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Manufacturing Process And Production Management Marketing Essay

Sony is a arch association primarily operating in electronics. They are arch manufacturers in cyberbanking goods. Sony holds a abundant affection and abstruse administration in the market. Sony articles are in the fields of entertainment, advice devices, laptops, video games, motion pictures, music, claimed computers, agenda cameras, robots and alternative banking services. This address brings an overview about the attempt of business and accomplishing of these attempt by the Sony Corporation.


Sony begin its alpha in 1946 at Nihonbashi, Tokyo by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita and they accept started as Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Corporation. They started it as actual baby company, but the aggregation advance achievement is actual abrupt from the beginning. The aboriginal artefact produced by Sony is an electric rice cooker, followed by aboriginal Sony band which uses alluring cardboard based recording technology, which is aboriginal recording artefact in the market. In 1955, they accept started branding as Sony products. Later, they afflicted to Sony Association from Totsuko. In 1960, Sony entered the all-around bazaar and started exporting its articles and broadcast its markets in abounding countries. Sony connected its connected advance in technologies and in abounding sectors.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony

Current Bazaar of Sony Corporation

The absolute acquirement for Sony in 2011 was US$ 86.65 billion. Their cold is to access its bazaar allotment and accumulate its advance connected in the bazaar amid the competitors. Sony has bogus articles in abounding areas such as Ball – Television, CDs, DVDs etc., and Gaming – PlayStation – PS2, PS3, PSP, gaming CDs and DVDs, Music – agenda players, Walkman etc. The Key technologies in television such as LCD, LED and in PlayStation such Motion control, Sensors players gives the business bend for the Sony Corporation. Sony captures its able bazaar by bearing the adaptable phones as Sony Ericsson and Laptops with cast name as Sony.

Source: http://www.wikinvest.com/stock/Sony_%28SNE%29/Data/Revenue/2011

Organizational Orientation

Organizational acclimatization provides absolute advice about an alignment [1]. Sony accustomed the assisting authoritative acclimatization by renaming its explanation to “quality and competitive” from “economical and reliable” recently. The added bazaar allotment helps the aggregation to advance macro ecology objects.

Sony’s accepted Bazaar analysis:

Sony Association is ascendant in the Television Industry and it affairs to access the bazaar in Television Industry by application the aqueous cilia technology in the accessible years. The beneath blueprint shows the business allotment of the Sony’s over the competitors.

Sony is the aloft aggregation who aftermath gaming articles afar from the adversary Microsoft Xbox 360.The motion control, sensor players and active technology provides the business bend for the Sony Corporation.

The beneath blueprint shows the allotment of the bazaar has been bent by Sony in adaptable phones market.

Source: http://pro.sony-asia.com/section/articles

Sony’s Orientation:

Corporate Citizenship

The aggregation recognizes its albatross and complex in abounding amusing activities every year. In 2005, Sony Association formed a board to increases its addition to the amusing activities and the board mainly focuses educational institutions and organizes abounding abutment programs to advance the society.

Business Planning

Sony affairs able-bodied for the acceptable business and they investigate the claim and acknowledgment of the artefact in the bazaar afore the assembly .They customizes their articles according to the bounded breadth to awning the best market.

Research and Development

Sony’s primary cold is introducing new products, appropriately can be accomplished by research. Sony’s spends a lot every year in assay and technology department. Their connected up arrangement in the technology gives the association a business bend over the competitors.

Product Design

The aggregation applies new technology from assay and development for anniversary of its products. They architecture the articles in such a way they are actual resilient, increases the artefact action time and its bazaar amid the competitors.

Manufacturing Action and Assembly Management

Sony considers ecology bloom while artefact planning and its accomplishment action are advised in a way to abbreviate the ecology wastes. The company’s accomplishment and assembly sites are alleged in a address which will not afflict the association and the flesh in any ways.

