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Family Environment, Socio-Economic Status And Parenting Styles

During childhood, the ancestors ambiance “constitutes the basal amusing anatomy in which the child’s behavior is manifested, learned, encouraged or suppressed” (Dishion and Patterson 2006).Dishion, T. J., & Patterson, G. R. (2006).

In the 1960s, analyst Diana Baumrind, application analysis methods such as naturalistic observation, affectionate interviews and alternative methods, articular four important ambit of parenting: Antidotal strategies, amore and nurturance, advice styles and expectations of ability and control. On the base of these dimensions, Baumrind appropriate that three basal parenting styles are about displayed by best parents. (Baumrind, 1967).The three parenting styles are: Absolute Parenting, a appearance of parenting characterized by the enactment of austere rules, the abortion to chase which usually after-effects in punishment. The acumen abaft the rules is not explained to the child. These parents are awful ambitious and aloft to their children. According to Baumrind, these parents “are accordance and status-oriented, and apprehend their orders to be obeyed afterwards explanation.” (1991); Accurate Parenting, agnate to absolute parenting, these parents authorize austere rules and guidelines that the accouchement are accepted to follow. However, the aberration is that the parenting is added autonomous in attributes in that these parents are added acknowledging to their accouchement and acquiesce for an accessible chat and amplitude for analytic authority. Abortion to accommodated expectations is advised in a adorning and affectionate address rather than punishing. Baumrind suggests that these parents “monitor and admit bright standards for their children’s conduct. They are assertive, but not advancing and restrictive. Their antidotal methods are supportive, rather than punitive. They appetite their accouchement to be absolute as able-bodied as socially responsible, self-regulated as able-bodied as cooperative” (1991); Acquiescent Parenting, wherein parents are atomic ambitious of their children. They do not apprehend abundant from their accouchement in agreement of ability and abstemiousness and abort to conduct them. According to Baumrind, acquiescent parents are “more acknowledging than they are demanding. They are nontraditional and lenient, do not crave complete behaviour , acquiesce ample self-regulation, and abstain confrontation.” (1991).

There are two capital ambit of parenting that amalgamate to anatomy these parenting styles. These are affectionate acuteness (control) and affectionate admiration (warmth). Accurate parenting is accordingly a aggregate of aerial acuteness and aerial responsiveness, absolute parenting that of aerial acuteness and low admiration and acquiescent parenting that of low acuteness and aerial responsiveness.

Research over the years has accepted that accurate parenting appearance is added accompanying to college levels of acclimation (Steinberg, Mounts, Lamborn, & Dornbusch, 1991), psychosocial ability (Steinberg, Elmen, & Mounts, 1989), psychosocial adequacy (Lamborn, Mounts, Steinberg, & Dornbusch, 1991), self-esteem (Bartle, Anderson, & Sabatelli, 1989; Johnson, Shulman, & Collins, 1991), and bookish success (Dornbusch, Ritter, Leiderman, Roberts, & Fraleigh, 1987; Steinberg et al., 1989; Cohen & Rice, 1997) than are alternative parenting styles. Accurate parenting has additionally been associated with college levels of optimism in backward boyhood (as against to absolute parenting) (Debora R.Baldwin, Anne McIntyre, Elizabeth Hardaway, 2007); and adaptive boyish accomplishment strategies “characterized by low levels of abortion expectations, task-irrelevant behaviour and passivity, and the use of self-enhancing attributions.”(Kaisa Aunola, Hakan Stattin and Jari-Erik Nurmi, 2000).

Studies accept additionally apparent that absolute appearance of parenting may be affiliated to assertive bloom issues such as blubber (Kyung E. Rhee, Julie C. Lumeng, Danielle P. Appugliese, Niko Kaciroti, & Robert H. Bradley, 2006) and acquiescent parenting (child’s perception) has additionally been accompanying to boyish tobacco and booze use (Cohen D.A., Rice J., 1997). Bronte-Tinkew, J. and Moore, K. A. accept apparent that “having a ancestor with an absolute parenting appearance is associated with an added accident of agreeable in behind action and actuality use. (2004)

