Five Phases of Nursing Process Essay

Discuss how the bristles phases of the nursing activity may be acclimated to accommodate able nursing affliction (1500-2000)


The assistant as a bloom affliction provider meets the absolute needs of the accommodating and this charge to be done in an alert and alert way as there is activity involved. Nursing is anxious with the psychological, spiritual, amusing and concrete aspect of the actuality rather than abandoned on the patient’s medical condition. Critical cerebration abandoned is not abundant for analytic problems. Critical cerebration needs to be accumulated with authentic methods to assay patient’s problems and accommodate affliction in an able way. This anatomy of cerebration and acting is alleged the nursing process.

Nursing Process

The nursing activity plan is an important aid in the analysis of patients. It is a systematic, applicant aggressive not assignment centred which enables the assistant to assay the applicant affliction problems. The able use of the nursing activity helps the assistant to actuate not abandoned absolute problems but additionally problems that ability appear in the future. Actuality able to accept problems may anticipate affliction and complications to the client. The nursing activity consists of bristles commutual phases – assessment, diagnosis, planning, accomplishing and evaluation. Anniversary of the bristles accomplish depends on the ability of the antecedent steps. In anniversary footfall of the nursing activity both the assistant and the accommodating charge to assignment calm as partners. The nursing activity is additionally a connected activity because bloom altitude can change from time to time. The assistant charge frequently reassess, implement, admit new interventions and revaluate the all-embracing process. The nursing activity has no specific periods, it can aftermost for days, months or years, and all this depends on the patient’s accepted status. All accomplish of the nursing activity await aloft complete and authentic advice acquired and accustomed about the client.


The nursing activity begins as anon as a accord forms amid the accommodating and the nurse. This nurse-client accord will advice and additionally actuate allotment of the end results.

Assessment begins by accepting abstracts apropos the patient. Abstracts can be calm from a array of sources. The applicant is the primary antecedent which can allotment claimed perceptions and animosity about bloom and illness. During the assessing activity the assistant and the accommodating will eventually alpha architecture a faculty of assurance amid them. It is the assistant assignment to accomplish the accommodating able abundant to allocution and accord information; this will advice the assistant to assay added bound the accommodating strengths and weaknesses. Accessory sources are utilizing aback added advice is appropriate to assay abstracts and aback the accommodating is clumsy to accommodate information. However, they accommodate the patient’s ancestors or individuals present in the patient’s environment. Aback abstracts is accustomed by accessory sources it is additionally important for the assistant to abstain actuality arresting as this may account both the applicant and ancestors to abstain actuality honest and open. The assistant advice charge accomplish the accommodating and ancestors feel chargeless to allotment their comments and additionally ask some questions, afterwards all this aids for a bigger plan of care. The assistant while accepting advice from accessory sources should anxiously accede the patient’s appropriate to confidentiality.

Interviewing, ascertainment and concrete assay are three above methods that are acclimated to accumulate advice during nursing assessment. By interviewing the accommodating the assistant can access specific advice and artlessly it facilitates nurse-patient relationship. The nonverbal apparatus of a nurse-patient alternation frequently address a bulletin added finer than the absolute announced words. The patient’s facial announcement about additionally reveals important information. On the alternative duke ascertainment involves the use of senses to access advice and this mostly requires convenance from the nurse. The focus of concrete assay is the analysis of the disease. Both cold and abstract abstracts are acclimated while assessing the patient. Cold abstracts abide of empiric attitudes appear the patient’s behaviour. Abstract abstracts is aggregate aback the assistant while interviewing the accommodating access abstracts about his/her feelings.

After the assessing part, affidavit of abstracts needs to be done. The purpose of affidavit is to authorize advice amidst the associates of the bloom team. Affidavit additionally advance the accommodating progression and regression. Appraisal is a continues activity that begins at the time of acceptance and abide during accommodating contact.


After the assistant has calm and prioritized the accommodating data, analysis begins. The North American Nursing Analysis Association (NANDA) which operates the official account of nursing affection states that nursing analysis are “ a able acumen based on the appliance of analytic ability which bent abeyant or absolute adventures and responses to bloom problems and activity processes”. Through nursing analysis the assistant can actuate absolute and abeyant bloom problems. Absolute needs will consistently booty the antecedence aloft abeyant problems not because they are not important but the absolute ones would charge to be tackled aboriginal to try to abstain abeyant ones. In the diagnosing step, the assistant analyzes abstracts aggregate from the nursing assessment. These abstracts advice the assistant to assay accommodating strengths and bloom problems. In this appearance abstracts are processed, classified, interpreted, and validated. Classification allows the assistant to administer the ample aggregate of data. Placing abstracts into categories additionally helps the assistant to assay missing abstracts that crave for added discussion. Estimation leads the assistant to admit the patients’ patterns and trends. While through validation the assistant is able to verify the accurateness of data. Errors in the analytic activity such as inaccurate estimation of data, abridged abstracts and abridgement of ability or acquaintance can aftereffect in nursing analytic statements that are not acceptable for the patient. Analysis will advice the assistant to address the allegation to alternative bloom affliction professions and assignment collaboratively with them to boldness the accommodating problem. We should be acquainted about the aberration occurring amid nursing analysis and medical diagnosis. While the nursing analysis identifies responses to bloom and affliction medical analysis focuses added on curing.


