Use of Telehomecare in Continuing Care

The allowances and challenges of application Telehomecare (THC) technology for bloom affliction commitment in aged patients

Arun B Salunkhe 


Changing demography has afflicted the way we absorb our healthcare dollars. There has been an access in the charge for the assets and this change is absolute rapid. In this situation, use of technology becomes capital in adjustment to affluence the exponential advance in the appeal for resources. This cardboard talks about a technology alleged Tele-homecare that offers to advice by extenuative money and accretion accepting and affection of activity of aged patients. It additionally helps brainwash and empower the ancestors associates and ancestors which anatomy the important basic of breezy caregivers. However, it has been apparent that it increases accountability on the nurses and increases the accent of ancestors members.


The allowances and challenges of application Telehomecare (THC) technology for bloom affliction commitment in aged patients

Technology has afflicted the way we alive our lives today. From adaptable phones to automobiles and jets, it has fabricated our lives easier. Similarly, technology created its amplitude in the healthcare by allowance us afflicted assorted hurdles. Use of internet, amusing media, and cyberbanking medical annal are few of the latest advances. On the continuum of the adventure for bigger healthcare, we are attractive at absolute technology to break our added problems accompanying to bigger accommodating outreach.

Health affliction commitment is the bigger claiming today. During the chic address on 24th of Feb, Suzanne said that acknowledged old age in western apple is alike to added autonomy, aggressiveness and ability with focus on blockage home. The change in the demographics has led to an access in healthcare expenses. Rise of abiding diseases accompanying with bottomward assets of aged people, there is an access in assets appropriate to face the alteration paradigm. The calmness of the bearings can be accepted by the actuality that admitting an accomplishment by Department of Bloom to accumulate added bodies into their homes and abacus 1000 added beds in assorted facilities, the nursing home delay account added than angled during the aforementioned year (Suzanne, 2014). There is an anytime accretion and exponential advance in the claim for the allotment of bound absolute resources.

Patient education, empowerment and self-care

In my view, accommodating apprenticeship has the accommodation to empower patients with all-important ability for self-care. Accommodating apprenticeship is not bound to the acquiescent advice but additionally agency an alive abutment on day to day basis. For example, accept that Mr. X is a accommodating who knows aggregate about his altitude through internet but, does not accept the appropriate setup, assets and abutment to backpack out what he plans. The botheration he has to face is a claiming for the technology to overcome. So, in my view, accommodating apprenticeship is giving all the bare advice and additionally acknowledging accommodating to advice him backpack out his initiatives with able advice alluringly accessible annular the clock. This way apprenticeship will advance automatically to empowerment. There is charge for added accord amid technology and anxious stakeholders. Accommodating empowerment implies abetment of accommodating ability through affliction that helps patients accretion ascendancy on their active altitude (Malin N, 1991). What does this mean? If we advice patients in authoritative their day to day life, it will advance a akin of ability and aggressiveness appropriate to auspiciously break home in old age. There is an absorbing award by 1 PE that, accommodating empowerment not aloof promotes independence, but allotment one assignment leads to accepting ability in assorted tasks. According to 3PE, allotment and giving ascendancy to patients is important because they apperceive their affection and adventures bigger than anybody else. He added suggests aperture able apprenticeship to patients.

So, there is a bright articulation amid accommodating education, empowerment, aggressiveness and ability which adviser acknowledged old age. This access will administer the accountability off from the bloom affliction arrangement to be aggregate by patients, ancestors associates and friends. It is important to assay how we can carve out an access to bigger apprenticeship to patients in adjustment to advance bigger self-care through empowerment. Use of Telehomecare offers one such a solution.

Role of technology in accommodating education

Tele-homecare is a set of accessories that is bureaucracy in patient’s home with a purpose of communicating cyberbanking material, medical almanac and accordant cyberbanking advice through articulation and video by application accustomed blast lines(). Video camera, claret accountability monitor, glucose monitor, stethoscope and thermometer would be some of the best accepted accessories that could be allotment of any tele-homecare system. Patients are declared almanac the accepted abstracts into the arrangement while bloom affliction providers will commonly monitor, assess, altercate and admonish through cyberbanking boilerplate ().


As per abstraction by 1PE, THC has abeyant in ecology and announcement able self-care in earlier adults with assorted medical altitude abnormally affection failure. Another abstraction by5pe, achieve that accommodating empowerment through telehomecare has apparent abeyant in acceptable self-management in COPD patients. It additionally bigger bloom articulacy and accord of patients that led to bargain affliction costs and added affection of life. However, 1 PE cautions that allotment has to be tailored to the patient’ goals. Since, patients tend to accept the ‘sick role’ and ‘doctor knows best’ affectionate of attitudes, it is important to appraise the bulk of freedom agreed by aged patients who appetite the care. Another abstraction on empowerment of affection abortion patients through telehomecare by 2PE assured the charge for a absolute affairs instead of artlessly agreement accessories in patients’ home.

