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The History Of Education In Malaysia

According to Oxford Dictionaries, aesthetics is the abstraction of the axiological attributes of knowledge, reality, and existence, abnormally back advised as an bookish discipline. The appellation “philosophy” is acquired from two Greek words that are philosophia, which abide of the base phileo and Sophia. The acceptation of phileo is “to love” and sophia agency “wisdom”.

It is actual important for Malaysia which is a developing country to accept its own aesthetics of education. Therefore, Civic Aesthetics of Apprenticeship (NPE) has been allowable in 1998 based on base abstracts and civic ideology. From a actual perspective, NPE built-in from a continued activity which is a nation architecture activity back the adeptness of Malaysia.

“Education in Malaysia is an on-going accomplishment appear added developing the abeyant of individuals in a holistic and chip manner, so as to aftermath individuals who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically counterbalanced and harmonic, based on a close acceptance in and adherence to god. Such an accomplishment is advised to aftermath Malaysian citizens who are abreast and competent, who acquire aerial moral standards and who are amenable and able of accomplishing a aerial akin of claimed abundance as able-bodied as actuality able to accord to the accord and advancement of the family, the affiliation and the nation at large.”

According to the NPE, there are eight elements of civic aesthetics of education. Firstly, apprenticeship is an on-going accomplishment which brings the acceptation of apprenticeship accent on life-long learning. Life-long acquirements is bare because individual’s adeptness is ever-changing as there is no complete adeptness of anniversary individual. It is important for individuals to acclimate to the change of times and new development such as Information and Advice Technology (ICT), abridgement and alternative accepted issues. Life-long acquirements encourages individuals to advance their claimed abilities and knowledge. Secondly, holistic and chip address is the accepted anatomy of adeptness which charge be accomplished by the agents and learnt by the students. It is important to advance the individual’s abeyant and abilities in a holistic and chip manner. This is because talents, potentials and abilities do not advance alone as they are accompanying and co-ordinated and do not attempt with anniversary other. The development of the alone and their advance should appropriately accommodate the four aspects which are physical, emotional, airy and intellectual. Besides, close acceptance and adherence to God is a charge for individuals behindhand what their adoration is. It is an aspect of the actuality and role of the religion.


According to the Ministry of Education, in the Malaysian context, chic agency all programs that were agitated out by a academy or educational academy to accomplish the ambition of education. Chic is a able plan that includes bookish and non-academic activities which accommodate the educational objectives, the acquaintance of planned and the appraisal of apprentice achievement. It is a plan that covers all the knowledge, skill, ethics and norms of cultural elements and behavior of the affiliation to be transferred to their inheritance. Chic can be disconnected into three which are chic as a programme that has been planned and implemented in schools, chic as a programme advised and about implemented in the classroom and chic is bushing of a adeptness of life-long acquirements and alone and accumulation experience. The basic apparatus in a chic are the capacity of the curriculum, the objectives of the curriculum, the acquirements and teaching activities and the appraisal activity of curriculum. Agents comedy an important role in the accomplishing of the chic that includes interpreting, plan, adapt and apparatus the curriculum.


Malaysia has undergone three curriculums of primary apprenticeship so far back the country got the independence. The three concepts of primary apprenticeship are Old Primary Academy Chic (KLSR), New Primary Academy Chic or Chip Primary Academy Chic (KBSR) and Accepted Primary Academy Chic (KSSR).

Old Primary Academy Chic (KLSR) was the aboriginal chic that has been acclimated and was implemented during 1960. It was the aboriginal appearance of the accomplishing of the plan that has been allowable in the apprenticeship arrangement in the Apprenticeship Act 1961. In this phase, the educational arrangement was aggressive to annihilate the articulacy amid students. The appraisal was the important aspect in KLSR so it has abounding types of appraisal such as Ujian Lisan Bahasa Melayu (LCE) which again has been removed and replaced by Sijil Rendah Pelajaran (SRP) on 1978, Ujian Diagnostik Darjah Tiga and Appraisal Analysis Accepted Five. However, it had lots of weaknesses such as the agreeable of its abridgement had alliteration and was not accompanying to anniversary alternative so it was adamantine to be implemented well. Besides, the abridgement was too abundant and fabricated acceptance apathetic in the classroom. The co-curriculum activity was additionally afar and was not accompanying to the academic chic in the classroom. This abstraction was abolished back there were too abounding feedbacks that basic the chic to be changed.

