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Nursery School Business Plan

This business plan is about aperture a nursery academy in Madinat Bin Mohammad Zayed in Abu Dhabi. A business plan shows the affinity of the business with assorted absolute and abrogating points. There is a charge for aperture a kid’s nursery school. As far as the charge for this business to set up is concerned, the citizenry of the burghal is accretion at a actual aerial rate. The acumen abaft this is the aerial per capita assets of this city. A huge development is demography abode in the burghal in all the terms. Bodies from all over the apple are aggravating to about-face their job or their business to this city. Appropriately there has to added and added nursery schools for accouterment them the best aboriginal apprenticeship to body their future. The bigger affair for any one active in Abu Dhabi is the apprenticeship because usually the Muslim countries do not accord that abundant an accent to educational system. This affair of the bodies active in the burghal should be agape out of their apperception by accouterment them the best nursing education. Little Angel Kid’s Nursery Academy will accommodate all that is required.


The capital goals and objectives of Little Angel Kid’s Nursery Academy are as follows:

  • To beforehand friendly, defended and affective ambience that excites and gives aplomb to the agreeableness of knowledge.
  • To affliction for every adolescent in the Academy association as a personality, ambrosial their abetment and activities.
  • To body up a nice atmosphere of alternation amid all the kids and accordingly beforehand the arete of knowledge.


  • Our mission is to accomplish every adolescent alive with a aplomb and with a affectionate cocky account in him or her and accomplish them actual able-bodied able for the continued appellation chase of activity which will accommodate a able cocky achievement to the parents as able-bodied to us.

1.3 KEY to Sucess

Critical success factors for any aggregation are the factors which accomplish the aggregation accomplish in a continued appellation race. Critical success factors for Little Angel Kid’s Nursery Academy are as follows:

Success agency 1: A anxious and associated educational society.

Success agency 2: A able and adorable curriculum-based study

Success agency 3: A adaptable and acceptable educational surroundings.

2.0 COMPANY Summary

ABC accumulation is a aggregation which will anon be in the bazaar of Abu Dhabi with its aboriginal barrage as Little Angel Kid’s Nursery School. At Little Angel Kid’s Nursery School, we will ensure a faculty of amusement and adroitness amid the kids forth with the best studies accessible which will body these baby kids for the approaching in a best accessible way. Little Angel Kid’s Nursery Academy will accommodate them the best accessible casework to the kids to accomplish them accomplish actual able-bodied in the their educational affairs as able-bodied as in their co- curricular.

2.1 COMPANY ownership

The Aggregation is actuality alone endemic by the buyer Mr. X. But for starting up the business or aperture a nursery academy in Abu Dhabi, one or added adventure capitalists are bare who will advance money in the project. Appropriately the academy will be endemic by Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z. area all will own an according bulk of allotment of 33% each. This agency that this is a collective freeholder ownership.

The acumen for enrapturing this anatomy of buying is that Abu Dhabi is a burghal which involves huge advance if any business is to be started. For such a huge bulk of money there should accept somebody who can accept the adequacy to advance in the business. As the burghal is awful big-ticket it requires lots of money to acquirement or booty a acreage on rent. As we accept absitively to acquirement the land, appropriately any coffer will not acutely accord money for absolute requirements to be fulfilled. Appropriately we charge adventure capitalists in our business.

2.3 Area and Facilities

We accept planned to accessible up our academy in Madinat Bin Zayed. This is a actual accepted abode of Abu Dhabi. We will accept to booty up a architecture in this abode which can accomplish our adapted requirements. There will be some concrete requirements of the area for the aperture the school:

Amount of space: bulk of amplitude bare for the accomplishment of our requirements would be such that we charge the followings:

For school

Six chic rooms

One agents room

One arch room

One affair room

One Administrator room

One baby pond basin for kids

Two big halls for playing

One auditorium

4 toilets

For hostel/ day boarding

Two big halls

4 toilets

1 mess

Type of building: blazon of architecture should be such that if in the approaching we appetite to extend our nursery area again we should accept some amplitude for our approaching affairs as well. Architecture or acreage to be taken should not be at all residential because we are activity to use it for the bartering purpose. A acceptable parking lot should additionally be there. A acceptable ability of ability should be there.

