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Holistic Case Study On A Patient With Diabetes

This is a case annotation about a diabetic patient, in commendations to the accommodating interviewed in a dispensary setting. The case is brash in a holistic manner, breadth medical and non-medical aspects were absolutely covered. A abundant annual of the bodies circuitous and thoughts are additionally included.

Patient History

Ms Linda Mogen*, 76, is a retired academy abecedary who currently lives with her bedmate in the boondocks area. She pays a appointment to the dispensary every 3 months for an all-embracing analysis as able-bodied as to access her medications, which is mainly insulin. Her ancestors is accomplishing abundantly able-bodied and there is no banking burden, although she prefers to appointment this accurate dispensary although it is almost added from her abode because there are no accuse for her as an ex-government employee. She appears as a contented adult who is accomplished about her condition.

Aside from that, she additionally suffered from hypertension, chiefly due to accent from her antecedent assignment as a teacher. In the past, Ms Mogen had been diagnosed with a thyroid birthmark in the throat, and a cyst in the breast, which were both amiable and removed 5 and 8 years ago respectively. As a baby, she acclimated ache from asthma, but as time anesthetized it became beneath apparent.

Ms Mogen apparent her activity because her ancestor and two sisters had diabetes too, which appeared to be a ancestral ache in her family. She was acerb recommended by her sister – who is a nurse- to acquire a checkup. Afar from her advance of insulin (pill form), Ms Mogen additionally consumes addition medicine, such as Barley Blooming Herb, as able-bodied as alternative supplements. There are rashes consistent as an abhorrence to insect bites as well, possibly accompanying to her diabetes.

*Names afflicted to advance confidentiality

Biological Aspects

Diabetes mellitus (DM) consists of a array of metabolic disorders that presents aerial abnormal levels of claret sugar, akin to hyperglycemia (Kumar, 2009). Blazon 1 DM is acquired by abolition of pancreatic islet B corpuscle primarily by an autoimmune process, arch to insulin deficiency, breadth the accommodating becomes decumbent to developing ketoacidosis, admitting blazon 2 DM after-effects from insulin attrition and attenuated insulin secretion, abreast from asymmetric hepatic glucose production. Some accepted presenting affection of DM are polyuria, polydipsia, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, blurred vision, accepted apparent infections and poor anguish healing (Kasper, 2008). From urine testing, accommodating would additionally present with glycosuria and ketonuria. Insulin is amenable in aesthetic cartilage formation, appropriately there ability be cogent cartilage accident in basic diabetes mellitus (Saladin, 2010). In affiliation to diet, civil aliment has to be reduced, i.e. rice, bread, pastries, potatoes and sugar. Ms Mogen had to decidedly cut bottomward on her assimilation of rice, as rice contains circuitous carbohydrates and the anatomy has a absolute of converting the glucose to energy.

Risk factors for blazon 2 DM includes a ancestors history of diabetes, chase or ethnicity, polycystic ovary affection or acanthosis nigricans, accepted concrete inactivity, blubber and hypertension (Kasper, 2008). In Ms Mogen’s case, she had a ancestors history of diabetes, breadth her ancestor and ancestors were additionally afflicted and additionally she had hypertension, which is now beneath control. Optimal analysis for diabetes is not abandoned acclimation the claret glucose, but DM-specific complications and accident factors for DM-associated diseases affliction to be articular and handled with a wide-range diabetes care. Generally, analysis for blazon 1 DM is 0.5-1.0 U/kg per day of insulin abstracted into several doses. Mixtures of insulin alertness with capricious times of admission and continuance of activity should be utilized. Blazon 2 DM can be controlled with diet and exercise abandoned or alongside oral-glucose-lowering agents, insulin, or a aggregate of articulate mediators and insulin (Kasper, 2008).

Hypertension is a abiding acclivity in claret burden (>140/90). Best patients are asymptomatic; however, astringent hypertension leads to headache, epistaxis or blurred vision. Investigation includes urinalysis for blood, protein and glucose, claret urea and electrolytes, claret creatinine, claret cholesterol and ECG (Haslett, 2006). Optimal ambition in authoritative hypertension is application a distinct biologic if possible, while advancement basal ancillary effects. Aboriginal band agents accommodate diuretics, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor antagonists and calcium antagonists (Kasper, 2008).

The risks affiliated with a defined claret burden depends on a aggregate of accident factors in the specific individual, which includes age, gender, indigenous origin, diet, smoking, ancestors history, claret cholesterol, diabetes mellitus and above-mentioned vascular disease. There are assertive appropriate affairs to be brash back prescribing drugs. For example, in diabetic patients like Ms Mogen, the ambition claret burden to be accomplished is <130/85. First-line analysis should accommodate ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers to ascendancy claret burden and apathetic renal abasement (Kasper, 2008).

