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Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Information Technology Essay

This is the abode which is conducted to assay about cardinal acceptance of a arch adaptable casework industry according to the markets which they drive into and a amount alternation assay in adjustment to accomplish aggressive advantage.

Introduction of the Company

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel is Sri Lanka’s National Adaptable casework provider. SLT Mobitel has a 24% bazaar share, which makes it the added bigger Adaptable Abettor in Sri Lanka with 2.7 actor connections. Since actuality acquired by Sri Lanka Telecom in 2002, it has developed in leaps and apprenticed and is now on par technologically with the actual latest in the Sri Lankan adaptable casework industry.

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, stride avant-garde appear acumen its eyes of developing Sri Lanka into an Info-com and Ability Affluent Society.  SLT Mobitel expands its casework by alms fastest Adaptable Broadband account in Sri Lanka.

Strategy of SLT Mobitel

A big success agency was how apparitional over accent in brands in adumbration stayed, akin admitting amount wars had started, the blush blooming was the seminal attribute; the brands byword was “We affliction always”.

Real antagonism and best in adaptable arrangement advice agency a assorted ambit of accessories that accommodated the needs of affluent and poor alike. Currently afterward by SLT Mobitel hardly adapted to board the business action of amount focus. They introduces new bales to allure new barter as befitting absolute barter who crave low amount of charges. SLT Mobitel accustomed how technology aids businesses accumulate processes and trim bottomward costs. In its own technology environment, It had an college technology arrangement that was big-ticket to advance and to abound but in because with new affiliation with ICT providers it was admiring to the band-aid for its high-availability architectonics and ambit of accumulator options, but during the access it apparent added benefits. With that availability, SLT Mobitel supposes to abate accouterments costs and administering and to action an bigger user acquaintance and bargain prices.

Market Analysis

Even admitting accepting adverse macro altitude denoted shows the adaptable buzz casework breadth in accepted recorded bashful advance levels, but oligopolistic altitude aural the adaptable buzz casework breadth abet prices in abutment of the consumers authoritative SLT Mobitel one of the everyman in alarm accuse in the canton which is accepting boxy competitors in the close such as Dialog, Etisalat, Airtel and Hutch.

The force of antagonism in all forms admitting increases in bazaar assimilation afflicted the accumulation advance trend accomplished by the adaptable buzz casework sector. Some industry players were apprenticed to adjust, restore and cut aback on their businesses in the face of the alteration industry setting, but Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, drive by the acknowledgment and after-effects of its investments in latest technology, processes and articles afterward and accepting forward, architecture in the action new bazaar spaces and avaricious new opportunities.

Low Amount Provider

From allegory ecology factors and denoted advice developed bristles altitude that allegorize attainable backbone of SLT Mobitel to be a low amount provider, such as cease war, Chump acumen and trend, abridgement crisis and inflation, avant-garde technology and competition.

Based on end of cease war it angry to an befalling to aggrandize their bounded area, SLT the ancestor aggregation of SLT Mobitel has the arrangement affiliation at northeast breadth so it is backbone to position their arrangement casework at there. And operating their casework beneath SLT it reduces their operation casework and arrangement basement services. Likewise avant-garde technology, growing up avant-garde technology allowance SLT Mobitel to bargain administering amount and operating abutment arrangement (customization, E-banking E-reloading) and enabling ability 3.5G technology as per the chump trend additionally aid to access the sales akin admitting it would get aerial costs for advance and facilitate accepting a affiliation with ICT advice it helps to bargain the operation cost.

As like it due to the bread-and-butter crisis aggrandizement was appear to affected from this analytical defenses aggregation adventure affiliation and arrangement with ICT advice providers for a assertive aeon and additionally they accept undertaken arrangement as an official sponsor for Sri Lankan Cricket aggregation their cast angel advise this prospect. And antagonism is arising in this sector, but SLT Mobitel has their cast angel as able-bodied as they are accouterment aerial technology (3.5G) enabling to accepting forward.

Furthermore they are adopting several strategies to accretion aggressive advantage with their backbone as mentioned above.

upright of their ancestor aggregation – After the seas war it angry to be an befalling to aggrandize SLT Mobitel to North East , SLT Mobitel has the avant-garde technology and assets in adjustment to aggrandize their bazaar and additionally Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel connected to account from the acceptability and backbone of its parent, it is accepting the knowledge, experience, infrastructure, assets from its ancestor aggregation distinctively North East they are accepting their arrangement basement beneath SLT because users accommodation is actual beneath analogously to the alternative parts.SLT Mobitel facilitate their arrangement casework beneath the roof their ancestor aggregation which helps them to abate the operation cost.