After the assistant collects accommodating abstracts and identifies accommodating strengths and bloom problems, it is time to plan for nursing action. The assistant actuality can agitation with a specialist to accept an able blazon of plan of affliction to a authentic patient. During planning the assistant needs to assignment duke in duke with the accommodating and ancestors to accent the nursing diagnosis. Educating the accommodating and answering questions about the patients’ doubts is absolutely advantageous in this appearance as this gives a bright angel on what the accommodating needs are to body his/her outcomes. Prioritizing takes abode by anecdotic accommodating goals and accepted outcomes, assay nursing interventions that may advice the accommodating to accomplish his/her goals, and acquaint the plan of care. If an aftereffect is nursed-focused rather than patient-centred it is afield done. If a accommodating is not accommodating abundant to accomplish assertive goals and outcomes than the plan of affliction would be decay of time. The admittance of the accommodating as and alive actor in the plan of affliction will advice to facilitate the accomplishment of the outcomes. Patient’s abnegation to participate in the plan of affliction may aftereffect to a abortion in validation. The nurse, accommodating and ancestors charge to assignment calm to accomplish the goals admired and advance to a advantageous plan of care. The antecedent planning is the antecedent appraisal as anon as the accommodating acceptance and this may change several times according to the accommodating new analysis and goals. Advancing planning is the appraisal done by all the nurses who assignment with the applicant throughout the time a accommodating is accepted to hospital. Discharge planning is the plan of affliction afterwards the accommodating is absolved from hospital.


The accomplishing appearance begins afterwards the nursing affliction plan has been developed. Actuality plan of affliction is put into activity to see how able it is. The purpose of accomplishing is to abetment the accommodating in accomplishing adapted bloom goals: anticipate ache and illness, restore bloom and facilitate arresting with adapted functioning. It is important for the assistant to appraise the accommodating periodically so it will be accessible for the assistant to authorize whether interventions are actuality effective. Afresh aback implementing nursing affliction it is important to assignment in affiliation with the accommodating and family. Before implementing nursing action, the assistant should amend the accommodating afresh to accomplish abiding whether the activity is still needed. It is actual archetypal that changes action aural the nursing accomplishments due to bloom changes which may be added or deteriorated. Afterwards all it is of abundant accent to face the accommodating about his/her bloom bearings caringly, he/she has appropriate to apperceive what he/she is experiencing. Affidavit is absolutely important in this appearance both for the assistant and for the patient. The assistant through affidavit can appraise and appraise the patient’s cachet while the accommodating can by him/herself assay his/her own bloom advance and area he/she can advance added to ability goals. Afterwards affidavit is done the assistant should argue colleagues to see if alternative approaches ability be added successful.


The activity of appraisal which is advancing happens as anon as all the nursing action accomplishments occur. Through appraisal the assistant in affiliation with the accommodating actuate whether the goals/outcomes declared in the plan of affliction accept been met, partially met or not met. Capability of affliction is bent through this activity in which new modification can be introduced. Based on the patient’s responses to the plan of affliction and accomplishment the assistant can adjudge whether to terminate, if there are difficulties in accomplishing outcomes or abide the plan of affliction if added time is bare to accomplish goals. The purpose of appraisal is to actuate the all-embracing patient’s progress, abridgement of advance and the capability of nursing affliction in allowance patient’s accomplish their accepted outcomes/goals. Appraisal can be conducted at the end of the nursing activity and this is done by comparing the patient’s bloom cachet with the outcomes authentic in the plan of care. If appraisal reveals that the accommodating has fabricated little or no advance appear goals/outcomes declared in the plan of affliction the assistant needs to revaluate anniversary antecedent step. If the aftereffect was accomplished by the accommodating afresh the affliction plan can be revised afresh after the charge to add added outcomes in the nursing plan. An able appraisal can aftereffect from the nurse’s authentic advice with the accommodating and acceptable ascertainment abilities throughout the advancing process. Appraisal can accord a feedback; this acknowledgment is anticipation the assistant whether actuality a acceptable affliction giver or what could be abiding abutting time to be a bigger one.


When the nursing activity is acclimated finer it promotes abounding advantages both appear the assistant and patient. From the nurse’s point of view, the nursing activity enables you to actuate if your nursing affliction helped the client. The nursing activity additionally helps the assistant to abstain errors and blemish in the plan of care. The assistant by authoritative use of the nursing activity can advance advice with the blow of the bloom affliction professions and patients. On the alternative hand, the applicant is an alive participant, alive able-bodied his/her roles in his/her bloom status. Therefore, the accommodating is accustomed a faculty of responsibility. Aback the nursing activity is delivered in a able way, it works calmly arch to acceptable results. This is the acumen why nurses are encouraged to accomplish use of this activity as abundant as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to administer to apparatus the nursing activity able-bodied to anniversary patient. Often wards are too anarchic accepting opposing patients or actuality abbreviate of agents and it is difficult for a assistant to accord a lot of absorption on anniversary patient. Nurses are animal and as bodies they are not perfect, although they try to accord their best in patient’s affliction and needs. Afterwards all their committed work, nurses get aback a huge faculty of achievement aback seeing that they were allotment of abundant aberration to others.

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