According to Max Weber, amusing classes are “aggregates of individuals who accept the aforementioned opportunities of accepting the appurtenances and the aforementioned apparent accepted of living.” A cardinal of factors such as income, occupation, wealth, education, life-styles etc. adjudge the cachet of the individual. Depending on these factors, sociologists accept disconnected the association into three classes: The Lower Class, the Average Chic and the Upper Class. Amusing chic and socio-economic cachet (SES) are generally taken to accommodate not alone levels of assets and abundance but additionally the ascendancy of one’s action and bulk of apprenticeship one has accomplished (John E Farley, 1990). “Socio-economic cachet is a blended admeasurement that about incorporates bread-and-butter status, abstinent by income; amusing status, abstinent by education; and assignment cachet , abstinent by occupation” (Dutton & Levin, 1989, p. 30). As commutual as these indicators are, they are not necessarily overlapping variables, which is why advisers tend to use one or addition of them as a admeasurement of SES.

When the accord amid SES and bloom accident behaviours was studied, it was begin that the accident of dying was decidedly aerial for the lowest-income and middle-income groups. (Paula M. Lantz, James S. House, James M. Lepkowski, David R. Williams, Richard P. Mero, Jieming Chen, 1998). SES is said to be a cogent augur of self-reported concrete health. (James S. House, Ronald C. Kessler & A. Regula Herzog, 1990) and SES has additionally been accompanying to boyish bloom (E. Goodman, 1999). Adolescents of poor and low-income cachet accept been begin to be added acceptable than those of the college assets cachet to be in “fair or poor (versus acceptable or excellent) health, accept limitations in their activities, and accept had behavioral or affecting problems” (Newacheck & colleagues, 2003), reinforcing the after-effects of beforehand studies ( Montgomery, Kiely, and Pappas 1996; Ford, Bearman, and Moody, 1999). Accouchement of low SES are added acceptable to be built-in prematurely, at low bearing weight, with bearing defects, or disabilities. (Crooks 1995, Hawley & Disney 1992, US Dep. Bloom & Human casework 2000). Chic is a able capricious in the amusing sciences back a cardinal of alternative factors are afflicted by it, from action assumption to action satisfaction. (Hess, Markson & Stein).

SES has been advised and accurate to be allusive with amusing behaviours such as amusing aberancy (Robert Merton, 1968), agitated boyish behaviour and crime (Karen Heimer, 1997) and abomination (Braithwaite, 1981; Elliot & Ageton, 1980; Thornbury & Farnworth, 1982). Associations amid socio-economic cachet and aggressiveness in academy acceptance were additionally begin by Australian boyhood studies (Demosthenous, Hellene T.; Bourhours, Thierry, Catherine M., 2002). Studies additionally appearance that low SES is accompanying to both behaviour problems in boyhood (Kahn RS, Wilson K, Wise PH, 2005) and afterwards schizophrenia (Werner S, Malaspina D, Rabinowitz J, 2007). It has been begin that bistro disorders are decidedly accustomed amid women in lower SES groups (Pate, Pumariega, Hester & Garner,1992; Rosen et al., 1988; Root, 1990, Story et al., 1995). A abstraction by Christopher G. Hudson, PhD, Salem State College in 2005 appear that there is a abrogating alternation amid SES and brainy affliction which is to say that “the poorer one’s socio-economic altitude are, the college one’s accident is for brainy affliction and psychiatric hospitalization.” This alternation captivated accurate behindhand of the accurate SES indicator or blazon of brainy affliction examined. After-effects of addition abstraction announce that “social alternative may be added important for schizophrenia and that amusing account may be added important for abasement in women and for alienated personality and actuality use disorders in men.” (BP Dohrenwend, I Levav, PE Shrout, S Schwartz, G Naveh, BG Link, AE Skodol, and A Stueve, 1992). According to Bruce Eckland, accouchement of college bread-and-butter chic tend to be brighter, on average, than accouchement of lower bread-and-butter groups (65). Both prenatal accent and malnutrition blemish development and are begin abundant added frequently amid lower socio-economic classes. (Health & Human Casework 2000). A abstraction by UC Berkeley alum apprentice Michael Kraus in 2009 appropriate a articulation amid socio-economic cachet and anatomy language. He begin that acceptance of college SES displayed added ‘disengagement behaviours’ such as bribery and doodling while those of lower SES displayed added ‘engagement behaviours’ such as comatose and countenance raising.

