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Looking At The Effectiveness Of The No Pass No Play Policy Education Essay

The academy aphorism accepted as “No Pass/No Play” action was advised to actuate acceptance to canyon every class, or be butterfingers from accommodating in best school-sponsored extracurricular activities. “No pass” agency annihilation extra, as it relates to any afterwards academy UIL adapted functions: absolutely literally, that agency no athletics, no academy sponsored clubs or activities, no nothing, for acceptance with declining grades including, the action to break in academy for minorities and underprivileged students.

So the catechism becomes, is it working? Is it accomplishing aggregate that it has set out to do? And are our acceptance benefiting from this policy. Assay has apparent that the “No Pass/No Play” action has alone fabricated a slight absolute effect. So the abutting catechism would be if it has alone fabricated a slight absolute affect is the alternative ninety percent of the aftereffect abrogating or does it accommodate no appulse at all? How can this action be revitalized so that students, agents and coaches all acquire the benefits.


The cold of the “No Pass/No Comedy aphorism is to accelerate a able bulletin to all complex parties; Parents, coaches, students, agents and sponsors of all UIL activities: Academics appear aboriginal and abortion has after-effects (Martin, 2009). And with the No canyon no comedy policy, the after-effects are swift. However, supporters as able-bodied as critics accede that apprentice accomplishment is the primary goal.

The annoyance of the NP/NP action is overwhelming. And at abate districts such as the one on the Southside in San Antonio an abortive accomplishing of the NP/NP action or with no advice as to how to apparatus the action the after-effects can be disastrous. Declared in any cardinal of altered ways, the capital ambition is this action is apprentice achievement. Accordingly it would crave agents and maybe the abetment of attorneys as well. In abounding academy districts, the alone actuality that is alive to accumulate a apprentice acceptable is the adopted sponsor or drillmaster of a accurate UIL organization. And best of the time it is afterwards the facts so the alone affair that the sponsor can do, is to allocution to the teacher(s) that the apprentice is declining their chic in and ask for boundless accomplish up appointment or ask if the abecedary can “do them a favor”. In some instances, aback educators appearance ameliorate demands as inappropriate, they are accomplished in award agency to atmosphere or balk their effects. They may exclude low-achieving pupils from commune assessments. . . . They may accession grades for acceptance in crisis of actionable the no-pass, no-play aphorism in athletics. (Martin, 2009).

The action has already been revised twice. In adjustment for the action to be finer implemented, the commune akin needs to footfall in and abetment the accompaniment with some guidelines these guidelines should accommodate how the districts are action to accommodate all alternative key players into the accomplishing advance to crop the bookish success that the action states that it is appetite for.

Using the commune breadth I am currently active has assisted me in establishing the actuality that there is a charge to accede a ameliorate to the No Pass/No Comedy action in adjustment to cede it advantageous and fair to all that is afflicted by it.

Background Information

Historical Context of Policy

Recognizing that there is an inherent bulk of non-academic activities, traces as far aback as the aboriginal canicule of Plato. Added concretely, academics and contest became anon circuitous in the aboriginal nineteenth century. While contest accept historically been an basic allotment of animal culture, they were not advised aural the breadth of the aboriginal academy (High Academy Journal, 2002).

While aboriginal sports teams were beheld primarily as recreational groups, anon afterwards the about-face of the aeon educators began apperception that comedy was a basic allotment of the educational process. The apprenticeship of the “whole Child” was answer by educators and the acceptation of non-academic accord activities was reevaluated (High Academy Journal, 2002).

As arch educators accustomed the appointment of the academy continued above the classroom, a new attitude against comedy emerged in the schools. Changes in academy curriculums mirrored the new account of play, and the prevailing appearance in the aboriginal 1900’s believed accommodating in academy activities resulted in accouchement acceptable bigger citizens. As athletes grew added arresting than academicians, however, predictably abutment began ascent to action the “evils” of athletics.

Critics argued contest detracted from the accurate mission of the academy while able-bodied proponents asserted that extracurricular activities do added acceptable than harm. As the agitation raged onward, the schools accomplished a accelerated amplification of sports and extracurricular activities from the 1950’s through the 1070’s. Sport’s has consistently been a admired allotment of animal culture; however, the accomplished two decades accept witnessed the admission of their popularity. In absolute accord with this added acknowledgment grew the animosity against sports amid educators. Texas, for example, witnessed the architecture of a multi-million dollar aerial academy football amphitheater and coaches salaries about acceleration those of teachers. The aldermanic acknowledgment was quick and far reaching, sending the bright bulletin that contest charge appear accessory to academics (High Academy Journal, 2002).

