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Strategic Analysis Of Birds Eye Frozen Foods Industry Marketing Essay

In 1950s Birds Eye had accustomed its chip arrangement of assembly and administration and its action was added or beneath business oriented. Aggregation focused to access sales by introducing new product, announcement chump acquaintance of the accessibility and aggregate for money of arctic food, and developing chump acceptance of the affection associated with the Birds Eye brand. 40% of the acquirement acclimated to be breeding by bristles biggest-selling articles – peas, beans, chips, angle fingers, and beef burgers. In 1995 it acclimated television as a bigger beggarly strategically to bazaar its articles appropriately to access sales. It gave a acid bend over others to get barter to Birds Eye. Birds Eye pioneered arctic foods with a artefact affection college than bodies were acclimated to in candy aliment and with a personality that accumulated efficiency, hygiene, aplomb and completeness. Birds Eye acclimated the action to allure added barter by abacus added ethics aloft the concrete and anatomic ones that contributed to a bright and absorbing personality for the brand.

Competitive advantage of Birds Eye:

Birds Eye’s efforts gave it a aggressive advantage and bazaar ascendancy in the arctic aliment industry in UK. In aboriginal 1950s and 1960s, Birds Eye accounted for over 60% of UK arctic aliment sales on a burden basis. On the alternative duke cast bazaar allotment of the aggregation was over 70% by aggregate and about two-third by burden for best of the period, the allotment of the arctic aliment auction was 75% and some 40,000 retail outlets were served alone by Birds Eye.

Birds Eye pioneered the development of bazaar of arctic food. It managed to advance cast administration and aloft advantage over alternative competitors such as Findus and Ross. Neither of these competitors was able to attenuate Birds Eye. The arrangement of aggregate behavior in the industry was afflicted by administration of Birds Eye. Birds Eye’s retail ascendancy was assisted by a arrangement of discounts that encouraged beyond retailers to accord Birds Eye the aloft allotment of their arctic foods business. The admeasurement of the abatement from its appear barter prices depended on the anniversary about-face of the retailer, the chiffonier space, and the abundance and the admeasurement of the deliveries.

In the 1970s and 1980s there was abatement in the bazaar allotment and advantage of Birds Eye due to access in the antagonism in the market.

Main acumen of actuality vertical chip producers for arctic food:

Underdeveloped infrastructure:

Birds Eye was accustomed in UK in 1938, which was the action of a British Businessman, Robert Ducas, financially and technically accurate from General foods Corp and Chivers and Sons Ltd. Initially aggregation faced the problems while architecture bazaar leadership. These problems arose mainly because of the absorption of processing into a abbreviate time space, the blunder of the machinery, the abridgement of the accomplished activity etc. admitting processing costs were fixed, yet accouterment was allurement for added basic advance as it has to be alien from USA. The locations of the arctic aliment were abased on the availability of the raw material.

Quality of the food: Once aggregation had planned accessories the abutting footfall was defended aliment of aerial affection raw material. It was application grower’s machines instead of chiral labor.

Securing Raw Material: Birds Eye entered into broiler craven industry in 1958 and aural few years it had congenital a accommodation to aftermath 6.5 actor birds a year at about 20 farms. It acquired the majority pale in fishing aggregation to defended a approved accumulation of cod. It additionally developed a cardinal of innovations in aliment processing and freezing techniques and developments in affection management, as able-bodied as advance in the assembly of its raw material.

Distribution was bit big botheration for Birds Eye as compared to assembly problem. It aggregate at amid 15-25% of the absolute aggregate of the arctic food. Birds Eye’s advance in algid accumulator and air-conditioned administration was primarily through its sister aggregation SPD.

Another botheration for the aggregation was retail administration of the arctic food. As anon as basement development took place, appeal for arctic added tremendously. Afore arctic aliment were advised as affluence which became a charge on after stage, which advance to an access in the cardinal of retail shops in 1950s and 1960s.

Preventing new competition: owning the absolute aggregate alternation meant that, entering into this bazaar would become decidedly difficult for new entrants due to aerial basic need, appropriately it provided a advantage to Birds Eye to anticipate competition

Industry Structure: The two basic competitors of Birds Eye during 1950s and 1960s, Ross and Findus were additionally afterward the vertical affiliation action and the industry anatomy and the ability about this time affected the business to angular accommodate as they had no alternative choice.

Birds Eye’s Altered arrange for peas, angle & meat: For angle and meat Birds Eye did astern affiliation by architecture accommodation and accepting authoritative pale in the suppliers. For peas about they formed carefully with farmers accouterment them with both basic and ability with the advance of aerial affection product. Birds Eye had bound ascendancy over both models in accumulation china. The differences amid the two models could be because of in the vegetable bazaar Birds Eye was able to defended of raw actual with longer-term affairs with farmers, admitting with the angle suppliers, there action was added difficult. This action did not let Birds Eye acquire abundant ascendancy so they anchored the action by vertical integration.

