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Market audit and competitive analysis

play a basic role in to any business. Back accede about the bazaar in Malaysia; they are mainly acceptation electrical and cyberbanking articles from America,Singapore,Europe,china and Japan and additionally they acceptation some articles as machinery,iron,steel and additionally chemical. It shows that they are able-bodied developed country and additionally actual dynamic. Because aloft countries are acclaimed for the affection & branded products.

Since this is a actual active country, affairs changes could advance to accession the address for the readymade foods and bloom foods and consistently they are affluent with abutting and agronomical possessions. Diverse cultures in Malaysian association would be accession reason. There are 94 altered types of cultures. Mainly there is Malay, Chinese, and Indian has arresting ambit of candy aliment with an Asian bend. Back today bodies advance their acquaintance appear the diet foods in appearance of the actuality that healthcare candy by cereals, beginning foods and another sea foods Malaysian additionally do the same.

According to the capacity provided by Ministry of All-embracing Barter and Industry Malaysia,

Manufacture of candy accepting decreased by 7.5% and rice milling added by 7.7% and Accomplish of condensed, powdered, evaporated milk added by 11.9%.that shows that how bodies affiliated with attainable foods.(Appendix _1)

But according to the sales of called candy aliment and cooler articles table appear by Ministry of All-embracing Barter and Industry Malaysia, shows purchasing accepted of candy bigger by 38.6% and it shows that how they are adopt fast foods. (Appendix_2)

According to the appendix_1 & appendix_2 tables appearance assembly has gone bottomward and purchasing has got increased, there is a gap which has occurred due to this reason. Accordingly there is a greater adventitious to set up our artefact line; Munchees’ Nutriplus in Malaysian market. Because the address for candy in Malaysia has added while the accumulation decreasing. So that would be an befalling for us. Our artefact could able to ample the gap in the market.

Through this bazaar analysis we will allegorize the aliment bazaar of Malaysia. The bounded breadth & how the chargeless bazaar abridgement aftereffect to the aliment articles in Malaysia.





Describe the bazaar (s) in which the artefact is to be sold

According to our analysis we accept begin that Malaysia additionally affianced in all-embracing trade. Because of this chargeless barter abstraction Malaysia additionally globalized; there are abounding cardinal of aggressive articles which are appear from all over the world. Back our basic ambition bazaar is awful active alive army we bigger adapt to consign our artefact to burghal areas such as Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Penang & Selangor. (City population; n.d.)


Geographical characteristics would be accession affair by the banker back it helps to appraise country’s bazaar potential. Malaysia is a one better country in the apple an breadth of 329758 sq km. Land admeasurement is 328,558 sq km.and baptize 1200 sq km.malaysia is a country which is amid in south eastern asia in amid 2°-7° degrees and in the arctic allotment of the equator, peninsula is a abstracted allotment and Sabah, Sarawak states are anchored on the Boneo Island. Thailand is arctic acquaintance while southern acquaintance is Singapore. Its breadth geographically 2’30° N and 112’30° E. the basic burghal of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.It is a multi aboriginal country and citizenry is over 22 million.



malaysia is a country which is verymuch abutting to the equator,because of that all over the year it has Abutting acclimate with balmy climate. Temperature of the malaysia is in amid 21 °C – 32°C.it is an boilerplate temperature of 27° C. Rainfall alter from 2000mm to 2500mm in annually with barrage and lightning.all the time there are blurred altitude in best of the cities.



In malaysia there is a actual friendly,warm and attainable ability of its people.it has a accumulated citizenry of over 22 actor ;they are Malay 59%,other aboriginal 32% & chinese & Indian 9%.because of this cultural complication abounding alien parties collaborate appear the Malaysia.malaysia is amid in amid the average of the indian ocean and south china.therfore it has been advised as a affair point for traders and travellers and at the aforementioned time as multicultural and bunch country.that would be the reson for the basic change of the socio cultural activities,traditions,dressings,languages and foods.

Since our artefact is vege product,we don’t abundant accede about it.That would be a greater befalling for our artefact back Muslims adopt Halal foods and malaysian adopt fast foods.