Distributions, Sales and Marketing

The aggregation affairs its business based on the affection of the articles and its technology. They plan the able action of distributing its articles and affairs it which will consistently amuse the chump .They chase key business and sales techniques to advertise their products.

Information Disclosure to its Stakeholder

Sony will consistently acknowledge the aggregation approaching affairs and articles decisions to their stakeholders. The anniversary revenues, accumulation and loss, antithesis bedding and alternative company’s advice are accessible to the accessible to helps their accommodation in advance in the company. They are additionally accessible to the opinions about the artefact designs, technologies and alternative administration techniques provided by the stakeholders.

Safety Measures

Sony considers the bloom and assurance measures for the agents and alternative associates of the association during the assembly of the products. They implemented abounding assurance measures in their accomplishment sites to abate the accident of any accidents.

Source: http://www.sony-europe.com/article/id/1178278971686

Sony’s Aggressive Advantage Analysis

Sony’s Business Strategy

Sony is the acknowledged aggregation in planning and implementing those strategies in an able manner. By its accepted business techniques, the Sony Association satisfies its chump needs by its connected up arrangement in technology.

Competitive Advantage

The Aggregation survives in the bazaar amid the competitors due to the addition of new products. The markets can be acquired by altered strategies and this association is mainly accomplished by Porter’s all-encompassing strategies .This action implies accepting added adeptness adjoin the competitors gives a actual acceptable business edge. The accent of these strategies and its implementations as follows:

Porter’s all-encompassing strategies

Michael Porter appropriate a firm’s ultimate backbone resides in amount advantage and differentiation. The organizations accumulation is based on the aberration amid sales and costs. Therefore added advantage can be accomplished by beneath costs or aerial sales amid the competitors. His strategies are as follows:


Differentiation Focus

Cost Focus


Source: http://www.quickmba.com/strategy/generic.shtml

Sony’s Strategy

The primary action for Sony Association is Adverse Focus and Differentiation. The alternative Sony’s Action as follows:

Market Segment


Target Industry Wide

Product Uniqueness

Competitive Advantage

Product Differentiation

Sony Association has abundant business advantage over the competitors through innovation. They absorb added amount anniversary year in assay and development administration to actualize new articles in their Corporation. The maximized acknowledgment by the artefact character will covers the amount spent in research. For Example, Sony Television which they accept acclimated abounding innovated technologies like LCD, LED, 3D TV. The company’s connected abstruse addition creates a audible abode for the aggregation in the all-around market.

Porter’s aggressive Forces

Michael porter has illustrated his angle in bristles aggressive armament and they are as follows:

Entry Barriers

Buyer Power

Supplier Power

Threat of Substitutes


Source: http://www.quickmba.com/strategy/generic.shtml

New Entrants Threats

Sony Association faces abundant threats over its competitors like Samsung in Television industry, Xbox in Gaming industries etc. The new companies which access the bazaar with the low amount action accept to be taken into application by Sony while formulating the business strategy.

Buyer Power

The barter accept beneath acceding amount as they looks for the acceptable and reliable products. Sony Association focuses on accepted business trend and accouterments the strategies. The aggregation covers the altered age group, altered race, and altered bounded position with the cast name.

Supplier Power

The suppliers for the Sony Association are abundant and accept the acceptable access for burning and distribution. The suppliers of its competitors accept beneath acceding adeptness due to the beneath amount of the articles in the bazaar compared with Sony.

Threats of Articles Substitute

Sony faced a lot of challenges with the competitors who aftermath acting articles with cheaper price. The Sony overcame this claiming by advance added money in announcement and artefact business activity. The allowance and Lenovo laptops are beneath big-ticket compared to the Sony laptops, but still barter adopt Sony due to the affectation technology and artefact quality. Similarly, the PS3 – PlayStation is far big-ticket back compared to the XBOX 360, but still they adopt Sony due to the affection and it supports added amateur due to the adventure with abounding gaming companies. Appropriately Sony strives and accomplished a acceptable business bend amid its Competitors.


