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Health Promotion Activity for HIV



Health advance about adopting acquaintance of Animal Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV). Accumulation members– Grace Gaisey, Ethel Onyewuotu, Isabelle Bialan, John Daramewa, Nana Sarpong- Mensah and Peace Uzoma.


This article highlights assessing, planning, implementing and the appraisal of a bloom advance activity on HIV.

The Apple Bloom Organisation (WHO), 2013) defines HIV as a virus which infects the beef in the allowed arrangement by antibacterial its activity to a date that infections may activate to activity as a aftereffect of abrasion the allowed system.

Assessment of Bloom Need

Health needs appraisal is an able adjustment in reviewing bloom issues involving a citizenry which leads to accustomed priorities and allocation of assets that abetment in the advance of bloom and abate inequalities (National Institute for Bloom and Affliction Excellence (NICE), 2009).

This is benign as it contributes to the description patterns of ache in a bounded citizenry and the differences from alternative location, such as districts, bounded or civic ache patterns such as HIV as it is a communicable ache (National Aids Trust (NAT), 2014), and creates the befalling in acquirements added about the needs and priorities of the bounded citizenry to accommodate the objectives bare to assignment appear affair those needs (Wright, Wilkinson and Williams, 2009).

Epidemiology and demographic statistics

Naidoo and Wills (2009) authentic epidemiology as the abstraction of accident and advance of ache in a population. Demography on the alternative duke is the size, agreement and the administration of animal populations and their changes consistent from abundance and bloodshed (Dudley, Poston & Bouvier, 2010).

HIV is a transmitted ache with about 75 actor bodies adulterated with the virus worldwide, with abstracts trends advertence it has added as 36 actor bodies were active with HIV by the end of 2012 (WHO, 2014). It has additionally been estimated that the 75 actor adulterated with HIV bent the virus by agency of transmission, such as animal activity and mother to adolescent manual (WHO, 2013).

For instance, it has been estimated that 5.1 actor of accouchement accepted accept been adulterated with HIV through mother to adolescent manual (NAT, 2013). Thus, aboriginal baby analysis is actuality scaled up in abounding countries, but in 2011 alone 35% of the breed built-in to mothers active with HIV accustomed HIV analysis and has been added by 46% amid 2010 and 2012 from 2.4 actor to 3.5million (WHO, 2013).

The demographic statistics from abstracts trends indicates that, about 36 actor bodies accept died of HIV globally back 2012 compared to 30.3 actor bodies in 2001 which shows an admission of 17% (WHO, 2014). Although the bloodshed amid the citizenry are breed age-old 1-5 years and has added with 3.34 actor (NAT, 2013). HIV causes bloodshed amid adults, however, according to estimates by WHO (2013), breed who has HIV are added acceptable to die amid the ages of 1 and 5 years, respectively, with 2.3 actor dying as a aftereffect while adults accept the likelihood of dying amid 15 and 60 years.

Target group

The ambition accumulation for this HP activity is 15-24 years as statistics apparent by the Accessible Bloom England (PHE) (2013) announce adolescent bodies beneath 25 are added at accident of application HIV with a aiguille age of women amid 15-20 years and 20-24 for men. This has been adumbrated as a accessible bloom affair in abounding countries as 40% of new HIV infections are apparent amid 15 to 24 year olds (PHE, 2013).

WHO (2013) added corresponded stating, bisected of the 75 actor bodies adulterated with HIV in the apple are adolescent women age-old 15 to 20 years, accounting for all new infections, and there is a growing acceptance that these women and girls with HIV infection is shaped by gender inequalities and abandon adjoin them.

Behavioral aspects that ability affect this bloom issue.

According to the Civic Institute of Allergy and Infectious Ache (2014), behavioral aspects that can affect the accident of HIV includes alone female and self-esteem. For instance, analysis indicates that best advancing accident behaviour for HIV manual has been declared for men who accept sex with men (MSM) (NAT, 2014). It has additionally been estimated that, 10 actor bodies of MSM are active with HIV globally and in 41,100 in the UK in 2012 which has been accretion in the contempo years, authoritative accessible bloom experts accept apropos about the ascent amount amid MSM (NAT, 2014).


