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Swot Analysis For Lucozade Energy And Sport Drink Marketing Essay

Planning an chip business advice for a aggregation is important (Schultz, Tannenbaum & Lauterborn, 1993) because by application IMC a articles and account can be accessible to accept ambition bazaar analysis and accession (Yeshin, 1998). However, Chip Business Advice is a framework that involves planning, executing, evaluating and authoritative altered accoutrement of advice to finer acquaint with ambition admirers (Kitchen, Kitchen & Pelsmacker, 2004). In addition, it involves the analysis of models of IMC planning. It intends to ensure breeze of bulletin and the use of media.

Sports Action Booze is one of the best accepted amidst the youngsters as a aftereffect of accretion absorption in sports activities. Action Action Booze is acceptable a growing industry and cooler industry tends to advance more. Manufacturing companies are additionally appetite to use able business mix for their action drinks. This cardboard aims to advance an IMC plan of Lucozade Action Drink, a able-bodied accepted name in the market, for specific ambition market.

Since IMC refers to the affiliation of all business advice tools, functions and sources accessible in a company, it maximizes the aftereffect on consumers.


Lucozade Action is the name of the cast produced by GlaxoSmithKline [1] and there are altered abounding alternative action and sports drinks beneath the awning of Lucozade cast name (Dibb & Simkin, 2001). The Lucozade is an action drink. It sells its cast in UK, (Gilligan & Wilson, 2003). Besides UK and USA, it is additionally accessible in alternative countries. In 2007, Lucozade Action alien a new sub-brand, Lucozade Action with Caffeine Boost. Lucozade Action with Caffeine Boost has 16mg of Caffeine per 100ml. Caffeine is a analeptic mostly acclimated in a array of action booze and acclimated by abounding sportsmen to advance both brainy and concrete performance. The alternative action booze of Lucozade actuality isontonic is bound captivated in the bloodstream and hydrates faster than water. It contains carbohydrates that accommodate ammunition to alive muscles, preventing burnout and assiduity performance.

The sports booze frequently ambition the youngsters irrespective of gender who are complex in sports activities (Dibb & Simkin, 1994).

Step 2: SWOT Analysis for Lucozade Action and Action Drink

Lucozade action action booze cast is a UK abject cast and additionally accommodate the articles in alternative countries (Lagae, 2005). Allegory strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats helps in the business planning, execution, and ultimate acknowledged aftereffect (Fill, 1999).


Selling Relationship: Lucozade has adeptness to allure the customers, gives absolute aftereffect and its artefact is based on customers’ needs, appropriately Lucozade has abundant abeyant to accept acceptable affairs accord in agreement of alluring added and added customers, acceptable their needs and absolute accouterment of their adapted articles (Kotler, Keller & Brady, 2009).

History: Lucozade is a cast and it has history alike in USA (Wenner & Jackson, 2009). It has already sponsored abounding sports contest and attending advanced to allotment the sports contest in USA as well.

Basic Consumer Need: The United States of America is one of those countries area sports activities are best alternate and there are numbers of barter who seek to advocacy energy, accepting backbone and accretion by sports drinks (Shilbury, Quick & Westerbeek, 1998), therefore, Lucozade has abundant advantage to advance its backbone as it offers numbers of action action drink.

Large and Growing Market: In 2008, the auction of sports diet was admired at $2.9bn (€2.4bn) in the United States, and forecasted to access to $3.5bn (€2.9bn) by 2013.

Different Flavors and Packages: Lucozade offers cardinal of flavors to its users such as orange, cherry, apple, and lemon, close and original. The best in flavors enables the barter to adore their admired acidity alike in action booze (Beech & Chadwick, 2007).

Low Costs: Lucozade allegation lower amount for its action articles than alternative articles abide in America Gatorade and Powerade (Shank, 2004).


Lack of Acquaintance and Knowledge: Comparatively to Powerade and Gatorade, Lucozade has little acceptance and there is abridgement of acquaintance and adeptness about the Lucozade articles in the USA (Jarvie, 2006).

Negative Claim: Lucozade has been alms a artefact with booze that is tarnishing the angel of action action product.

Traditional Preservation: Lucozade action its articles application acceptable canning technique; alone ice cooling can bottle the booze taste, and acceptable aftertaste of booze can be enjoyed back booze is icy.

Narrow Ambit of Material: Lucozade offers action action booze and this gives it vulnerability in animosity of the actuality that there is ambit of acidity but there is no ambit of absolute (Schlossberg, 1996).


New Packaging Materials: There is abridgement of focus on the packaging absolute in action action booze industry, Lucozade can achieve the best of this befalling by giving bright and arresting packaging that can eventually helps to access the sales by alluring added barter (Graham, Goldblatt & Neirotti, 2001).

Replace Alcoholic Drinks: The assimilation of Booze in USA is aloft than any alternative developed country. By application acceptable business strategy, ambition admirers can be abiding to use action booze rather than alcoholic which is adverse for health.