When accede about the languages Malay is the official accent and added than 59% acclimated to allocution by Malay. Back English is an all-embracing accent Malaysian bodies broadly announced English in business amphitheatre and English accountable is compulsatory in all schools too. And there are abounding languages such as Chinese, Tamil, mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, and several affiliated lingoes.

So in the artefact packaging we should use both Malay and English languages back we put instructions. Because Malay is the official accent and English is an all-embracing and broadly announced accent in Malaysia.


Once reflect on religion; all primary Malays are Muslims. So Islam is advised as the official religious confidence but anybody can accomplish any another adoration generously. And additionally there are religions like Buddism, Hindu, Christianity, Confucianism, Taoism and affiliated religions. Back barrage the new artefact to the bazaar adoration affects a lot more, abnormally for the Muslims they are application Halal foods. But back this artefact capacity cereals it won’t be an issue.


Knowing above holidays is accession important accountable back aggregation goes to barrage a artefact to the new country.because those holidays could be aftereffect to the business back if we clumsy to administer them;according to the bazaar analysis followings are the above holidays in malaysia.

New Year’s Day – January 1 – National Holiday

Chinese New Year – January 24 & 25 -National Holiday

Federal Territory Day – February 1 – KL & Labuan only

Labour Day – May 1 – National holidays

Wesak Day -May – National holidays

King’s Birthday – June 2

National Day – August 31 – National holidays

Deepavali – November 14 – Except Sarawak & Labuan

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri – December 16 & 17 – National holidays

Christmas -December 25 – National holidays

It is actual abundant basic for us to alive about these holidays;because back we acquainted about the holidays we can accept ability over the issues which could be happened.especially back this is a aliment artefact we accept to abundant added acquainted about this back it could be expire.and additionally accession adventitious which could action on account of is;we can action appropriate promotions such as account packets,gifts and abounding added for the appropriate occasions such as New year,chinese new year,deepavali and christmas.


regulatory inventory


Malaysian bill is accepted as Ringgit and it adumbrated as RM


Most states: Mon-Fri: 9.30am-4.00pm Sat: 9.30am-11.30am Sun: bankrupt Kedah, Kelantan &Terengganu: Sat-Wed: 9.30am-4.00pm Thur: 9.30am 11.30am Fri: closed.


Open from 8.00am to 5.00pm circadian except Sundays and attainable holidays. In Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu column offices are bankrupt on Fridays and attainable holidays.


Eight hours avant-garde of GMT and 16 hours avant-garde of U.S. Pacific Accepted Time.


Voltage is 220 – 240 volts A C at 50 cycles per second.


Malaysia follows the metric arrangement in weights and measures.


Local calls can be fabricated from attainable phones application bill or pre-paid cards. All-embracing calls can be fabricated from attainable phones with agenda buzz accessories or at any Telekom offices.



Malaysia is a country of amazing adorableness to appearance off with amazing architect of hills, abundant greens forests, and adroit rivers. The peninsula is disconnected into Eastern and western genitalia by the Banjaran Titiwangsa or the Basic Ambit goes through Malaysia-Thai bound in the arctic to the southern accompaniment of Negeri Sembilan. Tallest abundance in accompaniment of Pahang is Gunung Tahan which has a acme of 2,187m. There are abounding another mountains in Malaysia, such as Mount Gunung Jerai in Kedah, Bukit Larut in Perak and the fabulous Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir) which is amid in the Melaka-Johor border.

Crocker Ambit is advised as one of basic highlands of Sabah which has a acme of 457- 914m and it holds three top accomplished mountains of Malaysia, namely; Mount Kinabalu (4,101m), Gunung Trus Madi (2,597m) and Gunung Tambuyukon (2,579m). Sarawak’s tallest mountains are Gunung Murud (2,425m) and Gunung Mulu (2,371m) and it additionally encompasses the world’s better accustomed cavern system. In addition, Sungai Rejang (563km) finds its way through Sarawak and it is the longest river. The river can be acclimated to busline up to Kapit, 100km upstream with baby littoral steamers. Malaysia proudly placed as one of the arresting countries to accept forest-covered hills in the Asia Pacific region. Malaysian cartography presents a breadth which is awful accomplished with assets and biological diversity.



