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Marketing Strategy Of Titan Watches

Today, a wristwatch is advised as abundant of a cachet attribute as a accent to acquaint time. The watches and jewellery has not been allowed to the bread-and-butter altitude and the accomplished industry suffered in backward 2008 and in 2009 as chump aplomb fell and bodies became added alert about their spending.

The all-embracing jewellery and watches bazaar grew by 10% aback 2005 to ability £4.8 billion in 2010 and Mintel forecasts 11% advance for the jewellery and watches bazaar over abutting bristles years.

2011 is additionally activity to be the year to advance in men’s jewellery. Stephen Webster presented a able case for men’s jewellery at IJL in September 2010, and bold macho chump alone appetite watches and the odd blazonry or alternation could advance to missing out on a abeyant abundance of customer. It’s not that macho barter don’t appetite it: they aloof don’t apperceive they appetite it.

Men aren’t like women and they’re not acclimated to cerebration about what to wear, explain Webster. “But already a man is bejewelled, there’s no adorable back. They additionally don’t delay for appropriate occasions like woman do, and they can go from aught to jewellery enthusiast in no time.”

Market assay aggregation Mintel’s September 2010 address Watches and Jewellery Bartering UK begin that 20% of macho acknowledging said they like accepting jewellery as a gift, and 12% said that they had purchased all of their own jewellery. So the bazaar is acutely there to be exploited.


Rocketing gold prices and recession accept led abounding consumers to buy argent jewellery instead of gold, with about one in bristles bodies cutting added argent jewellery than gold, ascent to about three in ten women; decidedly adolescent bodies age-old 15 – 24.

The affordability and disposability of abounding apparel jewellery items agency that barter are added accommodating to agreement and try new looks after denting their coffer balances

Young men age-old under- 35 are added accessible to advantageous college amounts for a watch as they about do not abrasion jewellery to accurate their individuality or chump spending power.

Some 86% of consumers abrasion a watch, but about 40% alone a new one back their old one is broken. Converging the watch’s capital action with bloom allowances would be one way of allowance actualize new affidavit for purchase.


Executive Summary:


Many Brands and companies are consistently reinvigorating their businesses and accession them for growth. There is a connected charge to innovate, reinvigorate, update, recalibrate, or aloof artlessly bulwark off the antagonism in an accomplishment to bigger explain ,”why buy me.”

In the bazaar for the cast and artefact offerings is created by positioning. It alcove a assertive blazon of consumers and delivers allowances that accommodated the needs of several key ambition groups and users.

Actual Access of a aggregation or brand’s accession in the exchange depends on how it communicates the allowances and artefact attributes to consumers and users. As a aftereffect accession of a aggregation and/or artefact seeks to added ambit itself from competitors based on a host of items, but best conspicuously on bristles key issues: Price, Quality, Artefact Attributes, Distribution, and Usage Occasions.

In contempo times, consumerism has undergone a sea change. Consumers today are able-bodied abreast about the products, as compared to beforehand times. Hence, the bazaar has become chump centric. Recognizing the accent of the chump is business structure; companies accept started ability cast repositioning exercise on approved basis.

In the contempo times, a above cast repositioning exercise has been planned by Titian Industries Ltd in adjustment to accommodate added to its customers. The aggregation has its new position. This abstraction will advice to accept the active accession strategies of TITAN watches. An assay of repositioning strategies of Titan additionally forms of the study.

Firstly it is important to accept the all-embracing wrist watch industry in UK. Secondly to abstraction the cast accession and re-positioning action of Titan wrist watches and to acquisition out whether the loyal consumers of TITAN watches acquainted of the new accession strategies of the aggregation and how they apperceive them.

To abstraction primary and accent abstracts accept been used. Assay UK wrist watch industry and cast repositioning strategies of TITAN Aggregation has been analysed and completed on the abject of accent data. Internet, journals, books and magazines accept been acclimated for this purpose.

Project comprises administering a check survey.


1.1 Theory and concepts:

“A business has two – and alone two – basal functions: business and innovation” Peter Drucker

To advance business appliance and bazaar position, it is important to continuously innovate and ad-lib cast angel in the bazaar to clip with change and acute aggressive burden in the marketplace.

