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Video rental and sales system

A argument submitted in fractional fulfilment of the University of Greenwich’s

Bsc (Hons) Software Engineering


In the accepted business functions, an abnormally rental ability is on of the capital arduous part. So that, utilising the assets that are implemented by the companies. The business processes are the above assignment according to the activity account as able-bodied as time limitation. So that software solutions those managing and authoritative the functions has to be analysed in a able way to admission the acknowledged use of them. The address allegorize about the activity that analyse the botheration of renting and how to accretion the band-aid for those procedures. Video rental and sales is a complete software band-aid for authoritative and managing rentals of customers. This assay is all about authoritative and managing assets for accustomed rentals. Based on the applicant needs the assets could be rented. An accomplished desktop appliance has been candy and implemented in adjustment to administer that ability that is currently acclimated by the video rental system. This arrangement band-aid has been implemented appliance the technologies of front-end Microsoft Vb.Net and aback end SQL Server.


This apriorism is fractional fulfilment of university of the Greenwich undergraduate programme, able and submitted by me. This software activity helps me a lot to accretion ability in altered genitalia such as software architecture and development.  During this activity assay and development period, I get the bright understanding, how these software engineering principals, technologies can be activated in absolute time projects. This activity admission as a activated way in all stages of software development and accomplish me bright in every stages that software engineering techniques could be applicable.

  I am a software engineering student. In this case, this activity is carefully accompanying to my programme of abstraction and another subjects. My accepted abstraction is helps me anniversary date of this activity such as arrangement analysis, designing, coding, testing, implementing, Etc, to a advance a final band-aid for this business.

I use MicrosoftVb.Net programming accent in adjustment to advance the proposed system. I implemented desktop appliance the advice with Microsoft.net framework based on the chump requests. Moreover this activity gives some account to admission the a ambit of software engineering techniques and accoutrement for the acknowledged project.


This assignment agitated out for this activity would not accept been a success afterwards the acceptable advice a accustomed to me by assorted bodies and assorted time. There are abounding bodies helped me. First, appropriate acknowledgment to my activity Supervisor Mr. Alexander M. Fedorec and Added Marker. Who helped me in the abstract assay allotment and adviser me to get the Approval for the Ethical Assay application. His comments and advice helps me to accomplish this address according to a able standard.

My acknowledgment to all the advisers and University staffs distinctively library staffs who adviser me to get acceptable online journals from the Apprentice portal. In addition, acknowledgment to the authors of accessories and magazines which are absolutely helps to my final Document. At last, I ambition to acknowledge my Colleagues, their reviews and affidavit account about my activity helps me to do  added reliable and advantageous aftermost time.

1 Introduction

1.1 Background Information

At present world, broadly the uses of software solutions for the companies are appreciably increased. The acumen is they ability get accomplished band-aid for their absolute casework in a distinct software appliance rather than accomplishing sub services. It will save lots of money, time and animal resources, etc. Therefore best of companies are brand to computerize for their business operations.

The melodius aggregation Accepted bearings is they do not accept any bigger technology. They are spending a lots money, time consuming, added workers, etc to run their business operations. As a aftereffect of these the melodius aggregation has absitively to computerize their business. They are aggravating to accomplish a new anarchy in the video rental market.

1.2 Overview

The melodius video rental (pvt) Ltd started its business operations as a baby admeasurement in 2000.And gradually extend out their business to breadth and breath. Video rental capital purpose is renting and affairs Video DVDs, Audio CDs, etc. Acquirement the articles from the supplier and Allocates the articles (CDs, DVDs) for sales and rental is the capital breadth of affair for this company. Anniversary agents of the aggregation from top akin to basal akin has a typical, chargeless and altered role to comedy for their aggregation needs.

If we accept a attending in the activity angle ,the capital aim of this activity is backpack out a abysmal assay about rental, sales operations and assets allocation for an chip Cine rental and sales system.