When we baddest Malaysia for our bazaar development affairs we should analyze bounded community and practices. Abnormally we should be anxious about the accepted courtesies and community to be abutting to them and accomplish them feel that this is our artefact and analogous with our cultural practices. Because ability is helps to peoples’ affection touching. That’s the best applicable address which helps to advantageous of the business.malaysia has a low-contest culture; so they are abundant added accede about the claimed associations above the business.malaysians are awful adapted from adoration as able-bodied as ethnically.malaysians are added angular to abrasion professionally and chicken blush is advised as a aristocratic color. Bribery is accede as a analytical abomination by adopted attainable officials.



The Best of the times Malaysians are faced by the abounding accustomed disasters such as floods, landslides, earthquakes, typhoons and backwoods fires. So back we absitively to barrage our artefact to Malaysia we should acquainted about this affectionate of accustomed calamities which could appear back it furnishings to the business and additionally for the administration channels, packaging, exporting and all those affectionate of steps.


2. Forms of busline and advice attainable in that region



As a able-bodied developed country Malaysia is provided by an admirable carriage system. There is carriage attainable alike alien areas .Kuala Lumpur, its basic is advised as the basic busline hub. It is effectively accustomed for buses, taxis, trains, cyberbanking trains, which served as attainable transportation. And additionally there are abounding bear and baiter casework all about the country. Our artefact deliveries to the corresponding bounded markets can be transported through the baiter services.

Malaysia has its own career; Malaysian airlines. Every flights access and abandon at Kuala Lumpur all-embracing airport amid at Sepang & additionally there are flights abutting with best above cities and additionally to Sabah & Sarawak. There are old all-embracing airport in Subang namely the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport now it caters aloof for the calm air services. Another above all-embracing airports are Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi.

Buses are economical way to biking in Malaysia. There are air-conditioned buses as able-bodied as non air conditioned buses. So back we administer our artefact to the rural areas we can get abutment from this artery bus service.

Malaysian railways attach with all basic cities in the peninsular

There are abounding numbers of ports of access in to Malaysia. Ports are amid in Penang, Port Klang, Kuantan, and Kuching & Koto Kinebalu.Since there are abounding cardinal of ports attainable we accept to consign our articles through aircraft lines. Back it is the easiest way to

And additionally there are sea Cruises attainable from Ports in amid Selanger – Kuantan and Sabah – Sarawak.

When carrying our articles to Malaysia; there are two accessible modes of busline that can be utilized. Air busline is fast but expensive. Amphibian busline is almost apathetic about amount effective. For accustomed artefact deliveries amphibian busline is the best busline band-aid absolute the market. About air busline can be an able agency of accepting artefact deliveries to administer emergency stock-outs and abrupt address teaks.



Malaysian advice is added with avant-garde technology.therefore we can accept this befalling to accomplish the chump of our artefact by application this advantage in malaysian market.

3. Chump affairs habits


Product use patterns

In our analysis appear the Munchees Nutri-plus artefact band in the Malaysian market; we are acquisition some advice about that how the artefact like Bite use in Malaysian market? What are the abeyant markets for our product? And additionally what are the artefact use patterns in this specific country?

As we got to apperceive because of this active activity appearance Malaysian bodies accept added the burning of fast foods. Abnormally they adopt nutria-snacks back they are awful anxious about their health. It is a aureate befalling for us to been their because their address is accretion for this affectionate of products. According to the surveys it begin that Malaysian bodies accept spent added on beginning foods and fruits. So afresh it is a greater adventitious for us back we accept abounding altered favors with our product. Back those bodies are awful active with their assignment they can anon captivated our artefact as alleviation or as a breakfast and additionally with milk or afterwards milk.

The Malaysian chump bistro arrangement abide added fat and cholesterol back they adopt to eat rice and meat. Our articles are comestible and advantageous with low elements of cholesterol and fats accordingly a acknowledged assimilation in to the average assets bazaar analysis will accredit us to consign our bazaar potential. Further Malaysian consumers are alive to buy amoebic and advantageous product.Therefor e our artefact which accommodate the said elements will accept a ample aeon of artefact activity cycle.

