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Elecdyne SWOT Analysis | Country SWOT For Labour


Elecdyne is a Japanese baby boilerplate action based in Tokyo, which started business in 1990 with a cardinal of bristles workers. Over ten years, the advance of the aggregation has added successfully, agents backbone has added to 100 workers and with the use of technology accountant from a cardinal of multinationals, the aggregation now produces a avant-garde ambit of cyberbanking articles which accommodate televisions, CD players, DVD players, hi-fi equipments, Mp3 players etc.

A abrupt history into the Japanese abridgement shows that during the 1980s, the Japanese abridgement was the backbiting of the world. GDP per capita had risen from $5,000 in 1960 to $15,000 in 1980, and by 1990 had eclipsed $22,000. Through the administration of companies like Sony, Japan had become the bright baton in addition of chump electronics articles and aerial aggregate adult cyberbanking assembly. The aggregate of growing aboriginal demand, all-around chump electronics artefact leadership, and abounding years of advance in accomplishment technology and accommodation absolutely benefited Japanese electronics producers the 1980s.

The Gross Calm Artefact (GDP) in Japan broadcast at an anniversary bulk of 3.80 percent in the aftermost quarter. Japan Gross Calm Artefact is account 4909 billion dollars or 7.92% of the apple economy, according to the Apple Bank. Japan’s industrialized, chargeless bazaar abridgement is the second-largest in the world. Its abridgement is awful able and aggressive in areas affiliated to all-embracing trade, but affluence is far lower in adequate areas such as agriculture, distribution, and services. Japan’s backlog of automated administration and technicians, abstruse and active assignment force, aerial accumulation and advance rates, and accelerated advance of automated development and adopted barter produced a complete automated economy. Japan has few accustomed resources, and barter helps it acquire the adopted barter bare to acquirement raw abstracts for its economy


Japan has a history of disturbing with deflation. The 1990s are generally referred to as Japan’s “lost decade” because of its 10-year attempt with falling prices. As a result, a brackish Japanese abridgement abject centralized chump and business demand, as able-bodied as cogent advance in calm electronics assembly capacity. As a consequence, Japanese assembly has developed at alone bisected the bulk of the absolute industry over the aftermost ten years, and bounded assembly allotment is on a aisle to abatement to1980 levels over the abutting bristles to ten years

Over the accomplished two years, Elecdyne has remained stagnant; the aggregation had an antecedent success aggressive with bulk but is anon award it added difficult to attempt accustomed its charge to pay for licenses, administration of articles is bound as food are aural the Japanese bazaar only, adversity of hiring assay graduates, and its aerial allowance ante as about to Eastern Europe and China,

In adjustment to ascertain the pros and cons the aggregation is undergoing, a SWOT assay will be agitated out. The assay looks at centralized factors, the strengths and weaknesses of the business, and alien factors, the opportunities and threats adverse the business. The SWOT assay will accord a clearer account into the cachet of the aggregation and the business ambiance wherein it is operating in at the present time.


  • 20 years acquaintance in bearing electronics
  • 100 agents workforce
  • Possession of equipments bare fro production
  • Original Artefact variety


  • Limited market(supplies alone to Japanese market)
  • Poor banking position
  • Lack of resources
  • No advance in the aftermost two years
  • Lack of innovation
  • No branding loyalty
  • 5% cut bottomward on price
  • Staff is beneath motivated
  • Unable to recruit R&D graduates
  • Lack of all-embracing operations
  • Low bazaar share


  • Flexibility
  • High adventitious for innovation
  • Advances in technology and the adeptness to advertise via the internet
  • New bazaar opportunities could be a way to advance elecdyne
  • Changes in technology could accord elecdyne an befalling to bolster approaching success.
  • Structural changes in the industry accessible alternative doors and opportunities for elecdyne.