In this context, cast repositioning and alternative awakening strategies accept become a business acute for aggressive cast erosion. The address of cast repositioning is added acute by the ascent costs and aerial accident associated with ablution a new brand. Access in the bulk and aerial accident accompanying with ablution a new cast that is a allotment of cast reposition.Brand reposition has accustomed actual accent in the business abstract and mostly been advised as a aberration of cast positioning.

Reposition can be appropriate as the bazaar changes and new opportunities occur. In adjustment to ability the chump which was never targeted at aboriginal can additionally be targeted with cast reposition. In adjustment to change its angel in the bazaar it is important to focus appear cast repositioning, although it is one of the toughest and hardest accomplishments in business to reposition a accustomed brand.

According to Solomon, position action is an capital allotment in the business efforts because companies accept to use the elements in the business mix to access the barter compassionate the position. There has to be several choices to be, so to as to be in added adorable and accordant position. It is important for the actuality who is reposition for the reposition to apperceive and accept why reposition is all-important and its need, and if the action is the one that will change or aloof the cast name. While repositioning it is important to undertake and accept all the accident factors that is acceptable to affect it in the market.

A aggregation risks its believability and believability added while repositioning its cast in the bazaar and the charge for a absolute action is actual important to abstain any occurrence. Some analyst argues that to auspiciously reposition a accustomed cast name is about absurd because repositioning of a cast can accomplish the best loyal chump to about-face brand. If the cast is breakable again cast reposition becomes important.

Numerous attempts to reposition cast in the bazaar may abort which is testified by abounding aggregation for archetype while bendable alcohol has auspiciously been able to affix with the adolescence admitting they abide for 40 years in the bazaar but at the aforementioned Levis, jeans has been accident its bazaar allotment to newcomers such as The Gap admitting abundant campaigns advised to reposition the cast trend.

1.2 Abstract Review:

The reposition action is authentic into three stages that is:




This involves the accession of a new or a repositioned brand, gluttonous accentuate the brand’s bulk over others, and to augment the cast position. It is absolutely adamantine to change the customer’s perceived attitude appear a brand, and accordingly the accident is abundant that the attack to repositioning ability fail.

After rolling out the strategy, it is time to adapt the hypothesis through amend of the personality and through repositioning. There pros and cons with both of this segments and it is abundant acceptation that they are absolutely account back chief the abutting footfall in the process. To accept it added deeply


Figure 1: Stages in cast action development.

When a aggregation modifies or change article that is already there in the bazaar accustomed in the apperception of the chump that is alleged as repositioning.

Different profession and individuals accept altered acceptation and compassionate appear Repositioning. There are few altered definitions and greater compassionate about this concept:

“Repositioning is a change, principally about triggering the vision, mission and bulk in a new administration that is added ill-fitted f or the cast in the future- Cast administrator consultant.

“Principally, reposition apropos alteration the consumer’s acumen of the cast – PR consultant.

“Repositioning is congenital aloft the change of altered and differentiated associations with the cast in some affectionate of direction; it is about accepting a antithesis amid the class affair and adverse back application reposition strategies (Leading Cast strategies)

From these definitions, it is accessible that reposition is about affective article to added adorable and accordant position. Reposition administration is generally absitively as to what a aggregation wants to achieve. There is additionally a arresting affiliation amid bulk and abundance aspects. Back a aggregation perceives the bazaar as a appeal curve, the purpose is to bottomward amplitude or advancement curve. Back affective up and there is a charge for all-encompassing the exceptional articulation and aggrandize up wards.

Figure: The assumption of reposition.

When appetite appear a new position in the market, it is important to accept those consumers are limited. People’s minds baddest what to bethink and it is important to argue the consumers with greater arguments. The bazaar consistently strive for change which is accelerated and accordingly repositioning can be all-important to accommodated these demands, newer and stronger arguments accept to be accustomed to assertive them to break as loyal customers.

As repositioning is a actual complicated bulk and accordingly there are no abundant theories or models. Aim for repositioning is altered for altered person, and the alone affiliation amid all the altered theories is that repositioning is affective article from about appear a greater position at the market.

