Strengths And Weaknesses Found In Victoria Bc Tourism Essay

Australia is the 12th arch abridgement in the world1 by GDP; it is additionally the 5th country with accomplished allotment of earlier citizenry in the apple and admitting the world’s recession, Australia continues actuality a abiding economy. The adherence in this country makes it a acceptable ambition for outbound tourism appear adopted destinations like Victoria, BC in Canada.

By application a SWOT analysis, we will ancient appraise the centralized factors of our destination by analogue the strengths and weaknesses begin in Victoria BC as a day-tripper site. In this investigation, we will analyze the characteristics that will position Victoria in aggressive advantages over alternative cities in Canada or alternative destinations overseas. Furthermore, in the aforementioned analysis, we will browse the alien factors in Australia that will present opportunities or threats favouring or adverse the antecedent of day-tripper address appear Victoria BC.

In addition, through a assay assay we will analyze targets that will represent the primary and accessory segments that will become the focus for a tourism business strategy. Moreover, afterwards assuming a articulation affability examination, we will codify a advocacy on the adopted articulation to bazaar and position Victoria BC as a day-tripper destination for chief Australian visitors.


As a day-tripper destination for Australians, Victoria has able assets. First, it offers a array of attractions that caters to anybody from belted ancestry and ancient attractions to alfresco and attributes exploring opportunities. Second, Victoria altitude is an advantage over alternative afterpiece competitors. Actuality on adverse ends of the globe, seasons amid Victoria and Australia are adverse in time. During winter aeon in Australia, Victoria will be adequate the sunshine of June or July. In addition, Victoria is accepted for the best altitude in Canada which makes it an ideal abode for alfresco activities all year long.

Third, the geographic area offers abounding opportunities for alfresco activities, acknowledgment to wildlife, nature, aisle and ocean armpit walks. “Consists mainly of rolling lowlands interspersed with granite rocks of up to 300m/985ft in height. The burghal is belted by ocean on three sides. In the arctic and west, cliffs, spits and lagoons formed by arctic activity accomplish up portions of the shoreline. Elsewhere, the bank consists of beaches of bedrock and beach alternate with coves. Several animated viewpoints in and about the burghal accommodate a bird’s eye appearance of all this and more”2.

Fourth, it gives attainable admission to catholic and burghal cities like Vancouver and alternative day-tripper destinations like USA by bear and airplanes in both English speaking locations. Furthermore, Victoria hosts accurate restaurants that represent the multicultural citizenry of the island as able-bodied as axial lodgings which are at walking ambit from the affection of the city.



Victoria’s capital weaknesses appear from the abridgement of acquaintance of the burghal as a day-tripper destination. Additionally, the aerial antagonism makes biking costs college and beneath absolute all-embracing flights advancing to and from victoria’s all-embracing Airport. Moreover, Canada as a accomplished does not abutment bloom casework for acting visitors. Lastly, arcade is fabricated added difficult for day-tripper due to aerial taxes in Canada.


There are some opportunities that Victoria should accede in adjustment to accession their cardinal of visitors: Increase acquaintance through bout operators, Develop agreements with neighbour cities to advance affordable cruise packages, Develop acceptable and cultural tourism. Victoria should additionally booty advantage of the cities’ accepted characters with Australia and their akin motivations for tourism3 (sceneries, admission to attributes and alfresco activities, wildlife and adjacency to catholic cities)


Victoria’s tourism industry can be threatened by alternative aggressive markets like the USA, which due to bill abrasion present themselves as added adorable and affordable destinations. Alternative afterpiece competitors aural Australia, in Asia or Europe may as able-bodied present a blackmail to the continued and big-ticket cruise to Victoria. Lastly, the cryptic analogue amid Vancouver and Victoria may booty abroad from the all-embracing angle to Victoria as a adopted day-tripper destination.

Segmentation Analysis

The Ambition segments are 17% of the Australian citizenry who are 60 years or earlier and are alive in burghal areas which according to the administration of community, Chief able-bodied alive in Australia appear %73 on seniors alive in burghal areas. In addition, the articulation will be focused on couples with no accouchement with annual to %50 of the chief citizenry in the country3. In addition, according to The Conference lath of Canada %40 of seniors in Australia alive in poverty4. This would leave a allowance of %60 seniors that could potentially become the primary ambition for this tourism business angle services4


– There are altered types of seniors that I am aggravating to target: the primary segments are those seniors, who accept retired and feel they appetite to relax, booty a cruise with no blitz and acknowledgment to a advantageous ambiance with abounding admission to Attributes and Culture.

– The additional articulation are seniors who accept either retired or are about to retire and feel activity is starting and charge to chance now that they don’t accept the albatross of assignment or family.

-Metropolitan areas are added big-ticket to alive in; accordingly the ambition articulation will accept bigger banking adherence and potentially be accepting retirement from service. The assets antecedent may announce that a allocation of this accumulation accept retirement affairs accumulation and or investments.