  • Aggressive competitors
  • Increase in licence cost
  • Increased antagonism from beyond is addition blackmail to elecdyne as it could advance to abridgement of absorption in their products/services. T
  • he accomplishments of a adversary could be a above blackmail adjoin elecdyne, for instance, if they accompany in new technology or admission their workforce to accommodated demand. A apathetic abridgement or banking arrest could accept a above appulse on elecdyne’s business and profits. Abridgement of all-embracing operations. R
  • apidly alteration bazaar – Articles become old actual quickly.
  • High bulk of labour


In adjustment to attempt in the electronics market, listed beneath are some strategies that can be advantageous to Elecdyne.

Reduce artefact ambit to a few Introduce the aggregation to E-Business Aggregation can move to an breadth of lower bulk Source cheaper suppliers to abate bulk Develop business action to advance their articles Re-branding of articles in adjustment to addition aggregation name Offer assignment placements for acceptance in adjustment to addition R&D


After able and accurate assay of Elecdyne Electronics Company, inorder for the aggregation to abound rapidly and abide in market, we the administration hereby acerb acclaim that the aggregation be confused to addition country finer a country that is allotment of the TRIAD market, so as to accretion admission to added markets, deepening relations with the beyond economy.

Significance of Globalization

The Apple Bank defines globalization as the “freedom and adeptness of individuals and firms to admit autonomous bread-and-butter affairs with association of alternative countries.” Milanovic (2002). In this definition, “freedom” agency the abridgement of barriers in the cross-border movement of basal and labour force, amid alternative things, and “capacity” agency that there is the adeptness to accommodate bolt and casework beyond borders or to conduct bread-and-butter activities in alternative countries. Looking aback at the past, it appears that globalization avant-garde as technology and information-carrying accommodation for transport, communications, finance, allowance and alternative aspects developed and political barriers to the movement of trade, basal and alternative items were removed. These developments additional assets levels, which in about-face added deepened bread-and-butter ties. Hence globalization is a trend that brings about bread-and-butter development. (Boyacigiller, 1990; Harzing, 2001). In adjustment to adore the allowances of globalization, it will be all-important to advance abstruse addition in companies afterwards adjournment and promptly acclimate bread-and-butter and amusing systems to acknowledge to abstruse innovation, annihilate barriers and advance animal assets that are able to backpack out these changes. Heizo (2004)
Structural ameliorate is important in Elecdyne’s relations with beyond economies
Structural ameliorate stimulates the calm abridgement and is additionally important in the action of anticipation allowances from globalization. In alternative words, the above objectives of structural ameliorate are to ensure that the bazaar apparatus absolutely functions, broadly enhance affluence and move labour and capital, amid others, from low affluence areas to aerial affluence areas. This will additionally acquiesce Elecdyne to acquire allowances from afterpiece bread-and-butter ties with beyond economies. In business, the success of beyond operations has been attributed to several factors, such as acceptable strategy, acute marketing, able assembly and accomplished management.

Among them, able departer administration has been able-bodied accurate (Mendenhall and Oddou, 1986; Dowling et al., 1999).
Despite the actuality that the aggregation has had no acquaintance with beyond market, we the administration of Elecdyne electronics accept absitively to deduce a action on activity all-around absorption added on countries aural the TRIAD bazaar (which are Europe, Arctic America and South East Asia). Hence we accept appear up with bristles accessible countries that we could backpack to; demography into application two capital issues- Admission to abstruse adeptness to abstain assurance on ample multinationals, and bulk minimisation.

These countries accept been called based on some of the afterward reasons:

  • Advanced technology
  • Wide amplitude of land
  • Favourable business environment
  • Low bulk of raw abstracts and production
  • Highly accomplished labour etc.

Analysis of the bristles countries application SWOT


It is the seventh bigger country by breadth in Europe and the 63rd bigger in the world. As Europe’s bigger abridgement and additional best crawling nation (after Russia), Germany shares borders with added European countries than any alternative country on the continent. Its neighbours are Denmark in the north, Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, Austria and Switzerland in the south, France and Luxembourg in the south-west and Belgium and the Netherlands in the north-west.

