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Migrant Life in Greece During the Economic Crisis

Tsiori Maria


For a continued time Greece has been a country of emigration. Despite the advancing bread-and-butter abatement of contempo years the country has angry into a host country for abounding migrants from Africa and Asia mainly as a aperture illegally, into the EU. Consequently, this afoot movement in this country has admiring a lot of bookish absorption as the affair is of all-inclusive accent to not alone the EU but additionally the Greek government , Greek association and migrants alike. The aim of this assignment is to accommodate an in abyss appearance of casual action in Greece at present both through their eyes and from the bend of the bodies their attendance impacts upon. Clearing to Greece through Turkey, abnormally has exploded afresh and this apriorism will analyze the affidavit migrants accept assured up in Greece whilst in alteration added west or the affidavit they end up clearing there and how the accepted bread-and-butter altitude of Greece itself is anon affecting casual lives. It will investigate how abundant the migrants accommodate into Greek ability or the admeasurement of the accumulation of their own amusing networks aural the country and whether this affiliation or abridgement thereof affects the air of ageism acutely accretion as of late. Moreover , it will investigate how the Greek government is administration the affair , the accompanying acrimony from either ancillary and the absolute and abrogating aspects the migrants accept on Greek association both in the absolute breadth and on a beyond calibration both economically and socially.

Literature view

The accumulating and assay of accordant abstract went on throughout advance of the action and included both empiric and abstract texts. As far as the above are anxious we advised the contempo abstract on the European abandonment at times of crisis as able-bodied as bookish texts which accord with affair of abandonment and bread-and-butter crises added broadly.

A being application addition country for over a year is authentic as a abiding casual by the EU, and a concise casual over three months but beneath a year (UN DESA 1998) with a bright acumen from tourism but the ultimate intentions of that movement of individuals may be cryptic or may alike advance with time and accord acceleration to the use of alternative definitions of clearing as can be apparent with melancholia migration. A above agency influencing animal societies is that of clearing and an anytime accretion bulk of assay and assay into this affair and the furnishings of it. It is by no agency a new abnormality with abounding ample calibration movements of bodies in history but abnormally with the bigger affluence of movement we absolutely can admit this time as the ‘age of migration’ (Castles & Miller, 2009) with some advisers citation that clearing never ceases to accomplishment (Schapendonk, 2011). One appropriate of avant-garde day clearing is that of ‘irregular migration’ or ‘illegal migrants’ as peoples movements borrow aloft host countries laws but the closing appellation reinforces the bent attributes of the act .Such action can be apparent in a above way in the breadth the Greek-Turkish borders area there exists a cogent aperture of access into Europe (Schapendonk, 2011). Whether the clearing action stops for individuals depends on the altitude of action the migrants find. It can be apparent in the accepted literature, that investigations into clearing highlight the aftereffect that clearing has but not the absolute clearing apparatus (Karczemski & Boer, 2010). Furthermore, there exists abundant theories apropos clearing internationally and abreast assay tends appear a multidisciplinary bend (Castles & Miller, 2009) but there is a ample admeasurement of assay absorption on how amusing casual networks accommodate into clearing and what allotment they comedy (Schapendonk, 2011; Koser & Pinkerton, 2002; Spittel, 1998). Academics ascertain these networks as “sets of interpersonal ties that affix migrants, above migrants, and non-migrants in agent and destination areas through ties of kinship, friendship, and aggregate association origin” (Gelderblom & Adams, 227: 2006). The way in which clearing is looked at has afflicted as Khalid Koser, a Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution says, ” We acclimated to anticipate of clearing as a animal aegis issue: absorption bodies and accouterment assistance. Now we acutely perceive-or misperceive-migration as a borough aegis issue. And the accident of securitizing clearing is that you accident legitimizing amazing responses.” Furthermore the botheration can be circuitous by the demographic attributes circuitous with the clearing as above CFR Senior Fellow Charles Kupchan explains, “The accomplishments to this [migrant crisis] is the adversity that abounding European countries accept in amalgam minorities into the amusing mainstream. Abounding of these immigrants are advancing from Muslim countries, and the accord amid immigrant Muslim communities and the majority populations is not good.” Kupchan additionally goes on to highlight the actuality that geographically this botheration has alternative factors circuitous too, “Europe has historically accepted added indigenous than borough approaches to nationhood, clashing the United States, and that is allotment of the acumen clearing is proving so difficult.” Francesc Ortega, a assistant of economics in New York conducted an assay in 2013 into European clearing and assured that it is apprenticed by banking needs and aberrant clearing is a artefact of poverty, “The afoot pressures to Europe are article that’s not activity to go away….and the accuracy is there are actual bound acknowledged pathways to drift to Europe. . . . Those two facts accumulated accomplish smuggling actual profitable.” The following for budgetary accolade by migrants does put burden on the host nation as can be apparent accurately with Greece as the cardinal of jobs and the assets has bargain for Greeks everywhere. Acrimony appear migrants in Greece is on the acceleration and according to Anna Triandafyllidou, “attention to clearing as a growing blackmail to the accord of avant-garde Greek society.” In fact, racism is on the acceleration in association and politically with abutment for clearing consistently on the abatement ( http://www.eliamep.gr/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/MIDAS-Policy-Paper-EN.pdf). From my opinion, the affiliation of immigrants appears to be a complex, able and adverse process, affecting several aspects of abreast Greek society: backroom and policy, abridgement and the labour market, cartography and space, apprenticeship and culture. Despite the absolute mechanisms that are still in place, immigrants do accomplish a active in the host country and gradually become amoebic elements, axis Greece into a multicultural society.

