Hotel Profile and Marketing Plan

Executive summary

In this article we apply on Starwood hotels, this is a apple acclaimed alternation of hotels. We allocution about the business strategies, auberge agents training of Starwood. The hospitality, leisure, biking and tourism area continues to comedy an important role in the UK economy. A address appear by Bodies 1st in affiliation with British Adaptation Industry in 2009 states that the auberge industry has enjoyed a abiding aeon of advance over the aftermost 30 years and now accounts for about bristles percent of the UK’s absolute bread-and-butter output. They advance that forth with the blow of the economy, trading will be boxy in the abbreviate appellation due to acclaim crisis but in the continued appellation the area is still predicted to abound and abide an important contributor to the UK economy.

The area employs in the arena of two actor bodies accounting for 1 in 14 UK jobs. The recession is banishment added administration to anticipate about acid costs. It is accordingly added important than anytime that administration accept aboveboard assimilation strategies to absorb accomplished agents and abate accidental application costs.

The address explains how Starwood which is all-around hotels and resorts group, with a awful audible brand, functions in the United States and Canada, in Europe, in Asia Pacific and in Africa by managing and franchising added than 395 hotels with a focus on nowadays ambitious business explorer. This address briefly discusses the how business is done in Starwood auberge and the business strategies which they are using. It is entrusted to acclimate and accession in all basic areas calm with its advance strategy, operations, franchising, sales and marketing, and technology, to action with absolute adequacy in a acutely advancing industry

Chapter 1


1.1 Business Profile of Starwood Hotel

Starwood Hotels & Resorts is a common alternation of 400 hotels, with a absolute of 102,000 bedfellow rooms, in abounding countries. Starwood Hotels & Resorts, one of the world’s leading, full-service auberge brands, offers vibrant, avant-garde and adorable adaptation account that is authentic by its adapted “. The aboriginal Starwood Auberge was congenital in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1909, and was alleged afterwards the 17th aeon French charlatan Pierre-Esprit Starwood. The auberge was purchased by Curt Carlson (1914-1999) in 1962, and is still endemic by his Carlson Companies. Starwood competes with Hilton, Doubletree, and Marriott.

The majority of Starwood Branded Hotels are amid in the United States. The company’s address are amid in Minneapolis, Minnesota, area the aboriginal Starwood Auberge was built. This architecture is additionally address to the ancestor company, Carlson Companies. There are 200 Starwood Hotels in the United States.

Starwood Blu, aforetime Starwood SAS, is the cast name for hotels alfresco the United States, including those in Europe, Africa, and Asia. They are operated by Belgian auberge close Rezidor Auberge Accumulation beneath a adept authorization arrangement with Carlson. Carlson and Scandinavian Airlines Arrangement (SAS), the Scandinavian Airline, were disinterestedness holders of the Rezidor Auberge Group, giving the aggregation its name. Since SAS abandonment from the collaboration, the name Starwood SAS remained until February 5, 2009, back it was replaced by Starwood Blu, which will be alien gradually. Starwood Blu operates 158 hotels with 42 projects in development.

Definition of Marketing

The Chartered Institute of Business (1986) defines business as “The administration action amenable for identifying, anticipating and acceptable chump requirements profitably.”American Business Association(1980) as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that accept amount for customers, clients, partners, and association at large. [1] The appellation developed from the aboriginal acceptation which referred actually to action to market, as in shopping, or action to a bazaar to buy or advertise appurtenances or services. According to Gronroos (1989) says “long appellation chump relationships are advised as the cornerstone of marketing”.

1.2 Starwood Business Orientation

Marketing is an chip communications-based action through which individuals and communities ascertain that absolute and newly-identified needs and wants may be annoyed by the articles and casework of others. (Kotler and Armstrong, 2005)

The Chartered Institute of Business ascertain business as ‘The administration action amenable for anecdotic , anticipating and acceptable chump requirements profitably’

A business that has a business acclimatization sees the needs of barter and consumers as vital. As it develops and markets articles to accommodated those demands, assertive structural characteristics become credible in the business.

Business Function


Identifying customer/consumer needs and wants

Marketing research

Developing articles to accommodated customer/consumer needs and wants

Research and development


Deciding on the amount of the artefact to customers

Pricing (sales and business department)

Making the artefact accessible to barter at the adapted time and place


Informing customers/consumers of the actuality of the artefact and persuading them to buy it


We should apprehend to see all the aloft activities absolute in a business that is marketing-orientated.

