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Reflective Essay: Reflexivity and Bias in Research

Entry No. 1: January 26, 2015, 8:15 pm

My Role as a Researcher

I admission the claiming of analysis in the doctoral akin with some amount of alarm as able-bodied as excitement. I accept been in the acreage of business for added or beneath than a decade now, alive in chump account management, so I can acknowledge the accent of accomplishing analysis abnormally in appraisal chump achievement and chargeless how to advantage this to advance the company’s aggressive advantage. Ensuring chump achievement entails several factors. Nowadays, abundant of the apple is hinged on the maximizing technology in adjustment to accommodate advice and choices for customers. Due to the assimilation of the Internet nowadays, users are alive in millions from their laptops to their smartphones. The smartphone is now the armpit of communication, decision-making, research, shopping, and purchasing.

This has adapted the way businesses do things. In a actual burning way, it pressures companies to be acknowledging to customers’ needs in a “real-time” manner. Adaptable CRM is a atypical way of administration chump relations. Application alone their adaptable accessories like smartphones or tables, advisers can now retrieve chump advice and chump accounts remotely. Area previously, they relied on a laptop to do their work, adaptable CRM achieves the aforementioned after-effects in an able and acceptable manner.

The catechism now is how I accede myself or my role as a researcher in the doctorate analysis I plan to pursue. First, the change of adaptable CRM and the abridgement of analysis in this breadth is what motivated me to accept this as the analysis topic. My analysis is about adaptable chump accord administration (CRM) and how it influences chump achievement and aggressive advantage in the ambience of Samsung in United Arab of Emirates. Second, I accept a abundance of acquaintance in chump relations and accept been with Samsung for abounding years.

Hughest and Tight (2013) advance that a researcher’s role in the abstraction requires anecdotic claimed values, biases, and assumptions at the actual beginning. In this manner, transparency, which is a acute aspect in objectivity, is promoted. Ortlipp (2008) states that befitting a analysis account is an accomplished adjustment of advancement accuracy in analysis back it capacity the analysis action in a way that allows the researcher to acknowledge the nuances absorbed to his or her participation.

As a researcher, I accept been in chump relations for about a decade and I accept that my able and claimed adventures with Samsung will admission my awareness, ability and acuteness to the key issues that my analysis will appear to. I accept acquaintance in implementing adaptable CRM and I am adequately abreast with the technology associated with it. This will aid me in recognizes the thoughts, angle and adventures of the participants back I account them. My adventures and worldview will additionally admission how I adapt and accept the abstracts I collect.

Entry No. 2: April 3, 2015

Bias – what are mine?

One of the better problems with qualitative analysis is bias. Abundant has been said and explained about the admeasurement to which a researcher can admission the outcomes of the abstraction and whether or not some anatomy of ascendancy is bare over the qualitative analysis process, in what is referred to as the “interpretive crisis” (Denzin & Lincoln, 1994). Interpretive analysis gain abnormally from positivist analysis because abstracts is analyzed in an anterior manner. In this manner, the researcher gain from a set of facts and interprets them to advance a accepted approach about a accurate phenomenon. This opens the researcher to assorted possibilities of bias.

Unlike the quantitative analysis which I am best accustomed with, qualitative abstracts accumulating methods affection the researcher as facilitator. My attendance occupies a arresting affection in the conduct of the abstracts accumulating itself because I am the instrument. Therefore, how I aggregate the abstracts will appulse its affection significantly. For this research, I am because accomplishing focus accumulation discussions in adjustment to accumulate the angle of users and advisers on the appulse of adaptable CRM. I will be application a semi-structured altercation guide. The focus accumulation is a accustomed adjustment acclimated in business analysis and I am added or beneath abreast with its accepted concept. However, I abstruse to be added acquainted of some of the disadvantages of the focus groups. Focus accumulation involves a accumulation of bodies who are aggregate and asked what their attitudes are appear a artefact or service.  It is not alone a simple acquisition area answers are fatigued from a set of people; in focus groups, altercation is facilitated. The facilitator can beacon the accumulation participants and admission them based on what questions he/she poses. There is additionally interaction, so participants are chargeless to admission others with their opinion.  A acute limitation of focus accumulation is the affection of the abetment (Krueger, 1994). Therefore, should I adjudge to advance with the focus accumulation as my primary abstracts accumulating methods, abbreviation bent should be a priority. Moderator or facilitator bent will be accepted if the facilitator is not accomplished enough. He or she should be accomplished and competent abundant to handle participants who tend to “hijack” the discussion.

I am because whether I should abstinent the focus accumulation or accept addition abroad do it. I accept to ensure that my facial expressions, tone, deportment, accent style, and gestures do not acquaint or facilitate bias. Yet, as Le Gallais (2008) asserts, bent will be present in every researcher back we are afflicted by our race, gender, age, and amusing status. My chase for instance, would be a agency in a multi-ethnic focus group. There would be likelihood that I would analyze added with Emirati participants than non-Emirati participants and carnality versa. Actuality male, there is additionally the achievability that in mixed-gender focus groups, my attendance would not animate changeable participants to allotment their views. These are things that I charge to be specific about back designing the focus group. In adjustment to get affection data, maybe it would be adorable to accept all-female, all-male and mixed-group discussions.

Another affair I should be accurate about is the agreeable of the altercation guide. A biased or arch catechism influences the participants’ angle and does not reflect acceptable analysis practice. The address of allurement the catechism can additionally be biased. Therefore, the apparatus charge be arrested and accurate by an able to ensure that there are no biased questions.

Entry No. 4: December 7, 2016


As I apprehend on theories and worldviews, I apprehend the accent of the convenance of reflexivity. Reflexivity is anxious with a researcher’s self-awareness and alertness and actuality able to own a assertive perspective. This requires one to abide analytic one’s cocky about abstract positions and how one looks at reality. Actuality automatic is an assay of what I apperceive and how I acquired this ability I accept now.

As a qualitative researcher, I charge to pay absorption to the assorted socio-political, cultural, and brainy issues surrounding the affair of adaptable CRM. For instance, adaptable CRM operates beneath the anticipation that the agenda apple is collapsed and that users can admission technology equally. However, this is not the case. Bodies advance and acknowledge technology based on their amusing status, age, gender and race. For instance, earlier barter who are not tech-savvy may not acknowledge the commitment of advice through adaptable phones. Women and men use technology abnormally and are added acceptable to accept altered perceptions about how technology should be used. I admit how reflexivity is important to me as a doctoral researcher. Actuality the instrument, I accept the ability and accountability to adapt the abstracts and to present it to the accomplished world. I charge to ask myself consistently what affectionate of accoutrements I backpack which will baffle with my estimation and conduct in the analysis process. Claimed concerns, brainy conflicts, and bloom issues are some of the factors I can anticipate of appropriate now which ability affect my role as researcher.


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