Outline of the chapters

Currently the apriorism consists of seven chapters. Affiliate 1 will serve as an addition to the affair and present the aim of the assay and the acceptation of the affair in a abreast sphere. The additional affiliate will attending at the accepted behavior of both the EU and the Greek government apropos aberrant clearing and will attending at Greek clearing abroad in the globe. Affiliate 3 will focus on the access point to the EU via the Greek-Turkish bound and attending at the affidavit they are begin to be there at that moment and what the altitude are like at these captivation centers. It will affection credibility of appearance from both Greek citizens and migrants. It will accommodate a cardinal of interviews from both sides. Affiliate 4 moves on to attending at the migrants life-legal and illegal- in the aeon afterwards the captivation centers in assorted regions and snapshots of their lives as able-bodied as their hopes and desires for the future. It will pay accurate absorption to any racism and antimigrant activity accomplished by those interviewed. Affiliate 5 will analyze the amusing networks of the migrants in Greece and how they accept developed and to what admeasurement they accept bigger their lives. The sixth and final affiliate will present the abstracts and advance added areas of assay including suggestions on political alterations to casual action accurately ambidextrous with the Greek legislation.


The alignment that I will use for this assay will be a aggregate of a quantitative and qualitative approach, application interviews and statistics about the casual and immigrant crisis in Greek action and in EU in general. It will accommodate a acreage assay additionally in some areas of Greece area they accept refugees hotspots. I will account a cardinal of refugees and Greek citizens comparing their opinions. This array of assay tries to action responses to inquiries like “how” or “why”. Furthermore I will accommodate the political approaches of accuracy and feminism and liberalism. Also, my assay will be basic and I will use the empiric method. Finally, it will achieve the adopted behavior of Greece about clearing through the years.


Regarding the bibliography, the cardboard will be assemble both in ablaze of capital and accessory sources. At aboriginal it will accommodate official athenaeum from the EU and the UNHCR, (2012), Text of Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the Greek Ministry of Adopted Affairs, Turkish Ministry of Adopted Affairs ,European Union Council’s decisions for the refugee crisis. Apropos the acquired sources, they will principally accommodate bookish interviews from refugees and Greek citizens in the areas of Greece, Local and all-embracing columnist advantage apropos the refugee crisis in Greece and in Europe (The Independent, BBC,Guardian,To Vima, Kathimerini ) some of them are listed below:

Castles, S. & Miller, J. (2009), The Age of Migration. New York: Palgrave McMillan

Karczemski, M & Boer, A. (2010) Post-Accession Migration: Polish migrants affective from Poland to The Hague, Radboud University, Nijmegen

Koser, K. & Pinkerton, C., (2002) The Amusing Networks of Asylum Seekers and the broadcasting of advice about countries of Asylum, Clearing Assay Unit, University College London

Schapendonk, J. (2011), Turbulent Trajectories. Sub-Saharan African Migrants Heading North, Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen

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