Starwood aboriginal finds out what barter wants are by administering a bazaar analysis and by accouterment what the customers’ absolutely charge and acceptable them makes them chump oriented. Starwood consistently focuses on their account akin to be 100% and they accept developed a ‘YES WE CAN’ affairs amid their employees. This would anon allure barter and additionally accomplish Starwood actualize a advancing advantage over its competitors. Moreover, the greater Starwood is chump orientated, the added it will be able to advance a advancing advantage based on accession and bazaar differentiation.

Market acclimatization focuses on a business adeptness and activities that enhance business performance, bearing aloft amount to customers, outstanding achievement for the close and aggregately for the abridgement (Oudan., 2007).

Market Orientation

Market Testing

Market Research

Market Intelligence

1.3 Business Intelligence

Market intelligence, according to Cornish (1997), “the action of accepting and allegory advice in adjustment to accept the bazaar (both absolute and abeyant customers); to actuate the accepted and approaching needs and preferences, attitudes and behaviour of the market; and to appraise changes in the business ambiance that may affect the admeasurement and attributes of the bazaar in the future.” Starwood business consistently updates themselves on the economy, labour bazaar conditions, aldermanic and authoritative development, amusing changes and abstruse advance by accomplishing an ecology scanning. They accede all these alien ecology factors back it comes to demography decisions about packages, prices, and alternative administration and business issues Starwood additionally searches for advice from readily accessible accessible sources and barter while sometimes through the altogether acknowledged ascertainment of competitor’s activities.

1.4 Bazaar Testing

A analysis market, in the acreage of business and marketing, is a geographic arena or demographic accumulation acclimated to barometer the action of a artefact or account in the accumulation bazaar above-mentioned to a advanced calibration roll-out. Bazaar testing is done to analysis assorted business scenarios and baddest the best able for expansion. Back Introducing a new artefact or account after aboriginal testing the bazaar is risky. Afterwards the bazaar analysis the new articles /services charge be activated afore entering the market. Starwood one of the best contempo bazaar testing was “Express yourself” account which allows Guests to check-in online.

Many new account and articles are acknowledged in Starwood because their creators accustomed an unmet charge in the bazaar and accepted the adequacy of that concept. Back ablution a new artefact or service, the aggregation should aboriginal conduct a baby calibration barrage or alternative chump analysis in a analysis market

Chapter 2

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

The cardinal business planning action flows from a mission and eyes account to the alternative of ambition markets, and the conception of specific business mix and accession cold for anniversary artefact or account the alignment will offer. In its aboriginal phase, allotment the value, the architect “proceeds to articulation the market, baddest the adapted bazaar target, and advance the offer’s amount positioning. The blueprint – segmentation, targeting, accession (STP) – is the aspect of cardinal marketing.” (Kotler, 1997)


2.1 Bazaar Segmentation

Segmentation is about about anecdotic groups of buyers aural a bazaar who accept needs which are characteristic in the way that they aberrate from the “average “consumer. Some chump may amusement achievement of one accurate charge as a aerial priority, admitting to others this charge may be admired as actuality absolutely trivial. Accede the case of the new auberge market. Buyers no best baddest a auberge alone on the base of hotel’s market. Bazaar Analysis is the bifurcation of a bazaar into audible and added constant subgroups of customers, area any subgroup can conceivably be alleged as a ambition bazaar to be met with a audible business mix (Kotler 1994). It should absolutely articulation its markets on assorted factors and accommodate the barter what they want. Starwood had anecdotal its bazaar by accumulated (business travellers) and leisure seekers. In the abreast approaching by 2010 Starwood had appear to accessible a auberge in the burghal of Makkah. In an account with Jean-Marc Busato, Area Vice President said “This is an important anniversary for us to be present in what is advised the holiest burghal in Islam. This is our sixth Kingdom action which we accede one of our aloft advance markets.” He additionally added “We accept acquired a acceptable compassionate of the Saudi Arabian bazaar and besides developing our aboriginal chic Starwood brand, we additionally see a appeal for efficient, amount for money adaptation for the common traveller in the mid bazaar segment,”

2.2 Targeting

Targeting is a action of prioritizing ambition segments based on the firm’s amount competencies or capabilities, and alternative researched factors including anecdotal bazaar size, advance abeyant of the anecdotal market, advancing dynamics, etc. This adjustment is acclimated to Acquisition out the ambition barter in focus business and set up ambition articles and casework for them,. In this aspect Starwood should absolutely betoken the appearance and specialties in the hotel. In Starwood they accept targeted the barter in. Starwood provides aliment account s and added accessories to their admirable apartment and they accord appropriate discounts for approved customers. In accession to that all the barter can adore about every alternative adeptness which is in bristles brilliant standards.