In the mid-1980s, the accessible apprenticeship of Texas underwent a cardinal of reforms advised to advance apprentice accomplishment by adopting the standards of achievement. The Texas House of Representatives allowable the advertiser of today’s No Pass/No Comedy action in 1984. Governor White appointed Dallas agent Ross Perot to arch up a agency to abstraction accessible apprenticeship ameliorate in Texas. As a aftereffect of the abstraction “No Canyon No Play” was allowable as allotment of a alternation of reforms included in House Bill 72 (Stutz & Ayres, 2007),

The NP/NP action is currently headed aback to legislation because allegedly some accept begin a bend aperture in the policy. Acceptance who are demography AP or Pre AP courses accept exemptions that they would not accept if they were demography approved courses. Also, some electives were absolved from the action as well. Administrator Florence Shapiro is in favor of authoritative the aphorism accepted for all courses, which would beggarly acceptance that are demography harder course, would be penalized if they alone beneath a seventy percent. This could accept an adverse reaction.

Although it has been a few year aback the NP/NP action has been enacted, educators are still disturbing to acquisition statistics to validate its usefulness. While it has been controversial, afterwards 25 years, it is allegedly actuality to stay, authoritative it important for parents, students, and coaches to accept it. 

Key Action Players

The absolute key action players are the Governor of Texas, Florence Shapiro, administrator of the Senate Apprenticeship Committee and Senator Kyle Janek, R-Houston, columnist of the bill. There are those who are additionally accompaniment adumbrative admiral who are key Action players as well, the catechism afresh becomes whether or not this affair is important abounding to them to accomplish a absolute appulse on accepting ascribe on this issue. However, the administrator and the academy lath would accomplish acceptable proponents to this policy, because they accept the ascendancy to ensure that this and agnate behavior are not aloof implemented but that the after-effects that the action is acquisitive for, are absolutely attained. Attainment and accomplishment in implementing this action would additionally crave that others be a allotment of the key action players. Parents, teachers, coaches, sponsors and abnormally the academy leaders can booty a advance role in aggravating to alter any action that is action to account acceptance and their bookish performance. But in adjustment to ensure that best anchorage advance to apprentice bookish achievement, it would be benign if the action was set in abode from those at the top. The processes and credo abaft this action is to set and accumulate the accepted for bookish achievement. This action affects academy leaders in that the bookish accomplishment of the academy is cogitating of the baton themselves. On our campus, an cutting bulk of those acceptance that aftermost in UIL sponsored activities, are those who are in ceremoniousness classes and AP courses. Although that sounds logical, aback a football aggregation starts out with 40 and ends up with 15 to 20 acceptance because abridgement of eligibility, afresh the action is not alive the way it was advised to work. Action makers charge to acquisition agency through implementing behavior to ensure that acceptance are successful, not aloof advancing up with behavior that abjure assertive contest to arise if a apprentice does not alive up to a assertive bookish expectation, but additionally what are some accomplish that we can booty to accomplish abiding that he is successful.

Policy Implementation

The action was allowable in 1984; however, as ahead stated, there were added bend holes in it at that time. In the 90’s is aback best of the Texas schools as able-bodied as the commune breadth I advise started to apparatus the NPNP aphorism added thoroughly. It may accept been, in part, because schools were not as aggressive as others and so they started attractive at accommodation to accumulate them on a added alike amphitheatre field. Whatever the affidavit for the affected accomplishing on alone schools, our campus seeks to be in acquiescence by documenting those acceptance that are disqualified to comedy a action at the three anniversary intervals. And the accomplishing was quick and swift. It beatific a bulletin that there was a botheration with some acceptance who were a allotment of extracurricular activities yet not casual their classes, yet it did not accommodate abetment to the schools that had disturbing students.

The accomplishing does not absolutely get accomplished the coaches or sponsors who acquaint the acceptance that they are no best acceptable to comedy due to the UIL regulation. However, the bandage administrator will accomplish a concerted accomplishment to get some acceptance to advance their accommodation at the academy breadth I teach. But that is only, in part, because allotment of her albatross is to adapt her acceptance for antagonism and additionally apery the academy at assorted functions that they function.

Policy Affect

Our academy commune is fabricated up of over 95 percent Hispanic. We accept a aerial cardinal of adapted apprenticeship acceptance as able-bodied as LEP. It is anchored in a lower socioeconomic area, and the dropout bulk is almost aerial for the bulk of schools that we accept in our district. We accept absolutely a few casual workers from Mexico and while we accomplish the absent policy, the commune understands that some of the religious holiday’s that are acclaimed in Mexico are not acclaimed in the United states, which agency that there will be a college bulk of absences in some months with assertive families. This has a absolute absorption on student’s grades and performance. Because whether they are able of affectionate the appointment or not they are still backward abaft acceptance that are present.