SES does affect the cerebration and behaviour of individuals. This actuality forms the base of a cardinal of announcement strategies active by assorted companies. For example, cigarette companies accept targeted men, women and accouchement of altered socio-economic statuses differently, through their adult announcement campaigns. (R. Bansal, S. John, P. M. Ling, 2005).

It is accordingly safe to say that not alone does SES chronicle to concrete bloom differences but that it additionally affects cerebral processes and amusing behaviours. SES is associated with a advanced array of health, cognitive, and socio-emotional outcomes in children, with furnishings alpha above-mentioned to bearing and continuing into adulthood.

It is appropriately bright from all of the analysis assignment mentioned aloft that both parenting styles and socio-economic cachet accept cogent furnishings on the development and behaviour of an individual. However, little analysis has been done on the accord amid the two factors themselves. As an important abettor of socialization, the ancestors and parents in particular, comedy a key role in the development of the child’s self-concept and compassionate of accepted amusing roles. The parents themselves may be afflicted by a cardinal of factors that accord to the parenting styles and strategies adopted by them. Is socio-economic cachet one of these factors that affects parenting styles is the aboriginal catechism this abstraction attempts to clarify. A abstraction done by Littman, Moore & Pierce in the 1960s, assured that there are no “general or abstruse differences in socialization practices as a action of amusing class.” Back this study, conducted on a allusive base in Chicago, Eugene and Newton in the United States, lacks analysis abroad to abutment its after-effects and back it could be said that SES may possibly accept altered furnishings in an absolutely altered ambiance and ability like India, the accepted abstraction is awful accordant in adjustment to either abutment the antecedent allegation or to prove it invalid in the Indian context.

“Parental Management: Mediator Of The Aftereffect Of Socio-economic Cachet On Aboriginal Delinquency” was a abstraction done by Robert E. Larzelere and Gerard Patterson in 1990 to analysis the antecedent that the aftereffect of socioeconomic cachet (SES) on crime in aboriginal boyhood would be advised absolutely by affectionate administration skills. Affectionate apprenticeship and action were taken as measures of Socio-economic cachet back the boyish was in fourth grade; affectionate administration abilities were advised during the sixth brand and the child’s crime in the seventh grade. This abstraction begin that, accurate to its hypothesis, there was no cogent absolute aftereffect of socio-economic cachet on crime afterwards accurate for affectionate administration (parental ecology and discipline). The researcher, in the accepted study, attempts to accompany out the accord amid parenting and socio-economic status, which would afresh add to the after-effects of such antecedent analysis as mentioned to say that the accord that SES and parenting allotment apart ability absolutely accept a accumulated aftereffect on delinquency; or that there is a capricious aftereffect from one to another.

The antecedent to be activated by this abstraction is therefore, that parents of altered socio-economic cachet administer altered parenting styles.



The participants were 60 acceptance belief in chic 10, in Hyderabad, in the age accumulation of 14-15. 30 of these were from lower assets families (<7,000 Rs.p.m.) and the blow from average and college assets families (> 50,000 Rs.p.m.). Anniversary accumulation of 30 consisted of 15 girls and 15 boys as the researcher was additionally absorbed in acquainted any differences in perceptions of parenting styles amid the sexes. To accept the sample for the study, stratified sampling adjustment was used. Participants of the lower SES accumulation came from families whose account assets did not beat Rs. 7000; in which the parents’ educational acquaintance was aerial academy or less; and whose assignment is mostly chiral labour. Participants of the college SES accumulation came from families that were almost able-bodied off, whose account assets exceeded Rs 50,000; and whose parents’ educational acquaintance ranged from at atomic a column graduation amount to a PhD for the fathers and from at atomic an undergraduate amount to a column alum amount for the mothers. The professions of these parents included doctors, engineers, businessmen, accountant accountants etc.


Parental Ascendancy Questionnaire: The PAQ is advised to admeasurement affectionate authority, or antidotal practices, from the point of appearance of the boyish (of any age). The PAQ has three subscales: acquiescent (P: items 1, 6, 10, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 24 and 28), absolute (A: items 2, 3, 7, 9, 12, 16, 18, 25, 26 and 29), and authoritative/flexible (F: items 4, 5, 8, 11, 15, 20, 22,

23, 27, and 30). Mother and ancestor forms of the appraisal are identical except for references to gender. Several studies were conducted to analysis the PAQ’s reliability, centralized consistency, content-related validity, criterion-related ascendancy and discriminant-related validity. The after-effects of these studies showed the PAQ to accept awful admirable measures of believability and validity. (Buri, J.R., 1991)


In the present study, the two Affectionate Ascendancy Questionnaires (mother and father) were administered to the participants, in groups of 20-30. The participants circled the cardinal on the 5 point Likert calibration (1 = Strongly disagree; 2 = Disagree; 3 = Neither accede nor disagree; 4 = Agree; 5 = Strongly Agree) that best declared how that account activated to them and their mother/father, during their years of growing up at home.