Therefore Germany would anxiously be analysed application the SWOT analysis,


  • Germany is the UK’s cardinal one European consign bazaar and cardinal two world-wide
  • among the world’s bigger and best technologically avant-garde producers of iron, steel, chemicals, machinery, vehicles, apparatus tools, electronics
  • Market- Germany hosts the bigger absorption of OEM plants in Europe
  • Personnel – Germany‘s accomplished highly-skilled labour force. 750,000 highly-trained and accomplished people
  • R&D- Germany is home to 42 percent of all European OEM and bank 0.5 supplier automotive R&D centers.
  • Has some of the world’s best universities, these include: Abstruse University, Munich Germany University of Bonn, Germany etc
  • Important assay institutions in Germany are the Max Planck society, the Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft and the Fraunhofer society. They are apart or evidently affiliated to the university arrangement and accord to a ample admeasurement to the accurate output.


  • The socialists are a able force and there is labour abutment problem.
  • The accomplishment are aerial which increases the costs.
  • Cultural differences
  • Complex business culture
  • Strict assurance and packaging regulations


  • A absolute of 15 billion euros fabricated accessible by the Government for R&D projects in acid bend technologies.
  • Easy admission to alternative EU countries
  • Highly developed E-commerce service
  • High appeal for cyberbanking products


  • Threat from new arising markets
  • Protection of ambiance and climate
  • Mounting burden to abate the CO2 emissions.
  • adjustment time for adapting the aerial German standards
  • Stiff antagonism from bounded and all-around competitors


Poland is the 9th bigger country in Europe; it has a citizenry of over 38million people, which makes it the 34th best crawling country in the apple and one of the best crawling Union. Its accustomed assets accommodate coal, sulphur, copper, accustomed gas, silver, lead, salt, abundant land. Poland would anxiously be analysed application the SWOT analysis,


  • relatively low bulk of labour,
  • favourable geographic breadth on alteration routes,
  • large internal
  • Market (compared to alternative Axial and Eastern Europe countries).
  • availability of awful able labour force
  • presence of universities, abutment of authorities, the bigger bazaar in axial Europe, and possibly the everyman labour costs on the continent,
  • Member of the EU
  • Location amid East and West
  • Long automated tradition
  • Stable economy
  • Stable political system
  • Wide educational system
  • Biggest country of the EU associates in the CEE
  • Diversified industry
  • Still adorable application costs
  • Attractive tax system
  • Multinational companies such as: ABB, Delphi, GlaxoSmithKline, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Motorola, Siemens and Samsung accept set up assay and development centres in Poland.
  • The Brightness chump electronics market grew by 4.5% in 2005 to adeptness a value of 938.5 million.


  • EU Accretion may drive bulk of active higher
  • Poor advice infrastructure
  • Insufficient administration culture
  • Weak adeptness of calm R&D institutes to abet with industry and accomplish bartering use of accurate chase results
  • Shortage of banking instruments for SMEs and addition development and low adeptness of entrepreneurs for self-financing of development investment
  • Very aerial levels of unemployment
  • Poland imports abundant added in electronics goods than it exports. The bulk of imports is more than alert the bulk of electronics exports.
  • In 2005 Poland alien electronics goods worth EUR 6,911.3 million. The advance rate (over 2004) was about 22.0%.


  • The able arrival of FDI in this breadth in LCD screens, adaptable phones, calm audio and video equipment, appliances, automotive controls complemented by cyberbanking arrangement manufacturers (Flextronics, Jabil, Kimball) and telecom accessories manufacturers (Lucent, Alcatel, Siemens) creates opportunities for sub-supply, cyberbanking components, accumulation alternation and testing services.
  • Poland is acceptable the accomplishment hub for TVs in Europe


  • Current behavior are not bringing changes about fast abundant to advance accomplishing of advice society
  • Industries in Poland will face college costs with accretion into the EU
  • There is an admission in antagonism as bunch companies are advance in the brightness market.
  • In Poland the arch manufacturers of TV sets are the all-embracing companies Jabil (commissioned by Philips), Daewoo, LG Electronics and Thomson.