Some acceptance who accept adolescent ancestors sometimes are adapted to watch their brother or sister, accordingly sacrificing their admiration to participate in sports. I accept that this action affects our schools because we do not accept a huge fan abject aback it comes to acknowledging UIL events, because by the time it is time to assay for eligibility, absolutely a few acceptance accept already accept become ineligible. Therefore, the academy is not authoritative money on amateur unless they host a clash and await on the alternative schools to accompany in the crowd. Our ancestor abecedary alignment is not as able-bodied represented as it could be, and we do not accept a booster club at the present time. About as of August of 2010, our academy alternating with three or four others including the alone aerial academy that we accept for the commune accustomed a accustomed cachet from the Texas Apprenticeship Agency.

In speaking with, the administrator of the South San Independent Academy District, one affair is evident, and that is he is a backer for guidelines that will actuate acceptance to accomplish able-bodied in all areas of their academic. He declared that although the appulse of the NPNP action was in aftereffect in 1984, it was acquainted in the commune afterwards the dynamics changed. With the closing of the aggressive bases, abounding families confused on. The families that were larboard abaft were about retired aggressive whose accouchement already had accelerating from aerial school. The academy alone bottomward from a 5A academy to 3A and the socioeconomic cachet dropped. Best of the acceptance came from Mexico and their parents who still authority their aforementioned religious behavior would acquiesce some of their accouchement to absence academy on some of those religious holidays. Others are casual workers that were alone in the commune for a abbreviate aeon of time. Although the dynamics of the commune changed, one affair did not change, and that was the cutting admiration that the apprentice had to be a allotment of a aggregation action or organization. The NPNP action kept the commune with low numbers as far as eligibility. Although an abounding bulk of acceptance would appear to participate, by the time the third or fourth bold came about bisected became ineligible. At the alpha of the NPNP ruling, added agents were added accommodating to appointment with sponsors but afresh bodies alpha abusing the advantage and agents started continuing up for the law. No pass, no apprenticeship equals no play.

The administrator says that he is not agitated at legislators with advancing up with a austere law to accomplish bookish achievement. Like the Texas Appraisal of Knowledge and Abilities (state binding assessment) he feels as if legislators should accept taken added accomplish to “ensure that acceptance admission at our goals. If not, there will be consequences. Accident one apprentice out of the bookish amphitheatre because they could not comedy a action is too many. He says, although anybody may not necessarily account from alteration the NPNP policy, the action was activated to advice the acceptance anyway. If it is not acquiescent college levels of bookish excellence, afresh the purpose of the action may charge to be re-identified.

Currently the Administrator has over 20 years of actuality in an administering position with South San Independent Academy District. He has been able to cross and advantage the arrangement is by accepting accessible advice with stakeholders, such as the academy lath and the association at large. Additionally by ambience aback and not blame an issue, he allows the affair to be brought alternating through alternative venues such as alternative supporters. It would appointment the aforementioned way if it was a action that he did not support. He would aloof accumulate those authoritative cadre who captivated the aforementioned credo and booty to softer forms of media, like the commune website, newsletters or assorted forms of mail outs to parents.

Mr. Dee is abstracts aggressive as well, so although the angle I accept sounds beneficial, Accomplishing would accept to accommodate abstracts that shows the majority of the acceptance will advance their eligibility.

Although implementing a proposed addition to the NPNP action would not bulk much, if anything, it would still crave that teacher, acceptance put in a few added hours a anniversary and a added advancing arrangement be developed to ensure that parents and coaches are communicating with student’s and administration the apprenticeship guidelines that would be set up by the district. In the continued run, this accomplishing could prove benign to all accompaniment schools that accept the NPNP policy.

Policy Assay Report

Policy Goals and Objectives

The ambition of the No Pass/No Comedy policy, House bill 72, is to ensure that bookish accomplishment takes antecedence over contest and alternative UIL sponsored activities that acceptance may be a allotment of or are because acceptable a allotment of. The ambition of the action was accustomed by the Texas Apprenticeship Code and was orchestrated by the Senate in 1984. At the present there are sixteen alternative states that accept implemented the No Pass/No Comedy Action with thirty-two alternative states that accept some blazon of codicillary accommodation for extracurricular activities. Again, the antecedent ambition of the action was advised to actuate acceptance to canyon every class.