The proposed software amalgamation gives some bigger accessories to the Staffs and the users

To run their business smoothly. This could be an absolute band-aid for cine rental and sales functions problems. According the aggregation needs operations are able to bisect in to two capital types. Such as Sales and Rental. At present the aggregation keeps all the paperwork’s, abstracts in chiral form. The Afterward modules are currently in activity in the system, Member, Employee, Supplier, Sales, Rental, Payment, product.

These absolute operations are affiliated to anniversary another of the modules. Due to these reasons, administering faces lots of difficulty. Generally, the all-embracing absolute arrangement is apathetic and unsystematic. The accepted arrangement and those issues accept apprenticed to the top administering (Owner of the business) in adjustment to accept for an another option. That will accredit the aggregation to advance its operations and acceptable progress.

There for the administering has absitively to computerize their absolute chiral operations.

Here my duties and albatross was to advance a video rental arrangement and approved out these kinds of administering problems, accord abandon to the administering akin bodies and let them do their axial allotment activities. Moreover, giving an accomplished chump account and user affable product.

1.3 Scope of the project

At present in absolute world, the new technologies are developed in every field. According to these changes, we accept to acclimatize our business activities. This activity all-embracing ambition was architecture an accomplished desktop appliance and apparatus for the melodius video company. This helps a lot to the Administering and the agents to assignment for this aggregation advisedly and pleasurably.

The capital purpose of this activity creates a user friendly, altered and avant-garde software package.

With college aegis ability (User levels, Countersign encryption). Accomplish easier to use the forms with cross Buttons.

User could feel chargeless and adequate aback he uses the system.

1.4 Aims and Objectives

When the activity was amorphous its awning the accomplished business operations and allowances of the system. In adjustment to accomplish these allowances a few objectives were initialized. Such objectives are.

  1. A abysmal assay about the absolute chiral arrangement and their attainable activity measurements.
  2. Write  a arrangement assay address based on the arrangement requirements
  3. Understand the requirements and the attempt aback developing a software appliance
  4. Design and advance a video rental arrangement appliance software engineering techniques.
  5. Testing the video rental arrangement appliance attainable attainable data.
  6. Evaluate the final artefact and anticipate about new account to advance added development.

1.5 Activity Administering Methodology

The abundance of the activity is depends on the alternative of the technology, accoutrement and how we are activated in the project. If we booty our project, it was a abiding activity and its takes added than six months time. The acceptable avalanche archetypal is best acceptable for continued time projects. According this activity the avalanche archetypal is best suitable.

The afterward affidavit are accessible to assay the requirements that accredit to advance the arrangement is In. We crave a activity aeon system. That is afore actuality the system; the requirements are advised through the interview. It is not charge to accomplish the changes in the arrangement and it is not appropriate while creating the arrangement or modifies the system.

Hence aback the accomplish to actualize this arrangement is in adequation with the avalanche model. Therefore I accept called this avalanche model. Which is follows.

The Avalanche Model

Each date accompanying into the next

Feedback in the Avalanche Model

The Advantages of appliance avalanche archetypal is By far the best frequently acclimated admission up to now.

The avalanche archetypal underpins all the best broadly acclimated methods. The stages are clear-cut.

The avant-garde account were abaft that abstracts are produced at anniversary stage

Consequently adopted by managers as accessible to manage.

All assay and architecture done afore coding starts, it agency bigger affection affairs design.

Well ill-fitted for developing abiding and able-bodied accepted computer-based applications.

Feasibility study

This achievability abstraction capital aim is abyss assay and decides the melodius video rental aggregation and about its businesses operations whether it will be operationally, financially or technically achievable to advance the software product. These studies absorb assay of accepted issues and accumulate the accordant information’s. Here I accept called three important types of studies for admeasurement the arrangement success as the operational feasibility, abstruse feasibility, and economical feasibility.

Operational feasibility

The operational achievability is discuses about the aggregation performance, information, abridgement and control.

1. The administering is not blessed with absolute the chiral system. Because that is actual apathetic and it is accepting abounding mistakes. So he doesn’t like to assignment with the chiral system.

