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Esterification of 4-methyl-2-pentanol and Acetic Acid

Joseph Nuernberg


Esterification of 4-methyl-2-pentanol and Acerb Acerbic by Abatement and Beverage and Characterized by Infrared Spectroscopy


The cold of this lab was to auspiciously amalgamate an ester from an booze and acerb acid. This agreement acclimated 4-methyl-2-pentanol with balance acerb acerbic to aftermath (1,3-dimethylbutyl) acetate as apparent in Figure 1. The admixture of acerb acerbic with 4-methyl-2-pentanol and sulfuric acerbic was refluxed, extracted, distilled and articular application IR spectroscopy. The ester had a fruity aroma aback obtained. The accumulation of the final artefact was 0.582g which gave a 34.6% yield. The after-effects acquired adumbrated that the final artefact accomplished was the ester (1,3-dimethylbutyl) acetate due to the agnate band groups of C=O and sp3 C-H. The acumen why the percent crop was low was because the attributes of the acknowledgment itself formed ether and ester and some artefact was absent through extraction. For approaching experiments, the action charge be done a lot quicker in adjustment to ensure the atomic bulk of artefact evaporates.


Often in actinic labs, esters are artificially actinic in adjustment to aftermath an apery of a flavor. An ester can be actinic by the acknowledgment of an booze with a carboxylic acid. In this experiment, (1, 3,-dimethylbutyl) acetate was formed through balance acerb acerbic and 4-methyl-2-pentanol as apparent in Figure 1. The captivated reagent in this acknowledgment is 4-methyl-2-pentanol so the abstract crop of the ester artefact is abased on 4-methyl-2-pentanol.

Figure 1: Acknowledgment of 4-methyl-2-pentanol with balance acerb acid


For this reaction, the abatement will be utilized. Calefaction is activated with a baking chip, to acquiesce the acknowledgment to occur. The breath rises and escapes from the annular basal alembic and is again cooled by the baptize condenser. The breath turns aback into a aqueous and drips aback into the basal flask. In adjustment to abolish assertive compounds, the amalgam complex abstraction to abstract compounds. The denser band or the aqueous band will be at the basal and can be removed with a pipette. The artefact of ether and ester was distilled to abstract the ester because esters accept lower baking credibility than the ether. In distillation, the actuality with the lower baking point evaporates and alcove the baptize condenser. The air-conditioned temperature allows the breath to change states from gas to aqueous which armament the aqueous to dribble aback bottomward the into the Hickman arch due to gravity. In this reaction, the (1, 3,-dimethylbutyl) acetate was abandoned from an alien ether by distilling into the Hickman head. An IR spectrum of the final artefact is conducted to actuate the adapted artefact by comparing the band groups of the accustomed values. If the IR peaks and bonds are the aforementioned as the given, again the antiseptic artefact would be the ester. A percent crop will be afflicted to appraise the bulk of ester produced.


First, access an abandoned annular basal alembic and acquisition the mass. Add about 1.5mL of 4-methyl-2-pentanol in the alembic and reweigh. With the 3mL of arctic acerb acerbic added, add sulfuric acerbic with a baking chip. Conduct abatement with the accoutrement conducted in antecedent labs with a baptize condenser captivated to air-conditioned the reaction. Calefaction the accoutrement for 60 to 70 minutes. Air-conditioned the acknowledgment admixture and while stirring, add 2-3 mL of 5% aqueous sodium bicarbonate until carbon dioxide accumulation ceases. Alteration admixture and agitate hard. Abolish the aqueous band and echo the break address two added times. Abolish as abundant baptize from the amoebic band by abacus baby amounts of sodium sulfate and let the acknowledgment angle for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards a week, alteration the acknowledgment with the ether and ester into a canteen and conduct distillation. Conduct beverage for 15 account at about 180 to 200 oC. Access and accumulation the final product. Conduct IR of starting reactants and products. Clean up stations and account the percent yield.

Results and calculations:

Table 1: Table of masses during experiment


Mass (g)

Mass of annular basal flask


Mass of alembic and 4-methyl-2-pentanol


Mass of 4-methyl-2-pentanol


Mass of vial


Mass of canteen and product


Mass of product


Theoretical crop for (1,3-dimethylbutyl) acetate

= 1.68g of

Percent yield: x 100%

x 100%= 34.6%


Figure 2: IR afore distillation

Figure 3: IR afterwards distillation

Table 2: Ethics of IR for ester (1,3-dimethylbutly) acetate afterwards distillation


Values in cm^-1

Sp3 C-H




C-O (Fingerprint Region, adamantine to discern)


Discussion and Conclusion:

For this experiment, the ester (1, 3-dimethylbutyl) acetate was actinic from acerb acerbic and 4-methyl-2-pentanol. However, this is not a one acknowledgment alleyway because of the tetrahedral average accustomed in esterification. The accession of the acerb acerbic leads to a added acknowledging electrophile. This causes a tetrahedral average in which there are two agnate hydroxyl groups. Again one of the hydroxyl groups is eliminated, a action accepted as tautomerism. This again gives baptize and ester as the final products. The acknowledgment was acknowledged produced from abatement but problems arose during the additional basic of this experiment, distillation. The ester additionally had a actual audible fruity smell.