Although the bulk of acceptance who initially accept alternate in UIL sponsored activities has raised, the bulk that has captivated on to their accommodation afterwards the binding brand assay has declined. This would advance that the ambition of the No Pass/No Comedy action in aftereffect is alive but it is accepting an adverse acknowledgment as it relates to ensuring aerial bookish standards for player. The UIL sponsored activities are those extracurricular activities that are sponsored by the schools. If acceptance are clumsy to participate in these UIL sponsored activities because they are defective the adapted brand or grades afresh acutely the accomplishing of the action cannot be accounted as actuality successful.

Selection and Abstracts Collection

Data was calm from all boilerplate schools and one aerial academy from the academy commune represented in the San Antonio area. Although some boilerplate schools alpha at the sixth grade, alone the seventh and eighth brand levels were called as the focus for this abstraction because sixth graders do not participate in as abounding UIL sponsored activities as do the aerial grades levels.

Counselors from anniversary of the represented academy was asked to participate in a simple analysis about the recorded bulk of acceptance that alternate in UIL action and the bulk that could not complete the action due to bare grades over the accomplished four academy years. Acceptance currently enrolled at the boilerplate academy akin were additionally were accustomed a poll in which acceptance were asked if they heard of the No Pass/No Comedy action and what it meant in affiliation to them actuality a allotment of a club or organization? This was done to announce whether or not the charge for change was aural the action or if the commune aloof bare to ensure that the NP/NP action was broadcast amid all parents and students.

Collection of Data

Data was calm from all schools and beheld by a baddest accumulation of volunteers, to accommodate agents and alternative attorneys to apperceive if a account arrangement would be the best achievable way to advertise the abstracts that was gathered.

After an assay of the abstracts that was received, it was absitively that alone the accomplished two years would be the article of research. This was due, in allotment because some of the attorneys that came in new to the commune were clumsy to admission or retrieve annal from years above-mentioned to 2008. Volunteers counted the bulk of acceptance that were disqualified to be a allotment of a UIL alignment due to low bookish scores.

The numbers that were aggregate from the assorted schools were completed and the account arrangement was implemented as the best antecedent for accession data. A bar blueprint seemed to be the best breadth for beheld representation.

Analysis and Summary of Data

Middle School

An assay of the abstracts showed that at the alpha of the academy year, there is on boilerplate over two hundred acceptance that appear out to participate in any UIL action that is sponsored at the boilerplate academy level. The activities included for this abstraction were sponsored contest such as: football, volleyball and bandage for both the seventh and eighth brand and additionally articular the “A” and “B” teams as allotment of the statistics. Alternative UIL activities such as clubs and alternative organizations were not included in this abstracts because some sponsors do not accept by NPNP as they should and so the abstracts would be advised subjective.

The after-effects yielded that there was a abatement in the cardinal of those who were acceptable to comedy by the additional six weeks. The absolute bulk that was acceptable by the additional anniversary took a cogent abatement to aloof over one hundred students.

In the additional year, the assay showed that although there were hardly added acceptance that alternate in UIL sponsored activities in the aboriginal six weeks; there was an alike added cogent abatement in those who were disqualified by the additional six weeks. Although this is a baby statistical cull as it aloof relates to one academy commune and aloof application the aftermost two years, it would be absorbing to see if the aforementioned after-effects were yielded in approaching statistic.

High School

The abstracts for the aerial academy acceptance appear that although there are above numbers of participants in all of the UIL activities, they absent alike added acceptance to awkwardness than did the boilerplate academy level. And again, this sample was taken at the aboriginal six weeks of academy for acquisition accommodation and afresh afresh at the end of the aboriginal six weeks to see how abounding still maintained their eligibility.

Because there is alone one aerial academy in the commune and it aloof underwent some above citizenry changes, the bulk acceptance that alternate in UIL activities alone from 2008 to 2009. However, in attractive at the after-effects of the assay for the additional year, there is still a ample cardinal of acceptance who were not acceptable by the additional six weeks.

Evaluation Report

The abstracts that was retrieved from the questionnaires that were broadcast to the boilerplate and aerial schools, although taken from a lower socioeconomic area, is accurate and should be advised applicative in best schools that are labeled as Title I funded. This assay took into application the types of remediation that were accustomed to acceptance at the third anniversary intervals.

Middle academy apprentice are acquainted of the procedures that are taken if they do not accommodated the bookish requirements to abide on in their extracurricular activity. However, already the alternation of contest occurs that advance them bottomward the alley to declining a class, they are not abiding how abundant they charge to do or if they can do abounding to accompany their brand up in time to abide acceptable to participate in an extracurricular activity.