The Republic of India is in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by bounded area, the second-most populous country, and the best crawling capitalism in the world. It is belted by Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.Its accustomed assets accommodate Coal, Iron ore, Manganese, Mica, Bauxite, Titanium ore, Chromites, Natural gas, Diamonds, Petroleum etc. India would anxiously be analysed application the SWOT analysis,


  • India is now the world’s twelfth bigger abridgement by bazaar barter ante and the fourth bigger in PPP agreement (2003) afterwards US, China & Japan.
  • inexpensive high-skilled labour bare for the industry is accessible in affluence in India
  • India’s low accomplishment costs in accomplished labour and raw materials 
  • Availability of engineering skills.
  • And befalling to accommodated appeal in the crawling Indian market, are active its electronics market.
  • The electronics bazaar in India, at US$ 11.5 billion in 2004, will be the fastest-growing electronics bazaar common over the abutting several years
  • Abundant low-wage skilled/semi-skilled labour;
  • • India’s cardinal breadth offers a able manufacturing/exporting base;
  • • Abundant accumulation of raw materials;
  • • Deregulation and liberalisation of automated policy;
  • • Incentive bales for Consign Processing Zones (EPZs) and Export
  • Oriented Units (EOUs) are actual attractive;
  • • India is alteration rapidly and offers an adorable befalling based on
  • market admeasurement (200 actor boilerplate chic by the year 2000) and growth;
  • • The non-resident Indians estimated to cardinal over 15 actor accept major impact on the Indian economy, automated behavior and foreign collaborations;
  • • India is assertive to be a above automated ability by the about-face of the century.
  • It is advantageous for American firms to position themselves as partners in this absurd growth.
  • • The business altitude of India is convalescent (Naidu, 1984)
  • India is one of the bigger recipients of adopted absolute advance (FDI) in the world. In FY2004/05, India accustomed $3.75 billion.


  • Infrastructure that needs to be bigger at the ancient possibility.
  • Easing of adopted advance procedures
  • Frequent ability failures and shortages arch to disruptions


  • There is a able 100 – 150 actor boilerplate chic that has ample arbitrary assets authoritative India an adorable bazaar for consumer goods.


  • A restructured government assessment that now makes domestically bogus appurtenances added big-ticket than alien appurtenances with aught tariff
  • Import licensing regulations for non-high tech items abide a major barrier.
  • UK companies are able-bodied positioned to booty advantage of this growing consign and advance market.
  • Indian action does not favour the use of bound adopted exchange for non-essential products.


Turkey is an arising bazaar with a citizenry of about 72 million, 50% of which is beneath the age of 28. Turkey has the world’s 13th bigger burghal citizenry at about 50 million. It’s the world’s 15th and Europe’s 6th bigger economy. Turkey is additionally a springboard to the markets of Axial Asia & the Boilerplate East.

Turkey ispolitically stable,the government accepting been in appointment for nine years. Today, Turkey is advance cogent sums in advance its infrastructure, including projects to body new dams, airports, anchorage and baptize and sewerage systems. Its recent, almanac bread-and-butter growth, its talented, adolescent workforce and its bounded breadth as a prime hub for bounded bazaar admission makes Turkey a badly adorable destination for barter and investment.


  • National minimum (gross) wage, which is currently YTL 608 per ages (approximately £ 260 per month)
  • Average basal salary: Japan 250,000 – 450,000 yen per ages (UK £1700 – £3200 p.m.)
  • Turkish fabricated colour TV’s accept a acceptable acceptability amidst European consumers re: bulk & quality
  • Experienced bounded labour accumulation in abundance. As at 2009 approx. 2000 accomplishment companies in the acreage of electronics, & approx. 30,000 active in this sector


  • Raw abstracts for the electronics breadth accept the accomplished acceptation bulk as these cannot calmly be sourced locally
  • Turkish is still the official accent of commerce, although English and some German are added spoken. A able analyst would be appropriate for official meetings.
  • In a year, absolute bulk of overtime cannot beat 270 hours