Ethical Issues

According to Kumar & Clark (2009), doctors acquire a analytic albatross for patients, breadth the rights of patients may be categorical by the three duties of analytic care: Assure activity and health; account autonomy; assure activity and bloom and account freedom with candor and justice. As such, there are ethical issues that arise in affiliation with this.


As a accommodating has his/her own rights of speaking or accouterment information, it is of absolute accent to access accord above-mentioned to any interviews. As a patient’s accustomed accord is acerb commutual to accustomed issues, it charge be additionally acclaimed that the accord is accustomed voluntarily. The affairs accompanying the accepting of accord should be brash upon.

For example, the moment Ms Mogen sees a actuality in white covering abutting her; it ability not acquire appropriate itself to her that we are medical acceptance instead of doctors. At that point, this may acquire aback created a accompaniment of apperception that she is accountable to acknowledgment our questions. Also, she may not acquire capital to arise as an acrimonious individual, appropriately accustomed us to access her. If this is true, again it would be bent to acquire proposed such a pressure, alike if unintentionally.


While architecture a affinity amid the doctor and the patient, it is empiric that back the doctor can accretion the patient’s assurance e.g. accommodating absolutely acknowledges that the admonition they accommodate is kept secure, an abiding patient-doctor accord is auspiciously built, and this consecutively encourages the accommodating to action accessible admonition afterwards hesitation. Lack of assurance prompts a arresting and abstract access to anesthetic by the analyst and patient, arch to the abasement of the affection of accommodating affliction and able activity (Kumar, 2009).

Ms Mogen mentioned that she desires to argue her accepted GP whenever possible, as she finds him accordant and feels chargeless to argue his admonition while alms her advance on the illness. This is acutely attributable to a abiding foundation of assurance that has been congenital back the accomplished few years.

Duty of Care

Once a accommodating consults the doctor, the doctor has the assignment to cure the accommodating with the best efforts. He charge be empathetic, allocution agreeably and accomplish his responsibilities appear the patients. In Ms Mogen’s opinion, she anticipate that a acceptable doctor is one who puts themselves in patients’ shoes and tries to acquire the patient. He charge additionally accommodate the accommodating with accompanying admonition back the accommodating requires it because this aids in the wellbeing of the patient.

Legal Issues

In accession of accouterment advice and treatments to the patient, it is capital that a doctor abides carefully to accustomed aspects. The two axiological aspects that cannot be disregarded are those accompanying to accord and confidentiality.

Consent can be acquired in two ways: either verbally or in atramentous and white, about by signing a accord form; or be adumbrated back the accommodating accepts the analysis afterwards question, argument or alternative concrete signs that illustrates bounce (Kumar, 2009).

For accord to be accurately acknowledged, there are three important requirements, which includes:

1) The accommodating charge be competent i.e. has accommodation to accord e.g. is able mentally and in agreement of age.

2) The accommodating charge be abundantly abreast apropos the risk, benefits, procedures and alternative affairs they are acknowledging for.

3) The accommodating has to accord voluntarily, and not be apprenticed into accepting analysis adjoin their wishes.

Under assertive circumstances, such as activity extenuative emergency procedures, there may be exceptions to these rules. However, best or all of the procedures taken has the charge of accepting accustomed consent, as this serves as”insurance” for added matters. Consequence of abortion to do so includes actuality answerable in court.

Ms Mogen is of accustomed age to admission consent, was mentally competent, absolutely accepted the purpose of the account and was not beneath any anatomy of burden by a third party. She was agog to allotment her claimed acquaintance and admonition for educational purposes as well.

Information aggregate from a accommodating is not to be abandoned afterwards the patient’s consent, except beneath binding use as affirmation in court. As a medical student, I acquire appropriately de-identified the accountable or admonition by replacing any accessible identifiers with pseudonyms and appropriately acquire the appropriate to altercate the elements of this case with my peers.

Sociological Aspects

Every distinct accommodating has a characteristic personality or feature, based on altered aspects. It is accordingly applied for us to appearance the sociological aspect of altered patients based on a decidedly advantageous model, CHESS-C:

C Culture

H History

E Emotions

S Structure

S Amusing support

C Critique

Within the adjustable CHESS-C catchword (Aroni 2009), [history] is one of the sociological aspects that may possibly explain Ms Mogen’s attitude appear her condition, and how she accepts it as allotment of her life. Seeing that Ms Mogen’s ancestor and two sisters had been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, she acquainted the call to acquire a medical analysis as brash by her sister. She accustomed that this may be a ancestral ache in the family.

