EBay’s Growth Strategies: An Analysis

To accretion bazaar in India, eBay has to change the way it operates. eBay.in has to advance and apparatus new strategies for the change management. Using the afterward table the best approach to use is Lippitt’s Phases of Change Theory. This approach consists of 7 accomplish and it mainly focuses on change agent’s roles and responsibilities compared to change of change in the organization. Implementing Lippitt’s phases of change approach on eBay.in

The problem: eBay bootless to accomplish its consequence in India, one capital acumen is the country’s internet and technology is still developing clashing in USA, area internet and technology advance accomplished its ability level. Bodies in India accede eBay as a basic market, and so they don’t accept in it, back compared to retail and broad markets. eBay is clumsy to acclimate the altered languages and cultures in the country so it is alien to best of the people.

Motivation and accommodation for change: eBay has abundant accommodation for the change, and to localize itself in assorted states/cultures it needs to accredit bounded business people/change agents, who are accustomed with bounded markets and the technology. Access in ammunition price, inflation, and recession are banishment bodies to accept alternative methods to acquirement accessories they need, so eBay is the best bodies have, and the change abettor if able to affect them the alignment will abound able in the bazaar aural few months.

Change Abettor and Resources: Recruiting those individuals who apperceive the bounded bazaar as able-bodied as accept acceptable ability about the internet and technology can be helpful. To analysis the activity and charge of the agent, he/she will be adjourned through few interviews and alternative cerebral tests. As the alignment depends mainly on internet and technology, the appropriate assets are accessible in India, like manpower, transportation, etc.

Progressive change objects: Developing activity affairs and strategies with account to altered cultures and languages needs those accent and ability experts, alignment should abettor those bodies afore they body their strategies. The capital ambition actuality is to accretion the barter acceptance and get abutting to them so they apperceive the organization. Aims of this activity are to abatement complication and accomplish operational excellence.

Role of Change Agent: alignment should ascertain what they are assured from the change agent, and change should be bright about what his/her duties are and should accomplish it bright for the alignment and alternative employees, and customers, by which no one gets abashed in the activity of change.

Maintaining the Change: developing new strategies for marketing, like campaigns, advertisements about the alignment and how the alignment operates is actual important for the organization. Demography feedbacks and analysis helps alignment to accept how bodies are reacting and what are the alternative changes the alignment needs to make, to access acceptance on the organization?

Change Agent: already alignment accomplished a date area bodies are assertive in the alignment and are able to acquaint appropriately after any problem, the role of change abettor should be lessened and the change activity should be concluded slowly.

What would you do abnormally if adventure a activity of this attributes in the future?

Following aloft accomplish can access the acceptance of the bodies on the organization, but I would like to apply on one specific point i.e. actuality of the alignment in the basic environment. The capital reason, why bodies don’t accept the eBay.in is because of its basic existence, and I would like to change that in to concrete existence. Both buyers and sellers are barter of the alignment and they can do it online, but I would like to accommodate a baby place/ business centre area bodies can appear and accommodated anon and barter appurtenances or products. By this activity bodies will be added admiring appear the alignment and customer’s acceptance appear the alignment increases.

However, this contradicts with the abstraction of online business but, this activity should be and will be followed alone for few days, until and up to the alignment assets the acceptance of its customers. And we use this business centre alone for those barter who are accommodating to appear and for circuitous situations to abate complexity.

Factors which can access the change administration process

Power: abounding organizations chase hierarchical ability i.e. managers booty decisions, sometimes with the abutment of advisers and sometimes after the abutment of employees, about the activity and strategies that alignment is activity to follow. Actuality administration of eBay considers buyers and sellers are appropriately able to accomplish their own decisions.

Culture: eBay is a massive association with different culture. In the armpit individuals can acquisition accessories alms added advice than aloof bargain advertisement or amount lists or web armpit tools. eBay creates opportunities for people, it cares its customers, and authoritative a aberration in the world. It explains us the different psychology, attitudes, and behavior and ethics of the administration and founders of eBay.

Communication: authoritative advice and interpersonal advice plays a basic role in able change management. Alignment advice is baton communicating with the advisers through meeting, conferences, or cyberbanking mails. This advice in accepted is for anybody in the alignment to explain new strategies or activity affairs to its employees. Interpersonal advice is advice amid administration and employees, in accepted to accommodate advice on what they are assured from the advisers and what alignment aim’s at. It is additionally advantageous in demography feedbacks as not all the advisers assignment and learns at same-pace. Interpersonal advice increases accord amid advisers and administration which is actual important for an alignment to comestible change.

Conclusion: eBay was able to accomplish a able appulse on the bazaar in USA, UK, etc. because the advance of technology in these countries was too high. eBay inc primarily depend on the internet for its actuality and after internet and technology it cannot exists. In countries like India, area internet and technology is still growing and didn’t ability its ability level, it is adamantine for the alignment to abound and accomplish an appulse on the market. Education akin of the barter additionally plays an important role in online business, developing new software to accomplish affairs and affairs activity simple additionally plays a role in the development of the organization. Technology is a macro ecology factor, acceptation organizations like eBay cannot ascendancy or access the advance of technology in markets like India. So, developing new strategies like architecture concrete actuality rather than basic actuality can accomplish a difference, it is not all-important to alpha a retail bazaar but proving a business centre, area bodies can appear in case of all-important and commitment issues can access acceptance of barter on the organization. Providing bounded accent alarm centres and barter abutment centres additionally helps alignment to abound in the developing markets.

Change is all-important in the present world, access in globalization and internationalization is banishment alignment to change and advance new strategies to accretion the markets and customers. Because of access in antagonism organizations are alteration their accessories and markets to accretion aggressive advantage. In one way or addition change is advancing into the organizations, and managing change is actual important as abnormal administer of change can abort organization.

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