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Types of Computers: An Overview

A computer is a programmable machine. It accepts advice in the anatomy of digitalized abstracts and manipulates it for some aftereffect based on a affairs or arrangement of instructions on how the abstracts is to be processed.

It consists of at atomic one processing element, about a axial processing assemblage (CPU) and some anatomy of memory. The processing aspect carries out addition and argumentation operations, and a sequencing and ascendancy assemblage that can change the adjustment of operations based on stored information.

Computer History:

The aboriginal use of the chat “computer” was recorded in 1613 in a book alleged “The adolescent man’s gleanings” by English biographer Richard Braithwaite” I accept apprehend the truest computer of Times, and the best Arithmetician that anytime breathed, and he bargain thy canicule into a abbreviate number.” It referred to a actuality who agitated out calculations, or computations, and the chat connected with the aforementioned acceptation until the average of the 20th century. From the end of the 19th aeon the chat began to booty on its added accustomed meaning, a apparatus that carries out computations.

Computer Types:

Computers are additionally categorized on the base of concrete structures and the purpose of their use. Based on Capacity, acceleration and believability they can be disconnected into four categories of computers:

  1. Microcomputer: A small, single-user computer based on a microprocessor.
  2. Minicomputer: A multi-user computer able of acknowledging up to hundreds of users simultaneously.
  3. Mainframe: A able multi-user computer able of acknowledging abounding hundreds or bags of users simultaneously.
  4. Supercomputer: An acutely fast computer that can accomplish hundreds of millions of instructions per second.


A microcomputer is a small, about bargain computer with a chip as its axial processing assemblage (CPU). It includes a microprocessor, memory, and input/output (I/O) facilities. Microcomputers became accepted in the 1970s and 80s with the appearance of added able microprocessors.

Microcomputer or claimed computer can be authentic as a small, about bargain computer advised for an abandoned user. Businesses use microcomputers for chat processing, accounting, desktop publishing, and for active advance area and database administration applications. At home, the best accepted use for microcomputers is for arena amateur and afresh for surfing the Internet.

The characteristics of a microcomputer are Monitors, keyboards and alternative accessories for ascribe and achievement may be chip or separate. Computer anamnesis in the anatomy of RAM, and at atomic one alternative beneath volatile, anamnesis accumulator accessory are usually accumulated with the CPU on a arrangement bus in one unit. Alternative accessories that accomplish up a complete microcomputer arrangement board batteries, a adeptness accumulation unit, a keyboard and assorted input/output accessories acclimated to back advice to and from a animal abettor (printers, monitors, animal interface devices). Microcomputers are advised to serve abandoned one user at a time, although they can about be adapted with software or accouterments to accordingly serve added than one user. Microcomputers fit able-bodied on or beneath desks or tables, so that they are aural accessible admission of users. Bigger computers like minicomputers, mainframes, and supercomputers booty up ample cabinets or alike committed rooms.

Actual microcomputer can be about classified by admeasurement and anatomy / case. The anatomy or case is the metal anatomy that serves as the structural abutment for cyberbanking components. Every computer arrangement requires at atomic one anatomy to abode the ambit boards and wiring. The anatomy additionally contains slots for amplification boards. If you appetite to admit added boards than there are slots, you will charge an amplification chassis, which provides added slots. There are two basal flavours of anatomy designs-desktop models and belfry models-but there are abounding variations on these two basal types. Then appear the carriageable computers that are computers baby abundant to carry. Carriageable computers board anthology and subnotebook computers, hand-held computers, palmtops, and PDAs.

Tower model

The appellation refers to a computer in which the adeptness supply, motherboard, and accumulation accumulator accessories are ample on top of anniversary alternative in a cabinet. This is in adverse to desktop models, in which these apparatus are housed in a added bunched box. The capital advantage of belfry models is that there are beneath amplitude constraints, which makes accession of added accumulator accessories easier.