Song Association is one of the arch producers in the cyberbanking appurtenances .The Laptop acceptance in USA is about 80% and Sony has ample allotment in this bazaar compared to its rivals such as Samsung, Hitachi, and Toshiba etc. In Laptop industry, Sony faces blackmail from competitors such as DELL, HP and the aggregation manages to allure the barter with artefact affection and arch technology. Similarly in alternative industries like gaming breadth XBOX 360 is arising with accelerated technology which is actual arduous for Sony Association and additionally assize and Samsung in Agenda cameras and Home theatre arrangement respectively.

Marketing Mix

The business mix is an important business apparatus in marketing. The business mix is the important abstraction which has to be advised afore chargeless a product. This action is basic and affecting to allure the consumers appear their casework and products. The Business mix action is alike with 4 P’s as follows;





Source: http://www.quickmba.com/marketing/mix/


Product Mix:

A artefact is referred to any actual or abstract things that amuse the needs of the customer. The artefact is advised as amount aspect in business mix as it satisfies the chump needs. Anniversary Artefact has advance phase, adeptness appearance and abatement appearance is alleged the artefact Action cycle. Sony Association is ancestor of the Sony’s accumulation and its assorted articles are explained below:

Sony’s Artefact Mix and Artefact Line:

Product Mix:

Product mix is the set of absolute brands marketed by a company. It is the accumulation of the artefact ambit of an organization. The altered categories of Sony’s Artefact mix as follows:




Financial Casework and others

Product Line:

Product Band is the absolute set of articles and casework in which the aggregation offers .The artefact band of the Sony Association as listed below

Television and Home Cinema

VAIO Computing

Digital Cameras

Printers and Photo frames


Hi-Fi and Home Audio

MP3 Players and Carriageable Audio

Car Audio

Reader eBook

Sony Ericsson Adaptable Phones


Recording Media and Batteries

Accessories and Headphones

Source: http://www.sony.co.uk

Television and Home Cinema:

Sony has produced advanced ambit of Home media articles based on purpose, style, archetypal and performance. Sony targeted barter in assay action and are listed as follows:

LCD, LED, 3D Television

Home Theater

DVD and Blu-ray Disc


Compatible Accessories

Source: http://store.sony.com/c/TVs-LED-LCD-3D-TV/en/c/S_Televisions

VAIO Computing:

Sony provides avant-garde technology in adjustment to allure barter and abduction the market. The altered sorts of Sony VAIO articles as follows

VAIO Laptops

Business/Customized Notebooks

VAIO Accessories

VAIO Software


Sony is the cast name for Sony association articles .The abstraction of branding has been activated able-bodied by the Sony Association in television products, computer peripherals, gaming etc., which helps the Association to abduction the bazaar calmly with beneath promotion.

Price Mix:

The Product’s amount ambience plays a basic role in business action as it tends to acquire acquirement for the amount spent during the accomplishment of the product. The appraisement of the produced artefact is analytical role for the aggregation as it has to accede both chump achievement and accumulation becoming by the company. The important appraisement strategies and accomplishing of these strategies by the Sony Association as explained below:

The Appeal Curve:

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsMy PicturesSample PicturesDemandCurveMovementExample2.png

The appeal ambit is an important abstraction in marketing. The accord amid the appraisement and the appeal are apparent in the aloft graph. It describes that the appeal decreases with access in the product’s amount and carnality versa [1].

Source: Attempt and Practice of Marketing, 5th Edition, Jobber, and Page No: 458

Pricing Methods of Sony Corporation:

The appraisement methods are of three types such as based on the Artefact cost, Competitors artefact and articles business [1]. Sony articles are mainly based on articles amount and Competitors artefact and rarely on articles marketing.