She had been awfully optimistic about her activity back she aboriginal begin out. This is because she was mentally able to get the news. It can additionally be apparent that because there was a ancestors affiliate who was a nurse, and addition was a surgeon, she acquired acceptable bulk of admonition about diabetes, and accordingly has accustomed a brighter appearance of her diagnosis.

In agreement of [culture], Ms Mogen had articular herself as a able Catholic who is absolute into prayers and deems that by actuality contented and optimistic, activity would change for the better. Along with this, her [emotions] helped her cope with her affliction as she upholds herself a beatific mind, rid of any abrogating thoughts in accustomed life. This conspicuously lowers her accent levels, which helps her condition.

Besides that, Ms Mogen had a abundant accord of [social support] as she had a advanced amusing amphitheater – accompany whom she knew from abbey and additionally her teaching days. Spending time with her accompany already in a while kept herself active while accepting admiring companions, afar from her husband, whom she spends best of her time with.

Self Care, Affairs and stress

E Education

S Accent management

S Spirituality

E Exercise

N Nutrition

C Connectedness

E Environment

Ms Mogen’s access and angle apropos her bloom can be declared application the wellness-based ESSENCE model. [Education] plays an important role in allowance patients cope. Ms Mogen as a abecedary is absolutely able with accepted ability and is well-educated. She took the action to acquire and acquire her affliction by account and researching as she accomplished that, by alive the affliction more, she lessened her abhorrence and worry. The agency that she had acquired acceptable ability apropos her activity had abundantly abridged her anguish and afterwards helps her accord with her emotions.

Besides that, Ms Mogen fits a abundant accord of [exercise] in her circadian activity as she “feels acceptable back accustomed out bed-making or alive out in the gym”. She does her own set of exercise, including bending, stretching, weight appropriation and alternative self-improvised workouts 5 canicule a anniversary for at atomic bisected an hour per session.

[Nutrition] is an abnormally basic agency for diabetic patients. Ms Mogen begin herself adapting abundantly able-bodied to bistro basal or no rice at all, compared to her old-self, who advantaged rice for her meals. She additionally became absolute acquainted about what she feeds her stomach, which are now mainly blooming vegetables and fruits. This absolutely helps enhance amnesty and access activity assumption (Hassed 2009). This is accompanied by her basal burning of alcohol, abandoned during occasions, and has never smoked.

After retirement, Ms Mogen about thinks that she carries no added or basal stress. Her hobbies are absorbed appear the artistic ancillary as she brand to read, do annual arrange and gardening. Actuality a “light sleeper” she gets “woken up calmly and can beddy-bye at any time of the day”, but this is not a botheration to her.

Patient’s perspective

As mentioned above, Ms Mogen was somewhat optimistic about her affliction afore and afterwards accepting it confirmed. Her ancestors was absolute admiring as well, abnormally her husband, who assists her in her accustomed life. Although her activity has assuredly been afflicted by the analysis of her condition, she accepts and tries to accumulate added admonition from her approved GP, whom she finds accessible to acquaint with and accordingly finds herself adequate administration capacity with.

Having accepted visits to the dispensary had become a accepted for her appropriately she does not amusement it as a abundant errand. The dispensary basically provided her with the affliction she needs although assertive areas can be bigger e.g. the cat-and-mouse time was almost continued and the dispensary could accessible earlier, but all-embracing the surrounding cleanliness was of satisfactory accepted and she was blessed with the account provided.

Own perspective

This analytic adjustment has about motivated me to acquire patients more, whether currently or in the abreast future. It was a affable account with Ms Mogen and a acceptable aboriginal acknowledgment conversing with an absolute patient. She advocates acerb for optimism and accent of knowledge, and was acquisitive to allotment with us her activity experience, which motivates me to accumulate a blessed apperception back adverse difficulties.

It occurred to me that every accommodating has their own different acquaintance in the clinic, be it their interactions with their GP or account provided by the staff, accordingly a absolute access is appropriate back ambidextrous with a patient. I accomplished that as a medical staff, it is important to acquaint able-bodied with patients and be acute to their affections and apropos because every accommodating thinks differently. Moreover, establishing a acceptable accord with alternative colleagues increases assignment ability and body solid teamwork.


The account with Ms Mogen provided arresting acumen to a patient’s acquaintance admitting the accomplished appointment about aware our appearance on a patient’s perspective. As such, actuality accustomed the adventitious to abandoned allocution to the patients and agents had appreciably widened my appearance in commendations to the absolute activity analytic settings and interactions. Basically this provided a all-inclusive breadth of altercation application a holistic approach, which is including a array of aspects: biological, sociological, ethical, accustomed and lifestyle, none of which can angle alone.

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