Corstjens and Doyle (1989) articular three types of repositioning strategies:

Zero repositioning, which is not a repositioning at all aback the close maintains its antecedent action in the face of a alteration environment.

Gradual repositioning, breadth the close performs incremental, connected adjustments to its accession action to reflect the change of its environment; and

Radical repositioning that corresponds to a alternate about-face appear a new ambition bazaar and /or a new aggressive advantage.

After acquirements the repositioning of several brands from the UK market, the afterward 8 types of repositioning accept been identified. These are:

Increasing appliance to the consumer

Increasing occasions for use

Making the cast serious

Falling sales

Bringing in new customers

Making the rand contemporary

Differentiate from alternative brands

Changed bazaar conditions

A four – phased cast repositioning access can be followed to accomplish the advised benfits-

Phase I. Determining the accepted cachet of the brand

Phase II. What does the cast angle for today?

Phase III. Developing the cast accession platforms

Phase IV. Refining the cast Accession and Administration Presentation

The advantages that can be acquired from cast repositioning contest can be abbreviated as:

Value over others

Updated personality

Relevant position

The risks associated with such strategies are:

Loss of focus

Neglecting aboriginal customers

Losing believability for the brand

Confusing the brand

Therefore, cast repositioning is added difficult than initially accession a cast because one charge aboriginal advice the chump “UNLEARN” the accepted cast positioning

This can be done by:

Carefully crafted communication

New products, packaging

Associations with alternative brands ( co- branding, co- marketing, additive branding, cardinal alliances, etc) that reinforce the new cast positioning.

This exercise is so analytical to an organization’s success that the organization’s and its marketing/brand administration baton should advance it, finer with the advice and abetment of an alfresco cast – accession expert.

Research Methodology:

2.1 Objectives

To abstraction the accepted book of UK wrist watch industry.

To analysis the cast accession strategies of altered sub-brands of watches.

To assay the cast repositioning strategies of watches.

To abstraction chump acquaintance and acumen about the cast repositioning strategies of watches.

This abstraction will advice to accept the gap in its advice action apropos cast repositioning contest and the added measures to be taken for able business communications.

2.2 Limitations:

The abstraction is bedfast to London breadth only

There is achievability of sampling errors in the study

The responses of the consumers may not be genuine

Questionnaire may not be comprehensive

2.3 Sources of Abstracts Collection:

The accordant abstracts was calm from both primary sources and accent sources. The starting point of my advice acquisition has been the accent sources such as internet, books, and journals and so on.

Firstly, cast accession and repositioning strategies of Titan, accent sources such as internet, allowance magazines, and journals and so on. Again I conducted a chump acquaintance analysis on cast repositioning strategies undertaken by Titan watches in contempo times.

2.4 Sampling:

To conduct sampling of 50 loyal consumers of Titan and in the age accumulation of 20 – 30 years for this study. Aback Titan has taken up cast repositioning strategies aback January 2011, consumers who accept apparent the antecedent and new campaigns accept been targeted.

2.5 Primary data:

Data was calm through an account schedule, consisting of both accessible assured and bankrupt assured questions. It consisted of the ambit like affidavit consumers’ cast preference, bond of beforehand tagline and advertisement, cast agent of Titan acquaintance of new tagline and attack featuring sportsmen and actors from All-embracing anatomy and so on. The abstracts was calm through e-mails, blast contacts and one to one claimed interviews.

Industry Overview

UK Watch industry:

Market address examines the UK jewellery and watches market, absolute sales of jewellery and watches in the UK fluctuated amid 2004 and 2008, and fell by 2.8% in the closing year to accomplishment the analysis aeon at £4.33 billion.

The crumbling sales in 2008 can be abundantly attributed to the all-around bread-and-butter abatement and UK recession, which accept had a abrogating appulse on about all industries.

Initially, the affluence end of the bazaar was almost artless by the downturn, but by the end of 2008 and 2009, it had amorphous to booty effect.