2. The administrator is clumsy to aftermath the day to day affairs and another business advice from the departments.

3. They accept to absorb added time arresting to accelerate advice and to get advice from the another departments.

4. Receipts or invoices are not in a bright format, aback giving afterwards the business transaction to a chump or supplier.

5. The abridgement akin is poor which agency it’s adamantine to get acceptable allowances from the system. Because of the assets (Rental, communication, and electricity bill) bulk is actual aerial now days. For these affidavit they accept to abate the cost. In adjustment to admission the benefits.

6. The business data’s administration is not a defended way. Anyone can handle the records. And college achievability of abstracts loses.

7. The administering accept to absorb added time to chase the advice and aftermath the letters about their transactions.

8. The absolute chiral arrangement is not adjustable and added complicated there for they charge accept to computerize the absolute system.

Technical feasibility

The abstruse achievability analysis, what the abstruse assets are attainable in the system, and what are the abstruse assets are charge for the new computerized the system.

Available abstruse resource:

Air altitude facilities, Fans, Tables, Chairs, Shelf’s

They accept bound abstruse resources. Earlier they accept done all operations manually so they didn’t charge any abstruse resources. Aback they accept assignment with computerized arrangement they charge charge some all the accordant abstruse assets and the accomplished staffs. Afterward assets are bare in adjustment to advance the system.

  • Computers
  • Processor: Pentium 2.2GHz or more
  • Adamantine drive: 40GB or More.
  • RAM: 512MB or more.
  • Network cables
  • switches
  • CD-ROM drive.
  • Monitor 15′ colour
  • colour printer & atramentous white printer
  • Software requirements:
  • Windows operating system.
  • Appropriate software for sales & rental
  • Microsoft Visual basal .Net
  • SQL Database

Economical feasibility

The economical achievability analyses about the bulk and allowances of the aggregation absolute arrangement and proposed system. Such as Software development coast, Hardware coast, as able-bodied as the arrangement active coast.

Schedule achievability study

The aim of the Schedule achievability is assay the planning and assessing the time aeon for the achievement of this project

Analysis-This analyse part, the problems and objectives were articular and the user requirements for the project. It takes two weeks time.

Design-Based on the user requirements this allotment focuses on the arrangement design. It could be disconnected in to two capital parts. It takes three weeks time.

Development-This allotment took six weeks time to advance the software product.

Testing-In this testing part, two testing types took place. First, is assemblage testing and added is Acceptance testing in adjustment to acquisition out errors and break the errors. This takes one weeks time.

Implementation-The accomplishing area will appearance how area implemented. This takes one week’s time.

Maintain-This allotment checks the objectives of the activity and that it has met the user requirements. And this tells the activity successfulness.

2 Abstract Review

2.1 Introduction

A ample bulk of analytic and abstract works discovers new things, absolute that can animate Able improvements. However, it is capital to abstraction the absolute admission based on ascertainment and assay in adjustment to get in to the accompanying assorted blazon of ability achievements.

In this literature, assay I analysed based on assay and ascertainment beeline abroad in the video rental business in adjustment to acquisition the key credibility and drawbacks.

”At presents the video rental business actuality the capital affair of abysmal affair from the operations administering association (Drezner and Pasternack, 1999; Dana and Spier, 2001; Pasternack, 2001; Lariviere and Cachon, 2002)’

Re: – Coordination of abundance and shelf-retention timing in the video cine rentalindustry
Gerchak, Y; Cho, RK; Ray, S | IIE TRANSACTIONS | 2006-0738:7, | 525-536 | Description: Times Cited: 6

Because bodies are cerebration now a day’s home video is actual acceptable leisure and it is a admired ball expenses, which is accomplish cine rental as a big business.  Normally video DVDs or CDs attainable on duke to the public, afterwards a few months from release. These abstracts are attainable to accessible in two ways; aboriginal one is renting DVDs or CDs from rental Food added one is affairs DVDs anatomy Retail Stores. My activity deals with both Rental and Sales. According this arrangement three capital blazon of bodies will assignment

Admin and agents who ascendancy the system.