In 2013, Apple Bloom Organisation appear a all-around activity in which they provided recommendations on HIV testing and counselling. They estimated that about 20 actor adolescents age-old 10-24 years are active with HIV accepted with bisected of them blind of their infection. This activity aims at giving a aerial antecedence to enhance admission to HIV testing and counselling globally, which is benign as it absorb the advance of bloom and is adapted for the HP activity as advising bodies on HIV testing and alms counselling gives the befalling to care, analysis and abutment for bodies and admittance them to apperceive their cachet (British HIV Association, 2014).

In addition, the activity additionally categorical the charge for giving acceptable admonition on HIV acquaintance and an aboriginal analysis and analysis as it can abate the progression and the blockage of HIV transmission. Thus, the WHO (2013) corresponded by advising that HIV testing and counselling should be offered in all-around hospitals as this will abetment the analysis and administration of the infection.

In the UK, the NAT (2012) provides a activity based on HIV blockage and its aim is to advance bloom of the UK citizenry with a blockage of an HIV analysis activity plan to abate backward analysis of HIV in the UK. This is a accordant activity as HIV has become a generalised catching in the UK that affects the bloom and able-bodied actuality of astronomic bodies from all amusing classes (NAT, 2014). HIV is not alone a bloom issue, but additionally a adorning affair that affects the social, cultural, political and the economics of the country (British HIV Association, 2014) as it is associated with austere anguish that includes a aerial amount of analysis and affliction (PHE, 2013).

The activity of this activity is to facilitate an admission in HIV testing in all healthcare settings in adjustment to abate the admeasurement of individuals who are blind of their HIV infection with the motive of benefitting the alone and the accessible health. This is basic as advancement focus on accretion approved HIV testing is a key basic of the blockage and affliction of the bodies in adopting the acquaintance of HIV of the bodies in the UK. As a result, the UK civic guidelines for HIV testing from the British HIV Association, (2008) recommends that an HIV analysis should be offered to all anew registering patients in accepted convenance and accepted hospital admissions and advance the acquaintance of HIV which will abetment in abbreviation backward analysis of HIV.

Type of needs

According to NICE (2008), an compassionate of the appraisal of bloom needs requires a analogue of charge which indicates the accommodation of a account from an intervention. Bradshaw (1972) suggests there are four ambit of need; however, the Bradshaw charge called was the normative charge as it is based on able judgement (Coles & Porter, 2008). It creates the charge for professionals to analyze accepted requirements (Gruen & Black, 2006). For instance, the WHO (2013) recommended that HIV testing should be offered in all-around hospitals. This indicates a bloom charge as abstracts indicates that best bodies are blind of their infection (NAT, 2013).


Ewles and Simnett (2003) archetypal comprises of bristles approaches to bloom advance which consists of medical approach, behavioural change approach, educational approach, civic change admission and client-centred approach. Thus, the educational admission was called as accepting an educational admission in bloom advance offers alone admonition to ascertain bloom allowances for themselves (Ewles and Simnett, 2003). The bloom acceptance archetypal is apparent to be the best accepted admission acclimated in bloom promotion, accouterment the allowances of educational admission (Glanz, Rimer & Viswanath, 2008). The archetypal is capital for acclamation botheration behaviours that raises bloom apropos (Black, Hawk & Keene, 2006). For example, aerial accident of animal behaviour and the achievability of application HIV, this is an identification of alone behaviours. Willz (2007) added appropriate that bloom professionals charge to be alert of this archetypal so as to accredit them in educating and announcement bloom in individuals from assorted cultural and indigenous groups.

The backbone of the educational admission is based on the actuality that it permits bodies to accomplish an abreast accommodation about their bloom by accouterment ability and admonition to altered cultural and indigenous groups which the bloom acceptance archetypal corresponds to. However, Naidoo and Wills (2009) added explain that the educational admission differs from the alternative approaches as it does not use accretion to accomplish its aim which is a limitation. The Royal College of Nursing (2011) corresponded with this appearance advocating that the role of the assistant is to acquaint and not persuade.

Aims and Objectives

The accumulation had aims and objectives to ensure anybody recognizes what needs to be achieved. For that reason, the accumulation articular the aim as adopting acquaintance for HIV and with the objectives that comprises participants will be able to analyze the capital differences amid HIV and AIDS, analyze the affection of HIV and the safest advantage to activity off the menace, able to accept three accident factors of transmitting HIV and analyze three places to admission admonition on HIV.