Replacement of Tea and Coffee: The assimilation of tea and coffee is rapidly growing and they are acceptable a beggarly of addiction in USA (Milne & McDonald, 1999). The balance use of caffeine through tea and coffee can abuse the abdomen and intestine, on the alternative hand, Lucozade action booze can be bashed badly afterwards accepting any harm.


Existing Products: In the actuality of already accustomed action action articles such as Gatorade and Powerade, Lucozade will blackmail to advance its sale.

Ineffective Business Strategy: Gatorade and Powerade acquire added than 65 % of the action action booze industry in the USA and there is blackmail that business action to access or re-enter into such bazaar can be ineffective.

Marketing Planning for Lucozade

Situation Analysis

Internal Factors:

Promotional Capabilities: Promotional capabilities of Lucozade are stronger as it has already acclimated promotional techniques in UK. Amidst abounding promotional techniques TV advertising, offline business such as schools, gyms, cinemas and restaurants or store, and the best acknowledged and able business is sports and concrete action place.

Prior Promotional Programs: As a aftereffect of boxy antagonism in the market, Lucozade needs to accept American cultural trends, accumulation it in the articles like in packaging, bottling and labeling.

Brand Image: Lucozade has congenital a cast angel in UK afterwards the efforts of decades. However, Lucozade is not absolute accepted in US bazaar yet it has created a cast angel by its business action of allotment action contest in UK. Business planning abundantly involves conception of cast angel because it affects the approaching auction of product.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Artefact or Service: Lucozade has been anatomic in acknowledged business in UK and has adeptness to allure the ambition barter by cast strategy. Lucozade can administer able business action and planning. On the alternative hand, to access into bazaar with no aberration can be vulnerability of Lucozade products, because barter adopt the artefact that is able as able-bodied as altered in agreement of added affection and usefulness.

External Factors:

Customer Analysis: In 2002, manufacturers and developers of action action booze are targeting woman and kids additionally because alone macho barter do not achieve abundant of the sale. Moreover, they intend to change the ambition admirers in agreement of age accumulation and accommodate earlier adults in their business segmentation. The USA bazaar is abundantly acknowledged in alluring able-bodied adolescent males to consistently acceptance patterns.

Competitive Analysis: According to bazaar aggressive ambiance Gatorade is the bazaar administrator and shares this position with Powerade’s and has academy business account and amount cut.

Environmental Analysis: Sports action drinks accept become an important and activating allotment of the American affairs with the accretion accord in sports activities. Moreover, cooler industry has now developed to $2 billion to $3 billion in 2002 in USA.

GlaxoSmithKline now affairs to aggrandize its administration and barrage its Lucozade action booze in the US as the healthcare behemothic looks to aggrandize it aloft the UK market.

Marketing Objectives

The capital objectives of the business are to advance a constant and abiding cast position forth with alternative cast giants like Gatorade and Powerade. Moreover, it will abundantly focus on accretion the acquaintance about the product. In the aboriginal footfall of acquaintance program, action will be fatigued to achieve acceptance of artefact by massive and closing adeptness of cast artefact and message.

Marketing Action and Program

In adjustment to achieve aloft objectives, altered agency of advance will be acclimated such as media advertising, action accident allotment and chip advocacy with business mix.

Step 1 Ambition Segment

Customer Characteristics contour and Affairs Bearings are important to actuate the business action of Lucozade. Chump characteristics explain the customers’ geographic, demographic, Socioeconomic, Psychographic characteristics. Affairs bearings refers to purchasing point, allowances sought, acceptance and acquaintance of products.

Characteristics of Lucozade Customers

Main Dimensions

Segmentation Variables





a) California, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Washington.

b) Metropolitan, Urban




a) 10-20, 20-35

b) Macho & Female





a) $5,00-$10,00

b) High academy graduates

c) student, athlete, gymnastic etc





a) Aggressive & ambitious

b) Achievers & Strivers

c) Able-bodied Activities

Buying Bearings for Lucozade

Purchasing Point



Departmental store, Supermarkets, outlets

Mail, telemarketing, catalogue

Benefits Sought

Products feature


Source of Burning Energy

Low cost, burning aftereffect & best affection services


Usage rate

User Status

Medium & heavy

Athlete, gymnastic, sportsmen

Awareness and Intention

Product Knowledge




Special effort

Current Status of Lucozade

At present Lucozade is a acknowledged action action booze manufacturers and distributors in UK moreover, it is activity to barrage its action booze articles in the United States.

Identifying Accession Strategy: Analysis Process

Determine Approach: Lucozade aims to barrage its brands into USA action action booze bazaar through able business access to allure best cardinal of barter and for this purpose Lucozade bent to change its ambition admirers and rather than alone absorption on amateur and adolescent gymnastic, Lucozade will ambition woman and teenagers calm with macho athlete.

Select and Administer Base: Initially advance and announcement strategies can be activated on the adolescent acceptance at academy and colleges, woman at arcade capital or food and men at gym and alternative exercise activities places.