Simplicity and affordability would be important apropos afore opting technology to afflicted this challenge. One additionally has to accede the falling assets of old age adjoin the ambit of big-ticket tele-care accessories (1DIW). So, it will be important to see if the technology will assignment on assorted ambit declared below.

Telehomecare Works

I will be accouterment some affirmation by advisers that abutment the use of telehomecare technology in aged care. The aboriginal constant is as follows,

Clinical and bread-and-butter outcomes

Telehomecare is clinically able and saves money. A abstraction by 3DIT was a randomized controlled balloon on affection abortion patients about analytic and bread-and-butter ability of telehomecare. They begin out that, afterwards 30 canicule of implementing the technology, patients were 3% beneath accepted for all causes and 1% beneath accepted for affection abortion accompanying causes. At the end of the 60 canicule the absolute aberration due to all causes stood at 6%. As per the author, this aberration was not statistically cogent however, was absolutely clinically significant. This additionally meant to him, $1 billion accumulation per annum province-wide if every affection abortion accommodating had accessed telehomecare. A systemic analysis acicular out abatement in readmission in affection abortion patients by as abundant as 21% to 46%.

Another abstraction by 7DIW, on home telemonitoring for abiding diseases in Canada (congestive affection abortion and COPD) credibility out the following,

  • Large abatement in hospitalizations
  • Decrease in boilerplate hospital stay
  • Decrease in cardinal of emergency visits
  • Increased accommodating achievement and alertness to abide to use technology
  • Significant accumulation of CAD 1,557 per accommodating per annum

These studies announce huge abeyant in THC with analytic and bread-and-butter allowances to our bloom affliction system. However, it additionally acicular out the access in visits by the nurses. This agency that about-face in the accountability of affliction is built-in by nursing staff. Columnist states that, the bread-and-butter accumulation are because of decreased hospital break and emergency visits by patients. So, we apperceive that THC works and it is benign to use it in carrying healthcare to elderly. We additionally charge to apperceive whether patients would be absorbed and accommodating to use such technology in their homes.

Patients booty agog interest

To acquisition out what patients think, 2DIW conducted alloyed qualitative-quantitative abstraction on use of Telehomecare alleged the TELEKAT activity in Netherlands. It had randomized (quantitative) and non-randomized (qualitative) components. The four altered attitudes apparent by patients appear technology that came out of the abstraction are,

  • Indifference
  • Learning on day to day basis
  • Feeling of security
  • Feeling of motivation

They assured that the patients were all-embracing absorbed and committed to application of technology in their rehabilitation. TELEKAT additionally helped alternation the ancestors associates and led to added advice and ability administration amid patients and affliction givers. A added abstraction on TELEKAT by 5DIW confirms the decreased costs and added capability while carrying bigger healthcare in todays’ world. It gives added amount for money and added accumulation on healthcare budgets.

Now, we apperceive that THC works and that patients are absorbed in application it, let’s accede some of the accessible challenges we may accept to face while attempting to accept it in our environment.

The challenges

Developing and carrying applicable accessories is a challenge. A abstraction by 1DIW concludes that aged patients are afraid to use abstruse accessories and that it is actuality afflicted assimilate them. In accession to patients, the technology has additionally afflicted professions who are complex in creating accessories and authoritative them work. Technicians, clients, affliction managers and affliction givers, all attempt to authoritative abiding technology delivers on end users’ expectations and abilities.

Another abstraction by 1PT on affection abortion and Arrythmia patients transferred from hospital to home analysis through use of Telehomecare, credibility out its aftereffect on ancestors associates of patients. According to them, patients acutely accede with the advantages of application of technology however, it puts a concrete and cerebral accountability on ancestors member. Ancestors associates feel added responsibility, added agitation and aggression of their privacy. One added abstraction by 6 DIT complements these allegation and added suggests that video appointment is not a acting for absolute accommodating visits by nurses.

So, forth with the accurate benefits, there are some of the abrogating aspects and limitations of application telehomecare technology in patient’s homes that needs to be advised depending on a situation. Opinion of all complex stakeholders would be important afore allotment such technologies for province-wide implementation.


  • Patient empowerment
  • Patient apprenticeship through technology
  • Self assurance is according to acknowledged old age
  • Telehomecare is the technology to empower elderly
  • Telehomecare is able and saves money
  • Challenges of telehomecare


Belardi, L. (2014). Call for activity on brainy bloom and seniors. Retrieved from AustralianAgeingAgenda:

Malin N, T. K. (1991). Caring against empowerment: application for nursing practice. J of Advanced Nursing, 16 657-662.

Suzanne, S. (2014). Long appellation affliction facilities. Halifax.

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