The new chic was New Primary Academy Chic (KBSR) which has been alien in 1982 afterwards the Cabinet Committee’s Report fabricated a change on the Accomplishing of Apprenticeship Policy. KBSR was absolutely implemented in 1983 and the name was afflicted to Chip Primary Academy Chic (KBSR) on 1993. Even the name was afflicted but its agreeable was still the same. Its chic accounting was based on acquirements outcomes. KBSR had its objectives which acceptance adept the Bahasa Melayu at satisfactory akin besides accent on 3R’s basal abilities that were reading, autograph and arithmetic. KBSR’s chic architecture was based on three areas and its abstracts were abstraction syllabus. Its attempt were chip approach, one apprenticeship for all, life-long acquirements and holistic development of individual. An assay that has been agitated out was the Civic Assay (UPSR). Unfortunately, it had its cons although it had brought absolute changes in Malaysia’s education. A few of KBSR attempt had not implemented able-bodied in the teaching and acquirements activity because it has been focused added on accomplishing brand A’s in the examination. So, the cold to advance accomplished individuals was not accomplished as they were not acquirements to accretion added knowledge, adventures and abilities but learnt to adapt for the assay only.

Phase I, Malay Language, English Language, Chinese Language, Tamil Language, Mathematics, Islamic Education, Moral Education, Music Education, Art Apprenticeship and Concrete and Health Education

Phase 2-Malay Language, English Language, Chinese Language, Tamil Language, Islamic Education, Moral Education, Science, Local Studies, Living Skills, Music Education, Art Apprenticeship and Concrete and Health Education

The abstraction of KBSR has been replaced by Accepted Primary Academy Chic (KSSR) that was implemented in 2011. In KBSR, it focussed on 3R’s but KSSR focussed on 4R’s basal abilities which acumen was actuality add-on. However, KSSR still acquired basal abilities in every apprentice aforementioned as in KBSR which additionally accomplished the moral values. Its chic accounting was a little bit altered from KBSR which it was based on agreeable and acquirements standards. KSSR’s chic abstracts were chic accepted abstracts and its architecture was based on six areas as advice was still actuality agitated out. It evaluates acceptance by Civic assay (UPSR) and school-based assessment.

A basal amount modules that are accomplished in KSSR for appearance 1 are Malay Language, English Language, Chinese Language, Tamil Language, Mathematics, Islamic Education, Moral Apprenticeship and Concrete and Health Education. The amount bore capacity are Visual Art and Music, Science and Technology World and Malaysia Negaraku. The constituent modules for this appearance are Chinese or Tamil Accent for Primary School, Arabic and Iban Language. In appearance 2 there are corresponding modules that categorized anniversary subject. The modules are communicated; constituent communication; airy attitude and values; physics and aesthetics; science and technology; and humanity. Subjects for anniversary bore are Malay Language, English Language, Chinese Accent and Tamil Language; Chinese or Tamil Accent for Primary School, Arabic, Iban, Semai or Kadazandusun Language; Islamic and Moral Education; Concrete and Health Education, Music or Visual Arts Education; Mathematics, Science and Architecture and Technology; and History or Malaysia Negaraku.

Before a new abstraction is implemented, a balloon will be conducted for a accustomed aeon until there is a command to run the abstraction or else, the balloon will be chock-full if it is not acceptable to acceptance need. In conclusion, the chic will consistently change over time. There is no amiss to accomplish a aberration or change because change for the bigger is able-bodied recommended. As it will change with time, it will consistently be bigger for acceptance to accept a bigger apprenticeship in adjustment to anatomy a acceptable affiliation besides gives advantages to the country.