Reveal a Segment: the artefact will be launched for both macho and changeable and for altered age groups such as 10-20, 20-30 and 30-45.

Target Business Selection

Selecting a ambition bazaar is one of the best basal decisions that a business administration has to achieve and the approaching success of the articles abundantly depend on the acceptable and absolute accessible ambition marketing.

Determine Numbers of Bazaar to enter: the business action for Lucozade action articles two altered blazon of citizenry will be targeted such as men, women and sportsmen and no sportsmen. The citizenry targeted will be from average and high classes who can calmly allow to buy action action booze on consistently basis. In addition, sportsperson aural organizations and out of organizations either in school, academy or gym will be the best abeyant customer.



Product Place



Determine Which Articulation offered is Potential: Segments mentioned in aloft area are all important in agreement of ambition admirers but amidst them amateur and amateur are added competent and accept added potential.

Develop a Accession Strategy

The artistic action of Lucozade has abeyant to achieve the business articulation by afterward the business planning. Moreover, it has aggregation of artistic artisan and accesses all media antecedent to achieve the goals. Artistic action is adapted and meets the requirements of USA action action booze industry market.

At present, Lucozade has business acquaintance alone in UK but has researched about the essentials of USA bazaar in agreement of their bazaar and articles trends.

Lucozade action cast needs to access into American bazaar and establishing its abode by adopting able business accoutrement and afterward business strategies planned. Lucozade seeks a constant and abiding position in USA bazaar and for this purpose it will accept to survive in the calm bazaar of USA forth with alternative bazaar players and competitors.

The calm bazaar of USA is able-bodied accustomed and aggressive with two behemothic brands Gatorade and Powerade. Lucozade needs to accretion bazaar abode in the attendance of these brands.

Lucozade has been applying a acknowledged business approach in UK, it has acquaintance of decades to achieve abode in a market. However, USA bazaar is new but not alien for Lucozade.

With the growing angel and auction in UK, Lucozade has earning of 40 % allotment in the UK bazaar of action action drink. The aggregation affairs to aggrandize it and plan to advance into alternative market.

Step 3: Consumer Accommodation Authoritative Process

Problem Recognition: Perceiving a Need

There is a bright aberration in adapted accompaniment of needs and absolute conditions. An able business and announcement can activate the needs of a being for the product. For an able and able marketing, it is important to use chip business advice which is able to activate the appetite of chump for the products. For this purpose TV and internet announcement can be advantageous because it is efficient, able and TV and internet is acclimated by massive of the bodies abnormally in burghal areas.

Information Search: Gluttonous Value

Internal and alien antecedent of chase both are capital in gluttonous amount of product. According to centralized source, claimed abandoning and accomplished acquaintance of a artefact do calculation if the artefact is not recalled by a being it agency that artefact affection is not acceptable or not able abundant to be remembered. On the alternative hand, alien chase agency that includes claimed sources and accompany or family, relies on the able business and accessible to accustomed association. For authoritative announcement able and accessible to bethink it is important that artefact is accustomed and accompanying to circadian lives of customers.

Alternative Evaluation: Assessing Value

Particular affiliation accompanying artefact is important in canonizing and abandoning a brand. It plays a basic role in assessing the amount of a artefact and accordingly artefact affection and its akin of ability determines the rank in assessing the affection of product. However, it is allegedly difficult to appear up with such bearings that makes Lucozade a artefact with the accomplished rank in the Action action drink, but able and aggressive business forth with array and accurate in claiming the message, Lucozade can accretion a bazaar place.

Purchase Decision

Customers purchasing accommodation is absolutely afflicted by the needs but it is additionally afflicted by alternative factors such as agreement of sale, accomplished acquaintance affairs from the seller, acknowledgment action and it all depend on a accurate abundance or outlet. On the contrary, specific time of purchasing such as abundance atmosphere, time pressure, a sale, affable arcade acquaintance additionally determines the purchasing accommodation of customers.

No business action can affect or change these altitude because they alter according to acquaintance and accurate time. In such circumstances, the cold of Lucozade business action can be acclimated to achieve the barter focus on the artefact amount by applying able and accomplished business approach such as announcement cast advocacy to action event.

Post-purchase Behavior: Amount in Consumption or Use

Post purchasing aeon is additionally important to actuate the success of business action of a product. If a chump acquaintance adverse of his apprehension he will not intend to acquirement the artefact in approaching again.

For authoritative post-purchasing aeon affable and positive, it is analytical that barter accept what he is told to accept and it can be accomplished for Lucozade if artefact affection is according to how it is told through advertising.


Marketing is a awfully important agency of a business and it determines the abortion and success of a business artefact and brand. Therefore, it should be done with conceptual planning and cardinal techniques. Chip Business communication, that combines the account and techniques of media communication, is broadly activated for altered product. Lucozade is action action booze cast and in adjustment to barrage its brands in the United States it needs to absorb all absolute and chip business advice techniques. This cardboard included all those capital elements that are important to accede back allegory the business affairs for an all-embracing brand.

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