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The Play The Crucible By Arthur Miller English Literature Essay

The comedy “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller is set in the New England boondocks of Salem, Massachusets in the year 1692. This has a actual important aftereffect on the play. Salem is busy mainly with Puritans, or a actuality who is austere in moral or religious matters. Therefore, there were austere rules as to what it beggarly to be a Christian. Now, you are inoccent until accurate guilty. About in that time, you were accusable until accurate innocent. Things that happened in the play, such as the witch trials, could alone appear in a theocracy based on accurate Christianity. A subsetting in the comedy is the backwoods aural Salem. The backwoods was apparent as the aftermost able authority of angry in the town. Abigail and the girls danced in the forest, accordingly it was apparent as disqualified by the devil, aback Salem was apparent as disqualified by god.


A accumulation of girls go dancing in the dupe advance by an African American bondservant named, Tituba.

Reverend Parris’ babe Betty avalanche into a coma-like state.

Revernd Parris sends for Reverand Hale, an able of witchcraft.

Elizabeth urges John to allege Abigail as a fraud.

Mary Warren, allotment from Salem with the account that Elizabeth has been allege with witch craft.

Giles Correy and Francis Nurse arrest Elizabeth.

John Proctor armament Mary Warren to affirm that the girls are lying.

Elizabeth is absolved for time because she is pregnant.

John Proctor convinces Danforth to acquiesce Mary Warren to affirm and Mary tells the cloister the girls are lying.

When the accumulation of girls are brought in the allege Mary of adorable them.

John Proctor confesses his afair with Abigail Williams and accuses her of actuality motivated by the annoyance of his wife.

Danforth asks Elizabeth if her bedmate has been adulterine to her, but says he hasn’t to additional her husbands name. She did not apperceive John had already confessed.

Mary accuses John Proctor of actuality a witch.

John Proctor is arrested and Hale quits the proceedings.

Abigail Williams runs away, demography Reverand Parris’ money with her.

Reverand Hale begs the accused witches to acknowledge falsely to save their lives, but they will not.

Elizabeth trys to allocution John into confessing.

John confesses but refuses to allege anyone else, and ends up abandoning his confession.


There are abounding important characters in “The Crucible.” One of them is Reverand Samuel Parris. Reverand Parris is an egolistic man that was added anxious with his acceptability than the affection of his child. He has fabricated abounding changes to his abbey that are to the peoples dismay. He was acerb awful for abnormality abroad from the agency of the Puritan Church, such as agreement gold aural the abbey and absent to own the abode that the abbey had provided for him. John Proctor, the advocate in this comedy as able-bodied as a ambition of Reverand Parris’, is addition important character. Mr. Proctor is a man in his thirties, and is seems clashing the alternative men in the town. He had a abrupt afair with Abigain, and is authoritative it his assignment to stop the witch coursing that he and his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, accept activate themselve bent up in. Mr.Proctors wife, Elizabeth Proctor, has a non-affectionate address appear her actual caring husband, arch him into the accoutrements of Abigail. This makes Elizabeth Abigails capital target, for she thinks if she is gone, she whave a adventitious with Mr. Proctor. Abigail Williams, the boyish neice of Reverand Parris, is the capital force abaft the witch hunt. She is the baton of the victims claiming to be possesed who are in chase of the towns “witches.” Abigail’s cousin, Betty Parris, is the ten year old babe of Reverand Parris. She mysteriously became ill afterwards actuality bent by her ancestor dancing with the alternative girls in the dupe naked. Betty’s affliction brings Reverend Hale to Salem to analysis for signs of witchcraft. Reverand Hale is a admired reverand who starts a massive beginning of bodies actuality accused. He realizes the bribery of the beginning and tries to assure the lives of innocent people.


Many capacity are portrayed in this pay. One of them is lie and deciet. Most, if not all of the characters are lying in some way. If not to alternative people, afresh to themselves. Along with, Respect and Reputation, the amusing cachet in the boondocks is angry to ones adeptness to substain the bond religious rules. A acceptable name is the alone way you will survive, such as accepting bodies to do buissiness with you or alike accepting a fair audition in court, about acceptability agency annihilation aback it comes to witch craft. Addition affair is Acceptable and Evil. The apple bases their acceptance arrangement amid acceptable vs evil, or god vs satan. The comedy is disconnected into two camps, but cipher absolutely understands which ancillary is good, and which ancillary is bad. Afresh of course, there’s the affair of jealousy. However, the capital affair is fear. Abhorrence of the devil allows the witch trials to proceed, abhorrence of afterlife causes bodies to lie and say they’re witches, and the abhorrence of lying causes inocent bodies to die.


Act 4- John Proctor: “Because it’s my name! Because i cannot accept addition in my life! Because I lie and assurance myself to lies! Because I am not account the dust on the anxiety of them that hang! How may I alive after my name? I accept accustomed you my soul; leave me my name!”

– John cares added about he and his accompany reputations that his own life

Act 3- John Proctor: “A man may anticipate god sleeps, but God sees everything. I apperceive that now.”

-John now realizes that what he did was Abigail was a sin and that it was wrong, and he claims he will not accomplish the aforementioned aberration again.

Act 1- Abigail Williams: “I danced for the devil; I saw him, I wrote in his book; I go aback to Jesus; I kiss his hand” -Abigail is afraid about actuality ashamed for accepting casting charms, dancing, and admiration the devil with her accompany and hopes she can be forgiven and acknowledgment to god.

Act 2- Elizabeth Proctor: “John, admission me this. You accept a adulterated compassionate of adolescent girls. There is a affiance fabricated in any bed…” -Elizabeth is aggravating to explain to her husband, John, that Abigail is accusing her of actuality a witch because she is anxious of her and wants John to herself.

Act 3- Danforth: “You charge understand, sir, that a actuality is either with this cloister or he charge be counted adjoin it, there be no alley between. This is a aciculate time, now, a absolute time—we alive no best in the adusk afternoon aback angry alloyed itself with acceptable and befuddled the world.”

-He is adage that aggregate and anybody belongs to God or the Devil. The cloister as able-bodied as the government of Massachusets necessarily accord to God. That means, anyone who disagrees with the court’s activities is not an honest opponent.


1) Why did they set the bodies that claimed to accept admirable the devil free, rather than the ones that claimed they didn’t?

2) What started the witch trials?

3) How did the witch trials end and who concluded them?




I accept things that happened in the Salem Witch Trials were awful arbitrary and uncalled for. It fabricated me apprehend that I’m actual greatful to alive in the association we alive in today. The cloister was arbitrary and bodies got dead for no reason. If the cloister had not bigger back then, I cannot alike activate to brainstorm what association today would be like. I anticipate they should accept at atomic activate affirmation of bodies actuality accusable afore they were hung, rather than demography peoples word. Just because they swore to acquaint the truth, doesn’t beggarly they actaully do.

Assignment #2



Dear Elizabeth Proctor,

Throughout the play, i activate you one of the best alarming characters. You were a mother and wife, who has been through a abundant deal. You were accused of abracadabra artlessly because of jealousy, and were cheated on but still managed to advice your bedmate aback he was in need. The way you agitated yourself alike admitting you were accused of article you hadn’t absolutely done is absolutely amazing. You backward accurate to who you are and didn’t breach bottomward like abounding of the others that had been accused did. Aback the cloister asked you to footfall in and argue John to confess, alike admitting you knew he didn’t, you helped him adjudge what was best to do for not alone yourself, but for him aswell.

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