Teachers’ Day Celebration

Teachers’ Day is acclaimed on 16th of May every year as a assurance to acknowledge the teachers’ contributions in developing the animal basic that is capital in the architecture of society. Agents are additionally accepted as ‘social architects’ because they are not alone accouterment apprenticeship and imparting adeptness but they are additionally confined to apprehend the transformation of apprenticeship based on the NPE. There are six objectives of the anniversary of teachers’ day in Malaysia that are emphasizing the role of agents in nation architecture including accord and integration, civic development and affiliation service. Besides, it is acclaimed to allure the absorption of parents, acceptance and the accessible on the important role of agents in the Malaysian affiliation and adopting a faculty of able accord and amicableness amid the teachers. Teachers’ day anniversary can accession the authority and cachet of agents in the community. It is additionally to accommodate opportunities for agents to advance competencies through seminars and conferences captivated on Teachers’ Day. Objectively appraise the role of a abecedary with a accomplishments of Malaysia and to booty accomplish so that added able role. The anniversary of teachers’ day is organized by the teachers’ alms organization. The day began with an official accumulation abounding with programme such as sing the Civic Anthem Song, the Accompaniment Song, the academy Song and ‘Guru Malaysia’ Song. Besides, the administrator will apprehend appropriate deputations from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Apprenticeship which the texts are accompanying to the affair of the Teachers’ Day Celebration. Every year, the affair of the Teachers’ Day Anniversary will be changed. A array of agitative contest accept been organized by the academy afterwards the accumulation in adjustment to animate the anniversary and enhance the affable activity amid agents and teachers, agents and acceptance additionally acceptance and students.

Sports Day

The advance of outstanding adolescent is formed from a aggregate of intellectual, physical, spiritual, affecting and amusing abeyant as it is independent in the Civic Aesthetics of Education. Hence, for the development of a counterbalanced animal being, again the academy will authority a sports day to advance to the accumulation of the counterbalanced animal being. It is implemented with the parents’ accord to strengthen the amusing accord with the community. The goals of the Sports Day is to aftermath accomplished acceptance who are counterbalanced in agreement of physical, emotional, spiritual, bookish and amusing development in band with the NPE. Furthermore, the objectives are to fulfil the students’ charge in sports and recreation, to aftermath individuals who consistently attempt others in acceptable means and to advance the spirit of cooperation and alive calm as a team. In addition, Sports Day is to acquisition the students’ talents in sports to college levels and accept acceptance to represent the academy to the MSSD Championship. The sports day will be on February or March and two contest will be captivated that are acreage contest and clue events. There are three acreage contest that are aerial jump for acceptance beneath 12 and beneath 10, ample jump for acceptance beneath 12, attempt put for boys and girls acceptance beneath 12 and 10 with the aforementioned weight that is 2.72 kg. The clue contest are 80 m and 200 m for boys beneath 12, 80 m for boys beneath 10, for girls beneath 12 the clue will be 80 m and 200 m while girls beneath 10 will be 80 m only. There are additionally 80 m hurdles for acceptance beneath 12, 2000 m airing for boys and girls beneath 12, 4×100 m and 4×200 m for acceptance beneath 12 and 50 m broadcast for acceptance beneath 12. Before the sports day, a alternative day will be captivated to accept the best acceptance amid the blow to represent their team. The Accompaniment of Apprenticeship Administration will accommodate an allocation to conduct the sports day.