2005/2006 from Beijing to Budapest – acceptable brands

Product affection preferences

Product affection preferences may alter from bazaar to market. Back this is a baby packet it would be adopted by everyone; back it won’t be a amount amount a lot. In 2007 advanced it was a above trend in Malaysia to focus on the bloom acquainted products. So back they purchasing a artefact they mainly affair about the affection and the convalescent products. So it is accession articular befalling for our product; munchee nutri-plus artefact line. It is bogus by application cereals such as soya beens, rice and etc which helps to access the nutritious. And additionally Malaysian bodies accept a abundant admiration for new flavours. Afresh it could be an opportunity. Back our munchee nutri-plus accept altered flavours. Because of this avant-garde bodies in Malaysian aliment market; our bite would be able to bout with Malaysians articles preferences. It has a different alabaster aftertaste as able-bodied as it looks delitious.because of this aftertaste not alone the alive army but additionally accouchement would adopt this product.

Not alone that Malaysian chump acceptable added knowledgeable. Back they are purchasing a artefact they mainly amount acquainted and cast and affection sensitive. Because of this we would be able to bazaar our affection artefact at a aggressive price. They are not calmly afflicted by the advertisements. And additionally they accede about the account they accept afore the purchasing as able-bodied as afterwards sales.

According to the allegation it does not consists any amusing or advance accident back this is a comestible food. As ACNielsen said, 90% of consumers booty acquirement decisions by because able brands name and additionally 75% absorb with the aforementioned brands because of the barter loyalty.

2005/2006 from Beijing to Budapest – acceptable brands

Shopping habits

An compassionate of the arcade habits of Malaysians is important to actuate the bazaar activity for our products. The bread-and-butter advance of the country has awfully added the purchased ability of the Malaysian customers. The accepted of active and per capita assets of Malaysians are aerial our targeted chump will mainly do their arcade in retail stores, cool markets and arcade malls admitting still apple ancillary bodies acquirement from acceptable advantage and mini-marts .because of the globalization Malaysians are acceptable added complicated. This could be occurring because of the apprenticeship levels and alteration lifestyles of the Malaysian consumers. Because of this multi ethnicity Malaysians accept address appear the adopted articles as well. Admitting this is an Asian country rather than another Asian countries Malaysian males as able-bodied as females both of them are do the buying.

Since consumers consistently cat-and-mouse at the chain abreast the accountant to advantageous bills it is accepted address to accouterment the barter by befitting those articles abreast to the cashier.

4. Administration of the product

We advised to undertake a administration in a bound breadth back our articles are in the antecedent stages of the artefact activity cycle. Our bazaar analysis activities accept appear that best Malaysians adopt to buy their requirements in cool markets. Because they appetite to save time which will absorb actuality and there by accepting advanced ambit of appurtenances is attainable beneath one roof. We absitively to administer our artefact to retail outlets through middlemen in Malaysia. Because they apperceive about country, customs, values, and another authoritative which charge back accomplishing a business? And additionally he would be able to accomplish abutting relationships with the country bodies as well.

Typical Retail Outlets

Therefore our basic administration approach will be through the above cool markets,speciality aliment and biologic aliment in the cities of Malaysia; distinctively in Kuala lumpur,Putrajaya,Penang,Selangor & another basic cities because Malaysian bodies acclimated to acquirement this affectionate of articles from these places. Sales of these Munchee Nutri-plus atom bite confined at cool markets will advice us to advance aggressive attitude and additionally it will advice us to stop allotment losses as well. In cool markets for sales bodies there are sales target; back they accomplish those sales targets they will accept some fridge benefits. So that would be a befalling for our artefact back we do our sales through cool markets. Because those auction s targets will drives added our artefact sales as well. We accept called biologic aliment to acquaint this artefact is because they can acclaim our artefact to the consumers as a advantageous and wellness artefact and afresh it will advice to access the sales.

Product sales by another middlemen

We can utilise a administration approach as a agent afore we accomplish bottomward in the Malaysian aliment market. Agent is a actual arch appearance back it comes to here, because they can accomplish actual able relationships with their retailers as able-bodied as they are apperceive aggregate about the country as able-bodied as the business amphitheatre and additionally amusing and business etiquettes as well. And additionally our aggregation would able to accumulate alive aggregate about the market, adversary brands, specialities of them and additionally such affectionate of things through the middleman.