Pricing Strategies of Sony:

There are altered strategies for appraisement which are exceptional pricing, abridgement pricing, artefact band pricing, cerebral pricing, apprenticed artefact pricing, alternative artefact pricing, amount pricing, bounded pricing, artefact array pricing, and promotional appraisement [1]. But Sony follows the beneath appraisement strategies:

Premium Pricing

Economy Pricing

Psychological Pricing

Product Band Pricing

Premium Pricing:

Sony’s amount articles such as Television, Laptops, Home theaters are exceptional priced. Some of exceptional prices articles as follows:

TVs: Ranges from £250 to £3000 according to the assorted archetypal and anatomic capabilities

VAIO Laptops: Ranges from £250 to £2500 depending on assorted types and performances

Projectors / Home Audio: Ranges amid £150 and £1800

Source: http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10151&catalogId=10551

Economy Pricing:

Sony Association follows abridgement appraisement for some aggressive articles with beneath amount and abundant quality, such as:

Digital Cameras / MP3 Players: from £100 to £1800 and for MP3 Players – £35 to £450 with abundant audio quality

Car Radios

Mobiles (Sony Ericsson)

Source: http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10151&catalogId=10551

Product Band Pricing:

Sony appear abounding articles and its sub-products based on their achievement and style. For Archetype Sony VAIO and TV has abounding articles based on their types and they prices according to the appearance such as LED, LCD, 3D etc.

Psychological Pricing:

The Sony Association additionally accouterments cerebral appraisement action to their articles to allure the consumers psychologically. For example, their articles – Agenda Cameras ranges £199 instead £200, MP3 ranges from £49 instead of £50 and TVs from £279 rather £280 etc.

Source: http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10151&catalogId=10551

Penetration Pricing:

While Sony Association ablution some new products, the prices are kept low in the alpha after abbreviating the affection of the artefact in adjustment to abduction the market. For example, some archetypal of VAIO laptops ranges £300 to £500 approximately, the amount will be added after depends on the appeal for the product.

Skimming Price:

Sony’s uses bribery amount action on some articles breadth the barter who will focus on the amount of the artefact by befitting aerial prices and after the prices are decreased. For archetype – MP3 Players prices £450 and agenda cameras prices £1800.

Promotion Mix:

The advance mix includes some key characteristics which helps to advance the articles and are as follows [2]:


Personal Sales

Direct Sales

Sales Promotion

Public Relations and Publicity

Internet Promotion

Source: Attempt of Marketing, 13th Edition, Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Sony’s Advance Mix:


Sony Association spends $3.8 billion every year in announcement in its articles to advance it to the barter and cull them appear the products. Sony Association advertises in abounding altered ways. For example, its amount articles – TV and laptops are usually advertised through media and they sponsors in football alliance amateur to advance their PlayStation etc.

Direct Marketing:

Sony promotes its articles anon to the barter by assorted strategies as follows:

Telemarketing: Sony spends in alarm centers companies to advance their articles throughout apprenticed and in apprenticed alarm centers.

Direct-Response Advertising: By accouterment Sony advertisement anon to the barter and gets their feedback

Catalogue Marketing: Sony frames the articles archive and promotes their new articles to the customers.

Electronic Marketing: A advanced ambit of advertisement in Internet, E-mails etc.

Inserts: By bottomward the Sony blade lets in annual and door-to-door.

Sales Promotion:

There are of two types

Consumer Promotions [2]: Sony promotes its articles by giving Money off, Seasonal offers during summer time, New Year eve, Christmas offers etc.

Trade Promotions [2]: Sony provides allowances, assurance and alternative chargeless casework for exceptional articles only.

Public Relations and Publicity:

Sony maintains acceptable accessible relations and publicity by its amusing and eco activities. Sony accept complex in allotment the educational institutions and by implementing the activities which helps to attain the advantageous ecological environment. The aggregation followed all acknowledged activities and maintains a acceptable accord with the government. These account which helps to advance the cast angel of the company, alongside advertises and promotes the aggregation products.

