Management of Amlodipine Influenced Gingival Overgrowth

Surgical Administration of Amlodipine afflicted gingival overgrowth in Hypertensive patient.


Drug-influenced gingival overgrowth (DIGO) is a austere affair both for the accommodating and the clinician. A cardinal of bounded and systemic factors such as plaque, hormonal changes, biologic ingestion, ancestry can account or access gingival overgrowth. Assertive anticonvulsants, immuno-suppressive drugs and a cardinal of calcium access blockers accept been apparent to aftermath agnate gingival overgrowths in assertive affected patients. Amlodipine is a analogously new calcium access acquaintance may abet gingival overgrowth in case of basal anarchic component. A 38-year-old hypertensive changeable accommodating on amlodipine (10 mg/day, distinct dosage orally) back eight months, approved dental absorption because of the resultant gingival overgrowth. Analytic examination, Medical history and histological appraisal added helped to codify a analysis of DIGO. Six weeks afterwards phase-I analysis and biologic substitution, undisplaced accessory anaplasty was performed. The patient’s gingiva seemed to be accustomed at six ages aftereffect visit, with no signs of recurrence.

Key words: Gingival overgrowth, Hypertension, Amlodipine, Undisplaced accessory surgery. Biologic afflicted gingival overgrowth.


There are abounding factors (causal or modifying) complex in gingival overgrowth. Applique accession on teeth causes gingival deepening and may advance to anarchic enlargement. Gingival overgrowth can be apparent in patients with familial ancestral gingival fibromatosis, pregnancy, and leukemia. DIGO is a well-documented ancillary aftereffect of some pharmacologic agents, including, but not bound to, calcium access blockers (CCBs), phenytoin, and cyclosporine[1,2 ]. It can be a austere affair for patients due to the accessory unesthetic actualization and the accumulation of new niches for the periopathogenic bacilli [3]. Despite the almost aerial prevalence of nifedipine-influenced gingival overgrowth, [4 ] amlodipine has beneath frequently been appear as the abeyant etiologic account of gingival overgrowth[5] .Amlodipine is a analogously new continued acting dihydropyridine calcium access acquaintance that is acclimated in the administration of both hypertension and angina. Unwanted furnishings associated with abiding acceptance of

amlodipine are few and are mainly accompanying to vasodilation. The pharmacological furnishings of these drugs are specific but the analytic and histological actualization of the amplification acquired by the altered drugs are similar. The analytic actualization of DIGO is usually characteristic, although variants are apparent depending on the area of lesions, the irritants complex and the admeasurement of inflammation. As the action progresses, the bordering and papillary gingival overgrowth and may baffle with speech, mastication and aesthetics. In the patients with preexisting periodontitis and DIGO the deepening of periodontal pockets and associated subgingival microbiota may access periodontal

attachment and cartilage loss. The surgical analysis is a absolute analysis for DIGO, in absence of ad-lib corruption afterward biologic barter and phase-I Therapy. The accustomed surgical address is the simple abatement of the boundless gingival tissue with– alien angle gingivectomy (EBG) or centralized (reverse) angle gingivectomy (IBG). The surgical access of undisplaced abounding array flap, in this context, is added acceptable to annihilate periodontal pockets (Pocket wall) in attendance of able absorbed gingiva and to advance the alveolar cartilage morphology. In the present report, a case of amlodipine-influenced gingival overgrowth (AIGO) has been presented wherein the AIGO was advised in the afterward phases: (1) barter of the biologic , (2) absolute Phase-1 therapy, (3) surgical abatement of the balance gingival overgrowth and (4) aliment and admiring therapy. Case Description:

A 38-year-old changeable accommodating was referred to us with complaint of bloated and bleeding gums in the aerial and lower jaw. Past medical history appear hypertension for which the accommodating accustomed amlodipine (10 mg/day, distinct dosage orally) for the aftermost eight months. The accommodating had acclaimed a bit-by-bit and accessible amplification of the gingiva for aboriginal 4 months and again she noticed bleeding gums. A ambiguous coarse gingival amplification with edematous bordering gingiva, attributable to superimposed anarchic component, was begin throughout the maxillary and mandibular gingiva (Fig. 1A,B,C,D). Attendance of ambiguous periodontal pockets (≥7-8mm) and analytic adapter accident (≥5-6mm) was a arresting affection of gingival overgrowth advertence a vertical amplification of gingiva. Purulent acquittal and bleeding on acid were detected which were in accordance with the inflammation.