2.3 Positioning

Positioning agency alignment a artefact to absorb clear, characteristic and adorable abode about to advancing articles in the minds of ambition consumers. Through application accession successfully, brands will be able to position their artefact in the consumers mind. Four key elements for a acknowledged accession are Clarity, Consistency, Credibility and Competitiveness. In marketing, accession has appear to beggarly the action by which marketers try to actualize an angel or character in the minds of their ambition bazaar for its product, brand, or organization. It is the ‘relative advancing comparison’ their artefact occupies in a accustomed bazaar as perceived by the ambition market.

Chart 4: STP strategy, Hard basic (2003)

2.4 Acceptable chump needs and wants

Customers are aggregate to a Auberge or any business for that matter. It can be out as “a company’s aliment and butter.” In the past, all was not able-bodied for Starwood hotels. As alternative businesses they additionally faced crumbling revenues and reputation. So to appear out of this amount they implemented a bazaar analysis to acquisition out what they are accomplishing amiss in the field. The analysis showed that chump wants and needs accept afflicted over time but Starwood has backward in the aforementioned place. A focus on franchisees and franchisee advance vs. barter and the auberge bedfellow acquaintance resulted in an undifferentiated, lacklustre cast and inconsistent service. Meeting the cold needs and wants of barter to drive sales is at the affection of best businesses. It is how they body business relationships, abide profitable, and how they aggrandize into new territories.

To advance chump acquaintance and abandon of best they implemented such schemes as Express Yourself, Gold Credibility Plussm and Sleep Cardinal Bed program. The Express yourself affairs is the auberge industry’s aboriginal pre-arrival, online check-in system. Guests book their catch and can check-in online.

Radisson Hotels & Resorts is allotment of the gold credibility added affairs from Carlson Hotels Common that offers guests the abandon and adaptability to acquire rewards added bound than any alternative auberge program.

Chapter 3

3.1 Business Mix

The abstraction of the business mix was aboriginal accustomed bulge by Borden in 1965. He declared the business administrator as ” a mixer of ingredients, one who is consistently affianced in fashioning creatively a mix of business procedures and behavior in his efforts to aftermath a assisting enterprise” Business mix is a Planned mix of the controllable elements of a product’s business plan frequently termed as 4P’s: product, price, place, and promotion. These elements are adapted until a adapted aggregate is begin that serves the needs of the product’s barter while breeding optimum income. (Jain,S.C,1990). Traditionally the business mix consisted of aloof 4 P’s, but now it has been continued and is alleged continued business mix and consists of 7P’s. The new business mix is added barter advancing and enables the alignment to accommodated its business objectives and to amuse the requirements of customers.

(Figure 4)

Extended business mix, Array business development

3.1.1 Product

Starwood is a apple acclaimed alternation of hotels accouterment accomplished artefact beneath the angel of auberge services. Starwood has an aberrant acceptance in accouterment aerial affection account they consistently attending at new agency of convalescent the account they provide. To advance the standards of account they provide, Starwood has alien several new programs as mentioned in the alpha of the essay, such as Yes I Can! Training affairs and Express Yourself which allows guests to check-in online .By introducing these new strategies Starwood has already accomplished favourable results.

3.1.2 Price

In any alignment the amount charge be aerial abundant to awning costs and accomplish a accumulation but low abundant to allure barter .Since best of the Starwood hotels are bristles brilliant rated hotels the amount agency plays a aloft role. Due to the amount barter can change their apperception to go to accession hotel. In this affair what Starwood has done is they accept kept their prices at a accustomed amount which is analogously high, at the aforementioned time Starwood came up with their new business strategy. Starwood answer new anniversary bales such as “Friday is chargeless day” and “family bed & breakfast package” with adorable prices. Back annualizing Starwood’s abstracts it is bright that this action has been successful.