Source: http://pro.sony-asia.com/section/articles

Personal Selling:

The articles in which are anon awash to the barter are alleged as claimed selling. Sony follows this action by affairs its articles anon to the barter through Sony store, which is in the Sony’s website.

Sony’s Abode Mix:

The business cardinal decisions on administration of the aggregation articles should focus on the adequacy of the chump needs and articles quantity. There are four basic types of administration channels and they are as follows [1]:

Producer – Consumer

Producer – Banker – Consumer

Producer – Wholesaler – Banker – Consumer

Producer – Agent – Wholesaler – Banker – Consumer

Source: Attempt and Practice of Marketing, 5th Edition, Jobber and Page No: 682

Sony’s Administration Channels:

The artefact is broadcast from ambassador to the banker anon through online, that allows the barter to abode their adjustment in Sony website and home bear the ordered products.

The articles are broadcast to the distributers or retailers breadth the barter access their appearance allowance and anon buy their products.

Sony food their articles to the wholesalers and they accumulation it to the retailers and barter approaches the food such as Sony world. Sony retail outlets, Sony centermost and will buy the products.

Distribution Intensity:

According to the product’s nature, the administration acuteness is of three types. They are as follows:

Utilize all accessible outlets by acute distribution

Utilize bound outlets by careful distribution

Limited outlets, one per sales breadth by absolute distribution

Sony has the administration acuteness as careful administration by accouterment their articles to the careful outlets/dealers.

Source: http://pro.sony-asia.com/section/articles

Sony’s Sales Channels:

The sales channels accurate by the Sony Association are as follows:

Direct Sales channel

Dealership Sales channels


The absolute sales channels are the access in which the articles are anon awash via the Sony’s website, admitting the articles are awash to the Sony’s dealers who advertise it to the barter is alleged dealership sales channels. The best frequently acclimated sales channels is E-commerce breadth the Sony’s articles are awash through business websites – eBay, Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Sony Corporation’s Success

The Sony Association cast bulletin is “make-believe”, as per it the association apparent the spirit of adroitness and adeptness to about-face the account to absoluteness by implementing latest technology and innovating new products. The Association success can be accepted from the statistics of the aggregation been in the top 15 common brands and arch aggregation in the semiconductor manufacturing. The contempo Sony’s success news:

Sony acquired a abundant bazaar by 3D technology

Sony’s articles in motion technology, basic simulation and avant-garde sensor ambassador games

Sony enters into the breeze cytometer business.

Sony alien the world’s aboriginal aerial acceleration wireless affiliation supports up to 5gpbs

Produces ample aerial ambit projectors application laser antecedent bore technology

Sony telecasted the aboriginal 3d FIFA alive sports games

Innovated new articles in alluring resonance and adeptness alteration technology

Sony alien agenda cameras with aerial anatomy 3D lens which can handle actual aerial fps.

Source: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/business/companies/sony_corporation/index.html

Sony Organization’s Downturn:

The Sony’s absolute acquirement for the aftermost year (2011) is $86.65 billion admitting the accepted acquirement acquired from the aboriginal 3 abode are $78.62 billion in 2012. The aggregation usually earns added acquirement at the end of anniversary banking year; alike the net accident accepted by the aggregation is about 3 to 5 billion US dollars which is actual high. Sony says the acumen for the abatement is due to acknowledged change in the tax credits and mainly due to accustomed calmatives – convulsion and tsunami happened in April.

Source: http://www.wikinvest.com/stock/Sony_%28SNE%29/Data/Revenue

Revenue Graph:

Financial Highlights:

The net assets for the Sony’s Association is started abbreviating in the aftermost few years. The basic amount stats appearance the association has been started absorption on the amount reduction.

Net Assets Graph:

The acumen for the company’s abatement is due to the absorption in abbreviation the assembly and accomplish costs and some appraisement strategies affair which are difficult for the bodies who are common etc. The suggestions to advance and balance the aggregation as followed.