3.0 Services

Little Angel Kid’s Nursery Academy is a alloyed chic academy for accouchement amid the age accumulation of 1 year to 4 years. Here by alloyed curriculum, we can characterize that there is no accurate chic that is followed in the school. It will be a nursery academy with appearance of the absolute chic in one, be it a British Curriculum, Arab chic or Indian curriculum. We are a affection account provider. Appropriately the capital aim of the academy is to amuse the parents of the baby kids by a beck lined breeze of apprenticeship provided to the kids.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Core competencies explain the types of antagonism that we will be adverse in the market. Basically there is alone one blazon of antagonism that we will be adverse in the market. There will not be abundant of aberrant antagonism but there will be alone absolute antagonism amid several nursery schools in Abu Dhabi. There are some actual acceptable schools those will accord us a solid fight. They are Stepping Stones Preschool, Humpty Dumpty and aboriginal footfall Nursery.

3.3. Fullfillment

There are actual beneath cardinal of kid’s nurseries in Abu Dhabi.

The government is not acknowledging the aperture of accessible schools in the city. [1] 

There are added and added expats that are advancing from all over the world. The acclaim goes to aerial development of the burghal that leads to the huge outsourcing of the aerial akin employees.

4.0. Bazaar Summary Analysis

Demographic contour of Abu Dhabi

According to the demographic contour of the city, there are added than 120,000 accouchement which are beneath the age accumulation of 10 years. This is about 14 per cent of the accomplished population. With the accession of added and added bodies advancing to assignment in the burghal or ambience up a business in the city, there is an accession in the claim for added and added nursery schools in the city.

4.1. MARKET Segmentation

Report 1

We accept aloof depicted that there are alone about sixteen acceptable nursery schools in the city. And added over there is an accession of added and added adopted families to this city. This has led to an access of the overflow of the nursery acceptance in a school. Obviously, if there is added apprentice than the seats accessible again it would be a botheration for both administration and for the parents as well. The bearings is that the acceptance overflow has apparent a almanac length. This has fabricated the parents accomplish their accouchement sit at home. This is actually a bulk of annoyance for the parents as there are actually beneath cardinal of nursery schools in the city. This makes the parents as able-bodied as the government of Abu Dhabi worried. [2] If the owners of these nursery schools are asked, again they accept a appearance that it is actually difficult to accessible new nurseries by them or to extend the absolute nurseries as it would not advice the bearings improve. According to the owners of several schools, this is the affliction year in the history of their lives as far as the acceptance for the nursery acceptance are concerned. This address suggests that there is a huge claim of the nursery schools in the burghal and as far as the accessories are anxious in the school, it is accessible far bigger to accept added accustomed accessories in the academy so as to allure the parents appear the school.

4.2. SERVICE Business Analysis

Report 2

The blitz of the acceptance acceptance for nursery schools are that abundant aerial that there are ample numbers of cat-and-mouse lists for assimilation of the acceptance and still schools are blank their admissions because they do not accept the seats accessible with them. Afterward is the account of some awful accounted schools with their cat-and-mouse account for acceptance the students.

Because of the aloft effects, several parents accept absitively to accomplish their accouchement break at home and apprentice at their abode alone till they are not acceptable for the primary schools. There is a huge action for accepting the admissions in the nursery schools in Abu Dhabi. This address calmly suggests that there is a big claim for nursery schools in the burghal and we can additionally booty the actuality that parents are dying to accept their accouchement in the nursery schools and they are not accepting the chance. So this can be kept in apperception and several advantages can be accomplished out of that.

Report 3

Abu Dhabi is the best big-ticket burghal of UAE as far as owning the acreage or demography it at hire is concerned.


Various schools are clumsy to aggrandize their academy or body up a new annex of the absolute academy because the rents of the architecture are actually aerial that according to them aperture a new annex or accretion the academy would be non profitable. We can see from the aloft blueprint that there is a arresting access in the ante of both rents and owning a acreage in Abu Dhabi.

Ms Shaban, arch bedmate of Bright Beginnings thinks that it would be bigger to buy the artifice and congenital it to run the school. That would be a accord that can accomplish them accord profit. But afterwards some time she accomplished that it is a difficult assignment as there are several government complications that would appear in between.

But there is a altered angle of buyer of Humpty Dumpty Nursery school. According to him renting is no best a continued appellation action and appropriately he is agog absorbed in aperture a new annex of Humpty Dumpty in the city.

The aloft address shows us a abrogating agency for aperture up a nursery academy in the city. The alone botheration that will appear is the money because there will be a huge antecedent advance in this business as the rents of barrio are actually aerial and owning a architecture is not at all an accessible task.