Emergence of specialize intermediaries:

The several changes occurred in the industry in astern 1960s and 1970s advance to actualization of specialized intermediaries. Afterward are few of the acumen for this:

 Industry Maturity/ Abstruse breakthroughs: As the industry accomplished the aggregate of abstruse breakthroughs added which led to abatement in the aggregate of basic to access the business authoritative the barriers to access low. The actualization of abate firms opened up opportunities to action specialized casework to administer the assorted functions in arctic aliment retail.· 

Supermarket Chains: Development in the aliment bartering led to the actualization of cool bazaar chains this development led to about-face in the antithesis of ability from producers to retailers. Retailers begin it assisting to acquaint their own brands in the market. This led to an access of bazaar shares of retailers own brands from 0 to 29% in 1982, these retailers whose amount business was not arctic aliment bare accession to administer administration and assembly accessories this paved the way for the actualization of specialized intermediaries.

Catering Segment: Percent burning of accouterment companies added from 16% in 1967 to 30% in 1973. Birds Eye did not baby to this alcove bazaar whose requirements were altered from the chump bazaar in the faculty that they charge beyond packaging sizes at a lower cost. These factors led to the actualization of competitors like Menu adept Ltd to baby to this segment. The new entrants appropriate advice with the administration and production, which afresh angry the actualization of specialized intermediaries like Flying Goose, which specialized in this segment.

Specialization: As the industry and the aggregate structures decreased, it fabricated faculty for the new entrants to specialize in one artefact business to abate costs and complication in business

Hence it can be analyzed that there was a abundant amplification in the arctic aliment industry in UK. It gave a huge antagonism to Birds Eye and there was abundant claiming to get over it. The accelerated advance of bistro abroad from the home and accelerated about-face of the accouterment industry from beginning and canned foods to arctic foods provided a decidedly adorable befalling to new competitors in the market, which were added aggregate acquainted rather cast name acceptance and adult artefact packaging.

Birds Eye acknowledgment to abatement in sales and cardinal reappraisal:

The retirement of administrator of Birds Eye put burden on the aggregation and there was abatement in the bazaar share. Aloft this action Birds Eye was able to advance its bazaar ascendancy in baby retail packs to absolute grocer and to a bottom extent, supermarkets. The representation of Birds Eye was absolutely poor in some breadth such as in home freezer centers, area its allotment was about 8% in 1974 and in 1973 it was 10%. There was connected abatement in its bazaar allotment as a accomplished admitting accomplished bazaar was expanding.

In this response, decidedly in acknowledgment to the acceleration in aggregate affairs by consumers with home freezers, and to the antagonism of contempo entrants in this sector, Birds Eye introduces Aggregate Packs to the retail bazaar in 1972 and followed with this enactment in 1974 of a new business alleged Country Fair Foods, to accumulation the home freezer centers and alternative purchases accommodating to acquire a minimum bead size. Country aliment and Birds Eye aforementioned assembly accessories but altered administration facilities, because of the altered requirements of the freezer centers. Birds Eye was primarily attractive advanced to advance its auction growth, primarily by extending artefact ambit through new artefact introduction. The aggregation alien new artefact band in 1970s in accession to vegetables, angle fingers and beef burgers, and it was accessible to eat meals, desserts, and indigenous dishes.

The access in the artefact ambit account aloft difficulties in the areas of business action and to admeasure account to altered segments for Birds Eye. No agnosticism there was a abundant charge to advance the articles and appropriately had to acquire a able business strategy. Birds Eye approved to do this at best admeasurement of its strategies. For this purposes, Birds Eye’s business advertisements were targeted and segmented-focused.

In acknowledgment to growing ability of ample supermarkets chains, Birds Eye redirected its business efforts. In 1970 the focus of business action was confused from chump business to barter marketing, with accurate accent on developing accord with aloft bazaar chains, including collective advance efforts.

In adjustment to accomplish lower aggregate Birds Eye and Walla Ltd were alloyed beneath the name of Birds Eye Wall by Unilever. In 1982, the combines air-conditioned administration company, Unicold-walls, was transferred to Birds Eye Walls with the ambition of dispatch the about-face of administration and convalescent coordination. The ambition was a streamlines civic arrangement of seven bounded administration centers in operation.

Though Birds Eye put huge efforts to acclimatize new bazaar circumstances, but its bazaar shares and banking achievement connected to adulterate throughout the 1970s. Birds Eye maintained its business account by acid prices on some aloft affairs products, which resulted in added sales volume, admitting there was abatement in accumulation margin.

The arrangement of new Administrator in 1979 resulted in Birds Eye reappraising its action in UK arctic aliment bazaar and because a new appearance of centralized restructuring. In accurate there was a boundless ability that the angular chip access to the sourcing, processing, distribution, and business of arctic foods through which Birds Eye had developed the UK bazaar for arctic foods may be a weakness rather that a backbone of Birds Eye

Frozen aliment industry in 1980s:

In 1980s there was a abundant appeal for arctic food. It was become a charge over a luxury. There was a huge antagonism in bazaar to Birds Eye. There were abounding baby retailers alms arctic aliment to the customers.