  • Financial incentives
  • Strong consign orientation
  • Exports of Turkish-made chump cyberbanking articles accept added back 1990 in 178 countries, mostly directed appear the European markets
  • Access to European market.
  • Opportunity to aggrandize markets to countries which include: Romania, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan & Croatia
  • The Turkish electronics industry is adolescent but dynamic. It is committed to aggressive on an all-embracing calibration by bearing aerial quality, well-priced appurtenances accurate by a avant-garde ambit of products.
  • On-going R&D activities, engineering affection & able after-sales service


  • The chump bazaar is now affective appear appeal for LCD & Claret TV creating a charge for Turkish manufacturers to advance in new technologies
  • Aggressive antagonism from civic MNEs. Arcelik & Beko (subsidiaries of KOC Holding): second-largest TV ambassador in Turkey. Has 15% approx. European bazaar share. Beko has able all-embracing reputation. Both accept a avant-garde artefact portfolio and their own technology & articles application plasma, LCD, MEMS technologies. Both companies accept purchased all-embracing acquisitions such as Grundig AG (Germany) “Home Intermedia Arrangement Division” (2004). Arcelik has additionally accustomed a affiliation with Ubicom (Silicone Valley, USA) and affairs to accommodate the Ubicom microcontroller band-aid into its projects area new technologies different in their acreage accept been acclimated (“Smart” Appliances will be launched anon to chump market).




  • Huge chump base. All the time actuality aerial out of poverty
  • Cheap production. Already 30,000 factories over there.
  • There are several chargeless barter zones, 53 new aerial tech zones
  • In 2003 China accurate 1,552 institutions of college learning.
  • If Hong Kong is included it has immense abstruse adeptness and accent abilities as well.
  • If Hong Kong is included again it has an outstanding harbor
  • GNP accretion an boilerplate of 9% annually (Benson, 1996) and ranked third in the World (Jing, 1993).
  • Export advance of 25% and imports up 15% (Landy, 1996).
  • Will abide to boss ablaze and medium-tech industries because of the large bazaar in China and the basin of labour.
  • Leads apple in absolute adopted advance – $135Billion (Taninecz, 1996). Foreign invested companies represented 31.5% of all China’s exports (or about $46.9 billion).
  • This netted about $8.4 billion in taxes (Taninecz, 1996 and “China: The Numbers Game,” 1995.
  • World’s best advantageous bazaar (Schafer, 1996) of which China represents one-sixth of the world’s population (Taninecz, 1996).
  • Surplus activity in rural areas and impoverished acreage acreage (Gao, 1994) and growing 10 actor per year. Estimated to adeptness 250 actor by 2000.
  • Lower accomplishment than Japan and Taiwan.


  • Corruption is a problem.
  • Government controls aggregate and collective ventures are encouraged.
  • Intellectual acreage rights not developed.
  • Average aggrandizement is 15%, and surplus labour has resulted in rising unemployment and inequalities in income distribution (Benson, 1996).
  • Railways, roads, communications, and power accumulation are beneath standard.
  • Employees charge chump service training.
  • Roads are awash with bags of bicycles, buses, trucks, and taxis.


  • Opportunity for lower bulk but aerial affection production.
  • As abstruse advancements are fabricated we can appoint bigger R&D staff.
  • Good abode to ascendancy operations due to adjacency and infrastructure.
  • Direct Investments or Collective Ventures
  • Equity and acknowledged ventures provide quicker admission to the market. Partners in China can advice with the bureaucracy, customer base, and distribution.


  • American recession can hit China
  • Corruption can advance to accident of reputation
  • Underdeveloped Intellectual acreage rights can beggarly technology can be baseborn by suppliers
  • Effectiveness of investments in China will alone be axiomatic in the long-run and policies accomplish it adamantine for non-China companies to accomplish money.
  • Lack of a acknowledged anatomy agnate to those
  • Easily accepted (Taninecz, 1996).

Having advised these bristles countries based on their strengths and weaknesses, we the administration aggregation of Elecdyne accept absitively to shortlist these countries bottomward to three which are:

  • 1. Germany
  • 2. Poland
  • 3. China.

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