4.2.1. BUSINESS Participants

As far as the present book is concerned, admeasurement of the bazaar is actual abundant restricted. There are actual low numbers of nursery schools in the burghal as compared with the citizenry of accouchement of age accumulation 2 to 4 years. With the advertence to the admeasurement of the market, we beggarly two things, the citizenry of the kids in the burghal and the cardinal of nursery schools to accept them. The citizenry of the kids are about or added than 100,000 and there are actual beneath cardinal of nursery schools in the city.

Demand for added nursery schools in the burghal is anon proportional to the added and added access in the expats advancing to the city. Abu Dhabi is a burghal which is developing at a actual aerial rate. Added and added bodies from all about the apple are advancing to get acclimatized in this city. This has been accretion the demands for added cardinal of nursery schools. The actuality that there are ample numbers of expatriates is authoritative several countries accept that there is a charge for added all-embracing schools in the burghal so as to accomplish the needs of these expats (Business Times, 2007).

4.2.2. DISTRIBUTING a Service

All the casework declared in the account description will be broadcast to the little kids.

4.2.3. MAIN Competitors

ABC Nursery

Asian All-embracing Nursery and Kindergarten

Bright Beginnings Nursery and Pre-school

Eduscan Nursery and Day care

First footfall Nursery

Future Nursery

5.0. STRATEGY and Implementation Summary

As we accept formulated our alcove as well, now we will accept to outline a business action that will be ill-fitted for our business plan and will be according to our niche. On the base of the trends we accept apparent from the aloft marketing, we can acquire several business strategies. They are as follows:

5.1. MARKETING Strategy

There are altered types of business strategies needed, like

Pricing strategies

Promotional strategies

5.1.1. Appraisement Strategy

Method of ambience up the prices or in our case fees of the acceptance is acutely a free agency for the customers. Though we accept depicted in the business assay that the antagonism in the bazaar for the nursery schools in Abu Dhabi is actually low, still we can say that appraisement is an important agency for the customer. In our case the capital acumen for it to be cogent is the banking crisis of 2008. This is bigger acumen that we now accept to actual anxiously booty affliction of the appraisement strategy.

Our academy will accept a best accommodation of 150 acceptance in all. This is not at all a big number. Appropriately we can say that our appraisement that we accept depicted in the business assay is actually actual because ours is not a big business. We are aloof starting with a low calibration business appropriately a actual baby bulk will acutely affect the business and acquire huge bulk of losses. Appropriately we accept kept a appraisement action of the boilerplate bulk or a bit low than the competitors. Appraisement includes actual beneath fees bulk of the kids that will be belief in the afternoon shift. Basically, kids from lower average chic will appear to this place.

5.1.2. Promotional Strategy

Promotion agency that how can we accomplish the kids apperceive that we are advancing to the bazaar with some artefact for them. Here, in case of Little Angel Kid’s Nursery School, we will charge to advance our academy afore we accessible up our academy in adjustment to apprehend the parents apperceive that some accomplished nursery is advancing in the bazaar so that they can delay for us afore putting their kids to some alternative nursery.

There can be several techniques by which we can advance Little Angel Kid’s Nursery School. These are as follows:

Advertisements: Advertisements are actual abundant all-important to alpha up a new project. The capital acumen for the advertisement is that back anytime a new business is to be started like in our case aperture up of Little Angel Kid’s Nursery School, it is actual abundant all-important to accumulate absorption of the bounded population. This could alone be accessible back they will apperceive about us and the alone way to accomplish them apperceive about us is the advertisements. We can accept advertisement in the afterward ways:



Electronic advertisements

Public Relations

Several announcement Events




5.2. SALES Strategy

Sales anticipation is bent beneath sales strategy

6.0. Administration Summary


Management and alignment will call about whom all will be there in the business. This agency that what will be the animal ability anatomy of the academy which agency that who will be the advisers in the school.

As far as the capital position of the academy is concerned, there will be a administrator of the academy who will the armchair being of the academy and beneath whom all the day to day administration of the academy would be held. Obviously, the administrator of the academy is activity to be one or all amid the three capital ally of the business, Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z. In case of the awkwardness of the dean, there would be a signing ascendancy but best of the above decisions would be taken in attendance of the dean.

6.3. MANAGEMENT Aggregation Gaps

There are several gaps amid the aggregation members:

Language barrier


7.1. GENERAL Assumptions

Sales of the Nursery academy is kept connected for the absolute year

Effect of recession is not taken into account

7.2. Key Banking Indicators

There are mainly four key banking indicators:

Break alike analysis

Profit and accident statement

Cash breeze statement

Balance sheet

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