Supplier who accouterment the assets (CDs, DVDs)

Member who renting or affairs the CDs.

Normal Chump who alone affairs CDs

Company’s capital focus is video rental and sales. Currently the aggregation accord casework to their barter through their chiral arrangement and administration all the affairs by manually. It’s annoying to the chump often. For this acumen the aggregation has lose the barter in accomplished and their about-face is shrinking aback assay another stores.

So the administering has absitively to computerize the affairs instead their absolute chiral arrangement in adjustment to accord the able and bigger casework to their customers.

This abstract assay will agitated out the problems and accomplish abiding the assignment is activity appropriate way and valuable.

Problems articular in the accepted arrangement

1. Administration customer

They are administration their barter manually. This will account them adversity and time arresting to chase a Chump card. In case if a almanac has not been entered in to the appropriate book or a book, there may be some disagreements amid the barter and the advisers of the company. This leads to compress the acclaim of the company.

Solution:-Handling and advance of the barter in a aglow comportment.

2. Advancement the sales records

The sales annal of the aggregation are not kept actual effectively. Annal cannot be calmly clue in case of approaching reference. The aggregation cannot accept a able-bodied planned approaching business because it can’t go through the accomplished annal and best of the annal are not actual accurate.

Solution:-Well organized adjustment of administration of all the sales.

3. Advancement the advice of their articles

The capacity of their articles are not kept in a able-bodied organized address and cannot be referred aback needed. The articles sold, and the banal antithesis is not calmly tracked, appropriately the curtailment or some time assertive important articles maybe out of stock, again in such a accident chump achievement will be actual abundant reduced.

Solution:-All the articles and its brands are acutely afterward a path.

4. Problems on advancement the Payment

Sometime they may ask the chump to pay for one artefact alert by mistake, such adventure will accomplish to compress the acceptable affiliation and the assurance of the customer, authoritative to lose barter aplomb as able-bodied loosing the customer.

Solution:-Product antithesis can be tracked time to time.

5. Advancement the supplier information

There would be a lot of suppliers. It’s difficult to acquisition a supplier detail afterwards actuality delayed or maybe in some cases they ability accident a acquaintance detail of a authentic supplier, which ability be an important acquaintance for a appropriate artefact or a Brand, loosing this array of advice will accomplish the aggregation to accept problems of award articles of acclaimed brands.

Solution:-All the supplier advice will be aggregate again and there.

6. No adapted advice available

Updated advice is not actual accessible to accommodate to barter if the aggregation runs manually.

Solution:-Brands and latest editions that are actuality handled by the aggregation can be tracked afterwards doubt.

7. Payments can alone be fabricated by banknote or acclaim payments

Running manually, the aggregation could accept alone the acquittal methods of banknote and cheques. This is a abundant disadvantage for the barter who use the acclaim acquittal card.

Solution:-Payment can be fabricated in banknote or credit, and able and quick account can be provided.

8. Problem:-Dissatisfaction of customers

While the business is active on the chiral system, the barter would not be annoyed of the casework provided to them. They ability accept to delay in a continued chain to pay for the items they bought. This may be due to the absence of the advisers or maybe due to the apathetic arrangement of the company.

Solution:-Membership anatomy will be abounding automatically, according to the sales that are fabricated and this would alone be for the appropriate sales.

Some added solutions

  • Accomplish abiding the integration, candor and apart for the video rental arrangement and abate as anon as accessible changes for animal errors by introducing database concepts.
  • Introduce aerial defended functionality. It is important that barter and the suppliers’ advice be prevented from leaked out.
  • Arrangement will additionally enables the administering to do authentic adding as able-bodied as admission letters such as absolute assets for the accustomed time period.
  • Bigger appliance of accumulator space. Accomplishing abroad with chiral will abate the amplitude taken up by the abstracts storage. This can be utilizing the bigger for another purpose.
  • A absolute activity database that act as a axial athenaeum to clue the beneath mentioned needs.
  • Define assignment in progress.
  • Accessible admission for the items abbreviate alien on the order.
  • Accessible to scheduling and tracking annal
  • Accessible of maintaining, schedules, monitoring, advertisement of progress.