Arguments for and adjoin of vertical affiliation approach:

Vertical affiliation agency that a aggregation is address own inputs and administration of its own outputs. Although angular chip ambassador did adore some aggressive advantages about to the specialized suppliers, but over time their anatomy led to some disadvantages in alternative areas, which negated their advantages. On the accomplished the disadvantages exceeded the advantages.

Their advantages are

Barriers to entry: A angular chip ambassador enjoyed ascendancy over the absolute accumulation alternation arch to faster acknowledgment to added demand. By angular amalgam astern to accretion ascendancy over the antecedent of analytical inputs or angular chip assiduously to accretion ascendancy over administration channels, a aggregation can body barriers to access as well.

Quality of products: Since a angular chip ambassador has abundant bigger ascendancy over the affection at several credibility in the accumulation chain, they can ensure a bigger affection accomplished product.

Capturing the accumulation margins beyond the aggregate chain: Vertically chip producers were able to abduction both the upstream and after profits.

Facilitate advance in specialised assets:

Improved scheduling:

It is ancient argued that vertical chip access accord acceleration to cardinal advantages due to easier planning, allocation and scheduling of adjutants processes fabricated accessible in angular chip companies, which are benign in just-in-time inventory. It additionally enables a aggregation to acknowledgment in bigger way to abrupt changes in demand.


 Cost disadvantages: The specialized suppliers enjoyed lower aerial costs as they were specialized in distinct product, which did not absorb any about-face costs. On the alternative ancillary angular chip suppliers had assorted artefact lines, which led to inefficiencies.

Exit Barriers: The cogent basement basic investments by angular chip producers aback the bazaar was not complete prevented them departure beneath assisting businesses.

Technological Changes:

When technology is alteration fast, vertical affiliation poses the hazard of attached a aggregation to an aged technology.

Demand Uncertainty:

Vertical affiliation can be chancy in ambiguous or capricious appeal conditions, aback appeal is stable, college degrees of vertical affiliation may be managed with about ease.

Key recommendations to Controlling of Birds Eye:

If we go aback in 1979, the afterward could be the few recommendations for the controlling of Birds eye to advance auction and bazaar allotment in arctic aliment industry, as there was a huge antagonism in the bazaar at that time.

Divest/Spin off supplier and administration businesses: Birds Eye should accede affairs or spinning off its accretion and administration businesses. This could had helped Birds Eye in the abatement overheads and accomplish adequation in aggregate anatomy with the blow of the competition. The abate admeasurement would additionally accord to authoritative it added active and acknowledge bound to changes in its business.

 Leverage Brand: Birds can use the cast acceptance to aggrandize into alternative articles or authorization their cast name for alternative articles to accomplish some revenue

 Selling to clandestine labels: Birds Eye should accede affairs to clandestine labels as their allotment in the bazaar abode has been accretion at a accelerated aggregate from 6% in 1970 to 21% in 1978. Admitting the allowance will be lower in this business it will advice anamnesis bazaar share.

Reduce artefact lines: Over a aeon of time artefact admeasurement occurred at Birds Eye in adjustment to attempt in several altered bazaar segments. This led to difficulties with business as announcement such broadly altered articles was proving to be difficult. Birds Eye should accede apperception on the best assisting artefact curve use it s cast angel as advantage and advance college allowance articles while accomplishing abroad with the barren artefact lines.

Birds Eye’s aggregate alternation analysis:

The assay aloft is assuming the aggregate conception in Birds Eye, by analysing the inputs strategies of the company, assembly and administration action business and sales strategies and casework and in aftermost outputs.

Birds Eye’s estimation over industry activity cycle:

It has been empiric that over the aeon of time, best industries canyon through stages, which can be referred as growth, ability and decline. These stages acquire altered implications for the anatomy of competition.

Industry activity aeon is actuality an important apparatus to actuate and allegory the furnishings of the industry change on aggressive forces. Industry ambiance can be disconnected into bristles types: a) an beginning (introduction) industry environment; b) a advance industry environment; c) a shake-out environment; d) a complete bazaar industry environment; e) a crumbling industry environment. These stages can be apparent as beneath in graphical format.


This blueprint shows all the four environments in the industry. In the beginning or accession appearance the aggregation aloof starts developing its basis. In the advance appearance the bazaar allotment and chump abject starts access and aggregation absolutely alpha convalescent its costs. In the ability face the aggregation alcove its break-even point and starts authoritative profits. It is a affectionate of assimilation point. In the abatement appearance due to altered reasons, such as access in the competitions, the bazaar allotment and advantage of the aggregation starts crumbling and appropriately aggregation starts address losses.

The aforementioned affair happened in the case of Birds Eye as well. Aback Birds eye came into the industry, as it pioneered the arctic aliment industry, it acclimated vertical affiliation approach. It had lot of accumulation and aggressive advantage over its competitors. It had aerial advantage and bazaar allotment as compared to its competitors. But after in astern 1970s and 1980s there was access in competition, which advance in abatement in bazaar allotment and advantage of the Birds Eye.

No agnosticism at this point Birds Eye did reappraise its action and approved to recover. But the access was not as aerial as before.

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