The jewellery and Watches bazaar has become added aggressive in contempo years. Although the industry has consistently been burst with a advanced ambit of suppliers and retailers, developments in online bartering accept contributed to it acceptable added cellophane for advice on appraisement and availability. This has been a absolute trend, abnormally for abounding abate brands that ahead were not able to accord anon with consumers. Some beyond retailers, as able-bodied as a few independents, accept additionally developed transactional sites to accord with this demand.

With about a third of the UK citizenry owning a allotment of adored jewellery and about in ten owning a watch, articles accept a aerial bulk of chump penetration.

The abatement in the UK abridgement is absurd to appearance changeabout in 2009, and this will abide to affect all areas of chump spending.

It seems the concepts of a wrist watch accept become that of a cachet attribute rather than a applied chronometer. According to a analysis that advance one in seven bodies in the UK has no charge for watch, afar from as a appearance accessory.

Gadgets such as iPods, laptops and adaptable phone, represent blackmail to the watch industry, analysis conducted by Mintel.

Even in the age of iPhones, bodies absorb huge bulk of money on a affection time piece, with high-end brands such as Rolex and Tag Heuer adorning blinged up wrist of rappers, bankers and fashionistas alike.




Watch industry is growing industry which faster rate

As the citizenry is rising, the watch bazaar is additionally expanding

Customers are not actual bulk acute as far as affection watch is concerned


There is not abundant announcement done by watch industry

No accession in products

There are few cardinal of absolute showrooms that reduces the consumer’s accessibility to the product

There are few marketers, who are concentrated alone aloft a accurate alcove articulation (Tag Heuer )


There is added charge of fashionable affluence watch and accomplished affluence watch brands that can be targeted in UK, as barter are added like trendsetter and fashionable.

UK abnormally London is a burghal city which makes it added adorable for the new company.

Youth are added cast acquainted than their predecessors. That leads to the amplification of the bazaar for branded watches.


There are abounding adopted players entering in the race

Too abounding players will adulterate the bazaar and the accumulation margin.

Mobile phones acting as substitutes of the watches.

The Indian watch industry began in the year 1961 with the allotment of the watch analysis of Titan. The aboriginal watch archetypal bogus by HMT was the Janata archetypal in the year 1962. HMT was the baton in the watch bazaar till the Tata’s formed Titan watches in affiliation with Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation in the year 1987. They took a above action decision, which after afflicted the face of the Indian watch bazaar to accomplish alone quartz watches. Liberalisation in 1992 and abatement of quantitative restrictions due to WTO has opened the doors for abounding the Indian bazaar viz. Tissot, Swatch, Omega, Rado, TAGHeuer. The acceptation duties on watches are falling which makes the Indian bazaar attending adorable for the all-around majors like Casio, Swatch and Citizen.

Company Profile:


Titan is the better watch aggregation in India and the sixth better in the world. Titan articles over 7 actor watches per annum and has a chump abject over 65 million.

An industry was accustomed in 1984 as a collective adventure amid the Tata Accumulation and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. The aggregation brought the about-face in the Indian watch market, alms quartz technology with All-embracing styling, bogus in a state-of-the art branch at Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Leveraging its compassionate of altered segments in the watch market, the aggregation launched a additional absolute watch cast Sonata, as a bulk cast to those gluttonous buy functionally styled watches at affordable prices. In accession it focused on the adolescence with its third cast – fastrack.

In two decades the aggregation has congenital an absorbing watch business to become India’s better architect and the world’s sixth architect of watches. This has mainly been accomplished by developing a appalling administration network. The aggregation has amidst the world’s better retail alternation of absolute retail showrooms for watches alleged ‘The apple of Titan advance over 100 towns’.

It additionally has multi cast outlets called ‘Time Zone’, account centers and banker outlets. Globally Titan has a attendance in over 30 countries through its business subsidiaries.

The aggregation has watch accumulation plants at Dehradun (UP) and Baddi ( Himachal Pradesh) and a bulb accomplishment cyberbanking ambit boards in Goa.

The majority pale in the aggregation is captivated by the promoters, with Tidco accepting 28 percent of the shares and Tata Accumulation companies owning 25 percent of the shares. Public captivation in the aggregation is about 28 per cent. The blow of the pale is captivated by adopted institutions, non citizen Indians, alternate funds and alternative institutions.

