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Operations Management Toyota Motor Corporation Marketing Essay


Operations administration is an breadth of administration which is focused on administering the designing or redesigning of business operations in the assembly of appurtenances or casework (Chase et al, 2001). The breadth of operations administration is focused with ensuring that an organisation’s assets are calmly utilised to aftermath appurtenances and casework and in a way which finer meets customers’ needs. Appropriately operations administration covers the accomplished spectrum from the assembly activity of the appurtenances and casework appropriate through to the methods through which barter access them and the chump processes management.

According to the U.S. Administration of Education (2009), operations administration is the acreage of administration which is anxious with managing and administering both the concrete and abstruse aspects of an organisation’s operation, abnormally those anxious with the assembly and administration of its appurtenances and services. Pilkington and Meredith (2009) analyze operations administration with engineering, which blends art with activated science, with the claim of bodies skills, adroitness and rational assay in adjustment to succeed. Banker and Khosla (1995) advance that abounding operations administration techniques accept been implemented in a bid to absolute the absorption of the organisation arise abacus greater amount from the chump or client’s perspective. Chump amount is added through amount reductions, affection improvements, added adaptability in responding to alteration chump demands and a abridgement in advance or cat-and-mouse times. Ultimately, improvements in chump amount conception is aimed at accretion amount for the organisation through architecture a beyond chump abject and appropriately breeding added revenue. Banker and Khosla (1995) altercate that several models of antagonism abide in bread-and-butter literature, which can finer be acclimated to explain the best of operations administration practices adopted by any organisation.

According to Pilkington and Meredith (2009), the origins of operation administration can be traced through the cultural changes of the 18th, 19th and 20th century, including the aeon of the automated anarchy (Wilson, 1995). This aeon saw the development and accessory of assorted assembly methods, processes and systems. However, it is not until contempo times that operations administration appears to accept been accepting drive as a admired and absolute bookish conduct (Pagell and Krause, 2004). Pilkington and Meredith (2009) acquisition that analysis in the acreage of operations administration has confused over the years from the added appropriate and standalone aspects such as account management, processes administration and activity conception in favour of added cardinal and macro issues such as the absolute accumulation alternation administration and organisational avant-garde flexibility. This is accurate by Johnston (2005), who states that analysis in operations administration accept over the years adopted and cantankerous and multi activity access to operations administration issues.

Banker and Khosla (1995) accompaniment that over the aftermost two decades, aggressive pressures faced by U.S. companies accept instigated them to acquaint several administration practices such as aloof in time, absolute affection management, artisan empowerment, in a bid to finer attempt with their beyond counterparts. Practices like the aloof in time adjustment of accumulation alternation administration accept commonly been attributed to Japanese companies Inman and Mehra (1990). As such, Banker and Khosla (1995) allocate operations administration accommodation areas into the four ample categories of artefact design, activity selection, assembly planning and ascendancy and affection management. Although some of these functions arise to be alfresco the ambit of operations administration and added about engineering, it is the all-embracing cold of operations administration to apply access and ascendancy over how they are completed.

The capital aim of this article is to altercate the operations administration practices of a case study. This will focus on the assembly and affection administration practices aural the aggregation in adjustment to highlight and acclaim solutions to any weaknesses that may be revealed.

For the purpose of the study, the case abstraction is Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the arch agent manufacturers in the world. The acumen for the best of the case abstraction is because Toyota Motor Association employs some of the best avant-garde operations administration techniques in the assembly and administration of its products. For instance, the aloof in time arrangement of account ascendancy was aboriginal implemented by Toyota as aboriginal as in the 1930s (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2011). However, it has afresh been faced with the botheration of adulterated cars, which has prompted several actor recalls about the apple and the aggregation has been affianced in law apparel from the U.S. Government apropos weaknesses in the accomplish of its cars which was abhorrent for a cardinal of accidents and deaths aural the U.S. All of these accept brought austere banking and publicity accident to Toyota and it absent its position as the arch motor agent architect in the world. This abstraction will accordingly alarmingly appraise the operations administration practices of Toyota to actuate if they are to accusation for the organisation’s failures.

The aim of this addition has been to altercate issues of operations administration in adjustment to put the abstraction into perspective. The abutting area will focus on analytical the operations administration practices of the case study. However, a abrupt history of the case abstraction and how it has developed over the years will additionally be all-important in adjustment to accept the practices aural the organisation.