2.2 Legal Social Ethical and Able Issues and Considerations

In this project, I am acclimated absorb material, such as Microsoft products, and Adobe products. I’m acclimated university of Greenwich licence to use the another accompanying bendable ware’s. As a university student, I accept the rights to use university resources.

Some Interviews and check done by me with Buyer of the business, staffs and some customers. In the activity there are no any claimed data’s did not collected. Therefore, the abstracts aegis will not affect my project. All the calm abstracts is stored in my claimed computer with countersign protection. All the advice will be deleted afterwards achievement this project.

4 Requirements Analysis

4.1 Introduction

When accede about software development projects, claim assay is a best important part. In this part, be able to aggregate information’s calm about accepted situations in adjustment to indentify the drawbacks about the system. This claim assay should be correct, testable and accordant to the aggregation requirements. Moreover, it charge be cogent to arrangement designing part.

4.2 Requirements Gathering

In this allotment requirements can be aggregate in to the arrangement abuttals by acquaintance the users to acquisition out their requirements. In this allotment acclimated to accumulate altered types of techniques such as interviews, questionnaires, observation, etc…

4.2.1 Questionnaires 

Questionnaires are quick accumulate advice from ample bulk of bodies in a assertive period.

It is accessible to do cardboard based certificate either cyberbanking copy. In addition, it is actual bulk able adjustment aback assay with interview. Above advantages are best of the bodies are accustomed to questionnaires and actual accessible to analyse. 

This check has been acclimated to accumulate information’s from the customers.

Questionnaires with customers

  Melodius video

1. Role of being commutual this form

a. Administrator (other company) b. Administrator

c. Computer Programmer d. Customer

2. Aback you acquaintance a “melodius video” representative, is he/she courteous?

Are you annoyed with the way your problems or questions are handl?

a. Best Satisfiedb. Satisfied

b. Ok c. Dissatisfied

3. How you feel another music centre compared to “melodius video”?

a. Excellentb. Actual good

c. Good d. Poor

4. How do you feel aback you pay by appliance the associates card?

a. Best Satisfied    b. Satisfied

b. Okc. Dissatisfied

5. Who is the being in our alignment you acquaintance best frequently?

a. Aggregation Owner  b. Sales men

b. Manager d. Others

6. How you are, feel about our acquittal system?

a. Excellentb. Actual good

c. Goodd. Poor

7. Comments (Please address us on the aback of this form)

Questionnaires with customers

Answer sheet

Melodius Video

1. Role of being commutual this form

a. a. Administrator (other company)-16  b. Administrator-5

b. c. Computer Programmer-3 d. Customer-26

2. Aback you acquaintance a “melodius video” representative, is he/she courteous?

  Are you annoyed with the way your problems or questions are handle?

a. Best Satisfied  -5   b. Satisfied-15

b. Ok -25   c. Dissatisfied -5

3. How you feel another music centre is assay to “melodius video”?

a. a. Accomplished -15 b. Actual good-10

b. c. Good-20 d. Poor-5

4. How do you feel aback you pay by appliance the associates card?

a. Best Satisfied  -10  b. Satisfied-12

b. Ok -8 c. Dissatisfied-20

5. Who is the being in our alignment you acquaintance best frequently?

a. Aggregation Buyer -6   b. Sales men-24

b. Administrator -10  d. Others -10

6. How you are, feel about our acquittal system?

a. a. Excellent-5 b. Actual good-5

b. c. Acceptable -15  d. Poor-25

7. Comments? (Please address us on the aback of this form)

4.2.2 Interviews

Interviews are one of the best accepted and able techniques to acquisition out the requirements. This brings to contiguous acquaintance with barter or staffs to ascertain their requirements. And interviews are makes a college acknowledgment rate. Also, accomplish bright about doubts and accomplish abiding that altogether accepted by repeating questions.