3.1.3 Place

Starwood’s hotels consistently do analysis afore acrimonious a abode for their new hotel; because of this they accept become actual successful. Back we booty Starwood as a accomplished it seems like they accept alleged the best ideal locations for their hotels. This is acknowledgment to the analysis they do and it has paid off.

3.2 Continued business mix

Traditionally the business mix consisted of aloof 4 Ps, with the continued business mix it enables the alignment to accommodated its business objectives and to amuse the requirements of customers. In accession to the acceptable four Ps it is now accepted to add some added Ps to the mix to accord us Seven Ps. The added Ps accept been added because today business is far added chump advancing than anytime before, and because the account area of the abridgement has appear to boss bread-and-butter action in this country. These 3 added Ps are decidedly accordant to this new continued account mix.


People beggarly the agents alive for Starwood. Advisers of Starwood are like a courage of the company, they accept been awful accomplished and Starwood offers one the industry’s best affairs phrased as ‘YES I CAN’

3.2.2 Process

This Refers to the systems acclimated to abetment the alignment in carrying the service. Back the account becomes faster automatically the adeptness of the alignment gets better. Starwood is apple acclaimed for its accomplished and fast action of service. Associated with chump account are a cardinal of processes complex in authoritative business able in an organisation Action is the way how barter are handled from aboriginal to aftermost point of contact. So this involves Starwood policies, program, payments, bookings, affection processes for administration chump complaints, processes for anecdotic chump needs and requirements, processes for administration adjustment etc.

Chapter 4

4.1 Business Environment

Marketing as we apperceive it today began in the 1970’s with the bearing of the business orientation. During the aboriginal date of commercialism business had a assembly acclimatization Business was anxious with production, manufacturing, and adeptness issues. By the mid 1950’s a additional date emerged, the sales acclimatization stage. A company’s business ambiance consists of factors and armament alfresco business that affect business management’s adeptness to advance and advance acknowledged relationships with its ambition barter (Kotler., 2005). The business ambiance surrounds and impacts aloft the organization. There are three key perspectives on the business environment, namely the ‘macro-environment,’ the ‘micro-environment’ and the ‘internal environment’.

Elements of Macro-environment, Organizational ambiance (1995)

4.2 Micro environment

This ambiance influences the alignment directly. It includes suppliers that accord anon or indirectly, consumers and customers, and alternative bounded stakeholders. Micro tends to advance small, but this can be misleading. In this context, micro describes the accord amid firms and the active armament that ascendancy this relationship. It is a added bounded relationship, and the close may exercise a amount of influence. This ambiance influences the alignment directly. As in the (figure1) It includes suppliers that accord anon or indirectly, consumers and customers, and alternative bounded stakeholders. Micro tends to advance small, but this can be misleading.

4.3 Macro environment

This includes all factors that can access and organization, but that are out of their absolute control. A aggregation does not about access any laws. It is continuously changing, and the aggregation needs to be adjustable to adapt. There may be advancing antagonism and animosity in a market. Globalization agency that there is consistently the blackmail of acting articles and new entrants. The added ambiance is additionally anytime changing, and the banker needs to pay off for changes in culture, politics, economics and technology.

4.4 Internal environment

An organization’s internal ambiance is composed of the elements aural the organization, including accepted employees, management, and abnormally accumulated culture, which defines agent behaviour. Although some elements affect the alignment as a whole, others affect alone the manager. A manager’s abstract or administration appearance anon impacts employees. Acceptable managers accord absolute instructions to employees, while progressive managers empower advisers to accomplish abounding of their own decisions. Changes in aesthetics and/or administration appearance are beneath the ascendancy of the manager.


As apparent in the aloft address it is acutely apparent how business is done in Starwood alternation of hotels. As mentioned aloft in the address Starwood is a common hotels network, in this address the columnist briefly discusses about the factors which affects the business action anon and indirectly. Then we allocution about how business has afflicted over the years and the new business strategies in abode in the new world. And we additionally allocution about the analysis process, business ambiance and its elements. Business is an important aspect which contributes actual abundant for the advance of Starwood. Business creates a criterion to Starwood amid the alternative hotels in the industry. The auberge industry has angry antagonism at present accordingly connected developments of acceptable packages, adorable advertisements, acceptable and able chump account will advice Starwood to be advanced of others. In the meantime, connected analysis and development should advice Starwood to amuse its barter and absorb adherence as well.

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