Toyota Motor Corporation:

Toyota Motor Aggregation was accustomed in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, although its history can be traced as far aback as 1933, back an auto administration was set up by Kiichiro Toyoda in the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Limited. The aggregation created its aboriginal product, The Type A Engine, in 1934 and congenital its aboriginal commuter car, The Toyota AA, in 1936, while still a administration at the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Limited. The aggregation started operations at its Honsha bulb in 1938, area the and back the Aloof in Time arrangement of operation was launched in abounding scale.

In the 1950’s, afterward the banking crises face by Toyota, the Toyota Motor Sales Aggregation Limited was created alone from the Toyota Motor Company. However, in 1982 the Toyota Motor Aggregation and Toyota Motor Sales Aggregation Limited alloyed to anatomy the Toyota Motor Corporation. In 1951, the Suggestion Arrangement of absolute agent accord began, and in 1955 Toyota Motor Aggregation launched the Toyopet Crown, Toyopet Master and Crown Deluxe brands. The aboriginal prototypes of the Toyota Crown were exported to the U.S. in 1957 and this additionally saw the enactment of the U.S. annex of the Toyota Motor Sales Company. Toyota won the Deming Application Price for Affection Ascendancy in 1965 and the Corolla cast was launched in 1966.

In 1984, Toyota Motor Association entered into the New United Motor Accomplishment Incorporated collective adventure with General Motors Association to activate assembly in the U.S.A. By the end of the 1980’s, Toyota started establishing new brands in the U.S., with the barrage of its affluence brand, the Lexus in 1989. This followed the admission of assembly at Toyota Motor Accomplishment USA in 1988.

Toyota Motor Accomplishment U.K. was launched in the aboriginal 1990s. The 1990’s additionally saw Toyota activate to move abroad from bearing mostly bunched cars, but including beyond and added comfortable brands such as the Toyota Tundra and a host of alternative SUVs and sports vehicles. Aural the 1990’s, Toyota saw its accumulative calm assembly ability 100 million, while it connected to aggrandize globally by establishing operations in Europe and Asia. The Prius cast was launched in 1997 as the world’s aboriginal accumulation produced amalgam car and it rapidly became the world’s best affairs amalgam car.

Toyota Motor Association entered the Formula One Apple Championship in 2002, while the Toyota Partner Robot was about apparent in 2004.

The Lexus cast was aboriginal alien in Japan in 2005. By 2008, common sales of the Toyota Prius had topped one actor and by 2010, it had accomplished two million. Over the years, Toyota Motor Association has connected to abound internationally as able-bodied as advance abundant brands. Some of its added contempo brands include: Toyota Rav4, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser, Camry, Carina, Avensis, and a host of others.

The aggregation is currently arch quartered in Japan and operates beyond the globe. Today, Toyota Motor Association is one of the bigger motor agent manufacturers in the apple and employs over 70,000 bodies apple wide. Toyota became the bigger auto accomplishment aggregation in 2009, afore experiencing problems with the affection of some of its models, which led to it actuality beat at the top atom (Ryall, 2009). Some of the Toyota Motor Association accumulation companies accommodate Lexus, Daihatsu, Scion, Hino Motors and the aggregation additionally operates a banking casework division. Toyota is listed on the Japanese, New York and London Banal Exchanges.

Lynch (2009) demonstrates the anniversary assembly of and sales of Toyota brands in 2004 as follows:

Vehicle assembly by arena (%age) Agent Sales by arena (%age)

Adapted from Lynch (2009).

The archive announce that although Toyota Motor Association articles added about two thirds of its articles out of Japan, alone about 35% of the absolute assembly is awash in Japan. This indicates how accepted Toyota has become (Ryall, 2009).

Operations Administration at Toyota:

Toyota Motor Association has continued been recognised as one of the arch companies in the auto accomplishment industry (Womack et al, 1990). Lynch (2009) states that Toyota Motor Corporation’s accelerated dispatch to success can be affianced bottomward to its operations and business strategies. Its administration aesthetics has acquired appropriate from the time of its agent and has been reflected in the way in which the organisation operates. Some of the key appearance of the organisation’s operations accept complex Angular Accomplishment techniques, as able-bodied as the Aloof in Time accumulation alternation administration processes, which the organisation was alter active in developing (Liker, 2004). Hartley (1981) states that the Toyota assembly arrangement was accounted to be actual able such that by the mid 1980s the arrangement was actuality recommended for addition into the Western auto accomplishment companies. Toyota’s arrangement was acclimated a archetypal to amplify the changes appropriate in the U.S. auto industry (Lynch, 2009).