Appropriate People

1. Aggregation Owner

2. Aggregation manager

3. Acquittal Assay manager

4. Banal assay manager

5. Acquirement assay manager

6. Sales assay manager

7. Lending manager

Interview with Aggregation Owner:


1. Get the permission to assay the system.

2. Assay the bodies who are accommodating the system.

3. Abstraction about the problems of the absolute system.

4. His/her apprehension about the new system.


1. What are the above departments you have?

2. What are they doing?

3. What are the problems are you adverse with in the accepted system?

4. How should be the proposed system?

5. What are the accessories you appetite to accommodate with the proposed system?

6. Do you accept abundant money for the new system?

Interview with Aggregation manager


1. Abstraction the problems with the absolute system.

2.  Abstraction about administrator work.

3.  Abstraction about what are the difficulties he/she adverse his/her work.

4.  Who are the bodies complex with anniversary departments


1. How you are alive for accepted system?

2. What are the problems you are adverse for the accepted system?

3. Are you annoyed with another agents work?

4. What are you apprehend of the new system.

Interview with acquittal Assay manager


1. Know the problems with the absolute acquittal system.

2. Abstraction about his/her work.

3. Assay the difficulties with his/her work. 


  1. How you are alive for absolute acquittal system?
  2. What are the problems are you adverse for the accepted system?
  3. When added barter appear to accomplish the payment, can you manage?
  4. How will your activity if a chump is not fabricated his payment?

5. How you handle your acquittal database?

Interview with banal Assay manager


1. Know the problems with the absolute acquittal system.

2. Abstraction about his/her work.

3. Assay the difficulties with his/her work.


1. How you are alive for absolute system?

2. What are the problems are you adverse for the Banal activities?

3. Aback added and added items appear to the stock, how can you handle?

4. Do you like admission banal assay bodies amount? What are the reasons?

5. How you handle your banal database?

Summarize of the interview

Interviewer: Company owner

Subject: Abstraction of the company

Duration: Two hours

Mr. Thanushan is the buyer of the “melodious video” company. He brand to body the chiral arrangement to the computerize system, because the aggregation agents accept to assignment bound and accurately. For that, he is annoyed to accept a centralized database. He is not annoyed to accept an online computerize system. In addition, he brand to accept acceptable affection software for the aggregation sales, inventory& rental activities.

Thanking interview.

Interviewer: Aggregation Manager

Subject: Abstraction of the complete system

Duration: Two hours

Mr. David is aggregation manager. He brand to assignment with computerize system, because the aggregation agents accept to assignment bound and accurately. In addition, he is clumsy to get the advice from the sub divisions. He is not annoyed to accept an online computerize system. Moreover, he brand to accept acceptable affection software for the aggregation sales, account & rental activities.

Thanking interview

Interviewer: Acquittal assay Manager

Subject: Capacity of the acquittal system

Duration: Two hours

Mr. Suresh is the administrator of the acquittal division. He brand to assignment with computerize system, and centralized database system, because he feel actual difficult to assignment with the chiral system. In addition, he has to accomplish the address bound and accurately.

Thanking interview

Interviewer: Stock Assay manager

Subject: Capacity abstraction of the banal activities

Duration: Two hours

Mr. Rohan is the administrator of the banal division. He brand to assignment with computerize system, and centralized database system. Moreover, he brand to admission the banal assay employees. In addition, he brand to accept added shelves to accumulate the stock. Because he accept difficult to accumulate the items afterwards amercement and the agents accept to absorb added time to acquisition out the abode of the items.

Thanking interview

Interviewer: Acquirement assay Manager.

Subject: Capacity of the acquirement activities

Duration: Two hours

Mr. Kishan is the administrator of the acquirement division. He brand to assignment with computerize system, and centralized database system, because he accept to assignment bound and accurately. And he brand to acquirement the cds from acceptable affection Artefact Company. For that, he brand to arrangement some acceptable affection companies.

Thanking interview.

Interviewer: Sales assay Manager

Subject: Capacity assay of the sales activities

Duration: Two hours

Mr.Roys is the administrator of the sales division. He brand to assignment with computerize system, and centralized database syst

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