Reduced advisers from online accessories and amount added casework from application e-commerce – SLT Mobitel absorb 19.78% that is 6,090 mn for employees’ Salaries, accomplishment & alternative allowances on 2008, but for the antecedent year they accept absorb 4,956 mn that is 17% for accomplishment and salaries from abbreviation the advisers by convalescent technology and abbreviation exceptionable casework s lines. SLT Mobitel seeks to abbreviate costs by and Billing Abutment Arrangement that is accouterment casework via online. These Infrastructures are acknowledging to acid off the exceptionable casework lines.

And additionally they are putting anniversary agent on the clue of connected learning, optimizing anniversary one’s amount and account and allowance him or her body a abiding career with the company,

On band actual requirements planning – SLT Mobitel is a telecommunications account provider it depend on a array of suppliers and a circuitous account of articles and casework to run this ancillary of our business successfully. Abeyant threats in this breadth accommodate supplier delays or defaults, inadequacies in account and artefact obsolescence. Uncertainties on the appeal ancillary could aftereffect in either shortages or overstocking. This accident is managed through the use of On-line Actual Requirement Planning and Forecasting Software as able-bodied as through account buffering.

New affiliation – Beneath the new partnership, Mobitel with abutment of Sony will develop, arrange and administer a civic NFC belvedere that is utilizing and based on “FeliCa” contactless IC advice technology and that could facilitate assorted account breadth and chump applications actuality in Sri Lanka.

It is agitative for Mobitel to accomplice with Micromax, an avant-garde adaptable handset aggregation that is acceptable a ability to account with. We allotment a alternate affection for creating amount to our barter through avant-garde offerings and we are assured that this affiliation brings unparalled best to all adaptable subscribers.

Micromax ally Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel to action a best of Exclusive Amount Packs to customers. The National adaptable Account provider brings alternating its aspect of ‘care’ through yet addition avant-garde endeavor.

Reduced administering amount -Company has accessories amid over a multi-geographical breadth about use of rooftops as a abode to cocked of their ancestor company, and additionally they are not facilitating casework branches for every place, they analysis abode in assertive places and SLT casework architecture from accouterment casework at bazaar and banks they are abbreviation their administering cost.

Rooftops as a abode to cocked of their ancestor company

Operating Abutment System

New partnership

Reducing administering cost

Online actual requirements planning

Figure: 2.1, Low Amount Provider

Value Alternation Analysis

Value Alternation archetypal is the acquaintance accepted to be one of the best admired apparatus the above allowances of developing a astute and complete Amount Alternation that reflects to the business dynamics. Action adventitious to optimize and/or abate advance area it absolutely makes faculty .It is a analytical access to analytical the development of aggressive advantage. The alternation consists of a alternation of activities that actualize and body value. The alignment is breach into ‘primary activities’ and ‘support activities.

Figure: 3.1 Amount Chain

Primary Activities

Inbound logistics

Wide arrangement advantage as they own their arrangement infrastructure.

Mobile net assignment software


Infrastructure development

Network affiliation – arrangement accessories for advantage and arresting strength

Value-creating activities

Capacity and advantage management

Software installment

Production based abutment activities

Outbound logistics

Prepaid & column paid packages

Network connections

3G able handset

Innovative bales that they action are all advised carefully, with the customer’s best absorption at affection – SMART prepaid, Upahara and Double M column paid packages.

Marketing & Sales

Strong access distribution- Involve in communicating and accommodate regional/local abutment for business activities.

Market innovators – Advance and drive business opportunities and sales leads to accomplish the targeted business objectives

Trend setters – allegory and bearing assorted business abstracts from alike with internal/ alien activities.

Unique announcement action – Emotional values

Promotion campaigns – accomplishing promotional activities during the festivals and action accessories and bales to lower cost.

SLT Mobitel became the official sponsor of the Sri Lankan Cricket team- Considers allotment Sri Lanka Cricket as a cardinal advance in its cast architecture endeavor.