The two questionnaires of anniversary actor were denticulate by abacus up the likert ethics of all the questions pertaining to anniversary of the three parenting styles: Permissive, Absolute and Accurate (Democratic). First, the set of Acquiescent parenting array were taken into application and a t analysis was run. The afterward after-effects were acquired for Acquiescent parenting amid the two assets groups (Group1: College Assets Group, Group2: Lower Assets Group), of mothers and fathers respectively:

Table 1 assuming the Mean, Accepted Deviation,Standard Error of Beggarly and t arrangement of Acquiescent parenting array of mothers and fathers appropriately as able-bodied as their 2-tail P amount and its significance.

Mother Father

The afterward after-effects were acquired on analytical the Accurate parenting scores.

Table 2 assuming the Mean, Accepted Deviation,Standard Error of Beggarly and t arrangement of Accurate parenting array of mothers and fathers appropriately as able-bodied as their 2-tail P amount and its significance.

Mother Father

The afterward after-effects were acquired on analytical the Absolute parenting array of both groups.

Table 3 assuming the Mean, Accepted Deviation,Standard Error of Beggarly and t arrangement of Absolute parenting array of mothers and fathers appropriately as able-bodied as their 2-tail P amount and its significance.

Mother Father


A child’s development into boyhood involves a cardinal of processes and assorted stages, alive apart and inter-dependently that actuate the affectionate of alone and affiliate of association the boyish grows into. Psychologists like Erickson, Piaget, Kohlberg, Freud and others accept over the ages theorized the stages of abounding such adorning processes as the processes of moral development, cerebral development, psycho-social development etc. Socialization is one such important action that influences the child’s development through its assorted agents. The best important of these agents is the ancestors and in particular, parents. Because the immense access parents accept in the cerebral development of their child, abundant accent has been accustomed to the methods and styles of parenting employed. People are acceptable added acquainted of the after-effects of their behaviour and attitudes against their accouchement on their development and their future. Parenting styles, as declared by analyst Diana Baumrind, accept been begin to accept an aftereffect on the child’s cocky admire (Bartle, Anderson and Sabatelli,1989; Johnson, Shullman and Collins, 1991) and bookish accomplishment (Dornbusch, Ritter, Leiderman, Roberts and Fraleigh, 1987; Steinberg et al., 1989; Cohen & Rice. 1997) amid alternative aspects of an individual’s personality and abilities. The choices that parents accomplish in the parenting of their accouchement are afflicted by their own personality, abilities, accomplished acquaintance etc. Are these parenting styles additionally afflicted by the socio-economic cachet (SES) of the family? The accepted analysis begin that there is a cogent aberration in the application of assertive parenting styles amid families of a lower socio-economic accomplishments and those of a almost college socio-economic background. These after-effects are based on a abstraction of parenting styles of these two groups of socio-economic status, as perceived by the child.

The agency fatigued from the array of anniversary parenting appearance for the two groups showed that both the ancestor groups of the college SES chic and the mothers of the lower SES category, almost added than the alternative two styles, active the accurate parenting characterized by an compassionate and adorning anatomy of discipline. The fathers of lower SES group, however, drew the greatest beggarly in the absolute style. Fathers of such families are almost added ambitious of their accouchement and usually set the rules and behavior of the ancestors afterwards much, if any appointment with any of its members. This find, forth with antecedent analysis that accepted that accouchement of absolute fathers accept an added accident of agreeable in behind action and actuality use (Bronte-Tinkew et al., 2004), reiterates the accent of because and altering parenting styles of lower SES fathers, for the advancement of individuals as able-bodied as association as a whole. Because the parenting styles alone and comparing the mothers of the two groups and additionally the fathers of the two groups, the abstraction drew some absorbing results.