Desktop model

A computer advised to fit calmly on top of a desk, about with the adviser sitting on top of the computer. Desktop archetypal computers are ample and low, admitting belfry archetypal computers are attenuated and tall. Because of their shape, desktop archetypal computers are about bound to three centralized accumulation accumulator devices. Desktop models advised to be actual baby are sometimes referred to as abbreviate band models.

Notebook computer

Notebook is acutely failing claimed computer. Anthology computers about counterbalance beneath than 6 pounds and are baby abundant to fit calmly in a briefcase. Aside from size, the arch aberration amid a anthology computer and a claimed computer is the affectation screen. Anthology computers use a arrangement of techniques, accepted as flat-panel technologies, to aftermath a failing and non-bulky affectation screen. The affection of anthology affectation screens varies considerably. In agreement of accretion power, avant-garde anthology computers are about agnate to claimed computers. They accept the aforementioned CPUs, anamnesis capacity, and deejay drives. However, all this adeptness in a baby amalgamation is expensive. Anthology computers bulk about alert as abundant as agnate regular-sized computers. Anthology computers appear with arrangement packs that accredit you to run them after active them in. However, the batteries charge to be recharged every few hours.

Laptop computer

A small, carriageable computer baby abundant that it can sit on your lap. Nowadays, laptop computers are added frequently alleged anthology computers.

Subnotebook computer

A carriageable computer that is hardly lighter and abate than a full-sized anthology computer. Typically, subnotebook computers accept a abate keyboard and screen, but are contrarily agnate to anthology computers.

Hand-held computer

A carriageable computer that is baby abundant to be captivated in one’s hand. Although acutely acceptable to carry, handheld computers accept not replaced anthology computers because of their baby keyboards and screens. The best accepted hand-held computers are those that are accurately advised to board PIM (personal advice manager) functions, such as a agenda and abode book. Some manufacturers are aggravating to break the baby keyboard botheration by replacing the keyboard with an cyberbanking pen. However, these pen-based accessories await on autography acceptance technologies, which are still in their infancy. Hand-held computers are additionally alleged PDAs, palmtops and abridged computers.


Palmtop is baby computer that actually fits in your palm. Compared to full-size computers, palmtops are acutely limited, but they are applied for assertive functions such as buzz books and calendars. Palmtops that use a pen rather than a keyboard for ascribe are about alleged hand-held computers or PDAs. Because of their baby size, best laptop computers do not board deejay drives. However, abounding board PCMCIA slots in which you can admit deejay drives, modems, memory, and alternative devices. Palmtops are additionally alleged PDAs, hand-held computers and abridged computers.


PDA is abbreviate for claimed agenda assistant, a handheld accessory that combines computing, telephone/fax, and networking features. A archetypal PDA can action as a cellular phone, fax sender, and claimed organizer. Unlike carriageable computers, best PDAs are pen-based, appliance a stylus rather than a keyboard for input. This agency that they additionally absorb autography acceptance features. Some PDAs can additionally acknowledge to articulation ascribe by appliance articulation acceptance technologies. The acreage of PDA was pioneered by Apple Computer, which alien the Newton Message Pad in 1993. Shortly thereafter, several alternative manufacturers offered agnate products. To date, PDAs accept had abandoned bashful success in the marketplace, due to their aerial bulk tags and bound applications. However, abounding experts accept that PDAs will eventually become accepted gadgets.

PDAs are additionally alleged palmtops, hand-held computers and abridged computers.


Another blazon of computer is Micro Computer which is architectonics to abutment added than one user at a time but it can be acclimated by one actuality at a time. It is a computer of a admeasurement average amid a microcomputer and a mainframe computer and includes a microprocessor, memory, ascribe and achievement adeptness and it comes able with at atomic one blazon of abstracts storage, usually RAM. Typically, mini computers accept been stand-alone computers awash to baby and mid-size businesses for accepted business applications and to ample enterprises for department-level operations. . Mini computers were advised for control, instrumentation, animal interaction, and advice switching as audible from adding and almanac keeping. They accept abundant accumulator accommodation and assignment at a aerial acceleration rate. It is about use in abode area several bodies accept to assignment at the aforementioned time, so it let abounding users use abstracts at the aforementioned time after any inconvenient. Mini computers are not abandoned acclimated in alignment for assignment but abounding of mini computers are additionally acclimated as claimed computer. It has a ample bargain arrangement of silicon argumentation aboideau which allows account programs and self-booting atom to be stored aural microcomputers. These stored programs let the minicomputer to automatically bulk added added circuitous software from alien accumulator accessory after the user intervention.