Independence Day

The Adeptness Day of Malaysia was on 31st of August 1957 and we as Malaysian will bless the day every year as it is a accessible anniversary on that day. The programme additionally is adulatory in academy to affect the spirit of adeptness in agents as able-bodied as in acceptance in adjustment to admit the accent of Adeptness Day celebrations. Engender a faculty of pride and adulation for the nation and put arrogance aloft civic absorption amid the academy is one of the objectives of the celebration. Secondly, aftermath school’s affiliation that is amenable as citizens of Malaysia to advance independence, adopted a affectionate behaviour and appreciative against the country’s independence. Lastly, Adeptness Day can actualize a faculty of accord and abiding accord and connected amid the academy from altered races, religions and customs. The Adeptness Day began with an accumulation abounding with programme such as sing the Civic Anthem Song and Adeptness Song such as, ‘Tanggal 31’, ‘Anak Malaysia’ and ‘Jalur Gemilang’. In addition, there will be a blur assuming on an adeptness cine that is ‘Leftenan Adnan’ and a accelerate appearance on the history of the Adeptness Day of Malaysia by application a projector in a hall. The abstracts of the Adeptness Day will be alleged to allotment their adventures during the colonial period. Furthermore, there will be performances from acceptance and the performances charge be about the Adeptness Day.

Language Month

Language Ages that organized by the Malay Accent accountable panels was captivated in academy to affection students’ aptitude abnormally at academy level, region, district, accompaniment and civic level. This could alongside aftermath acceptance who are adventurous and assured with their own abilities. Hopefully with the availability of this month, the acceptance will accept and adulation the Malay Accent as it is an important accent and should be abstruse in depth. Accent month’s objectives are to accommodate an befalling for acceptance to accurate their talents and to be featured to college level. Besides, it is to analysis the students’ compassionate of their adeptness accompanying to Malay Language, to animate them to attempt in a acceptable way to get the best place, decidedly in affiliation to accent and to aftermath acceptance who are competent in the acreage of language. There are abounding competitions that will be captivated during this ages such as adventure cogent antagonism that all acceptance can demography allotment in it, balladry antagonism for acceptance aloft 10 and article autograph antagonism additionally for acceptance aloft 10 and there will be prizes for the winners.

Co-curriculum Day

Co-curriculum Day is a charge accident in best of schools in Malaysia and no date adapted for every academy by the administration hence, schools can advisedly accept their date to adapt this programme. The ambition of the Co-Curriculum Day is advised to accomplish some ambition which is growing attributes assignment together, compromise, and the band of accord amid acceptance and teachers, aftermath abeyant approaching leaders amid pupils and to advance the academy ambiance added agitative and acclamation the acceptance in adjustment to aftermath a above academy culture. Co-Curriculum Day cold is to animate acceptance alive and absorbed in co-curricular activities organized by the academy or a accurate party. Amid them are adopting accord works in a accumulation association, club or compatible units, to aftermath acceptance of the absolute adeptness and adherence and adeptness to be a adeptness leader. Last but not least, to animate pupils to assignment in the aspect of administration can advance an attitude and discipline. Amid the activities that will be captivated are sales booths, books exhibition, civic anti-drug exhibition, boot by compatible units and telematches.


I accept fabricated an account with a abecedary from SK Putrajaya Presint 9(2) about the way she handle acceptance in the classroom. Based on the account and my experience, acceptance acquisition hands-on activities are added agitative than lecture-based appearance acquirements and they tend to focus added on that.


Quiz is a analysis of knowledge, abnormally as a antagonism amid individuals or teams as a anatomy of ball or asks addition questions according to the Oxford Dictionary. Classroom quiz shows can be benign to acceptance for abounding reasons. Short quiz at the alpha of anniversary chic is usually adopted by agents in their classroom. Short quiz is benign for acceptance for abounding affidavit because it helps acceptance to focus and advance their capital analytic abilities as assertive lecture. It is not aloof a quiz because it is additionally an emergency activity for students. It is a actual able activity as it can access the students’ accomplishment and their acquirements outcomes as able-bodied as for those who accept low activity and accept aerial intelligence.


The activity or activity of talking about article in adjustment to ability a accommodation or to barter account is the analogue of altercation based on Oxford Dictionary.

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