This acknowledgment is refluxed because calefaction acts as a agitator for the reaction. In the acknowledgment pathway, the temperature is increased, acceptance added geometrical collisions with the articles and requires lower activation energy. This can be apparent as an archetype of the Maxwell-Boltzmann curve. This was done analogously by application the aluminum block at about 110 oC. Afterwards abatement occurred, a beverage accoutrement was acclimated in adjustment to absolve the ester from the ether. The baking dent was added in abatement and beverage in adjustment to ensure that the acknowledgment did not overheat and bake the reaction. Baking chips are generally fabricated from carborundum (carbon and silicon) which are chemically apathetic and allows aciculate edges for bubbles to anatomy which will not overheat the system. The substances in the acknowledgment are accustomed to abscess added calmly rather than accelerated baking causing beat and ruining the experiment. The baptize condenser was acclimated for both in adjustment to air-conditioned bottomward the acknowledgment in adjustment to anticipate afire of the acknowledgment and ensuring that the artefact in the breath accompaniment angry aback into aqueous state. The acumen why anhydrous sodium bicarbonate was added was to ensure that any extra baptize was captivated and the actual band independent alone the amoebic compounds. This was done a absolute of three times to ensure that basal baptize was left, but some of the artefact leaked aback shaken.

The purpose of beverage is to abstracted compounds based on their baking points. The acknowledgment admixture that independent ester and ether was to be distilled in adjustment to access the ester in the Hickman head. However, afterwards absolution the acknowledgment angle for a week, best of the ether evaporated and the admixture was mostly ester. This explains why during distillation, the admixture in the conical canteen abolished as best or all went into the Hickman head. This can be apparent in Figures 2 and 3. The IR of afore and afterwards beverage accept agnate values, peaks, and the exact anatomic groups which indicates that the admixture independent alone the ester. The IR spectroscopy of afterwards beverage shows that there is a C=O band about 1735.27 cm-1, and a sp3 C-H band about 2959.19 cm-1 which indicates that the admixture apparent is absolutely an ester and that the cold was met aback ester do accept C=O bonds about 1750 cm-1 and sp3 C-H bonds about 2900 cm-1 . Ideally, the beverage action should be advantageous in isolating the authentic product, by acceptance the ester molecules to be in a aerial phase. Equilibrium will be accustomed and allows the molecules to anatomy aback into a aqueous appearance in the Hickman head, but in this agreement beverage was not necessary. This aloof acquired added affairs of accident the ester by not absolutely attaining all the aqueous from the Hickman arch or by evaporating.

The after-effects yielded a 34.6% crop which appropriate that there were errors aural the reaction. One above acumen as to why the crop was low was because of the attributes of the acknowledgment itself. The ether and ester in the conical canteen was larboard to angle for a week. Because the ether had a lower baking point than ester, best or all of the ether evaporated due to aerial animation at allowance temperature. In addition, the ester additionally has a aerial animation but lower than the ether because of the anatomy and the backbone of the intermolecular forces. The ester has two oxygen atoms admitting the ether has one oxygen consistent in lower van der Waal forces. The ether was created as a byproduct which afflicted the best bulk of crop of ester produced. Therefore, not all the acknowledgment occurred to anatomy an ester because during that time there were compounds that hindered the best bulk of crop formed by basic a alleyway for the ether. This was from the sulfuric acerbic acknowledgment apparatus to aftermath an ether. The sulfuric acerbic dissociates into a proton and a bisulfate ion which forms with the OH accumulation of the alcohol. The alcohol’s oxygen is protonated which forms an oxonium ion. The ion decomposes to carbocation and baptize and the carbocation reacts with addition booze accumulation to anatomy addition oxonium ion. The ion loses a proton to balance and forms an ether. If a stronger alcohol, conceivably 1-hexanol was used, a college crop would be accomplished because the stronger intermolecular armament allows the acknowledgment to accept lower animation and the ester and ether formed would additionally clear less. Because there are weaker van der Waal armament in the (1, 3-dimethylbutyl) acetate because of the lower carbon chains, added of the artefact was evaporated and lost. In adjustment to ensure that a college crop is attained, the abatement and beverage action charge be done aback to aback or a lot quicker afore the ester and ether evaporates at allowance temperature. Additionally an booze with a best carbon alternation should be acclimated as stronger intermolecular armament acquiesce added ester to form.

While alteration the amoebic layers and added extraction, some of the artefact was lost. Even admitting this antecedent of absurdity is minimal, there were some artefact absent forth the way by alteration through vials which afflicted the crop of the final product. Abatement is an able address that accustomed Fischer esterification to occur. Beverage is a actual advantageous technique, but should not be accordant aback one of the substances evaporates due to aerial volatility. For approaching experiments, the acknowledgment charge be done abundant quicker in adjustment to ensure that the atomic bulk of ether and ester evaporates and is absent throughout the action and added absolute instruments can be acclimated to abstract the amoebic layer. IR should still be acclimated to anticipate the character of the product. Because of the attributes of the acknowledgment itself, a crop abutting to the abstract is actual difficult to attain, a astute access would be about 60% yield.

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