Toyota Motor Association (2010) states that Toyota’s assembly arrangement is absolutely absorbed in the aesthetics of the complete abolishment of all decay in every aspect of production, in the afterward of the best able methods to be acclimated by the organisation. The company’s agent accomplishment process, which is generally referred to as the Toyota productions arrangement ( a aggregate of Angular Accomplishment Arrangement and Aloof in Time system), has been congenital over several years of connected improvements as a way of accomplishment and carrying the affectionate of cars accepted by barter in the quickest and best able way.

In 2001, Toyota Motor Association adopted its ethics and business methods, collectively accepted as the Toyota Way. Toyota Motor Association summarises its ethics and conduct guidelines in the bristles capital headings of:



Go and See


Teamwork (Liker, 2004).

As a affection ascendancy tool, the Toyota assembly arrangement incorporates aural it the 5-why’s activity (Hutson, 1993). The 5-why’s is incorporates a simple botheration analytic technique, which helps users to bound analyze the agent of a problem. It consists of allurement a alternation of questions until the point area the acknowledgment indicates the agent of the botheration (Ishikawa, 1990). The 5-why’s activity can be illustrated diagrammatically and is actual agnate to the angle cartilage diagrams proposed by Ishikawa (1990).

An analogy of the 5-why’s will be completed afterwards analytical the problems faced by Toyota Motor Corporation.

Lean Manufacturing:

Lean accomplishment is a assembly activity which focuses on the utilisation of assembly actual and processes alone in a way that creates amount for the end chump (Dennis, 2007). According to angular accomplishment principles, any amount of resources, which does not actualize added amount for the end chump is careless and should be a ambition of elimination. In this case, amount is authentic as any action, good, account or activity which the end chump will be accommodating to pay for. Krafcik (1988) states that angular is a set of accoutrement which abetment an organisation in anecdotic and eliminating diffusion in the assembly activity (as decay is bargain affection increases, while assembly amount declines). Appropriately the Angular accomplishment activity is absolutely focused on techniques of convalescent operations or creating and implementing the best able assembly processes. Miller (2008) suggests that addition angle of attractive at the angular accomplishment aesthetics is as a arrangement of stopping. This is because it focuses on bearing aloof what the chump is accommodating to pay for, at the appropriate speed, affection and cost. The angular accomplishment methods, as adopted by Toyota Motor Association ensures cooperation aural the assorted departments in the organisation in adjustment to ensure that aloof what is appropriate has been bogus (Miller, 2008).

According to Holweg (2007), the angular accomplishment was built-in out of the banking accident faced by Toyota Motor Aggregation afterwards the Added Apple War. The aggregation was faced with ascent levels of account and actual low appeal and as such was affected to amend its strategy. This was formally accurate into the Toyota Assembly System

The Angular aesthetics basically has two colonnade concepts, which include: Aloof in Time assembly scheduling and acute automation (Liker, 2004). This area will briefly altercate the Aloof in Time philosophy.

Just in Time Assembly Scheduling:

Lucey (2002) defines a aloof in time arrangement as a assembly arrangement area accomplishment alone takes abode to accommodated appeal and there is appropriately low or aught inventory, and a able accent on absolute quality. The capital focus of the aloof in time arrangement is to annihilate diffusion of assets through the amount of captivation both inputs and outputs. Appropriately abstracts for assembly are alone accepted for back there is charge for assembly to booty place, and assembly alone takes abode to amuse an already absolute chump demand, rather than aloof for abstract purposes. This accordingly makes both the assembly band bacteria as able-bodied as the administration chains. Additionally resources, which would contrarily accept been angry bottomward in inventories of accomplished appurtenances or raw abstracts is not accessible for added able use by the organisation. Both Liker (2004) and Lucey (2002) accompaniment that if able-bodied implemented the aloof in time adjustment of assembly can aftermath actual adorable after-effects for the organisation. Lucey (2002) suggests that the aloof in time arrangement requires a aerial akin of automation and is a appeal cull arrangement as appurtenances are alone bogus to accommodated demand, rather than demography them into stock.

Holweg (2007) suggests that the aboriginal academic abstracts on the Toyota Assembly Arrangement were supplier manuals that were appear by Toyota’s Purchasing administration in adjustment to advise suppliers about the requirements of operating a aloof in time assembly system.

The capital allowances of the aloof in time arrangement is that it reduces over all amount in agreement of captivation account of both raw abstracts and accomplished products, advisers with assorted abilities are acclimated added efficiently, there is added accent on advancement acceptable supplier relationships and assembly scheduling can be added bigger managed (Liker, 2004).

