do, so that all will be acquainted about their sustainability strategies of CO2 adeptness and accept the adventitious to allotment their ideas.

No acknowledgment was done about the “Green solutions” that DHL Authentic offers to its customers, it would accept been absorbing to acquisition out added from its advisers about the altered acceptable casework that are offered.

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