It has additionally exceptional appearance watches by accepting a authorization for all-around brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, while. It has additionally in its portfolio its aboriginal Swiss Fabricated watch cast – Xylys.

1995, the aggregation adapted into jewellery beneath the cast – Tanishq to capitalize on burst bazaar operating with no brands in burghal cities. In 2005, the launched its additional Jewellery brand, GoldPlus, for capitalizing on the befalling in baby towns and rural India.

The aggregation has now adapted into appearance Eyewear by ablution Fastrack Eye-Gear sunglasses, as able-bodied as Prescription Eyewear.


Overall strategies:

Since its introduction, Titan has been positioned as a exceptional brand, accouterment aerial affection products. Titan is disturbing to accept a able cast angel in UK bazaar due to its abundant sub-brands that caters to altered segments in India. It follows altered accession strategies; these strategies can additionally be analyzed as accustomed below:

Attribute Positioning:

When the aggregation launched its products, it was the aboriginal to accompany quartz watches to Indian market. The aggregation auspiciously leveraged this to access the market. Raga, Classique and Regalia appear beneath this strategy. Classique positioned as affected accumulated abrasion that leaves a quiet, but audible consequence and admixture of action and sophistication. Regalia forester represents the elegant-wear. Raga has been differentiate and positioned as absolute watch. The Raga and Argent Raga accumulating is elegant, aerial and feminine with anniversary allotment absolutely unique.

User Positioning:

Titan caters to several user groups – accouchement (the Dash), sportspersons and adventurers. The fastrack ambit is apparent as actuality contemporary, reliable and sturdy. The advertising, packaging and affairs of this ambit is young, air-conditioned and vibrant.

Benefit Positioning:

Titan seeks to differentiate its alms on the abject of above appearance and affability which is offered by fastrack Digital range.

Competitors Positioning:

With the access of several adopted watchmakers into the market, Titan had to appointment the threat. Best the entrants are accouterment to the high end of the bazaar – Omega, Cartier etc.

Quality or Bulk Positioning:

In the across market, abnormally in Europe breadth it is aggressive with Swiss and Japanese watches, it is accession itself as “value-for-money” (less than Swiss watches and college than Japanese), alluringly styled and of acceptable quality.


Titan has managed to get fair bazaar in Middle East and Africa but its abortion in Europe was a abatement for the Aggregation as the acknowledgment was not as acceptable as advance fabricated for the expansion. Titan has absitively to adapt its flagship watch cast in Europe mainly in UK. Titan wants to reposition it added active and accordant to the alteration times.

Titan has entered the All-embracing markets in 1989 through the consign of watch movements. Titan’s aboriginal all-around cast was placed in the UAE – the better bazaar in the Middle East again it confused appear Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia and few markets in Africa. Admitting it faced able competition, it accomplished the sales of 100,000 watches aural a year of its launch. It started to move globally and moves appear Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Nepal.

After its all-encompassing survey, it assured that it needs acceptable acumen to banal the brand. Titan needs to re-position its cast angel in the UK market. And so Titan absitively to adjoin bendable advantage of active its globalization through clandestine characterization exports. It would barrage its artefact beneath its own cast with bazaar accession Accordingly Titan begin a massive announcement attack to actualize cast awareness. It additionally alternate in the fair which showcases the world’s better watch cast in the world.




The suggestions to advance chump acquaintance about cast repositioning action of Titan are as follows:

To access its visibility, Titan Aggregation can sponsor contest agnate to appearance shows which all latest designs launched are displayed. This is important as it has a abundant aftereffect on altered segments of the barter in altered ways.

It is important to accept Tie up with radio channels and television to advertisement and advertisement its advertisement about assorted sales advance from time to time.

R&D needs added advance as chump expectations are alteration rapidly. It should focus added on introducing added varieties and affluence items in the bazaar at approved interval.

Introduce absolute accumulating for alive women which is added abreast and complements any appearance styles.

Tie up with all-embracing watch brands to accomplish the artefact stronger in the market.

To use internet to advance acquaintance amid chump about the brand.

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