First demography into application acquiescent appearance of parenting, it was begin that although the allegory of the fathers of the two groups showed no cogent aberration (P amount = 0.3612), there was a actual cogent aberration in the mothers (P amount = 0.0081). The mothers of participants of lower SES were begin to be almost added acquiescent than the mothers of those of college SES. Alternation with some of the mothers of the lower SES accumulation advance the researcher to brainstorm that this aberration may be due to the actuality that in lower SES families, usually both parents accept to assignment in adjustment to accomplish ends accommodated and, with the accouterment of alike bald aliment for the ancestors actuality a account of stress, they hardly accept time to, or alike feel the charge to pay abundant attention to their children’s activities. This speculation, associated with beforehand studies which accept affiliated low socio bread-and-butter cachet to cold-shoulder behaviour amid acceptance (Attwood, Gaynor; Croll, Paul, 2006), may be an important acquisition of absorption to attorneys and NGOs alive with low SES families, who may appetite to accede counseling decidedly the mothers of cold-shoulder students. However, back the alternation with the mothers was brief, it is appropriate that added analysis into the affidavit for this acquiescent behaviour is all-important to draw solid conclusions. It should additionally be acclaimed that the mothers of low SES denticulate actual low in absolute appearance and their accurate and acquiescent array were college but not actual altered from anniversary other. This goes to appearance that these mothers usually do not absorb themselves in the adorning of their accouchement but back they do, they tend to be hardly added accurate than permissive. It is alone as compared to the college SES accumulation that they are decidedly added acquiescent in parenting.

Considering Accurate parenting style, after-effects appearance that although amid the mothers the aberration is basal (P amount = 0.0909), the fathers of the two groups showed a cogent aberration (P amount = 0.206), with those of college SES actuality added cogent than those of lower SES. This shows that fathers of college SES animate a added two-way relationship, breadth in the boyish is accustomed the amplitude to accept opinions and catechism ascendancy and is acclimatized in a added admiring and understanding, rather than a castigating manner. It may be declared that the acumen for this aberration is possibly due to the actuality that fathers of college SES are added accomplished and added acquainted of the after-effects of their behaviour against their accouchement and apprehend the charge to be added auspicious and compassionate than strict. Once again, this apriorism is alone a advancement for added abstraction and not a cessation of this research.

Finally, the absolute appearance did not crop any cogent differences amid the mothers of low and aerial SES groups, and the fathers of low and aerial SES groups. It may be acclaimed that abnormally both the mother groups denticulate decidedly low in this appearance of parenting. Back it was begin that fathers of low SES were added absolute in their parenting than acquiescent or democratic, it may be said that the fathers of aerial SES antithesis an accurate and absolute appearance of parenting but are, however, added autonomous overall; admitting the fathers of low SES are a lot added absolute than democratic.

With account to the beforehand mentioned abstraction by Littman, Moore & Pierce in the 1960s which assured that there are no “general or abstruse differences in socialization practices as a action of amusing class.”, the present after-effects may accept accepted the contrary, however, it is important to agenda that the after-effects begin are but partially significant. The acceptation of some of these after-effects calls for a charge to conduct added analysis in the area. Such analysis may prove to be abundant aid to attorneys and organizations committed to developing the association through the advancement of its individuals, abnormally those of the lower socio-economic group. A cardinal of programmes for educating under-privileged accouchement accept been and are actuality conducted in the country, which strive to animate parents to acquiesce their accouchement to study, because child-labour and boyish marriages are aggressive admitting authoritative laws. However, in the ablaze of analysis like the accepted study, one charge additionally accede the charge to admonition these parents apropos their behaviour with their accouchement in general, accustomed situations as the choices the parents accomplish in their alternation with their accouchement has been accurate to affect the latter’s self-esteem (Bartle, Anderson and Sabatelli,1989; Johnson, Shullman and Collins, 1991), optimism (Debora R.Baldwin, Anne McIntyre, Elizabeth Hardaway, 2007), bookish accomplishment (Dornbusch, Ritter, Leiderman, Roberts and Fraleigh, 1987; Steinberg et al., 1989; Cohen & Rice. 1997) and abounding alternative aspects, all of which accord to the individual’s personality and how he leads his life. It is afterwards all as important to accede the cerebral development of individuals of association as it is, their bread-and-butter and amusing development.

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