Stufflebeam and Shinkfield (2007) explained bloom advance appraisal as a activity that is anxious with assessing bloom accompanying activity adjoin the goals in a way that after-effects and contributes to approaching accommodation making. In addition, Black, Hawks & Keene (2006) added declared that appraisal is fabricated so as to actuate if aims and objectives accept been met and actuate the ability of the methods used. This is basic as afterwards evaluation, the abstraction of if objectives are met would not be accepted and additionally problems and weakness encountered would not be apparent to rectify.

Thorogood and Coombes (2010) states there are three stages of appraisal in bloom promotion; this includes process, appulse and outcome.

In the activity of the bloom advance activity, the accumulation utilised a adjustment of admission so as to accomplish the aims and objectives. Thus, the educational admission was called as the accumulation acclimated educational abstracts such as penis archetypal as an analogy on safe use of condom, posters which were bright and accessible to read, broadcast leaflets to abetment in accretion the ability of the participants on HIV acquaintance as Linsley, Kane and Owen (2011) states, acceptable affection bloom admonition leaflets abetment individuals to accomplish abreast choices about their health.

In addition, Bloom acceptance archetypal (1974) suggests that, bodies charge to accept some affectionate of knowledge, such as admonition accustomed to them through leaflets and posters to booty accomplishments in alteration their behaviour or accomplish a bloom accompanying decision.

The interactions that took abode during the bloom promotion(HP) activity was done through adopting acquaintance of HIV to our ambition accumulation by acknowledgment and discussing the bloom affair with the participants and afterwards giving a check for them to acknowledgment to accredit the accumulation accumulate admonition on as to whether the objectives has been met.

The appulse appraisal involves in assessing the activity in commendations of the aims and objectives set by the group. Naidoo and Wills (2008) accompaniment that the appulse appraisal is the actual aftereffect the bloom advance accept on people. Essentially, this refers to the altitude of what has been accomplished by the group.

The check accustomed to the participants were analysed by the accumulation which adumbrated that 87% in 27 bodies beat the appropriate acknowledgment and 3 bodies in 13% had the amiss answer. From the appraisal agitated out, 13% of the participants answered the check abominably because it was broadcast to them afore acknowledgment what the bloom affair was about. Out of the 30 questions set, alone 3 participants had it wrong, which agency the accumulation was able to aggrandize the ability of the participants and their compassionate on HIV.

Green and Kreuter (2008) explained aftereffect appraisal measures as the continued appellation furnishings of HP activity and whether it has accomplished its goals. The aftereffect aftereffect of the HP activity will be difficult for the accumulation to analyze as it there will be a chase up which will be difficult to acquaintance participants again.

There are some improvements that could accept been fabricated to advance the HP activity. Hence, affirmation of the penis archetypal should be kept in a alert position and not arresting to the admirers so as to not be apparent as abhorrent to others. In addition, the continuing affiche should be bright and accumulation associates charge ensure it is not blocked from the admirers whiles interacting with them.

Royal College of nursing (2007) states bloom promoters are in the addition to convalescent the bloom of the public. Thus, their role as a bloom apostle is to plan and advance means that abetment bodies advance and administer their health. Linsley, Kane and Owen (2011) added corresponded adage bloom promoters charge accept an evidence-based compassionate of the important furnishings that can be fabricated through bloom advance interventions and communicating with bodies to advance their acquaintance of activities arch to bigger bloom and become abreast about their own bloom cachet which will advance the all-embracing bloom population.

The HP activity on adopting acquaintance on HIV could be agitated out in Gum clinics aural the ambition accumulation of 15- 24 years. According to French (2009), bodies can go to gum clinics no amount their age. As declared by the RCN (2012), nurses are bloom promoters and in an ideal position to access the bodies they collaborate with in adjustment to empower absolute bloom outcomes. Thus, the role of the assistant as a bloom apostle is to accommodate admonition and abutment through one to one interventions with audience to advance their animal bloom (French, 2009). The assistant can additionally apparatus advice on blockage and accident abridgement abutment of HIV to audience by accouterment accordant information, leaflets and condoms so as to accession their acquaintance on HIV.


This article has categorical a bloom advance activity based on adopting acquaintance of HIV, with a bloom charge assessments and ambition citizenry identified. The article has additionally categorical epidemiology and the demographic trends associated with bloom behavior that administer it. The biographer additionally articular the approaches and the aims and objectives with an appraisal of the capability of the bloom advance activity and the role of the bloom promoter.


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