Standard Form Of Contract With Quantities Construction Essay

This address will outline the abounding ambit of roles and responsibilities aural the JCT 2005 Standard Form of Arrangement with Quantities (SBC/Q) for the activity of ‘Oasis Leisure Complex’. This activity is at the appeal of the employer the Gallagher Brothers, Duck Architecture (UK) Ltd accept been acknowledged in acceptable the arrangement to complete the architecture works.

For this activity the arrangement to be acclimated is the JCT 2005 Standard Form of Arrangement with Quantities (SBC/Q). With this blazon of arrangement actuality called there are assertive roles and responsibilities that anniversary affair complex in the arrangement charge observe. The key cadre complex in a arrangement of this blazon are as follows:-

Roles Aural Activity (Standard Architecture Contract: Ed 2 & Architecture Contracts: Ed 4)


Client – The applicant is the employer for the project; this can be a distinct person, a affiliation or a ample calibration company. The applicant is the role which issues the activity requirements and provides the allotment for the architecture works to go ahead. The applicant charge baddest a assumption artist or a adumbrative who is accomplished in this blazon of arrangement to ensure the arrangement and activity are agitated out correctly.


Principle Contractor/Project Manager/Representative – The assumption artist will assignment on account of the employer to backpack out all the aloft elements of the architecture activity and the acknowledged procedures. The assumption artist will be in acquaintance with all of the key cadre aural the activity liaising and instructing all of the alien companies brought in to backpack all of the architecture and architecture accompanying work.

As can be apparent on the diagram beneath (Standard Architecture Contract: Ed 2 ) the assumption artist will accept to liaise with assorted parties throughout the accomplished of the project’s continuance ensuring all the administration requirements are agitated out.

Architect – An Artist charge additionally be active in best projects, this can be done by the employer above-mentioned to appointing a assumption artist or they can be called by the assumption artist back the activity is underway.

The architect’s role is to assignment with the applicant and the assumption artist to appear up with an all-embracing architecture from the requirements laid bottomward by the employer. They will ensure that the architecture is anatomic and accessible and will accommodate all the assets for the complete activity with exact abstracts and capacity for construction.

The artist will additionally assignment with designers and technologists to complete the assets for the activity to booty shape. They are amenable for any changes that charge to be fabricated from the absolute drawings. The roles of these specialists are:-

Technologist – The technologist will ensure the anatomy and architecture account from the artist are feasible. They will specify abstracts and structural architecture for the apprenticed builders to follow

Designer – The artist will specialise in fit out and autogenous breadth architecture and functionality. They will specify finishes and qualities of areas throughout the architecture project.

Quantity Architect – The role of the abundance architect is to accommodate altitude and costing from the architect’s drawings. The QS will backpack out this assignment to get an authentic bulk archetypal for the activity from the assets they are supplied with to accord to the employer as a projected adduce for achievement of the building. The QS will assignment throughout the activity adjusting the costing and final accounts as the job progresses if any changes or variations occur.

Management & Main Contractor

Person in Charge (PIC)/Site Manager – The role of the PIC/Site Manager is to be assuredly on armpit to administer the architecture works. They are usually defined by the assumption artist to act aloft the role of the assumption artist via an onsite basis. The PIC/Site Manager is amenable for all architecture works demography abode onsite; they are additionally amenable for all administration and blueprint accustomed by any inspectors or Clerk of Works.

Clerk of Works – The Clerk of Works is active by the applicant to assignment with the Artist in an onsite ambassador role. The Clerk of Works albatross is to ensure that all the architecture elements of the architect’s affairs are actuality agitated out and are actuality done to the absolute blueprint from the employer.

Contractor – The role of the artist is to assignment on account of the assumption artist to accredit anniversary of the specialist trades bare to body the project; these specialists are accepted as sub-contractors. The artist will antecedent builders, glazers, plumbers etc to backpack out anniversary of the alone tasks that will charge to be agitated out to complete the final structure. The artist will additionally liaise with suppliers to ensure that absolute abstracts are ordered, the best prices are paid and that all abstracts are delivered to armpit at the appropriate times. They ensure that the Sub-contractors are acquainted of the assignment that is appropriate of them and analogous all the elements demography abode on the armpit at specific times of the architecture process.

Works Contractors

Sub contractors – This role consists of the builders, plumbers, glazers etc active by the contractor. They are specialists in anniversary of their alone trades and will be amenable for the absolute architecture and works that booty abode on site.

Suppliers – This role consists of demography orders and bartering abstracts on armpit that are appropriate by the sub-contractors. Specific suppliers are commonly assured in the arrangement and they will accommodate all of the appropriate abstracts for the activity for an agreed amount. Abstracts that they will accumulation can abide of beach for brickwork, block work, hardcore etc.

Problems & Conflicts – (Construction Contracts: Ed 4)

Many of the alone roles that accept been categorical aloft will accept never formed in accord with anniversary alternative on a claimed base as able-bodied as the applicant potentially actuality amateur in the arrangement and architecture process. With so abounding altered roles accepting to appear calm and assignment calmly over a ample calibration activity accordingly problems will action as the affairs booty shape. These issues are accepted with best projects and if managed accurately can be calmly overcome, the use of a JCT arrangement will aid in analytic the problems that action and body a able and reliable team. Some of the accepted problems and conflicts are as follows: –

Large-scale Activity Aggregation – The admeasurement and calibration of man ability and bodies complex alike aural the aboriginal of architecture projects is actual difficult to administer after problems. With so abounding altered trades and specialisations advancing calm on one activity advice and compassionate is key. Abounding altered professionals will no agnosticism be advance out beyond the country and will accept to assignment calm calmly to ensure the activity takes place, is to the absolute blueprint and on time. The timing of anniversary barter or accomplishment demography abode charge be automated in adjustment to minimise the problems that may occur. Advice charge be focused on at all times as this is the easiest band-aid to the problems that action with ample calibration teams.

Professional Pride – Due to best bodies and trades complex with the activity never alive with anniversary alternative on a distinct architecture activity pride and benightedness can comedy a huge role in conflicts occurring. Anniversary alone is amenable for their allotment of the activity and will face accuse or sanctions if they do not backpack out their role properly. Because of this some trades or individuals will feel that they are at a college account than alternative associates of the activity and that alternative roles are inferior. This attitude should be abhorred at all costs, the assumption artist should ensure that all roles are alive able-bodied calm and booty about accomplish to adverse any problems occurring or antidote any absolute problems by liaising with the cadre involved.

Task/Timescale Overlaps – Almost all projects will accept a timescale associated with them. Best projects will be anxiously planned so that all architecture and appointment works booty abode as calmly and calmly as possible. Anniversary date will be in band with all of the alternative tasks to ensure that no battle occurs. Unfortunately task/timescale overlaps are additionally inevitable, accident limitations or contingencies should be anticipation through to ensure projects do not abatement too far behind. The best way to adverse this botheration is to accept addition anxiously adviser and acclimatize a semi-flexible timescale plan which is developed as the activity takes place, this will ensure that the botheration planned apparatus can be afflicted bound after too abundant disruption.

As apparent aloft all the roles and responsibilities are categorical in the JCT contract, this helps to abbreviate the problems that can action on a architecture project. The JCT does this by acutely analogue anniversary person’s role and albatross with in the accomplished of the architecture project, it ensures that anniversary actuality is absolutely acquainted of what is accepted of them and if problems do action the arrangement outlines can be acclimated to antecedent and antidote the botheration anon and efficiently.

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