On request, patient’s physician commissioned amlodipine with Beta Adrenergic acquaintance (Atenolol), afterwards which, accommodating was recalled for through ascent and basis planing. Articulate hygiene instructions, chlorhexidine mouthwash 0.2% of 10ml alert a day was prescribed. At aftereffect afterwards six weeks, balance anarchic basic of the amplification resolved(Fig-2) but the gingival overgrowth bare absolute surgical treatment. Beneath able bounded anesthesia (xylocaine 2%), the abridged abyss was marked, (Fig-3) an centralized angle cavity was taken up to the alveolar crest. (Fig-4) Crevicular and interdental cavity forth the abject of the abridged bank was appear and abounding array mucoperiosteal accessory was reflected. (Fig-5) The excised accumulation was stored in formalin for added histopathologic investigation. Scaling, basis planning and curettage were completed. Osseous resective surgery, application carbide burs, forth with copious acrid irrigation was done to recontour thickened awkward plates, ledges and abysmal interdental craters. (Fig-6) Flaps were akin and approximated application disconnected cottony sutures. Routine column surgical instructions, a advance of antibiotics and analgesics (Cap. Amoxycillin 500mg three times a day for bristles canicule and Ibufrofen 400 mg three times a day for three days) and 0.2% chlorhexidine was assigned alert a day for fifteen days. Microscopic analysis of the gingival biopsy specimens approved a affiliation tissue hyperplasia, acanthosis of above epithelium and continued rete ridges calm with anarchic cells. Sutures were removed afterwards 1 week. Healing was boring and the patient’s actualization and all-embracing action bigger appreciably at six ages chase up. (Fig-7) Articulate hygiene instructions were accustomed from aboriginal appointment and able in all consecutive visits.


Amlodipine is a second-generation dihydropyridine CCB that can account gingival overgrowth. The prevalence of amlodipine-influenced gingival overgrowth has been apparent to be amid 1.7% and 3.3%[6,7]. Lafziet al.(2006) had appear rapidly developing gingival hyperplasia in accommodating accepting 10 mg/day of amlodipine aural 2 ages of onset. [8] The accident of gingival overgrowth with nifedipine analysis has been appear to be as aerial as 20%, [9] and a abstraction by Prisant (2002) [10] appear that the prevalence with the use of CCBs ability be as aerial as 38%.Gingival overgrowth advised to be 3.3 times added accustomed in men than in women [10] .The best accustomed anatomy is bacterial plaque–influenced gingival disease, which presents as gingivitis. Use of phenytoin, cyclosporine, and CCBs, as able-bodied as vitamin C deficiency, can additionally activate to development of gingival overgrowth, as can hormonal accouterment during pregnancy. The acumen for these adverse contest is not actually known, but mechanisms involving anarchic and non anarchic pathways accept been appropriate [11]. For example, alone acuteness to a drug’s metabolic alleyway ability be a activate [11]. Untreated gingival overgrowth ability advance to bleeding, infection, abscess, ulceration, corrective absence and/or anatomic adversity (eg, chewing, talking) [10]. Analysis of drug-influenced gingival overgrowth includes cessation/replacement of the biologic and abbreviating alternative accident factors with accurate automated and actinic applique control. Replacing the affecting biologic with accession abettor is additionally recommended back possible[12]. In present case of DIGO accommodating was beneath analysis for hypertension back aftermost 8 months and was assigned book Amlodipin 10mg/day by her physician. Absolute SRP and replacing the Amlodipin with Atenolol was done. Biologic barter and absolute SRP did not aftereffect into corruption of the enlargement.

The surgical analysis is a absolute analysis for DIGO, in absence of ad-lib corruption afterward biologic barter and phase-I Therapy. Classic gingival anaplasty primarily deals with the analysis of pockets – i.e., gingival sulci that are deepened due to a admeasurement or an access in aggregate of gingival tissue in a chaplet direction, with or after aciculate clearing of the epithelial attachment. Alien angle gingivectomy (EBG) and centralized angle gingivectomy (IBG) should be aloof for cases not responding to non surgical methods or astringent cases that affect articulate hygiene or functionality, or can be performed for corrective reasons. IBG access has the account of absorbed the ample bald affiliation tissue anguish that after-effects from the alien gingivectomy, thereby aspersing postoperative affliction and bleeding. It is accustomed that gingival anaplasty (both EBG and IBG) is about bound to the analysis of pseudopockets. But if accurate pockets associated with cartilage defects are present again undisplaced accessory anaplasty can be the analysis modality for the massive enlargement. The advantages of this address are abatement of abridged bank and osseous contouring accompanying eliminating the gingival overgrowth and abridged in attendance of able absorbed gingiva. In this case address undispalced accessory anaplasty was performed for eliminating abridged and osseous contouring in attendance of able absorbed gingiva. However behindhand of the analysis advantage employed, approved aliment and anamnesis chase up are binding to accomplish the continued appellation success.


Gingival overgrowth is an disregarded but potentially adverse ancillary aftereffect of analysis with amlodipine and alternative calcium access blockers and every physician should be acquainted of this, decidedly if adverse articulate affection appear during biologic use. The amlodipine afflicted gingival overgrowth in this case absolutely bound back the accommodating was switched to Beta Adrenergic acquaintance (Atenolol) followed by surgical abatement of the overgrowth. Accession agency accidental to the accomplished acknowledgment to the analysis is the accommodating acquiescence in advancement the articulate hygiene. Lastly the patients’ accurate abstracts should be aggregate with the physician to accretion his aplomb and account for the dental community. In addition, he will be motivated to accredit patients with complains of gum abscess at a abundant beforehand date or in fact, admonition dental appointment for advance of articulate hygiene afore prescribing the account of drugs that may access gingival overgrowth in attendance of preexisting gingival inflammation.



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