Broad Bazaar Segmentation

Golden Age Traveler

Cultural & Ancestry Absorption Travelers

Geographic Segmentation

Australian chief citizens, babyish boomers who accept arch absorption in ecotourism and cultural ancestry attractions such as

historic sites, museums, nature, parks and wildlife exposure

Australian chief citizens, who accept the Absorption in abbreviate trips with alfresco activities like sightseeing, golfing, shopping, bank and attainable admission to catholic and alternative day-tripper destination

Demographic Segmentation

Retired affiliated couples with alum studies and no accouchement alive at home age 65 and over alive in burghal areas

High Assets Affiliated Couples with no accouchement alive at home age 60 and over alive in burghal areas

Psychographic Segmentation

Self-sufficient individuals, ancestors oriented, association ethics who adore peaceful traveling, acknowledgment to attributes and environmentally acquainted with are absorption in exploring alternative cultures

High disposable assets with alive lifestyle, adore adorning with alternative bodies of aforementioned absorption and attending for alfresco activities, casinos, high-end restaurants, resorts and sports

Behavioural Segmentation5


Benefit Sought:

User Status:

Loyalty Status

Buyer Readiness stage:

– Winter Vacations

-Authentic experience

that explores a destination’s

Natural and cultural heritage.

– Ancient time visitors


– Investigate options, costs and booty time to decide

– Winter Vacations

-Getaway with attainable admission to catholic cities and metropolises

-Frequent visitors

– Soft Loyal

– Attending for a abbreviate break no abundant investigation, they look, like and buy

Segment Attractiveness



Segment Affability Analysis

The Segments are measureable because we accept quantitative abstracts of the accountable in agreement of demographics, age groups and banking altitude that could become our primarily target. %73 segments alive in burghal areas accord them easier admission to accumulation media, technology and bigger income. However, there is no specific abstracts anecdotic the articulacy amount of this specific accumulation and it is for this acumen that the appraisal for this archetype is a 6.

If accurately identified, the segments called are absolutely abundant and assisting abundant to serve. Graduates, flush and aerial assets seniors are awful absorbed to use their savings, disposable assets or retirement funds to adore their lives afterwards backward from the workforce. The segments are additionally awful apparent from alternative segments because they accept specific geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural characteristics. Additionally, this accumulation is accessible. Eeffective marketing, sales and account programs can be formulated for alluring and confined the segments because they are amid in axial areas apparent to technology and alternative business venues. Finally, this articulation is ethically attainable because they are not presented as a accessible accumulation that can potentially allure abrogating opinions.






















Total Appraisal for Segment



The primary ambition segment: Retired affiliated Self-sufficient couples, 65 years or earlier (golden- age), no accouchement alive at home, amid in burghal areas with able faculty of association ethics who adore peaceful traveling, acknowledgment to attributes and environment, absorbed in alfresco activities and exploring alternative cultures.

Brand Positioning Statement:

Australian Aureate age couples, blow at affluence in the colourful burghal of Victoria, Explore the ancient history and ancestry of the burghal while walking through the best animated sceneries in all Canada


Having articular the bread-and-butter and demographic assets of Australia as a able abeyant bazaar for chief outbound tourism, the swot analysis, assay assay and articulation affability assay accept narrowed bottomward our ambition area in adjustment to accomplishment Victoria in aggressive advantages over alternative cities in Canada or alternative destinations across and position it as a day-tripper destination of aureate age travelers age 65 and older. If Opportunities are explored, we can advance victoria as an accurate acquaintance that will acquiesce natural, cultural and melancholia traveling for ancient time or common visitors.




Perceived as adorable destination (Ocean, Rocky mountains, gardens, beaches, lagoons)

Museums & Historic Sites

Attractions and Entertainment

Parks, wildlife, accustomed areas & Alfresco activities

Local Ancestry & Ancient Attractions

Location and Safety (near catholic cities, belted with USA)

Same Language

Seasons are adverse from Australia

Brand is no actual Recognized

Not abounding all-embracing Flight go Directly out or into Victoria

High Taxes for shopping

Health Casework are not accessible to acting visitors

Lack of aerial end shopping

High prices for airfare, adaptation and day-tripper attractions



Canada meets Australians bazaar on motivations for visiting a country(sceneries, admission to attributes and alfresco activities, wildlife and adjacency to catholic cities)

Increase acquaintance through bout operators

Develop acceptable and cultural tourism

Develop agreements with neighbour cities to advance affordable cruise packages

Depreciation of USA dollar makes it a added adorable and affordable day-tripper destination.

Closer are added affordable destinations in Europe and Asia could about-face Australian visitors breeze from Victoria

Australia offers agnate articles in agreement of day-tripper attractions, contest and activities

Not bright adverse amid Victoria and Vancouver.


1. Wikipedia, “List of countries by GDP (nominal).” Last adapted 2013. Accessed February 13, 2013.

2. Super Accustomed British Columbia , “Victoria Geography.” Last adapted 2012. Accessed February 13, 2013.

3. “Global Summary Report 2011.” Canadian Tourism Commission. : 27. (accessed February 13, 2013).

4. Administration for Communities. Western Australian, “seniors’ Wellbeing Indicators 2012, Demographic Profile.”Perth, Western Australia 2012. SWI Demographic Profile.pdf (accessed February 13, 2013)

5. Exams Tutor, “Behavioural Segmentation.” Last adapted 2012. Accessed February 13, 2013.

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