Source: http://www.wikinvest.com/stock/Sony_%28SNE%29/Data/Net_Income/2012

SWOT analysis:

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsMy PicturesSample Picturesindex.jpeg

SWOT is an able apparatus to analyze and to appraise the accepted business entities and strategies. It comprises of centralized weakness and backbone of a business, alien threats and opportunities [2]. Anniversary alignment uses this apparatus for self-estimation and improvement. Sony uses this apparatus to amuse the barter and ad-lib them.

Source: Attempt of Marketing, 13th Edition, Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong


Sony has the actual acceptable cast angel which poses the abundant backbone for the organization. The Absorption of articles in one beck i.e. Electronics and produces the articles with the accomplished quality. The Sony marketed its articles above abounding countries and added its bazaar allotment gradually. The aggregation is convalescent the articles affection and technology consistently from the customer’s feedback. The aggregation maintains actual acceptable Assay and development administration in which they innovate new articles with latest technology every year. The Articles and casework are advised and implemented by its own rather acquisition it from the competitors. The articles are interlinked with anniversary alternative which advance the aggregation sales, for archetype the videos taken from aerial reflex lens of Sony’s agenda cameras are edited and candy in Sony VAIO laptops, and again they are transferred through the Sony’s projectors and casted in the Sony’s 3D TV. By accomplishing of these strategies, Sony became the astral companies in the all-around world.


The appeal for the Sony’s articles is not connected and depends on assorted ecology factors. In some sectors, the Advice gap amid the anatomic and administration departments is the greater risk. Due to the centralized power, the battle arises amid bounded branches. The company’s abridgement of adeptness in web based technology , for archetype the articles PS3 is bigger than XBOX in abounding functionalities, but due to XBOX alive – the online gaming affection lacks in PS3, the XBOX started capturing Sony’s market. Similarly, the companies like IBM, canon, Samsung go above by absolute productions.

Source: http://pro.sony-asia.com/section/articles


The backbone and opportunities are acquired by character of the product. Expanding the articles to the new bazaar will advice to access the acquirement of the company. They charge to adapt their strategies and accommodate new strategies for the new market. Growing bazaar can be advised the best opportunity. Sony has the befalling to go in to the healthcare-imaging sector. The aggregation has the befalling to abduction the booming book and smartphone market.


The aloft threats faced by the Sony Association are as follows:

Competitor antagonism such as Microsoft, DELL, HP, Apple, Samsung etc.

Changing customer’s alternative and needs such as VCDs to DVDs, DVDs to USBs, USBs to carriageable HD

Entry of All-around business

Sony online networks face threats from hackers and piracy threats for its amateur and products.

Global Economic Recession

Recommendations to advance Aggressive Advantage:

The Sony Association holds a acceptable cast angel and cast name for their products. They charge to advance it and absorb the barter with them by addition and artefact uniqueness. The ultimate aim is the adverse in the articles and this can be accomplished by bigger assay and development department. The Action of accretion the acquirement by abbreviation the assay amount charge be abhorred by Sony. Now the Sony has bargain about 50% of its business amount and it can be added a little to awning the rural areas. The appraisement Action should be anxiously advised by the Sony, best of its articles are exceptional priced and it can be assorted to access the sales and it absolutely helped in Playstation3 sales and it added the sales up to 20 actor units globally. Abbreviating the affection of the artefact to abatement the assembly costs charge not be advised by Sony, appropriately affects the cast angel actual badly. They can focus on adolescent bearing and architecture their articles to allure them. Therefore to advance aggressive advantage and sustain in the market, the Aggregation should absolution new avant-garde articles in the markets, ad-lib the business investments and promotes the new articles to the people’s vision


Sony is the acknowledged Association with blue-blooded cast image, consistently alive to accomplish its goals and missions. The connected assay and assembly of avant-garde articles helps the aggregation to advance the cyberbanking administration in the market. Appropriately from the assay of the Sony’s business strategies, acclaim these account and strategies to apparatus for the bigger business.

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