House Bill 72, the NPNP policy, which is assured in the districts handbook as TEC Apprenticeship CODE 33.081, is actual abundant so actuality activated in the district. However, the absorbed of this cold is not actuality activated which is to ensure that student’s are accomplishing aerial bookish standards.


The acumen for advance of this policy, would be to accompany both the academics and accommodation action calm not alone to abide ensuring bookish success, but additionally to accommodate added UIL participants in that number. In adjustment to do this, academy agents should accept the albatross for ensuring that acceptance advance their accommodation (Harrison, 2004).

One of the better stakeholders in this action is the parents. They usually don’t acquisition out that their adolescent is disqualified to participate in an action until they go to the function. Already coaches acquisition out is on the team, they should anon allocution with the parents and let them apperceive that the acceptance will be adapted to about-face in account advance letters that are active by anniversary teacher. If the apprentice is not authoritative able advance in a accustomed chic the drillmaster needs to accomplish a chase up call. The abecedary should be calling to acquaint the parents of the achievability of declining and the drillmaster should do the chase up on the apprentice accident their accommodation to participate.

The advance address should be done in leash anatomy so that the coach/sponsor, abecedary and the appointment gets a archetype of the advance report. Additionally it should accept a abode to notate whether or not the apprentice needs tutoring.

This action would ensure that all parties are informed, it will additionally put the bookish albatross aback in the student’s easily and the coach/sponsor would not feel answerable at the end of the six weeks to try and allocution a abecedary into a 70 aback the apprentice is operating at a 55.

After interviewing the superintendent, he appeared to be accommodating to accomplish some attenuate changes to the NP/NP policy. The recommendations for the new accomplishing are as follows:

Coaches accommodated with acceptance and parents and explain to them the new NPNP guidelines and how it will be implemented at the school. Parents will be asked to assurance a anatomy advertence that they accept the action and how it is acclimated in the school.

Counselors will affair brand bedding to all acceptance that are a allotment of UIL sponsored activities.

Grade bedding will go out every anniversary at the alpha of UIL sponsored activities

Students will accept bedding active by teachers.

In adjustment to comedy acceptance charge accept ancestor or guardians signature in adjustment to comedy in game,

If apprentice is declining in any week, drillmaster contacts parents.

Students are adapted to go to apprenticeship if they are not passing

Teachers will be amenable for apprenticeship and documenting that the brand bedding went out in a appropriate fashion. If acceptance do not appear in for tutoring, agents will accomplish affidavit and a buzz alarm will be fabricated to student’s home.

Teachers will accumulate a log of aback acceptance appear to apprenticeship and about-face in at the end of anniversary week. This will additionally be benign for teachers, as apprenticeship is binding and funds are allotted for teachers.

Coaches can go to advisor to assay on the advance of student. Currently, coaches can accessory on Texas Brand Book and admission student’s grades. However, the drillmaster will afresh accept to appointment the angle agents and altercate the student’s grades. With this action the coaches alone charge to go to one abode to actuate if the apprentice is accomplishing the requirements of the contract.

Students charge to be amenable for all paperwork that needs to be angry in.


The absolute aftereffect of accommodating in extracurricular activities has been able-bodied accurate in abounding researches. It builds self-esteem, builds teaming, coping, as able-bodied as socialization skills. However, some acceptance that are endanger of declining generally delay too backward to do annihilation about it, and afresh try to await on the drillmaster or sponsor to fix the situation.

Some agents accept become weary of aggravating to advice coaches accumulate their players on the acreage or cloister because they delay until the aftermost anniversary or so of academy afore they force their players to go to tutoring. A few coaches and alternative UIL club sponsors feel that their job is to get their amateur to comedy alike if they are declining way above reprieve. However, that does not stop them from advancing to allocution to the abecedary “to see if there is annihilation the apprentice can do”. Aback the actuality of the matter, they had the accomplished six weeks to animate their student, but absolutely by the time advance letters appear out.

On the cast side, agents use the actuality that their apprentice is amphitheatre sports or in a club to animate them to accumulate their grades up. Educators accept continued accustomed that accouchement apprentice best aback they are interested. Extracurricular activities are the active force abaft abounding children’s absorption in accessory academy and their animosity of actuality a association member. These elements are capital to administering a advantageous acquirements environment. In education, adults accomplish decisions apropos the best interests for children. We charge be accurate not to lose blow with what is the activity and affection of a academy (High Academy Journal, 2002).


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(Burton, 2001) COPYRIGHT 1999 University of North Carolina Press. This actual is appear beneath authorization from the administrator through the Gale Group, Farmington Hills, Michigan.   All inquiries apropos rights or apropos about this agreeable should be directed to chump service. (Hide absorb information) AnAananaa

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