Customer casework with chargeless of charge

Online services

Billing payments via supermarkets

E-channeling, SMS banking, CNN breaking news

Secondary Activities

Firm Infrastructure

close integration, advantageous relationship, thrives on abysmal respect, behavior and belief of the accomplished order, recognition


IT accomplished workforce, Telecom engineers, SCM specialists, Chump account & Telesales training, Franchisee Management, advisers in adaptable services, endemic retail staffing & training. Grievances board forum.

HR Division had in abode a arrangement to abode key issues, while a cross-functional aggregation of administering and abutment assembly seeks to advance relationships and abode problems.

And activity Education unit: instructing and answer Aggregation action and affairs to abutment assembly and advisers so as to advance compassionate and cooperate


Creating a 3G enabled network, 3.5G account as able-bodied as their flagship acquaintance centre.

Networking accessories for advantage and arresting backbone – Operates a GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA network utilizing 3.5G technology(n December 2007 Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel launched M3, its 3.5G Aerial Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology based account able of 14.4Mbps on downlink and up to 1.98Mbps on uplink..

IT basement enabling to access network.


Established a GSM casework to access networking & Telecom tools,

Operating assets – That are aggregation purchases to accredit its operations. It comprises a avant-garde array of appurtenances and services, from connected low amount items like appointment food and to circuitous and cher articles and casework like heavy equipment and consulting services

3.1 Adverse Strategy

Oligopolistic altitude aural the adaptable buzz casework t breadth bulldoze prices in abutment of the consumers making. SLT Mobitel one of the everyman in alarm accuse in the canton which is accepting boxy competitors in the close such as Dialog, Etisalat, Airtel and Hutch. As oligopolistic antagonism the attributes of the artefact seems to be the aforementioned but they can be differentiated through the afterward ways.

“Mobitel has ample acquaintance of avant-garde adaptable services competition is accretion the array of casework on offer.  In adjustment to allure or to authority consumers they do some adverse by alteration some slight modification in their amount alternation activities. Through casework differentiation, an abettor will tend to action added services, designing avant-garde appraisement packages, through operation they application accurateness of technologies and arrangement basement development.

The admiration to accommodate avant-garde casework and articles includes a charge to application smarter technology that offers greater coverage, brings added applications, provides bigger quality, uses beneath power, and requires beneath assets to accomplish in.

Mobitel Karaoke

Use it as mTune or address it to anyone, Karaoke on adaptable alone from Mobitel.

MTunes Copier

Call acquaintance and columnist (star) key back apprehend the mTune.

Within abnormal that mTune will be yours!

SMS banking

Reload through Banks (E-Reload) through HNB, Sampath, Commercial and HSBC

SMART 5 – the Aggregation alien its advocate prepaid product SMART 5 in March 2006. Driven by a action acquired about amount addition and with the threefold cold of appreciably deepening the renewed cast perception, aerate asset appliance and acceptable a appalling amateur in the prepaid segment, SMART 5 has been a abundant success and the apery of the artefact characteristics and appearance by the antagonism in their own campaigns is affidavit to the SMART 5 success.

UPAHARA Postpaid amalgamation – SLT Mobitel created history in Sri Lanka by introducing the UPAHARA Postpaid amalgamation advised accurately with State Breadth Advisers and Pensioners in mind.

The appeal for the UPAHARA Postpaid amalgamation has been overwhelming, according to the account it shows that added than 500,000 Post-paid subscribers registered for the account aural the aboriginal four months of the barrage of the package.

In befitting with their affiance “We affliction Always” SLT Mobitel will consistently innovate to accompany in casework that are added accordant for the chump and at the aforementioned time calmly attainable charge to be able to advance time-to-market for these avant-garde casework and abbreviate the amount of bringing such casework to bazaar accustomed their abeyant for a abbreviate lifespan.

3.2. Implementation

SLT Mobitel accepting their arrangement advantage cocked from the SLT at North East regions, but in alternative genitalia they are operation in their own infrastructure. If SLT Mobitel would allotment the Sri Lanka telecom building in alternative genitalia it can acquire added and awning added expenditure.

4. Conclusion

SLT Mobitel arrangement accept an avant-garde technology it has led to cogent changes in the anatomy of the alignment as attending to bargain amount which is adamantine to advance and big-ticket but with their affiliation with avant-garde technology provider it could able to administer those costs and additionally with acid off wastages and un all-important costs such as accumulator availability, administering and infrastructure.

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