However, Ohno (1988), states that the aloof in time assembly arrangement is a agency to assembly ability and not an end as it has several weaknesses. For instance, a key affection in the success of the aloof in time arrangement is advancement acceptable relationships with suppliers in adjustment for assembly not to be disconnected through supplier conflicts.

The archive beneath announce the Toyota’s assembly and sales abstracts for 2010:

Vehicle assembly by arena (%age) Agent Sales by arena (%age)

Total Assembly (6,809,000 units)

Total Sales (7,237,000 units).

The archive aloft announce that Toyota awash added cars in 2010 than it produced. Furthermore the aggregation awash beneath cars in Japan than it produced, an adumbration that its globalisation activity is working.

The Toyota Crisis:

Toyota has afresh been bedeviled by a cardinal of questions over the affection of its cars afterward several incidents with some of its models. This has led to banking penalties to the association as able-bodied as abrogating publicity to its acceptability as a architect of affordable and aerial affection reliable motor vehicles.

From November 2009 through to the 1st division in 2010, Toyota issued three abstracted but accompanying recalls for over eight actor cars apple avant-garde and alike apoplectic assembly and sales of some of its models while the accountability was actuality investigated. The botheration was aboriginal brought to ablaze afterwards it was apparent that adulterated accelerator pedals or afraid anchor pedals had acquired a cardinal of baleful accidents in the U.S.

The aboriginal two recalls were accomplished with the abetment of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration afterwards it had been appear that drivers of some models had accomplished instances of adventitious dispatch of their vehicles. Appropriately the capital cold of the aboriginal anamnesis was to actual an out of adjustment driver’s attic mat afterwards it was doubtable that it could be the account of the adventitious acceleration.

However, it was afterwards noticed that a cardinal of accidents had occurred admitting the corrections to the attic mats. Investigations appear it was a aftereffect of a afraid accelerator pedal appropriately causing adventitious acceleration. This led to a added anamnesis to adjust the fault.

The third anamnesis was issued in adjustment to advancement the amalgam anti lock anchor software afterwards complaints had been fabricated about its performance.

Toyota’s problems can be bigger accepted by alignment them into Adamantine and bendable problems:


The capital bendable botheration faced by Toyota is to its reputation. While it is difficult to quantify absolutely how abominably this will affect the aggregation in the future, it is assertive that the company’s acceptability for accomplishment affordable aerial affection and able cars has been battered. The aggregation about hopes that it will be able to adjustment this in the future.


The adamantine problems faced by Toyota accept been two fold:

Firstly, Toyota has incurred astronomic costs in the recalls it fabricated in adjustment to adjustment the cars. According to the BBC News (2010) Toyota declared that the costs for the anamnesis of its cartage were about $2 billion.

Secondly, Toyota has suffered several law apparel which accept resulted in fines and penalties for the company. The best arresting has been the law clothing brought adjoin the aggregation by the U.S. Government. According to CBS News (2010), Toyota estimates that the amount of the lawsuits brought adjoin it could ability $3 Billion.

While it is hoped that angular administration practices as adopted by Toyota in the Toyota Assembly Arrangement would access affection and abate over all accomplishment cost, this wasn’t the case in this instance. Toyota states that its assembly processes are accepted to appear of a arrest if a adulterated artefact was begin on the assembly line. However, the adulterated cars were produced in aggregate and went disregarded by the arrangement till back the faults started to manifest.

While angular accomplishment processes to aid organisations in abbreviation costs and accretion productivity, they are not necessarily a agreement of aerial affection products. Appropriately alike back angular assembly techniques are active aural an organisation, implementing added affection ascendancy measures in adjustment to verify the affection of the articles manufactured. It is alone by accomplishing this that the affection of the articles can be verified.

Toyota Crisis and the 5-why’s:

Utilising the 5-why’s in the aloft bearings will crave Toyota to ask a alternation of questions such as:

Why did the chump acquaintance adventitious acceleration?

Why was the dispatch pedal sticky?

The activity artlessly asks addition ‘why?’ catechism afterwards every acknowledgment until the account of the botheration is absolutely identified. This can be presented diagrammatically as follows:



Why 1: Why did the birthmark occur?

Why 2: Why did that occur?

Why 3: Why did that occur?

Why 4: Why did that occur?

Why 5: Why did that occur?

From above, it can be apparent that one catechism leads to the alternative until the aboriginal account of the birthmark is found.


In cessation accordingly it is acerb recommended that Toyota Motor Association improves on the affection analysis processes of its articles in adjustment to ensure that abnormal articles can be articular and adapted afore actuality beatific out to the market.

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