The Minicomputers were aboriginal congenital in in 1960s and they anon became a huge success as 40,000 of the minicomputer systems were anon awash of authoritative the computers badly accessible to the accepted public. With such a acknowledged bazaar achievability abounding companies stepped in to adventure in the minicomputer market. The best acknowledged amid these two hundred companies was DEC that launched the minicomputer models PDP-11 and VAX 11/780.

Some cogent characteristics and actual facts about the mini computer arrangement accept been abbreviated as follows:

They are abundant abate in admeasurement than the mainframe computer systems. As such they do not absorb an absolute allowance but usually absorb amplitude agnate in admeasurement to that of a accepted refrigerator.

They are abundant beneath big-ticket than the mainframes.

Their apparatus was accessible because of the apparatus of bulk anamnesis technologies and transistors.

Minicomputers can accord alongside admission to up to 100 users. Hence they were acclimated in places such as business organizations for advancement billings and finances.

Some of the actual aboriginal companies to accomplish the minicomputer systems were Hewlett Packard, DEC and Abstracts General.

A few models of minicomputers which accept been a apparent success over the years are:

DEC VAX alternation and PDP series

Hewlett Packard HP3000 series


Prime Computers, Prime 50 Series

Norsk Data, Nord-1, Nord-10, Nord-100

IBM Midrange Computers

Control Abstracts Corporation’s CDC 160A, CDC-1700

Data Accepted Nova

Honeywell-Bull Akin 6/DPS Level6/DPS 6000 series

Minicomputers accept eventually acquired in to microcomputers. With the barrage of microcomputers, the accessible have

Had a greater admission to the advantage of accumulation computers in the circadian stride of their lives.


In addition duke we accept the Mainframe Computer which is absolutely big-ticket than the Mini computer. In allegory the mainframe computer accomplish bigger than the mini computer, it can action abstracts at a actual aerial acceleration rate, for example, millions of apprenticeship per added and Compared to a archetypal PC, mainframes frequently accept hundreds to bags of times as abundant abstracts accumulator online, and can admission it abundant faster. They board a ample cardinal of self-maintenance features, including congenital aegis appearance and aerial abstracts administration capacity. Because of mainframe’s adeptness to handle aerial akin abstracts affairs they are acclimated by the bigger firms in about all the industry such as banks, government agencies and organizations which charge to abundance abundant aggregate of circuitous and important abstracts at a aerial aegis level, which agency that this is the best defended than alternative blazon of computer.

Mainframes are advised to handle actual aerial aggregate ascribe and achievement and accent throughput computing. This blazon of computer can assignment for continued aeon after actuality interrupted, they are reliable. It can run assorted altered instance of altered operating arrangement and can handle the assignment of abounding users at the aforementioned time. The appellation RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability) is a defining appropriate of the mainframe computer. Test, development, training, and assembly workload for applications and databases can run on a distinct machine, except for acutely ample demands area the accommodation of one apparatus adeptness be limiting. They are usually adequate by assorted levels of aegis and adeptness backup, both centralized and external. Amid the self-protection measures frequently begin in mainframes are an added heat-protection mechanism. Because these computers run all day forth with 24x7x365 ability, a ample bulk of calefaction generated charge be expelled. The admirers in mainframe computers are amid the best able allowance in befitting the abstracts centers cool.


They are huge computers installed in amplitude centers, nuclear adeptness stations etc. They are acclimated for assuming circuitous algebraic calculations. Abandoned scientists and mathematicians can accomplish them. They are accepting huge memories & amazing processing speed. They are acclimated for acclimate forecasting, action graphics…

Mainframes run assorted sessions, and with aerial reliability. Companies can run their IT operations for years after problems or interruptions with minimum bottomward time. Administration is actual accessible due to the actuality that all applications layers are monitored in one Server.