5. Announcement & promotion

Our ambition bazaar consists of mainly average assets earners, accouchement and adults.

Advertising media usually acclimated to ability your ambition markets

we accept called TV’s and account affidavit as best anatomy of announcement RIM and TV1 which advertisement their programs in Malay accent and TV2 which advertisement in Malay, Chinese, English and Tamil.TV announcement is added accessibility back our articles can be displayed and the artefact acquaintance will be added and could be accomplished on ample cardinal of abeyant barter at low cost.

News cardboard advertisements will additionally be undertaken in Malay, English and Tamil languages. Our sales advance activities will accommodate .exhibitions arcade centre of sports events. We accept to acquaint our artefact through authentic and honest promotions; as a activity accession candy for targeting active kids who wants to developed up fast, and additionally ambition to accent on the aftertaste address which would bout with both kids and adults. And additionally we ambition to actuate the bodies who are absorbing with advantageous bistro and to the bodies who are overweight. And additionally we absitively to set some bill boards in Kuala Lumpur; basic back their accessibility is high.

Sales promotions commonly acclimated (sampling, coupons etc)

There is ample antagonism for our articles in malasia.Therefore we accept to use both the cull and advance promotional strategies to balance the market. Cull action is implemented to allure barter appear purchasing our articles through announcement companies. Advance action is agitated out to animate the retailers to buy and administer our articles to the ultimate customers. This is done through alms barter discounts to the retails. Internet business would be accession above befalling back their technology is aerial and bodies are educated.

6. Appraisement strategy

The prices of our articles should be reasonable and affordable for the Malaysian consumers to buy. The present consumers are awful amount concerned. They apprehend amount from the artefact for the amount they pay. The prime motive of our appraisement strategies is to accomplish the following. To allure the ambition bazaar at the actual time. This will access the banal about-face amount and the advantage in our Malaysian bazaar expansion.

To accept acceptable acknowledgment on basic active to abide our business activities in Malaysia. Our articles are new to the Malaysian aliment market. Accordingly we will apparatus a biting appraisement action at the antecedent stages. Once the bazaar is counterbalanced we will acquaint exceptional pricing. This is important to position our articles amidst the Malaysian barter as affection products.

Customary mark-ups

We should accede the acceptation ascendancy regulations in Malaysia afore a final “mark up “for our products. The Malaysian all-embracing bazaar is liberalized tax arrangement on aliment products. We will booty these into application afore acclimation a final markup for our articles in Malaysia.

Types of discounts available

Malaysian retails acquaint aliment items from abounding producers. So we will action aggregate purchasing discounts to retailers who buy our articles in ample quantities to allure them. At a amount of 2% .In accession we will action at 2% banknote discounts for the retailers who accomplish their ante to us aural 14 days. Compare and adverse Nutri candy from Ceylon biscuits articles LTD and the adversary products.

B.Compare & adverse munchee’s nutriplus artefact with the competitor’s products

Competitor’s products

A. Cast name – There are abounding competitors for our articles in Malaysia but the basic adversary is the bundle PlC.This is a ample bunch acreage which sustain antagonism in U.S.A and another European and Asian aliment Market.

b.features – The bundle nutri artefact accommodate diet and flavors tastes to the consumers. They accept already accustomed cast adherence in Malaysia abnormally amidst the academy activity accouchement and the youth. Accordingly we should booty accomplish to access into the aggressive Malaysian aliment bazaar .Further the amount of assembly for Bundle will be low due to economies of scale. Accordingly we will be awful anxious and abbreviate our amount of assembly in adjustment to accept aggressive appraisement for our articles in Malaysia.

c.package – We should acutely differentiate our articles from those of the competitors in the Malaysian market. It should be attainable for the barter to analyze our products. We will use another colors in our packaging, chief Red back best Malaysian accede “red “as a attribute of strength. The names of Ceylon biscuits accomplish will be printed in adventurous belletrist in blush and blue. The chat “Halal” will be acicular in ample adventurous belletrist our bales will accommodate the cast name on Malay basher, English, Chinese and Tamil.

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