A axial computer abandoned can alter dozens or hundreds of abate PCs, abbreviation administration and authoritative costs while accouterment a abundant bigger scalability and reliability.

Mainframes can run added than one operating arrangement at once, which allows companies to run assorted sessions with a super-fast speed, aerial reliability, and aerial secure.


Supercomputer is a ample appellation for one of the fastest computers currently available. Supercomputers are actual big-ticket and are active for specialized applications that crave immense amounts of algebraic calculations (number crunching). For example, acclimate forecasting requires a supercomputer. Alternative uses of supercomputers accurate simulations, (animated) graphics, aqueous activating calculations, nuclear activity research, cyberbanking design, and assay of geological abstracts (e.g. in petrochemical prospecting). Perhaps the best accepted supercomputer architect is Cray Research.

Approaches to supercomputer architectonics accept taken affecting turns back the ancient systems were alien in the 1960s. Early supercomputer architectures pioneered by Seymour Cray relied on bunched avant-garde designs and bounded accompaniment to accomplish above computational aiguille performance. However, in time the appeal for added computational adeptness ushered in the age of massively alongside systems.

Here are some examples of supercomputer:

– IBM Roadrunner

– Cray Jaguar

– Tianhe-IA

– Fujitsu K computer

– IBM Sequoia

– Cray Titan

Advantages of supercomputer

The primary advantage that supercomputers action is decreased processing time. Computer acceleration is frequently abstinent in “floating point operations,” or “FLOPS.” Average home computers can accomplish up to a hundred billion of these operations per second, or 100 “gigaflops.” Supercomputers, however, are tens of bags of times faster, acceptation that calculations that would booty your home computer hours or canicule can be apparent by a supercomputer in a amount of seconds.

Supercomputers are usually acclimated to accouterment large, real-world problems that would be too time arresting on approved computers. For example, acclimate forecasters use supercomputers to actualize models of the acclimate and to anticipation the weather. Obviously, forecasts accept to be fabricated in a appropriate address to accomplish them advantageous so the added able the computer the better. Abandoned supercomputers accept the adeptness to accomplish these calculations in a appropriate fashion. One of the sayings of accretion is that the college the technology, the added atomic the appliance and the best able computers in the apple are acclimated by agenda effects/computer action companies. The arduous processing adeptness of supercomputers agency that they can be acclimated to do things that accustomed computers artlessly couldn’t handle. Supercomputers accept additionally acceptable abundant strides in filmmaking and appropriate effects.

Disadvantages of supercomputer

There accept no abundant aberration amid mainframe computers because like the mainframe it takes up a ample amplitude and bulk actual high. It requires accomplished agents to can handle and use the supercomputer and it may abandoned be acceptable for specific application. It is aerial adeptness consumption, it use a lot of electricity, for instance, about millions Rupees in a year.

Other disadvantage is that supercomputers crave massive alien accumulator drives whose bandwidth is fast abundant to board the abstracts actuality analyzed and produced. If accumulator and bandwidth can’t accumulate up with the abstracts flow, the supercomputer will not be able to assignment at its abounding capacity.

Unlike accustomed desktop computers that may accomplishment artful a botheration in a few account or overnight, supercomputers assignment on tasks that crave accelerated calculations which can booty acutely continued periods to complete. For example, a supercomputer could absorb months assuming calculations to abutment assay on altitude change or to advice cure a disease, presenting a disadvantage to bodies who are in a bustle for quick results.


After all we can say that computer has fabricated his way back 19xx. It has amorphous with the microcomputer which consisted of simple technology. Then we accept the minicomputer which becomes added and added claimed and adult for users. It makes abundant advance back the mainframe computer comes in 19xx (put the date). It comes with added achievement and added anamnesis with aerial aegis level. Their action added added than 100 times and assuredly back the acclaimed supercomputer comes which is 1000 times added able than the predecessor. And nowadays with the abundant change we accept four blazon of computer.

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